60+ Funny Pig Names That’ll Truly Have You in Stitches

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Can’t find the best name for your pig? Then read our epic list of 60+ funny and cute pig names

We’re about to list some of the best female pig names, boar names, famous pig names, and cute names for pugs and boars!

Before we reveal our best food pig names – I want to tell you a quick story about our legendary pig, Humphrey – and why choosing the right pig name is so important.

Our 10-year-old boar passed away a month or so ago and is still sorely missed. Although most of our pigs have had unsentimental names like Little Boy Pig or Mummy Pig, knowing we would never slaughter our boar meant we could give him a cool name, and we did.

As our boar was free to roam and procreate at liberty, we called him Humphrey. I’ve since discovered that Humphrey was a Norman name meaning peaceful warrior. It couldn’t have suited him better!

We’ve now stopped breeding pigs but, due to our sentimentality, have ended up with Humphrey’s son as the sole pig on our farm. As he’s the only one, he’s getting more love and affection than ever before, and we need to find a better name for him than The Pig!

Pig is now nearly six months old, and he’s an energetic, playful boy who loves a good scratch. I set out on a mission to find a pig name suitable for such a great personality!

Along the way, I also discovered hundreds of awesome pig names for sows as well as boars.

Hamilton, Humphrey the pig's son
Here’s Humphrey’s son, who is now called Hamilton and appears rather chuffed about it! If Colin (the author’s husband) scratches his back, he lies down and rolls over for a tummy scratch – how adorable? Photo by Colin Hoseck

I thought I’d share the fruits of my labor with you all so you can give your pet pig a name that makes him or her proud to be your pig!

The best name for your pig may not necessarily, be associated with its personality. You may find its appearance or appetite are more defining features, so opt for a name like Patches for a black and white pig or Butternut for a sow with a particular fondness for squash.

You can use other sources to inspire you in the naming process, like cartoons or movies, your favorite sports teams or athletes, or even the names of your family members.

Here’s a massive list of 60+ fun pig names to help you start!

Great Sow Names Inspired by Famous People or Characters

cute piglets snuggling on a bed of hay
The following funny pig names make for perfect baby pig names and female pig names. We think they’re as adorable as these napping piggies. Well, almost!
  • Amy Swinehouse – perfect for that sow with a strong pair of lungs and a creative disposition.
  • Beatrix Trotter – the thoughtful sow who spends more time gazing off into space than foraging.
  • Fluffy – for the sow who, like Cartman’s pig in South Park, squeals whenever there’s an intruder.
  • Miss Piggy – she’ll be the one with her nose permanently in the trough.
  • Peppa Pig – for that bossy yet lovable sow who can’t resist a muddy puddle.
  • Petunia Pig – why not name your little porcine pal Petunia – after Porky Pig’s love interest?
  • Porkahontas – for that playful, mischievous piglet that knows no fear!
  • Sow White – for the prettiest sow in the lands!
  • Piggy Longstocking – She may not have long red braids or socks, but I’m sure she’ll love this name!
  • Tinker Bell – more suited to a smaller breed like the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied, Tinker Bell should be cute to look at but feisty, stubborn, and hot-tempered, just like Peter Pan’s fairy friend.
  • Hamela Anderson – This name is only for the prettiest piglet of the litter!
  • Hen Wen – Hen Wen, the name of the magical piglet from The Black Cauldron, is the perfect title for a sweet, enchanting, and loyal piggy.

