Chickens With Afros – The World’s 8 Coolest Crested Chicken Breeds

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Have you ever seen chickens with afros? They get called crested chicken breeds on our homestead. And you only have to scratch the surface of the world of chickens to realize that there are countless weird and spectacular breeds out there. 

From hens with feathered legs to cockerels with brightly colored plumage, chickens come in a massive array of styles. And manners!

But if you want something distinctive, chickens with afros are simply magnificent. We’re talking about cute fluffy bonnets and enormous spiky hairdos! Crested chickens are also fun to look at and can make excellent pets.

But – which chickens with afros are the world’s niftiest (and most chic) crested chicken breeds?

And – which do we recommend for new chicken ranchers?

Let’s find out! 

Chicken With Afros

We brainstormed for hours and made the following list of our favorite puffy head chickens.

We still can’t decide which is our favorite!

  1. The Silkie
  2. The Polish Chicken
  3. The Pavlovskaya Chicken
  4. The Sultan
  5. The Houdan
  6. Crevecoeur Chicken
  7. Brabanter Chicken
  8. Appenzeller Spitzhauben

Afro chickens are fun to look at and can also make great backyard pets! Here are some of the weirdest and most sensational chickens with afros.

(But first – we have a few puffy-headed chicken nuances to discuss!)

What Kind of Chickens Have Afros?

Okay, so chickens don’t have afros! After all, they don’t even have hair. But just for fun, the extravagant feathered plumage you may see on some breeds of chicken is often referred to as an afro.

Most chickens have short, flat feathers on their heads, but some breeds have developed feathers that stand upright. These can resemble a cute fluffy bonnet. Or a messy just got out of bed look, or even an outrageous punk rock-style hairdo!

Our 8 Favorite Chickens with Afros

We’re about to showcase eight of our favorite chicken breeds with luxuriant afros. And our top pick for chickens with afros is? The Silkie!

1. Silkie Chickens

silkie chicken pair gray rooster and white hen
Silkies are the poshest in any coop or farm. For sure! They’re also famous chickens with afros known for their warm personalities. We read how Silkies are arguably one of the friendliest chicken breeds. We even read that Silkies make excellent classroom pets! They’re outgoing. And they enjoy companionship!

The breed of chicken with the most afro-like plumage must be the Silkie! This small breed has exquisitely fine feathers all over the body, topped off with an adorable mop of fluff on the head.

Silkies come in variable colors, including white, silver-grey, and black. They are great backyard hens. And they love to spend time cuddling their favorite humans!

How Does a Crested Chicken Look?

They have poofy feathers on their heads! The term crested is the correct way to describe an afro chicken. Their proper title can get confusing, as the chicken’s comb is also sometimes called the crest.

Some hen breeds have extravagant and unusual combs. Want more examples? Then let’s look at more of our favorite crested hens with beautiful plumage on their heads.

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2. Polish Chickens

crested black polish chicken hen on farm
Polish chickens are among our favorite crested chicken breeds! They look adorable. And – we read that Polish chickens are some of the oldest poultry around. Polish chickens also have their fair share of names. They get called Padoue in Europe. And on many rural farms, small children refer to them as puffy head chickens!

The ultimate crested chicken breed is one with a mightily impressive hairdo. We’re talking about the Polish chicken!

The feathered crest on a Polish chicken is so massive and abundant that it often covers the whole head. These hens are very tame and make great pets, but you must keep them safe from predators.

Polish chickens get kept for their distinctive appearance and friendly nature. However, they are not great egg layers. But when you have hens this cute, who cares about the eggs anyway?!

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What Breed of Chicken Has a Mohawk?

Our favorite breed of chicken with a mohawk is the Pavlovskaya chicken! Pavlovskaya chickens with mohawks are the punk rockers of the poultry world! With their abundant spiky plumage, often in weird and dazzling colors, these hens do look flashy. And striking!

3. Pavlovskaya Chickens

colorful pavlovskaya chicken in field
Pavlovskaya chickens are some of the most colorful chickens with afros! Unfortunately, they’re also tremendously rare. They hail from Russia. But, getting your hands on one is tricky. If you can find this infrequent, quirky, and beautiful chicken breed? Don’t wait. Snag some while you can!

The Pavlovskaya chicken originates from Russia. We suspect it to be one of the oldest crested breeds of chicken in the world. This chicken has an impressive mohawk. And it also boasts fully feathered legs. And a beard!

What Kind of Chicken Has a Poof on its Head?

Silkies, Polish, and Houdan chickens are all famous for their loveable poofy heads! But if you’re looking for the ultimate chicken with a pom-pom on its head, you won’t believe the next puffy head chicken on our list.

