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Best Trimmer Line for String Trimmers – What is the best line for you?

Buckle your seat belts, as I’m here to tell you all about string. But this is no ordinary string; it’s specialized for using with your string trimmer as you tackle that overgrown garden. So, without further ado, here’s the best trimmer line for string trimmers. 

Best Trimmer Line Top 5 Review

  1. Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line.095-inch  
  2. Arnold Maxi-Edge .08-Inch x 280-Foot Commercial Grade Trimmer Line  
  3. Maxpower 338813 Premium Twisted Trimmer Line .080-Inch
  4. Eventronic Line String Trimmer Spool, 30ft 0.065-inch Auto Feed Replacement
  5. LoNoiz .130-Inch 3-Pound Spool Commercial Grade Spiral Twist 


First things first, your string trimmer doesn’t use your everyday, run-of-the-mill string that you might pick up in a stationary store. Instead, it uses a monofilament line that’s spun at high speeds to slice through blades of grass and weeds, with the centrifugal force keeping the line stiff. 

Choosing the Right Shape 

You mean there are different types of string?

Absolutely; trimmer line comes in a variety of shapes and diameters that depend on the size of the task at hand. The type you need will depend on the size of your yard and thickness of grass to be cut. Who knew choosing a piece of string could be so complex? 


Round trimmer line, which is similar in shape to regular string, is the industry standard. It’s suited to most string trimmers, will easily chop through grass and small weeds, and is the industry standard shape. It breaks less easily and can stand up to being accidentally slapped against concrete here and there. 

If you got up close and personal with multi-sided trimmer line, you’ll see that its shape is usually similar to a square, pentagon, or hexagon. They’ll give you a cleaner cut, but if you make contact with solid stone or chain-link fencing, prepare to replace your spool much more quickly, as it’ll be chomped right up. 

Then you’ve got serrated trimmer line, which is ideal for yards choked with weeds. The teeth work like a kitchen knife, making it ideal for burning through weeds at speed. For commercial purposes, this is probably your go-to line, though it’s also the line you want to keep as far away from your flesh as possible.  

What is the Best Trimmer Line? 

Much like the shape, your line comes in different weights and diameters, too. Bigger diameters are best for lawns where more cutting power is needed, but string trimmers vary in what diameters they can support. While shape is important, size is equally important. 

  • If you’re trimming the front and back lawns with very few weeds, you can get away with 0.065 to 0.080 diameter.
  • But if your lawn’s seen better days, you might need to move up to 0.085 to 0.10.
  • For anything like industrial landscaping, you’ll want to bring out the big guns, commercial trimmer line, above 0.110

So, which trimmer line is best? I’ve found a useful YouTube clip that does a pretty good job of illustrating the differences for you, just in case you’re still unsure: 

Trimmer Line Reviews

1. Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line.095-inch 

I loved that this line has a weld-resistant outer sheath, as welding can quickly ruin lower-quality trimmer line. At such high speeds, your line is prone to heating up, and when it gets too hot, the line can melt and fuse together.

It’s not completely irreparable, but it’ll sure put the fire hose on your plans to spend the day gardening. This is a large part of why the Oregon 22-895 is my best 095 string trimmer line.

Embedded inside of that sheath is a tough inner core that’s not going to wear down quickly. Sometimes, I thought it could be a little too tough – more on that in a moment – but it does mean you get more for your money. Also, with it being a square-shaped line, you’ll get a cleaner finish on your grass when you’re done, though other shapes are available in the same brand. 

Though you get less line in this spool than you might in competing brands, it goes much further. One thing worth mentioning is that you should avoid getting too close to small decorations like stakes around a flower bed. This line doesn’t break easily, so it’s got the potential to yank a stake straight from the ground and wield it like a high-speed weapon. 


  • Specialized outer layer prevents welding from ruining your plans.
  • Aside from grass, this line can easily handle weeds and smaller branches, even those with tougher or wood-like stems.
  • A high-strength core runs through the centre, reducing the speed of fraying and breakages, letting you go for longer.
  • This line is square-shaped and as you’ll remember from the above, this means a cleaner cut. 


  • Comes with less feet of trimmer line than your typical spool at this price range.
  • Will strip the bark straight from a tree trunk, or the skin from your ankles, so tread carefully.
  • Increased strength against breakages means that it could wrap around and suck up small objects like a weapon. 
  • Sometimes even the guard blade struggles with the strength of this line and you may need to use line cutters. 

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2. Arnold Maxi-Edge .08-Inch x 280-Foot Commercial Grade Trimmer Line 

The great thing about this 0.80 trimmer line is that it’s suitable for your backyard, yet tough enough for commercial-grade tasks. So if you’re a landscaper who doesn’t tire of seeing the outdoors even after a long day at work, then you can kill two birds with one stone using this string. 

I’d suggest avoiding this line for lawns that are less well-established and filled with debris, like rocks or branches. Multi-sided lines are meant to be more resistant to breakages, but I found this line to split against hard objects just as easily as rounded lines that I’ve tried. You’ll get a cleaner cut, but don’t bank on your line lasting longer. 

Also, multi-sided lines can be prone to binding, which is essentially that super-annoying thing that happens to your Apple earbuds any time you stuff them in your pocket. You don’t want to spend an eternity unbinding the line when you’re halfway through trimming the lawn. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t buy multi-sided, but it’s a risk with certain spools. 

