20 Chickens That Lay Colored Eggs! [Olive, Blue, and Pink Hen Eggs?!]

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Have you ever seen a chicken that lays a blue egg or an orange egg? Well, if not, you’re in for a surprise because chickens that lay colored eggs are becoming more and more popular.

Some people think that the different colored eggs add a bit of excitement to their breakfast each morning, while others enjoy collecting the eggs as a hobby. We like both ideas! If you agree and want to add variety to your backyard flock, consider getting yourself some chickens that lay colored eggs!

We want to help by sharing 20 delightful hen breeds that lay colorful eggs.

Here goes!

20 Chickens That Lay Colored Eggs

Several chickens lay colored eggs, including Araucanas, Easter Eggers, Ameraucanas, Barred Plymouth Rocks, and Marans. The most common colored eggs are pink-cream, chocolate brown, blue, and green, though endless chicken egg shades exist.

11 Chickens That Lay Colored Eggs! [Olive, Blue, and Pink Hen Eggs?!]
What Chicken Breed Lays Purple Eggs? No chicken lays a truly purple egg, though some appear purple due to the “bloom” effect on brown eggs. (However, some homesteaders may find Easter Egger chickens laying light blue eggs that may resemble a purple hue to some.)
What Kind of Chickens Lay Blue Eggs?Araucanas, Ameraucanas, Cream Legbar, Ameraucana, and Easter Egger chickens are famous for laying light blue or light olive green eggs.
What Chicken Lays a Red Egg?Rhode Island Reds can sometimes lay red-tinged eggs, while Marans can lay copper-colored eggs.
What Lies a Black Egg?No chicken breed lays black eggs, but emus lay near-black eggs (though emus are not chickens).
What Chickens Lay Pink Eggs?Several breeds lay pink-speckled or pale pink-cream eggs, including Silkies, Rhode Island Reds, and Mottled Javas.
What Breed of Chicken Lays Lavender Eggs?None. The purple hues come from the effect of the bloom on brown eggs.
What Chicken Lays Blue Green Eggs?Easter Egger chickens lay blue-green eggs.

Let’s also look at these vibrant chooks in more detail.

Shall we?

1. Ameraucana

ameraucana chicken roosting on farmyard fence
We’re starting this list with one of our favorite blue egg layers. The Ameraucana chicken! Many chicken ranchers also refer to the Ameraucana as the Easter Egger Chicken. They’re famous for laying diverse egg colors, including green, orange, blue, and pink. We’ve also seen plenty of Ameraucana eggs of a light olive color.

The Ameraucana chicken is a popular breed known for its unique eggs. While most chickens lay brown or white eggs, Ameraucanas lay eggs that range in color from blue to green. 

These vibrant eggs resulted from a genetic mutation that occurred in South America. Ameraucanas first came to the United States in the 1970s. They have since become a popular choice for backyard chicken enthusiasts. 

In addition to their colorful eggs, Ameraucanas are known for their friendly dispositions and hardy nature. As a result, they make excellent pets and are well-suited to colder climates. 

2. Araucana

araucana chicken walking on grass during summer
Araucana chickens are another famous breed for delivering lovely colored chicken eggs. It’s tricky getting much reliable information about these prolific layers – but we read from the Oklahoma State University blog that they originally hail from South America. Most Araucana chickens we’ve seen have rich brown or black-and-white feather patterns.

The Araucana is a breed of chicken that originates from South America. The Araucana is easily recognizable by its tufted ears and its wonderful, colorful eggs. The Araucana chicken can lay blue, green, or pink eggs.

The Araucana is a popular breed of chicken for backyard coops. The Araucana is known for being a friendly and docile chicken. The Araucana chicken is also active and enjoys free-ranging.

3. Barred Plymouth Rock

barred plymouth rock chickens on rural farm during fall
Barred Plymouth Rocks are one of the most recognizable brown egg layers. Don’t expect fancy eggshell color like others on our list. We also read from the Clemson Coop Extension blog that Barred Plymouth Rocks lay upwards of 200 to 225 large eggs yearly. Get your frying pans ready!

The Barred Plymouth Rock is a chicken breed known for its ability to lay colored eggs. The eggs can be any shade of brown – but they are usually dark brown. 

The Barred Plymouth Rock is a dual-purpose chicken. They’re perfect for either meat or egg production. The breed was developed in the United States in the 19th century and is still quite popular today. 

