25 Fluffy Chicken Breeds for Your Flock [Cuddly and Poofy Feathers!]

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If you’re looking for a new addition to your flock, why not consider one of the many chicken breeds with fluffy plumage?

Fluffy feathered chickens make an entertaining and worthy addition to your henhouse. So here’s a quick guide on 25 of the fluffiest chicken breeds!

Before we begin – remember fluffy chickens require work. These chooks may look adorable and huggable, but be aware that they’re still chickens – which means you should expect occasional pecking. And crowing! (Raising fluffy chickens also gets a tad messy at times!)

Two adorable and fluffy Silkie chickens.

Still with us? Then check out some of our favorite fluffy-feather chickens if you’re up for the challenge.

Sound good?

Let’s begin!

25 Chickens With Fluffy Feathers

Have you ever seen a chicken and thought that it resembles a cotton ball with legs!? If so, you’ve likely encountered one of the following chicken breeds with fluffy feathers. Let’s explore these funny-looking birds and find out why their feathers look so unique. 

1. Silkie Chicken

white silkie chicken exploring green pasture
We’re beginning our list of fluffy chickens with one of the cuddliest chickens. The Silkie chicken! Silkies are easygoing chickens with bulky feathers. While these chickens are insanely cuddly, they’re not the best layers – and they’re usually too small to make a credible meat animal. As a result, Silkies are mostly ornamental birds. However, we found a lovely Silkie chicken and root vegetable recipe worth checking if you want a tasty chicken dinner.

These chickens are the fluffiest of them all! Silkie Chickens have feathers similar to fur, giving them an almost cartoonish look. They even have a hair-like crest of feathers on top of their heads. Silkies also possess five toes instead of four – which is more than most other chicken breeds! They’re also known for their blue earlobes and black skin. 

In addition to looking funny, Silkies make great pets as they are known for being gentle and friendly. Silkies are a breed that has been around since the 13th century! Silkies are one of the few chicken breeds considered true bantams because there is no full-sized version of the Silkie breed.

2. Polish Chickens

black and white polish chicken exploring and looking at the camera
Polish chickens are another famous ornamental chicken breed with adorable feather crests. They’re undeniably beautiful chickens. While these chickens don’t have reputations for yummy chicken thighs or chicken drumsticks, their classic white eggshells and bedazzling appearance make them a farmyard favorite among many homesteaders.

The Polish chicken is a breed that comes in several varieties, including the White Crested Black chicken and Golden Laced. These birds have oval-shaped bodies with short wings and legs, covered in feathers with an abundance of muffs and crests around their heads. 

They are friendly birds who love to explore their surroundings but aren’t very active or good at flying long distances. As long as they get plenty of room to roam about, these chickens make for gentle companions who love human attention.

3. Cochin Bantam

miniature cochin chicken with lovely fluffy feathers
When researching fluffy chickens, we encountered this poofy-headed specimen. The Cochin Bantam! Cochin Bantams are some of the heaviest bantam chickens you’ll ever see. Cochin Bantam roosters can reach as much as 28 ounces – while lady chooks reach up to 24 ounces.

The Cochin Bantam is another fluffy chicken option. Unlike Silkies, however, Cochin Bantams have long flowing feathers that cascade down their bodies like a cape! 

Chochin Bantams are a white chicken breed known for producing fair-laying hens

4. Sultan Bantam

mighty sultan bantam chicken with fluffy feathers
Here’s a fancy-feathered chicken with elegantly poofy feathers. The Sultan Bantam! They’re unique feather-legged bantams. And they have adorably-feathered feet! Other feather-legged chickens include Silkies and Langshans.

The Sultan chicken is another exhibition bird breed with plenty of fluff! This breed has a unique look thanks to its exotic plumage. Sultans can come in white or gray varieties. Both feature silky feathers that cover them from head to toe. 

The hens lay small eggs that are white or tinted light brown (with no speckles!). You’ll only find a few eggs per week in your chicken coop, but the ones you do get are sure to impress.