Don’t let these drawbacks put you off, as this did win me over for second place on my quest for the best trimmer line. I really liked how it comes with a cutter, as the guard blade on some trimmers can become dull and too weak to cut through tougher lines over time. That’s certainly a risk here, as this commercial trimmer line can take punches from chain-link fencing and come out fighting. 


  • Package includes a line cutter for trimming your line. 
  • Produces an overall neater finish than round trimmer lines. 
  • Its toughness is suited to commercial-grade tasks as well as your yard. 
  • Commercial grade means that it can stand up to abuse from rocks, chain-link fencing, and other tough obstacles. 


  • I couldn’t really feel a difference in longevity compared to round line.
  • It’s tough enough to chew up any wooden fence posts that dare stand in the way of your trimmer. 
  • Multi-sided trimmer lines can be prone to binding. It didn’t happen to me, but bear this in mind. 

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3. Maxpower 338813 Premium Twisted Trimmer Line .080-Inch 

Maxpower’s line is made from commercial grade copolymer resins. What does that mean?

Well, let’s address the boring stuff first; a copolymer is a combination of more than one species of monomer. To put it more simply, it combines multiple polymer types to increase its strength. Or even more simply, it won’t suffer breakages easily. 

Aside from strength, which was my main reason for picking this line, it’s also an almost sickeningly-colored optic yellow. Though it may not be nice to look at, you’ll never misplace any broken string debris in your grass — should it ever break, which isn’t likely. It’s also said to be up to 50% quieter than some other trimmer lines and to be fair, it didn’t produce too much noise when I tried it out. 

There isn’t much to say in the way of negatives, other than it being pricier than similar products, though you do get a whopping 280-feet of the stuff. Also, if you intend on tackling any well-established weeds or commercial work, you’ll want to look elsewhere, so it’s not really adaptable. 


  • 280-feet of line means you won’t be running out anytime soon. 
  • The optic yellow color easily stands out against your green lawn. 
  • Promises up to 50% noise reduction compared to similar lines. 
  • Twisted design offers a cleaner cut and translates into less vibration into your tool. 


  • A little pricier than similar types of twisted line. 
  • Diameter of 0.080 isn’t really suited to heavier types of work. 

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4. Eventronic Line String Trimmer Spool, 30ft 0.065-inch Auto Feed Replacement 

This is one of my go-to trimmer lines when I need to replace the spool on my auto-feed Black+Decker trimmer. It’s a cordless electric tool that’s better-suited to smaller areas, so I have a second trimmer for tougher tasks. But the beauty of these is that they come in large value-for-money packs, while working with leading-name brand trimmers. 

Though they aren’t an official Black+Decker product, these spools will fit pretty much any of their string trimmers. If you’ve got a smaller trimmer for modest trimming and a beefier brute for whacking tough weeds, then it’s handy to have these lying around. And, as they support auto-feed systems, there’ll be no bumping the head against the ground to feed line through. 

It’s probably worth mentioning that like with most things, you will notice the difference between the real thing and a discount imitation. It’ll get the job done at a cut price, but you might see niggles like the occasional poorly-wound spool, or your line not lasting quite as long. Still, when you’re paying this little for this much line, who cares


  • Can be used with auto-feed spool trimmers.
  • Compatible with a whole bunch of different string trimmers from the Black+Decker range. 
  • Sold in multipacks of large quantities at a discount compared to buying direct from the official brand. 
  • Using auto-feed spool with a trimmer that supports it means you don’t risk damaging the head of your power tool. 


  • A little on the small side to be suited to larger yards.
  • Possible quality control issues — some of the spools unravelled on me when unpacking them, though not every time.
  • There is a noticeable difference in durability and longevity between the original Black+Decker spools and these.

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5. LoNoiz .130-Inch 3-Pound Spool Commercial Grade Spiral Twist 

Lord knows how, but this manufacturer has managed to create a design that produces less noise than other types of trimmer line. This is great news if you like to hit the yard before your neighbors are awake on Sunday mornings. 

This line uses a heavy twist design, where multiple fibres wrap around each other to create a tight line. The result is something that’ll whip through weeds like they’re nothing, while being strong enough to stand up to those fences and rocks in your garden. Don’t get me wrong, the line’s toughness means you can use it outside the garden for commercial use too. 

As I mentioned with another trimmer line above, this one is also resistant to welding and binding. It won’t melt under the heat generated by friction and it shouldn’t bind itself together, meaning more time trimming and less time cursing at your trimmer. 

In terms of negatives, it won’t fit every trimmer so do your research first. And while it’s decent enough for industrial use, there are even stronger lines available for everyday commercial use. You’re also going to have to dig a little deeper for this compared to the cheaper, thinner trimmer lines. 


  • Produces less noise than most other designs.
  • Heavy twist design offers some of the toughest resistance to breakage. 
  • The material doesn’t become easily bound and resistant to welding. 


  • Lacks the strength of some heavy-hitting .130 trimmer lines, like diamond.
  • Pricier than other options — for example, you’ll get 9 Eventronic spools (above) for around a third of the price of 1 of these.
  • Much thicker than your average trimmer line, so be sure that it fits your tool before committing. 

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Our Best String Trimmer Line

For me, the choice for best string trimmer line just had to be the Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line.095-inch. It checked all my boxes for producing a clean cut, being suited to light, medium, or heavy work, and for pure strength too. That high-strength core just laughs in the face of obstacles like fencing and rockeries. 


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