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We believe life is meant to be lived outdoors… not indoors! You’ll find we spend more time tending the garden and farm than keeping the house tidy! Some people may judge you on the state of your home, but in the end, it’s nature that matters, not whether you’ve done the dishes or wiped the walls, or whatever they do. We’re all about bringing nature to your own backyard. Did you hear the birds call today, planted something new, collected your own eggs? That’s the stuff that makes life good! What about the dishes? Tell ‘m to go you-know-where, they’ll keep.

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When Dan’s not working as a diesel mechanic, you’ll find him reviving old trucks and farm machinery. Other people’s trash is his treasure, the ultimate form of recycling in his eyes. He’s got all the toys; diggers, backhoes, tractors, tools, mowers…and loves to work them around the homestead. Other things you’ll find him doing are taking the kids to the creek for a swim, fencing, all kinds of farm maintenance, and drinking beer. Loves beer. Articles topics in Dan’s niche include best self-propelled lawn mowers, best bushcraft knives, and best electric hedge trimmers.



You’ll find Elle somewhere in the garden, surrounded by animals, soil, or a watering hose. The self-sufficient life has a great pull for her, and she enjoys making things from scratch and growing fruit (currently over 50 varieties of fruit trees!) and veggies. She loves her chickens, horses, dogs, and cattle, and has built her gardens specifically for birds and wildlife. Her dream is to be fully self-sufficient. She loves her mattock and fencing pliers, and coffee. Loves coffee. Articles written by Elle include the total guide to Moringa, how to grow a wild food forest, and best beekeeping books.

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Why Outdoor Happens?

We both grew up on farms. Dan’s grandfather Bob (read his old farming stories!) had a sheep farm in New Zealand and Dan grew up around machinery, animals, and open spaces. Elle grew up in the country, riding horses, and working in potato and tulip fields. Her family has a long history in growing cut flowers and produce.  

We believe there’s no better way than growing up outdoors, and we believe in making the world a better place, starting with your own backyard. 

We grow gardens so wildlife has a place to live, flowers so bees can flourish. We raise our own meat so we know they’ve been treated well. 

We also believe in making back-breaking work a bit easier on ourselves, something our forebears didn’t have the luxury of doing, and our dream is to create a community of like-minded people here, at OutdoorHappens.com. 

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Our master builder of hardwood outdoor furniture, farm house renovator, build-anything-out-of-wood-man, and outdoor cook extraordinaire. Jan has been a carpenter and tiler for over 50 years; a seriously handy person to have around. Cooks pancakes every Saturday in his outdoor kitchen, never sits still, and doesn’t mind a beer. Gets along great with Dan.


Steve’s been a fixer of things for over 50 years. There’s not a car or piece of machinery he couldn’t fix with some wire and a cable tie. Limitless knowledge of anything with an engine and can drive anything. You’ll often find him out slashing the paddocks, fencing, or fixing up anything with a motor. 



Sue loves experiments and having a go at pretty much anything. You can read one of her experiments in ‘Straw Bale Gardening‘, for example. Sue loves spending time in the garden with her 4 grandchildren. She grew up on a sheep and cattle station, is a retired registered nurse, and enjoys eating healthy vegetarian food. You haven’t seen the last of Sue on Outdoor Happens yet; keep an eye out for more in the future!

To be in harmony with nature...

To be in harmony with nature, one must be true in thought, free in action, and clean in body, mind, and spirit. This is the solid granite foundation of character.

Have you ever wondered why most great people were born in humble homes and passed their early youth in the open country? There, a person is accustomed to see the sun rise and set every day; there, rocks and trees are personal friends, and geography is born with them, for they carry a map of the region in their head. In civilization, there are many deaf ears and blind eyes. Because the average child in the town has been deprived of close contact and intimacy 2with nature, what they have learned from books they soon forget, or are unable to apply. All learning is a dead language to those who get it at second hand.

It is necessary that you should live with nature, my friend, if only that you may verify to your own satisfaction your schoolroom lessons. Further than this, you may be able to correct some error, or even to learn something that will be a real contribution to the sum of human knowledge. That is by no means impossible to a sincere observer. In the great laboratory of nature there are endless secrets yet to be discovered. — Charles A. Eastman – Indian Scout Talks, 1914

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