About Outdoor Happens

At Outdoor Happens, we combine real-life homesteading experience with actionable advice, putting a world of self-sufficiency knowledge in the palm of your hand.

Our mission is to empower a global community of homesteaders, gardeners, and sustainable living enthusiasts.

Meet the Team

Since launching Outdoor Happens in 2019, we’ve published a whopping 600+ articles, and I couldn’t have done it without my incredible team.

We’re a global community of seasoned homesteaders, each contributing unique insights from different corners of the world. Our collective expertise covers everything from self-sufficiency and organic farming to animal husbandry and off-grid living.


Elle Meager

Elle is the heart and soul of Outdoor Happens, where her 25 years of farming and horticulture experience come to life. From her own permaculture farm to your backyard, she’s here to share a treasure trove of practical tips and inspiring stories.

Whether you’re raising chickens or planting a food forest, Elle’s hands-on advice and real-life experiences are here to guide and inspire your homesteading journey.

Mike editor Outdoor Happens

Mike D

Editor In Chief
Mike is the cornerstone of the blog, ensuring each article is packed with quality, actionable advice. Transitioning from a tech background to embracing the serenity of New England’s outdoors, he brings a unique perspective that blends technology with a deep appreciation for nature.
Aimee LaFon Editor

Aimee LaFon

Editor and Author
Aimee is an accomplished fiber artist, woodworker, and experimental archaeologist, known for her creative spirit and hands-on approach to traditional crafts. Her passion for transforming invasive plants into spun fiber, coupled with her expertise in foraging and historical crafts, makes her articles a rich resource for those interested in sustainable living and heritage crafts.

Kate Chalmers

Veterinary and Gardening Author
Kate brings a wealth of knowledge from her 15 years in the UK veterinary industry to the serene landscapes of Portugal. Embracing a life surrounded by olive trees and grapevines, she expertly combines her skills in animal care with a passion for gardening, transforming her land into a flourishing food forest and wildlife haven.
paul collings author

Paul Collings

DIY and Minimalist Expert
Paul is a master of DIY and minimalist living, drawing from his upbringing on a South African homestead. His expertise ranges from tiny house construction to country cooking and alternative energy, with a talent for simplifying complex tasks. Paul’s philosophy is summed up in his existential question: “What more does a man need than a cast iron pot and a pair of loose-fitting trousers?”

Katarina Samurovic

Environmental Guru

Katarina is an environmental analyst with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science. She’s also a passionate gardener, insect enthusiast, and a mom to three budding naturalists. Katarina is on a mission to raise a generation that’s not just aware of environmental issues but also actively involved in solving them.

Dan Meager

Mechanical Wizard

Dan is our go-to guy for all things mechanical. He has over 30 years of experience as a qualified diesel fitter and automotive mechanic. He’s passionate about vintage cars, target shooting, and, let’s not forget, a good bottle of booze. His diverse set of skills and interests adds a unique, hands-on perspective to Outdoor Happens, making sure we’ve got all your mechanical needs covered.

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