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4. Sultan Chickens

sultan chicken with snow white feathers in barn
Sultans are among the most regal chickens with afros. No doubt! They have fancy tails – and full beards. They originally hail from Turkey – and came to England in 1854. Sultans have unique feet, too! Unlike most other chickens – Sultans have five toes. (We also read that the Sultan chicken’s fifth toe rarely touches the ground.)

While many people love Silkies, the adorable Sultan often gets overlooked! These little chickens make great pets and have quirkily fun personalities. Their best feature has to be the incredible feathered poof that sits neatly on their heads!

What Chicken Has Crazy Hair?

Silkies and Crevecoeur chickens are famous for crazy hair. But – maybe you want a chicken with the craziest hair you can find? Then it would have to be one of our favorite – and most underrated chooks. The Houdan chicken!

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5. Houdan Chickens

black and orange houdan chicken comb feather
Houdans are a magnificent crested chicken breed. They’re also among the oldest chickens with afros that we could find. Houdans come from France – and their domestication predates the 1700s. From France – they got imported into England from 1853 to 1865. Similar to the Sultan, Houdans have five toes. They have an excellent reputation as a laying breed. However, they aren’t overly popular in America – or England. Surprisingly.

When it comes to the Houdan chicken, we’re talking about really crazy hair. Mad scientist crazy! Forget the cute pom-poms or funky mohawks – these chickens come with a massive fluffy crest that stands way above their heads. And – the Houdan is a chicken that would stand out from the crowd. Or any flock!

What Kind of Chicken Has a Black Comb?

Pure black chickens are hard to find! But there is one crested chicken breed that has a distinctive black plumage. We’re talking about the Crevecoeur chicken.

6. Crevecoeur Chickens

domestic crevecoeur chicken from normandy france
Here’s another favorite puffy head chicken. The Crevecoeur chicken! The Crevecoeur is another tremendously rare and old breed. They have all black feathers – and their name is romantic. Or mournful! Crevecoeur translates to broken heart in their native tongue. (They hail from Normandy, France.) While Crevecoeur can produce delicious large eggs – many Americans consider them too tender for the cold climates. Unfortunately, the Crevecoeur population is critical! (Broken heart indeed!) So adding Crevecoeur to your homestead may prove tricky.

This majestic crested chicken breed has a proud and regal appearance, with beautiful plumes of black feathers standing proud above their heads. We think they resemble the dark knights of medieval times!

What Chicken Breed Has a Large Headdress and Beard?

From the majestic straight to the ridiculous! Here we have the unfortunate but adorable flock-mate that we love. The Brabanter chicken!

7. Brabanter Chicken

lovely brabanter hen in rural farmyard
Brabanters are adorable chickens with afros from the Netherlands – and Belgium. They have reputations for being super intelligent! They’re another obscure breed – and we haven’t seen that many of them. You might also notice there are Brabanter bantam chicken breeds. Their smaller cousins are called Brabanter bantams. (Try saying that ten times fast!)

Please don’t laugh at this poor guy! We’re sure he knows how silly he looks! However, this ruff of feathers and headdress are perfect for keeping him warm in the winter, and we’re sure his ladies will find it attractive too.

What Chickens Have Tufts?

Houdan, Brabanter, Sultan, and Crevecoeur chickens are all excellent examples of tufted chickens. But our final pick for the top chicken breeds with afros is a hen with a distinctive tufted crest. It’s another underrated flock member – and one that your entire homestead will never forget. The Appenzeller Spitzhauben!

8. Appenzeller Spitzhauben Chicken

beautiful silver appenzeller spitzhauben chicken in bush
We saved one of the most epic chickens with afros for last. The insanely rare Appenzeller Spitzhauben chicken! They hail from the Appenzell district in Switzerland. And they also go by the name of Spitzhauben! Most Appenzeller Spitzhauben chickens we see are black and white (or silver) spangled. However – some have other colors, too. Some are blue – or gold.

This fancy chicken breed rocks that just got out of bed look! They have a fabulous crest of tufty feathers that give them an afro appearance. The hens have a smoother cap, while the cockerels are somewhat spiky and wild!

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Crested chicken breeds are the best! They’re underrated for new chicken ranchers. And homesteaders!

We’re not sure which puffy-headed chooks are the most hilarious. We think they’re all neat!

What about you?

Which Chickens with afros do you like the most?

Or – is there a puffy head chicken in your flock that’s a rare or little-known chicken breed?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks again for reading.

And – have a great day!

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