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23 DIY Pallet Chicken Coop Plans! [Free Coop Plans and Ideas!]

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Building a chicken coop from pallets is a cheap and easy woodworking project! One that can be as straightforward or as complex as you want to make it.

From a self-contained condo for two or three hens to a fancy multi-section coop for your breeding flock, here we have some great ideas and designs to suit all situations.

These innovative chicken coop ideas and plans will help you create a tidy and safe home for your beautiful chooks. Perfect for keeping them happy and safe! 

So – which DIY pallet chicken coop plans are our favorite?

Here’s our official list!

Hopefully – they will reward you with heaps of yummy and savory eggs.

So everyone wins.

23 Best DIY Pallet Chicken Coops Plans

We’ve scoured every corner of the internet to find the best wooden pallet chicken coops.

Here’s what we discovered!

1. Beautiful Upcycled Pallet Chicken Coop by The Wilson World

raised chicken coop made from wooden pallets
Here’s one of our favorite DIY pallet chicken coops from The Wilson World. We love the effort they put into recycling much of the material. Perfect for sustainable coops. And it’s budget-friendly!

Wow, now this is a beautiful and incredibly creative project! I love how the reclaimed materials got used wherever possible to make this well-thought-out chicken coop. Even if you do not copy the whole design, you are guaranteed to find some inspiration for your DIY pallet chicken coop here.

Read more about the upcycled pallet chicken coop on The Wilson World’s website!

2. Full-Size Pallet Chicken Coop by Kitchen Alpha

How to Build a Chicken Coop CHEAP!
Kitchen Alpha shows how to build a DIY chicken coop plan without spending much cash. It’s one of our favorite tutorials for budget homesteaders!

If you are planning a family-size flock of chooks, this 6-foot-tall pallet chicken coop will easily house enough hens to keep you well supplied with eggs! I love the focus on money-saving tips in this video – so even if you do not use this design exactly, it is worth watching to get some great ideas.

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3. Detailed Pallet Chicken Coop Plans by Lady Lee’s Home

classic chicken coop made with wooden pallets
Lady Lee’s Home has one of the best DIY pallet chicken coop plans. Their website goes into much more detail. We love the design. And their chickens!

Here is the perfect project for anyone new to DIY, as Lady Lee describes every step of the process in fine detail. Fancy tools and equipment get kept to a minimum. And although this is not the most leisurely chicken coop project, it is one that anyone could achieve with some time and patience.

Check out Lady Lee’s detailed pallet chicken coop plans on her blog. It’s worth reading!

4. Mini Pallet Chicken Coop by The Shed and Beyond

green wooden pallet backyard chicken coop
The Shed And Beyond shows how to turn a pile of old pallets into a beautiful chicken coop. Notice the fancy sage paint design. We love how it looks!

Some DIY chicken coop plans can be way over the top! And far too daunting for those of us with limited handiwork skills! But I love this small coop that is perfect for backyard hen keeping, with easy step-by-step photos to guide us through the build process.

Read more about the mini pallet chicken coop on The Shed and Beyond blog.

5. Simple Open Chicken Coop by The Homestead Redhead

super easy chicken coop from wooden pallets
Here’s one of the most straightforward DIY pallet chicken coop plans. The Homestead Redhead shows how to turn a few pallets into a fully-functional chicken coop. Perfect if you want something done by today!

DIY pallet chicken coop plans do not come any simpler than this design! This open-sided coop will not work for everyone, but it would be ideal as a temporary shelter or for use inside a predator-proof chicken run.

Check out The Homestead Redhead’s article for more information about the simple open chicken coop plan.

6. Pallet Wood Chicken Tractor by Sustainable Scott

How To build your own Chicken Tractor out of Pallet Wood for Free in 5 Minutes!
Sustainable Scott shows how to build a simple DIY pallet chicken coop plan without fuss. It’s one of our favorite tutorials if you want a fast hands-on approach.

A chicken tractor with integral sleeping quarters is a borderline-genius option for getting the most out of your hens! Not only will they provide you with eggs, but you can also effortlessly move them around your land to trim the weeds and fertilize the ground.