Barred Plymouth Rocks are known for being good layers and friendly farmyard creatures. They are a heritage breed and are a noteworthy part of chicken history.

4. Black Copper Marans

hefty copper black marans rooster on farm
Check out this heavy-hitting bird. The Black Copper Marans chicken! Black Copper Marans are dark brown egg layers that produce a striking eggshell color. They have reputations as prolific layers – but we read on the OSU Extension blog that Black Copper Marans chickens are also meat birds. This specimen looks large and in charge. We think it wants its second (or third) helping of layer feed!

The Black Copper Marans is a chicken breed known for its ability to lay colored eggs. The eggs typically have a dark brown or chocolate color. Bakers and chefs prize them for their rich flavor. 

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5. Blue Andalusian

eight week old blue andalusian chicken in yorkshire england
When researching chickens that lay colored chicken eggs, we couldn’t find much data about the Blue Andalusian chicken. This lovely white egg layer is hard to find anywhere we looked! That’s a shame – since one of the few Andalusian chicken resources we could find indicates that it’s one of the loveliest chickens with dark blue plumage. After perusing the few Blue Andalusian photos we could find – we agree!

Are you looking for a chicken that lays vibrant eggs? The Blue Andalusian is an excellent choice. These birds are native to Spain and get their name from the Andalusian region of the country. They are a hardy breed and can withstand colder climates, making them a good choice for those who live in chillier areas. 

Blue Andalusians are also known for being friendly and docile, so they make great pets. Chickens of this breed typically lay white eggs, although some may lay light beige eggs with light yellow or brown spots.

6. Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

blue laced red wyandotte chicken resting on farm
Here’s a beautiful egg and meat bird. The Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte! You may see these chickens in various feather patterns ranging from blue-laced to silver-laced. We read from Oklahoma State’s Department of Animal Science that Wyandotte chickens originally hail from Upstate New York and Canada. As you may guess from their stocky build – and Canadian lineage – they can likely tolerate colder climates better than other colorful egg layers.

The Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte are medium size chickens with a rose comb. Their eggs are deep brown with a reddish hue. They’re also famous for docile personalities – and for making excellent pets.

7. Blue Orpingtons

blue australorp chicken living organic lifestyle
Here’s one of our favorite pink egg layers. The Blue Orpington! These chickens have a rich history in the US and England. They were developed in 1876 by William A. Cook. Mr. Cook sought to create a farm bird that could produce heaps of delicious eggs quickly and early – even during the cold weather. We also found a fascinating Blue Orpington article in The Los Angeles Herald from 1909! It’s a captivating read if you’re interested to learn the genesis of Orpingtons and more about William Cook.

Blue Orpingtons are a friendly breed of chicken. They also make excellent pets. They are very good at laying eggs! Blue Orpingtons will typically lay between 200 and 300 eggs per year. They lay pale brown eggs.

8. Easter Eggers

free range easter egger chicken
Easter eggers are excellent layers – and one of our favorite hybrid chickens. By far! We read on the Texas A&M blog that Easter Eggers are an Araucana or Ameraucana mix. They usually have reputations as friendly and docile birds. Their egg colors range from dark green and orange to light olive. Expect a variety!

One popular breed of chicken that lays colored eggs is Easter Eggers. These chickens are a cross between Ameraucana breeds. They lay beautiful eggs in shades of green, blue, and even pink. Easter Eggers are friendly birds that make great backyard pets. They are known for being exceptional egg layers. 

9. Cream Legbar

cream legbar chicken rooster on green grass
Here’s a colored egg layer that can help you smile. The Cream Legbar! Cream Legbars are prolific layers of soft blue or olive-green eggs. They have excellent personalities. Their adorable red combs flop joyfully from side to side as they explore their surroundings. When researching Cream Legbars, we also found a fun story about how 12 Cream Legbar chicken eggs helped a classroom learn more about chicken egg development and physiology. Don’t worry! The baby birds got safely transported to a new farm home after the students concluded their studies.

The breed was created by crossing several different chicken varieties, including the Barred Plymouth Rock, Leghorn, and Araucana. The resulting chicken is a hardy bird that lays large eggs with blue or green shells. The birds are also known for their friendly dispositions and ability to adapt to different climates. 