Although they aren’t great layers, they make cheerful pets as they enjoy being handled by humans and have sweet dispositions.  

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5. Frizzle Chicken

lovely frizzle chicken with magnificently fluffed feathers
Why do frizzled fowl have such fluffy feathers?! Well – chicken frizzling is a genetic modification that leads to poofy feathers. In other words – any chicken breed may become frizzled – we believe this Frizzled chicken is of the d’Uccle variety! Frizzled chicken feathers fold back toward the bird’s head rather than the tail. The result is a wild hairdo. Many frizzled fowl populations also have reputations as excellent egg layers.

These birds differ from Silkies and Cochins because their feathers stand straight rather than lying flat against their bodies. Their candid feathers give them an adorable poofy look that may remind you of a punk rocker or an 80s throwback hairdo! 

Frizzles may take some getting used to if you’re used to a regular chicken – but once you see one strutting around your yard with its wild hairdo, you won’t be able to resist its charm!

With their frizzled feathers, Frizzled chickens are worth considering if you want something unique, but it’s important to note that you’ll need to provide supplemental heat in the winter. The unusual style of the feathers makes the breed susceptible to chilling in damp, cool weather.

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6. Ameraucana Chickens

ameraucana chicken exploring a lush green field with fallen leaves
We include Ameraucana chickens among our favorite fluffy chickens! They’re tremendously friendly. And cuddly. Their vibrant feathers come in shades like blue, black, brown, silver, or white. The best part about Ameraucana is their eggs! Their eggs are usually green or blue – and they lay lots of them.

If you’re looking for some of the fluffiest chickens, your best bet would be an Ameraucana Chicken. This breed is known for its well-fluffed feathers, which come in shades of black, blue, and more, usually with at least a few white feathers. 

Not all Ameraucanas are fluffy. There is a unique dominant (and lethal) gene causing these tufts to appear. These hang over their faces and legs. Their bright red combs make them even cuter!

7. Crevecoeur Chickens

domestic crevecoeur chicken from normandy france
Here’s one of the oldest French chicken breeds with fluffy feathers. The legendary Crevecoeur! These chickens are black beauties with fluffed feathers. However, Crevecoeur chickens are also markedly rare. You won’t find too many of these within your deli rotisserie chicken rack or flavoring too many chicken stock or chicken broth recipes. (We’re not discriminating. We bet they have yummy chicken flavor! Yet, finding them is infrequent.)

These French chickens are another great option if you want fluffy chicken breeds in your backyard. These birds come in various colors, including black plumage, white plumage, gray, and even brown. They also have long crests on their heads, which gives them an impressive appearance. 

8. Dominique Chickens

dominique chickens exploring bent's old fort national historic site
Dominique chickens are some of the most legendary and famous fluffy-feathered chickens. Many homesteaders also consider them the oldest American chicken breed, as their history dates back to colonial America. We’ve read that they developed in New England – so they can likely withstand cold temperatures more than our fluffy chickens of Mediterranean origin.

This American breed is known for its distinctive feather patterning, including mottled and solid-colored markings across its body. Their feathers are slightly less fluffy than other breeds but are still soft and beautiful.

Plus, they have a friendly demeanor, so they make great pets! They’re hardy birds that are surprisingly easy to raise, just like Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island backyard chickens that are popular among homesteaders. These fair layers are known for having a rose comb.

9. Yokohama Chicken

lovely yokohama chickens isolated with white background
Yokohama chickens are famous for their luxuriant and fluffy tails with poofy feathers. However, they might not be the best for cuddling. They are markedly alert birds that prefer free-ranging and open living spaces to confined areas.

If you’re looking for something unique, this Japanese ornamental breed is the one for you.

This cute chicken has incredibly long tail feathers that give it an exotic appearance and can reach up to 6 feet in length when fully grown! Its feathers are also surprisingly soft despite being so long, making it a lovely pet for backyard chicken keepers who want something unique with plenty of fluffiness too! 