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7. Rustic Pallet Chicken Coop by A Ranch Mom

lovely farm style pallet chicken coop
A Ranch Mom has a lovely and rustic-looking pallet chicken coop plan! Her blog also shares many photos and the steps taken to build the coop.

Here is a highly functional DIY pallet chicken coop built to last, perfect for those of you in harsher climates! I love the attention to detail for keeping predators at bay. Predator protection is something that gets tragically overlooked in DIY chicken coop plans.

Read about the rustic pallet chicken coop on A Ranch Mom’s blog.

8. Space-Saving Chicken Coop and Run! Design by Me and My Dummy

perfect diy chicken coop from pallets
We love how this chicken coop came from wooden pallets! It looks perfect and well-made. Full credit goes to Shannon (Me and My Dummy) on Instagram.

Here is another great option if you are short on space or want to move your chickens around the homestead. This versatile DIY pallet chicken coop plan incorporates the living quarters over the run – multi-story accommodation for hens at its best!

Make sure to follow Me and My Dummy on Instagram for more inspiration!

9. DIY Large Pallet Frame Chicken Coop by Hidden Meadow Farm

DIY - How to Build  The Best Chicken Coop from Recycled Pallets (part 1)
We love this easy-to-build pallet coop by Hidden Meadow Farm. Check out this short video that gives you an idea of how they built it. It looks easy enough – even for homesteaders who aren’t that crafty! (Like many of us!)

The great thing about building with pallets is that they are markedly versatile and get used in myriad ways. In this large chicken coop, whole pallets get used when creating the structural walls, and these are then clad with deconstructed pallet planks to finish off the exterior.

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10. Self-Contained Chicken Condo Coop by Southern Sunflower Seeds

raised wooden pallet chicken coop with fence
Southern Sunflower Seeds has a beautiful farm-like chicken coop. You’ll notice they use a wooden pallet as a door. We love it – and it adds a nice rustic flair to the design.

Here is a great coop for a small-sized flock of hens! It is also great for keeping your breeding stock separate from your laying chooks. Unlike many chook coops with integrated runs, the grassy area the hens have access to is of good size. Yet the whole structure is small enough to move to new ground every week or so. Perfect!

Check out Southern Sunflower Seeds for more information about their self-contained coop!

11. Stylish Pallet Chicken Coop by Roots & Wings Furniture

backyard chicken coop with white paint
If you’re handy with tools – here’s one of the best DIY pallet chicken coop plans! It’s from Roots & Wings Furniture – and they have tremendous skill. Their blog shows how they build this coop in nine steps. They make it look easy!

While I love upcycling pallet wood as much as the next person, I think all have to admit that the results can sometimes look shabby and amateurish. So, if you are looking for a wood-pallet chicken coop design? And if you seek a design that looks as good as a store-bought version? Then this is the design for you. Pallets get used for making a sturdy frame. The pallets then get clad with boards for a smooth, clean finish.

If you want a stylish coop for your chickens? Read more details on the Wings Furniture website.

12. Multi-Section Pallet Chicken Coop by Faith and Feathers Farm

lofty diy pallet chicken coop
Faith and Feathers Farm makes one of the loftiest and roomiest chicken coops from pallets. They have more photos of their coop on Instagram – check them out!

Here is the ideal chicken coop pallet design for anyone who wants to breed chickens or rear them from chicks. The pallet coop gets split into three sections. It enables you to separate broody hens from the main flock without hassle. Something I want to be able to do with our mommy hens in the future!

Do you like the multi-section coop? Then be sure to follow Faith and Feathers Farm on Instagram! They also share more photos of their nifty DIY coop!

13. Pallet Fence Chicken Coop and Run by Easy Pallet Ideas

diy wooden pallet chicken coop
We love this pallet chicken coop for those with large, open backyards. It’s also perfect if you have several wooden pallets you’re not using. Easy Pallet Ideas reveals more details on their blog. And lots more!

