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Hey, thanks for visiting Outdoor Happens! We’re a team of outdoorsy people, bringing you the best in self-sufficient living, gardening, homesteading (have you read our “Practical Homesteading Skills” article? It has 58 great homesteading skills you can start learning today!), farming, raising animals, tools and equipment, in-depth reviews,  cooking, and just awesome outdoor living in your own backyard.

We live the homestead life ourselves – it’s not easy but if we stick together we can help each other. That’s our aim. We’ve scoured the earth for the most versatile group of homesteading writers. They are all amazing at many things, but most have a passion they’re an expert at and that’s what they’ll share with you in their articles. 

Me? I’m your permaculture, survival garden, and edible plants chick. My husband’s your fix-anything mechanical guide, as well a whizz with irrigation systems, compost, soil tests, and fertilizer. We have Djordje the Knife Guy, Mike the Jovial Griller, and Nicky Goat Girl (she’s an expert at other farm animals too!).

Want to know more about us? Have a read of our About page, and we always appreciate your feedback – leave us a comment or send an email. Any specific equipment you’d like us to review, or topics you’d like to read about?