10. Russian Orloff Chickens

russian orloff chicken exploring green grass forage
Russian Orloff chickens deserve a top spot when brainstorming fluffy chickens! They’re easily some of the best-looking cuddly birds around. They’re also famous meat birds – but we’ve never tried eating them. We think that they might be excellent candidates for a lovely chicken stew. We found a delicious-looking Grandma’s chicken soup recipe we’ve been waiting to use. We’ll also add envelope onion soup mix for added flavor. We think it’ll work!

Russian Orloff Chickens are considered one of the oldest breeds known for their stunningly beautiful plumage. Their feathers are a light brown and feel incredibly soft to the touch. They’re perfect for cuddling. They also tend to be quite docile, making them great pets for those who want something different from the usual dog or cat. 

11. Langshan Chickens

free range black langshan chickens grazing on a beautiful day
Here’s another heavy-hitting fluffy bird ready for cuddling. Langshan chickens! Langshans have adorably feathered feet, which add to their fluffiness. They’re also surprisingly large birds and have an upright stature that makes them appear even more impressive. (Don’t worry! Even though these birds are big, they’re also friendly and well-tempered.)

These birds have been around since the 1800s (at least) and are beloved for their striking black feathers. While their feathers aren’t quite as soft as those of Orloff chickens, they still provide plenty of warmth and comfort when snuggling. These birds also tend to be relatively calm compared to other chicken breeds, adding an extra layer of comfort when it comes time to get close. 

Langshan chickens are also hardy, producing lots of white meat, and are known as decent layers. It is a dual-purpose breed that also works as a meat bird. The egg color is white.

12. Dorking Chickens

australorp and dorking chickens exploring and foraging
Dorking chickens aren’t like other fluffy chickens on our list. Dorking chickens have five toes! And unlike other fluffy, cuddly chickens, nobody knows where Dorking chickens originate. However, the Livestock Conservancy says they likely come from Surry, Kent, or Sussex England counties. (We’ve heard rumors that early Romans introduced the bird to England generations ago – but it’s tricky to prove with certainty.)

This ancient breed is yet another chicken breed that is well known for its fluffy plumage. These birds have bright white feathers that offer warmth and comfort when cuddled. Additionally, these birds have been bred over centuries to have very docile personalities, making them an ideal pet if you’re looking for a unique homestead companion.

13. Sultan Chickens

black sultan chicken foraging on green grass
Sultans are adorable – and feathery-looking chickens. They came to England in around 1854 – from Turkey. Their silky feathers and poofy appearance reminds us of Silkie chickens. Like Silkies – Sultans have remarkably feathery feet. And they’re surprisingly poofy! Unfortunately, Sultans are also a rare chicken breed – and you may not encounter them that often.

This breed usually has stunningly beautiful white feathers that are incredibly soft and fluffy. But sometimes, they have black feathers. Either way – these birds look beautiful! They also tend to be very docile when handled by humans, making them an ideal companion if you’re looking for something special in your life (and don’t mind cleaning up after some poop).

14. Welsummer Chickens

colorful welsummer partridge chicken with impressive feathers
Look at this fluffy brown chicken! It’s a Welsummer chicken – a friendly and poofy bird perfect for hugs and cuddles. We also humbly admit this bird looks plump enough to toss into a homemade soup mixture. But that would be a mistake since Welsummer chickens have excellent personalities. They’re also famous for producing delicious dark brown eggs.

If you’re looking for a chicken that looks like an adorable teddy bear, you should check out Welsummer chickens. These chickens have large, fluffy feathers, often of a beautiful reddish-brown color. 

15. Orpington Chickens

free range buff orpington chicken exploring on the farm
Want a fluffy hen and heaps of yummy farm eggs? Here’s one of our top picks! Buff Orpingtons are excellent brown egg layers that also happen to have lovely fluffy feathers. They’re famous for producing baskets of eggs. Expect each Buff Orpington hen to lay around 200 eggs per year. They also make fantastic family-friendly farm companions as their disposition is excellent.