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The Best Names for Boars Inspired by Cartoons and Characters

cute and funny pigs smiling as they wallow in the mud
Sometimes, pigs have a surprising amount of personality and charisma! Can you relate? Then, here are some of our favorite famous pig names and funny pig names to match your pig’s epic persona!
  • Gub-Gub – if you’ve got a chatty pig with an encyclopedic knowledge of food, why not name him after the famous Dr. Dolittle character?
  • Harry Trotter – if he has a scar on his forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt, you don’t have an option!
  • Hogrid – Another Harry Potter themed name for a larg, slightly clumsy boar.
  • Plopper – in memory of Homer’s pet pig in The Simpsons Movie. Perfect for the pig that is, at the end of the day, “just a pig.”
  • Porky – have you got a rather chubby little piglet in your litter or an equally portly boar who exhibits intelligence and a capacity for logical thinking? Either way, the Disney star, Porky Pig, is an excellent namesake.
  • Pua – the name given to the pot-bellied pig in the cartoon character, Moana. Perfect for the more effeminate pot-bellied pig.
  • Tattoo – remember the tough street pig from The Secret Life of Pets? Well, if you’ve got a slightly slow-witted, long-eared Landrace or Durox, what name could suit him better? 
  • Peter Porker / Spider Ham – Give your boar the powers of the cartoon spider-verse with this perfectly porky Spiderman-themed name.
  • Hambo – Got a boar with a bent for destruction? This Rambo-themed boar name is perfect for him!
  • Alfred Ham-Hock – Got a boar with a spooky whisp of white hair? Or do you have an affinity for the horror genre?
  • Wilbur – If you think of your boar the same way you think of the sweet and stunning pig from Charlotte’s Web, this name is just for your piggy pal.
  • Albert Swinestein – ideal for the eccentric yet intelligent boar that shows an interest in everything and yet suffers regular bad-hair days.
  • Boaris Johnson – depending on your view of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, this name could go to a much-loved yet rather childish boar or a complete buffoon.
  • Chewbacon – a name no self-respecting, Star Wars-loving pig-owner could possibly resist!
  • Duke of Pork – a potentially controversial pig with a love of pizza and a questionable relationship with the truth.
  • Elvis Pigsley – for that hip-swinging swine with a sneer.
  • Frankenswine – if he looks like he was cobbled together out of different pig breeds, this name will suit him.
  • Hamlet – an ideal title for the tortured youngster whose sire died in suspicious circumstances.
  • Hogwarts – it might be a bit obvious, but who doesn’t love a little Harry Potter reference?
  • Kevin Bacon – if your pig has some funky moves on the dancefloor, why not name him after the Footloose star, Kevin Bacon?
  • Jerry Swinefeld – Got a boar that can hold his own when it comes to comedic antics? Then this funny pig name is perfect!
  • Piglet – the perfect name for a boar who is both loyal and a bit timid.
  • Pumbaa – If your boar is friendly and silly, like the warthog from The Lion King, this name is the best.
  • Professor Pigxavier – If your boar is a true leader and a superhero, why not name him after the professor behind the X-Men?

A Few Funny Orwellian Pig Names!

cute pigs peering out from between the gate bars
We think that pig names from books are better than pig names from movies. If you’re a fan of Orwell, then these Animal Farm-inspired pig names are a great source of inspiration!

When George Orwell penned his famous novel Animal Farm, he gave us a handful of brilliant pig names to consider!

  • Napoleon – for a strong, silent boar with a desire for power and a willingness to use force to get it. Perfect for a grumpy Duroc.
  • Old Major – if you have a piglet that shows surprising intelligence and influence or looks a little like Vladimir Lenin, you could call him Old Major, or even Willington Beauty – the Old Major’s show name.
  • Snowball – in Orwell’s novel, Snowball wins the loyalty of the other animals, so this name would suit a popular, friendly pig with an idealistic outlook on life.
  • Squealer – this name is only really suitable for a pig you don’t like at all. Squealer is the Orwellian character who spreads Napoleon’s dictatorial rhetoric using intimidation and manipulation.