10. Olive Egger

sapphire gem olive egger chicken famous for green eggs
While researching why Olive Egger chickens lay eggs of an olive color, we learned from the Michigan State University Extension blog that egg color is all about genetics! Their chicken egg article notes how Olive Egger chickens derive from parents who lay brown and blue eggs. The Olive Egger is the result! They produce chicken eggs of a lovely green tint. Fascinating. And more proof that Mother Nature will always keep us homesteaders guessing.

The Olive Egger is a cross between brown egg-laying chickens and blue egg-laying chickens. The resulting eggs can be any shade of green, from light olive to deep forest green.

11. Welsummer

funny welsummer chickens exploring summer garden
We love how this Welsummer looks in this photo! The silly-chicken pose helps personify the Welsummer disposition as friendly, energetic, and outgoing. They’re prolific layers of large deep brown eggs. We also read from the Ohio University Extension blog how Welsummer birds are cold-hardy. They’re perfect for our New England and Northern US state chicken ranching colleagues.

While most Welsummer eggs are deep brown, some may have a light red or dark orange tint. These beautiful eggs are perfect for decorating Easter baskets or enjoying them as a delicious breakfast treat.

12. Penedesenca

lohman brown chicken on village farm
When researching chickens that lay colorful eggs, we couldn’t find comprehensive data about the Penedesenca chicken. They lay lovely dark brown eggs. But the chicken breed is seemingly tremendously rare. The only trustworthy article we found was about this Italian Penedesenca chicken recipe. The lack of published details on Penedesenca chickens other than culinary dishes and recipes alludes to the idea that they’re a bonified meat bird in addition to colorful layers.

The Penedesenca chicken is a breed of chicken that is known for laying colored eggs. The breed originated from the Penedès region in Spain and got introduced to the United States in the late 1800s.

They are medium-sized chickens reputed as decent egg layers. Penedesenca chickens lay eggs that are brown, olive, or green. 

13. Mottled Java

mottled java chicken and an adorable rabbit friend
Here’s an old-school colorful egg layer. The Mottled Java! They also brought one of their friends – a farmyard rabbit. The Mottled Java is one of America’s oldest birds. How old, you ask? We read from the University of Illinois Extension blog (Illinois Livestock) that Mottled and Black Javas date back to 1883. That’s pretty old! Javas have reputations as excellent layers and as suitable meat birds. Their eggs are usually dark brown to beige.

The Mottled Java is a chicken breed known for its ability to lay lovely colored eggs. The eggs are typically a pinkish-cream color, and the chickens are relatively large birds. The Mottled Java is a hardy breed that can withstand cold weather. And it is also known for being relatively calm and docile. 

14. Buff Orpington

free range orpington hen forages in autumn woods
Here’s a beautiful free-range hen foraging in the autumn forest, a lovely Buff Orpington, no less. They are one of our favorite colorful egg layers. Buff Orpingtons have excellent temperaments and are famously cold-hardy. We also learned from the Northwestern MEDILL blog that Buff Orpingtons lay around 180 eggs yearly. Buff Orpington chicken egg shells are usually light brown, soft pink, to beige.

Many breeds of chickens lay colored eggs, but one of the most popular is the Buff Orpington. These chickens are known for their pinkish-cream-colored eggs, which are beautiful. Buff Orpingtons are also one of the best egg layers, so you can be sure that you’ll get a good number of eggs each week. 

15. Light Sussex

white sussex chicken foraging on a farm in france
Light Sussex chickens lay delicious, large brown eggs. As evidenced by the photo above, Light Sussex chickens are also expert foragers. Sussex chickens originally come from Sussex, England. However, the Light Sussex specimen you see above hails from a rural French farm.

The hens lay brown eggs, and the roosters have white plumage with black markings. The Light Sussex is a friendly and docile breed that makes a good pet chicken. They are also good layers, and their egg production can be surprisingly high. However, their eggs are not always uniform in color, and some may have a pinkish or cream tint to them.

16. Silkies

fluffy white cat and two silkie chickens on farm
We weren’t sure which was more adorable. The black and white Silkie chickens – or their farmyard feline friend! Silkies usually lay cream-colored eggs. We also tried to find out where these lovely birds originated, but sources vary. Some say that Silkies hail anywhere from India, Japan, or China. Regardless of where these colorful egg layers originated, they’re one of the easiest chicken breeds to recognize. Their ludicrously-poofy feathers give them away every time.