Orpington chickens are known for their beautiful plumes of feathers that almost seem too big for their bodies! These birds usually come in shades of white and buff, but they also appear in black and blue varieties. And they’re docile and easy to handle, making them great additions to any family flock. 

16. Wyandotte Chickens

wyandotte hen perched on henhouse examining the backyard
If you’re considering adding new fluffy chickens to your flock, it would be a grand error to overlook the Wyandotte chicken! Wyandottes are popular dual-purpose birds perfect for egg laying, and they have deliciously tender meat. We’ve also encountered a massive variety of Wyandotte chickens – including silver laced, golden-laced, black, blue, and more.

Wyandottes are known for their fluffy feathering and striking colors. The most common variety is golden laced, but silver penciled and blue-laced varieties also exist. They’re friendly birds that lay large brown eggs, so if you want some pretty poultry in your henhouse, this is the breed for you! 

17. Sapphire Gem Chickens

three dynamic birds a golden laced polish with sapphire gem and sicilian buttercup
Here you see three dynamic birds. The Sapphire Gem chicken is on the far left. In the middle, you see a Golden Laced Polish chicken. The lovely bird on the far right is a Sicilian Buttercup chicken. Sapphire Gem chickens are one of our favorite fluffed chicken breeds. We love their elegant fluffy feathers and also how they deliver tons of delicious brown eggs. The Tractor Supply website says Sapphire Gem chickens lay around 290 eggs yearly. They’re also cold-hardy and can tolerate warm climates as well. They seem fluffy and resilient!

This breed is known for its long, glossy black feathers and incredibly soft texture. Its feathers are silky smooth and add bedazzling glamor to any flock! 

18. Marans

free range blue copper marans chicken exploring a frosty farm
Here you see a Blue Copper Marans chicken. It’s one of our favorite cuddly birds! Blue Copper Marans chickens have no official listing within the American Poultry Association like their Black Marans cousins. But we included them in our list for all homesteaders seeking to build a fluffy feathered flock! We think they would make an excellent addition.

This breed has a beguiling feather pattern. Its wings adorn themselves in dark brown spots that contrast against its light brown body. The Marans breed also has an extra fluffiness that many other chicken breeds don’t possess.

19. Easter Eggers

fluffy and lovely easter egger chicken exploring the grassy forage
Easter Eggers chickens are one of our favorite fluffy chickens. They have beautiful feathers. And the best eggs! They lay fantastically-colored eggs, including blue, green, or pink. Contrary to popular belief, Easter Eggers are not a distinct breed recognized by the American Poultry Association. Instead, Easter Eggers are a mix of any chicken crossed with either Araucana or Ameraucana breeds. Because Easter Eggers constitute various chicken varieties, their appearance may vary from flock to flock. (But we love them all. They are so neat!)

This breed has beautiful white-tipped feathers that give it a unique look. Though they aren’t fluffy like many other birds on this list are, many Easter Egger chickens also have extra-fluffy chest feathers that make it look like it’s wearing a luxurious fur coat! 

Easter Eggers are excellent layers and are known for being heat tolerant. (And we also love their colorful eggs. They are the best.)

20. Brabanter Chickens

brabanter chicken with a legendary mohawk and beard
We love these legendary Dutch chickens! They’re tiny, fluffy, and arguably the most cuddly. They’re also ancient. We read from the National Geographic website that Brabanter chickens are tremendously old – they date back to at least 1676 when Melchior d’Hondecoeter, (a Dutch artist) depicted them in a painting. 

This breed is renowned for its beautiful plumage; its white-tipped black feathers stand out against its bright yellow body. The Brabanter chicken also has extra soft, downy feathers around its neck and head that make it look even more majestic! 

21. Pavlovskaya Chickens

tremendously rare pavlovskaya silver chicken breed
Wow! This silver Pavlovskaya chicken looks insanely fluffy. And cuddly! We’d love to add a few of these to our flock! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find information about Pavlovskaya chickens other than rumors, whispers, and legends. Nor could we find any local breeders who have heard of them. (We’re jealous. We want one!)