To save time, effort, and material, incorporate your DIY pallet chicken coop plans into the chicken run’s fence. Using pallets as fencing is a great idea. Doing so provides shelter and privacy for the hens. Pallets are also much more robust and long-lasting than fencing wire and can be used to hang treats and toys for your hens to play with at their leisure.

Want more pallet ideas? Check out the pallet fence coop and more from Easy Pallet Ideas.

14. Walk-In Pallet Chicken Coop by Summer Acres

diy chicken coop from wooden pallets
A lot of work went into this pallet chicken coop. Notice the heavy-duty foundation. Also – Summer Acres shows how they constructed the chicken coop from scratch. We love the innovation, effort, and look!

Hands up! Who made their first chicken coop too small to clean out comfortably?! Yes, I am speaking from experience here, and in hindsight, a walk-in pallet chicken coop would have been a much better option. In this remarkable pallet chicken coop design, I love the ingenious way they have used planks from the back of each pallet to cover the front, enabling whole pallets to be used to make both the structure and the external walls.

Learn the back story of the walk-in pallet coop over on the Summer Acres website.

15. Pretty A-Frame Chicken Coop by Austin Veggie Garden

colorful red wooden pallet chicken coop
Here’s another excellent pallet chicken coop plan. Notice that it can catch rainwater. Smart! Check out the Austin Veggie Garden for more details about their coop. They also added a double-nesting box to keep the hens safe and cozy.

Here is a great portable little A-frame coop, perfect for two or three hens or a brood of chicks. I love the bright colors, which show that pallet wood does not have to be boring! The rainwater collection system is a clever addition, which will keep the coop dry while also harvesting precious water to keep your chooks hydrated.

Get more details about the a-frame chicken coop on the Austin Veggie Garden blog.

16. Shingle Clad Pallet Wood Chicken Coop by Bare Ground to Homestead

cedar wood pallet chicken coop
Bare Ground to Homestead on Instagram gets major bonus points for using scrap cedar wood to build this chicken coop. We love the coop’s creativity – and sustainability.

Many DIY pallet chicken coop plans start by ripping the pallet wood apart, which can be a time-consuming and tedious process. This beautiful coop uses whole pallets to make the frame! The frame then gets clad with leftover shingle ends to cover the gaps. Simple, cheap, and very effective!

Make sure to follow Bare Ground to Homestead on Instagram! They also share photos of the coop’s interior. It’s neat!

17. Giant Pallet Palace by The Homestead Survival

spacious chicken coop from wooden pallets
Here’s one of the best-looking ways to turn your pallet into a coop. The coop has plenty of space – and The Homestead Survival also shares a list of supplies if you want to create something similar. We like the design!

With the cost of wood and other raw materials increasing worldwide, building a large chicken coop can often be prohibitively expensive. But if you wish to expand your flock, this clever design shows how easy it is to knock up a sizeable chicken coop made from low-cost pallets! It would be an ideal coop for hotter climates, providing shade and ventilation during hot summer days.

Read more details about the giant pallet palace over on The Homestead Survival.

18. DIY Pallet Chicken Coop With Planter by Chicken Street

wooden pallet chicken coop with raised bed
This pallet chicken coop plan by Chicken Street wins for most economical. And efficient. And sustainable! Not only does it turn your pallets into a lovely chicken coop. But they also figured out a way to grow crops on top. Perfect!

Did you know that a green roof is a great way to keep your hens cool in the summer and warm in the winter? Soil is a perfect insulator, and putting a green roof on your chicken coop is a sure-fire way to keep them comfortable whatever the weather. You could even adapt this idea to upgrade your current chicken accommodation.

The raised garden bed on the chicken coop is perfect! Check out more details over on Chicken Street.

19. Western Themed Chicken Coop Street by Amos Farmstead

diy chicken coop with saloon
We praise Amos Farmstead for making the niftiest wood pallet chicken coop! Notice the adorable details. The chickens look happy too. Check them out on Instagram.

Chicken coops do not have to be plain and boring, even if all you are starting with is a pile of old pallets! The great thing about pallet wood is that it is cheap and versatile, and you can go to town with your creative flair. I love the quirky detail on this pallet-wood chicken coop street, complete with a saloon, general store, and even a jail! (Let us hope these feisty chooks can stay out of trouble!)