Silkies produce a pale pink egg. The shell of a Silkie egg is thinner than conventional chicken eggs, making it more delicate. In addition, Silkies have feathers that are unusually soft and silk-like. These characteristics make Silkies popular as show birds. But they are also valued for their docile nature and affectionate dispositions. 

17. Rhode Island Red

rhode island red chicken with many baby chicks on grass
Here’s one of the most famous chickens that lay colored chicken eggs. The Rhode Island Red! We’ve researched these prolific laying and meat birds a ton over the years. Many homesteaders consider them to be among the best egg-laying farm animals. Period! The most reliable sources say they lay around 200 eggs yearly. They lay large light brown to beige eggs.

Rhode Island Reds are a popular breed of chicken known for their ability to lay large, brown eggs. However, some Rhode Island Reds will lay eggs with a tint of color. While the shells of these eggs may appear a light brown or beige, upon closer inspection, they may have a faint green or blue hue. This egg coloring occurs when pigments in the chicken’s diet get deposited in the egg during formation.

18. Barnevelders

fancy silver laced barnevelder chicken foraging on farm
Farmers from Holland have seen these epic dual-purpose birds. The Barnevelders chicken! The impressive specimen above showcases exquisite silver laces and a delicate feather pattern that resembles a fine patchwork quilt or holiday sweater. They lay dark brown to dark orange eggs.

Barnevelders are a breed of chicken known for their chocolate brown colored eggs. The breed was created by crossing Dutch breeds with Brahmas and Cochins. Barnevelders are good egg layers known for being friendly and docile chickens. They are a popular breed for backyard chicken enthusiasts. 

19. Arkansas Blue

Arkansas Blue chicks
The Arkansas Blue chicken is, by far, the most difficult to track-down chicken that lays colorful eggs. We couldn’t find reliable photographs proving their rumored blue or green eggs, nor reliable breeding or egg coloring data. Nor have we talked to any farmers who have ever raised one. However, we found a lovely video above depicting a small Arkansas Blue chicken flock. They look similar to Araucana chickens – which may give credence to the speculation that they lay blue or purple eggs!

One breed that stands out for its unusual eggs is the Arkansas Blue. This breed allegedly got developed at the University of Arkansas. (Details are scarce.) It’s a cross between an Araucana and a White Leghorn. While this breed is not yet available for purchase anywhere we could find, it is sure to be a popular choice once it is! (We hope it’s still in development?)

20. Asil Chickens

asil or aseel chicken on rural farm
Asil (or Aseel) chickens are remarkable farm birds that lay colorful cream eggs or tinted eggs. They hail from India – where many ranchers and farmers grow them for their meat. Contrary to popular belief – Aseel chicken eggs are delicious! However, Aseel chickens are famously aggressive toward other birds. So, even though their eggs are rich and tasty, their truculent nature makes them poor henhouse candidates.

The Asil is a breed of chicken that originates from Pakistan and India. Unlike many chickens, which lay white eggs, the Asil lays colored eggs ranging from pink to cream. However, due to their history of being bred for cockfighting, they are not very good egg layers and only produce 40-50 eggs per year.

Chickens That Lay Colored Eggs – FAQs

When most homesteaders see colored chicken eggs for the first time, they can’t believe their eyes! And they have lots of questions afterward.

So – we answered some of the most common colored hen egg questions you might ask.

We hope they help you!

What is the Rarest Egg Color? 

Of the many different chickens, the vast majority lay brown or white eggs. 

The Araucana, Ameraucana, and Cream Legbar breeds are all known for their blue eggs, but there are plenty of other variations in the chicken world. The most unusual egg colors include blue, green, pink, chocolate brown, and copper.

If you’re looking for even rare egg color, you’ll have to look outside the chicken world entirely. Birds such as quails and peafowl often lay eggs with vibrant colors like green, blue, and even pink.

Why Do Chicken Eggs Come In Various Colors? (Green, Blue, Pink, or Orange?)

Chickens that lay colored eggs usually have a genetic mutation that affects pigment production in their feathers. As a result, these chickens typically have white feathers and pale skin.

Chickens that lay blue or green eggs often have a genetic defect that prevents them from producing brown pigment. While blue and green eggs are less common, they can form in some chicken breeds.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to add some excitement to your backyard flock, consider adding a few Ameraucana or Araucana chickens to the mix. 

And who knows? With luck and these tips, maybe you can start your rainbow egg production! 

Have you ever tried raising chickens that lay colored eggs? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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