This rare breed has incredibly thick and soft grayish-brown feathers that give it an elegant appearance. This feature makes Pavlovskaya chickens one of the most desirable breeds among diehard poultry enthusiasts. But we admit finding some for sale may prove tricky.

22. Houdan Chickens

rare houdan chicken with fluffy black and white feathers
Houdans hail from France and are famous for dual-purpose use. This striking Houdan chicken also possesses one of the loveliest (and fluffiest) plumages we’ve seen. Houdan chickens offer more than an opportunity to admire their contour feathers. Their meat is also undeniably delicious – and they lay tasty white eggs.

These birds are known for their stunningly long and fluffy tail feathers! Their tail plumes can reach up to 18 inches long, making them one of the most visually impressive breeds! This pet chicken breed most often comes in black and white color varieties. They aren’t known for being excellent egg layers, but you’ll get a few!

23. Mille Fleur d’Uccle Chicken

a bedazzling d'uccle chicken with colorful fluffy feathers
It’s too easy to find yourself charmed and mesmerized when setting eyes upon our next fluffy-feathered chicken. The d’Uccle chicken! These chickens have gregarious personalities and will liven up any henhouse, homestead, or chicken coop. They also look beautiful – and Mille Fleur translates to thousand flowers in French.

The Mille Fleur d’Uccle is probably one of the most popular fluffy chickens out there! This breed usually has an olive-green body with black tail feathers and bright white wattles around its neck. It also features muffs around its head and legs, giving it an extra fluffy appearance! 

These birds are active during the day but may seem calmer than other breeds at night. They are also very friendly birds who love human interaction – though you should be careful when handling them due to their fragile frames! 

24. Plymouth Rock

adorable plymouth rock chick with fluffy feathers
Plymouth Rock chickens are famous in New England and Massachusetts. As old-school New Englanders, Plymouth Rocks can shrug off frigid wintry weather better than most fluffy chickens on our list. And we tried searching for a lovely Plymouth Rock chicken specimen worthy of sharing. We think we found one! Even though this one is tiny – we hope you agree that it’s cuddly and well-fluffed.

The Plymouth Rock, with popular varieties including the White Rock or the White Plymouth Rock and the Barred Rock, is one of the most popular dual-purpose birds in the United States, and it’s easy to see why – they have beautiful fluffy feathers! 

This dual-purpose breed comes in various colors like black, white, blue, barred, buff, and silver penciled. They also have single combs, which makes them more resistant to frostbite than other breeds with larger combs. 

25. Brahmas

colorful and fluffy brahma chicken foraging on farm
Do you love sizeable brown chicken eggs? Then we saved one of our favorite fluffy chickens for last. The Brahma chicken! Brahma chickens lay delicious eggs and are also viable meat birds. These sizeable and joyous chickens technically come from the USA. However, their ancestors likely hail from China.

Brahmas are another popular breed of chicken known for their fluffy feathers. They come in several varieties like light, dark, buff Brahmas, and bantam breed sizes. Their feathering is surprisingly thick around their legs which helps insulate them from cold weather conditions. 

Brahmas are large but ideal for chicken keepers who want gentle giants. They are technically dual-purpose breeds but don’t lay as many eggs as the average chicken. 

Another fact worth mentioning is that they have pea combs which makes them less susceptible to frostbite than other breeds with larger combs, like the Plymouth Rock or Orpington. The comb is a V-shaped comb. These chickens are also known for their vulture hocks. What’s a vulture hock, you ask? Well – vulture hocks are clusters of stiff feathers on their thighs that give them that fluffy appearance. 


Whether you’re looking for a feathered friend or want something different from your standard egg-laying chickens, getting these breeds can add much-needed fluffiness to your life! 

Just remember that these birds need plenty of space and care if you’d like them to stay happy and healthy – so make sure you’re ready before taking one home!

If you have questions about the best fluffy chickens or if there is a breed we forgot to include, please share.

Thanks for reading.

And happy feathery adventures!

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