Cute Names for Pigs

Do you feel like your hogs are the most loveable, charming creatures in the world? So do we! If you want a name as adorable as your hogs – then these cute pig names are our top picks.
  • Luna – name your White Cheshire or Landrace sow after the Roman goddess of the moon, and she might inherit a few lunar attributes, like luck and fertility.
  • Maya or Maia – Maia was the eldest of the seven Pleiades nymphs and embodied the concept of growth, making her the perfect namesake for the little piglet you hope matures into a big, strong sow.
  • Peaches – a suitable name for a sweet Tamworth sow, with her peachy-colored skin and fine covering of hair.
  • Plum – a cute name for a sow who loves stone fruit or resembles the Sugar Plum Fairy!
  • Squiggle – perfect for the cute little piglet that won’t sit still for a cuddle and can’t help but wriggle through your arms!
  • Circe – Circe, a witch from the Ancient Odyssey of Homer, is told to have turned men into pigs to protect herself, as she lived alone on an island. So, if your sow has a strong, independent, and enchanting personality, this name might fit her perfectly.
  • Truffle – for that determined hog who spends her entire life rooting and foraging for the perfect delicacy.
  • Petunia – this classic pig’s name is as classy and elegant as it is cute!
  • Dolly – Whether you’re a Dolly Parton fan or just love a cute, sweet pig name, Dolly will be right at home on your homestead.
  • Mudpie – if your piglet likes wallowing in the mud, the name Mudpie can’t be any better of a fit.

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The Top 10 Names to Give Your Beloved Boar

Do you have a heavy-hitting boar on your homestead that deserves a worthy male pig name idea? These are our favorite boar names after brainstorming for hours!
  • Sir Oinksalot – a fictional name that would suit a distinguished yet noisy boar.
  • Spamalot – Do you like Monty Python as much as I do? Then you might get as many laughs out of this name as I did!
  • Harold – Harold comes from the Old English Harald, meaning chieftain or king. So, if your boar has a regal demeanor and interacts like a dignified diplomat, this name might be perfect.
  • Hamilton – as punny as it is practical, this name comes from a town in Leicestershire, England.
  • Hammond – an old German name meaning “home protection.”
  • Calydon – The Calydonian Boar is one of the biggest, baddest pigs in all of Greek myth. He was rumored to be impossible to hunt down, but one day, according to the legend, the heroine Atalanta and hero Meleagar took him down. His hide was preserved for hundreds of years in a temple of Athena. It’s the perfect name for a tough and remarkable boar!
  • Hamish – this name means “corner,” and it’s perfect for a pig who greets you whenever you come to visit!
  • Apollo – Apollo, contrary to popular belief, is the god of order, reigning over the workday, music, divine inspiration, and all things that are well-organized and well-planned. So, if your boar is tidy, orderly, and shows great leadership skills, why not name him after the most stunning and brilliant Greek god?
  • Ethan – If your boar is tough, why not give him the name “Ethan,” which means strong in Hebrew?
  • Hildisvíni – Hildisvíni is the goddess Freya’s battle boar in Norse Mythology, and he is as fierce and brave as he is loyal.

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Which Pig Names Do You Like Best?

Names are important, even for animals!

I once met a horse called Smudge who was very depressed and anxious, probably because he’d been given a name more suited to a rabbit than a 1,000 lb equine!

Despite finding some of these pig names funny and others somewhat disturbing, I’m still struggling to find the perfect moniker for my bouncing boar.

He is a bit of a buffoon, but I don’t want him to aspire to be like Boaris Johnson. He’s got some funky maneuvers, but I don’t think Elvis Pigsley reflects his playful side well enough!

I hope this article has helped you find the perfect name for your pig, funny or practical, but it would seem my journey is far from over.

I’m tempted to go with Hammond, an old German name meaning “home protection,” or, staying with the ham theme, maybe Hamilton, which was the name of a town in my home county of Leicestershire, England. 

Hamilton the pig
Humphrey’s son, Hamilton! Named after a town in my home county of Leicestershire, England. Photo by Colin Hoseck.

Names are important, especially for pigs who, if trained effectively, can learn their names at just two weeks old and both remember and respond to them for the rest of their lives. I think most homesteaders would agree that a pig by any other name wouldn’t be quite so sweet.

But, which pig names do you like best?

Or – do you have any funny or cute names for pigs and boars you can share?

Please reply and let us know!

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