Follow Amos Farmstead on Instagram to see more photos of their adorable chicken coop! It’s one of our favorites!

20. Sturdy Insulated Weatherproof Chicken Coop by The Green Lever

rustic farm style chicken coop from pallets
Here’s another legendary pallet chicken coop by The Green Lever. You’ll notice the excellent handiwork that went into the design. Their blog details the chicken coop in much further detail – highly recommended.

Now, this is a chicken coop built to withstand some pretty extreme weather! The high level of attention to detail means that every step of the project has gotten clearly described and justified. The result is a chicken coop with a beautiful make and design that will likely last for decades.

The Green Lever makes one of our favorite coops! Read more about their sturdy chicken coop over on their blog.

21. Self Watering Chicken Coop House by Tony Stoddard

wooden pallet chicken coop with plumbing
Here’s one of the fanciest pallet chicken coop designs by Tony Stoddard on 1001 Pallets. We love the intricate detail, paint job, and polish. We haven’t seen many DIY coop plans with plumbing. So they get bonus points!

The clever guttering system on this compact pallet chicken coop is a great time-saving addition, cutting down on the number of trips needed to provide water to the hens. I think this would work well with a rainwater collection barrel too! The barrel would enable you to build up a store of water through the rainy season.

Read more about the self-watering chicken coop by Tony Stoddard over on 1,001 pallets.

22. Pallet Chicken Coop With Handy Nesting Boxes by Mason Dixon Acres

Pallet Chicken Coop Build | It
Mason Dixon Acres has one of the best DIY pallet chicken coop plans. We love the detail they shared in the video! We also love the spacious design. Perfect for larger flocks. And larger birds!

External nesting boxes are often overlooked in a DIY chicken coop project, as many homesteaders assume they are tricky to install. This detailed video shows every stage of the construction process, including how to make some nesting boxes that are professional-looking. No one will believe that you made them yourself!

Read More – Can Chickens Eat Alfalfa? Or Not?

23. Hi-Rise Chicken Coop by Heather McNulty

sturdy looking chicken coop diy
Heather McNulty on Instagram created one of the chicest DIY chicken coops we’ve seen. It looks sturdy, professional, and cozy. And it seems like it keeps the chickens safe! Check them out on Instagram.

This innovative design raises a standard chicken coop off the floor, creating a handy sheltered area underneath for your chooks. This chicken shelter area is ideal for hens that live in exposed conditions, allowing them to hide away from rain, sun, and airborne predators. The added height also makes collecting the eggs and cleaning the coop a much less laborious task – easy eggs for you!

Follow Heather McNulty on Instagram to see more chicken coop photos. They’re awesome!

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Building a DIY Pallet Chicken Coop – Everything You Need to Know!

Here is a quick whistlestop tour of things to remember when building a coop from pallets!

diy pallet chicken coop in rural backyard farm
If you’re a rancher or if you order heating pellets in the winter – wooden pallets stack up waste high! If you’re not using them? Let your chickens have them! A wooden chicken pallet won’t resemble a chicken and goat palace. But – DIY pallet chicken coops are the best way we’ve found to recycle wooden pallets. For sure!


I hope you have enjoyed our review of the best pallet chicken coop designs and ideas. I am already feeling inspired for our next coop building project – the deluxe maternity ward for our broody momma hens!

If you have more questions about DIY pallet chicken coop plans – or if you have fun chicken stories to share?

Please sound off in the comments below.

We love hearing from you – and discussing chicken pallet stuff with fellow homesteaders.

Thanks so much for reading.

Have a beautiful day!

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    1. Hi Mary! I’m so glad we could give you some ideas, and thank you so much for reading and leaving us some feedback! I actually am finishing up a raised coop (I’m a Tennessean and have to cope with rolling hills everywhere), and it was surprisingly easy. I highly recommend it, especially considering how much rainfall you all get!

      I hope you have a wonderful day and happy coop-building!

  2. I’m definitely sharing this with my Community, we will build a few of these designs. That’s Elle, awesome article.

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