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44 Free Chicken Coop Plans [Easy DIY Ideas You Can Actually Make!]

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Can’t find the best DIY chicken coop for your flock? Then read our epic list of 44 DIY chicken coop ideas and plans

We’re about to list some of the best DIY chicken coop plans regardless of your skill level or budget.

Before we reveal the best chicken coop plans – I want to share a brief story about my recent experience seeking the best chicken coop and some handy chicken coop resources I found along the way.

Backyard chicken coop in the vegetable garden.

We just downsized our chickens from a palatial yet rather drafty chicken coop that could accommodate over 50 chickens to a smaller, cozier version that’s more suitable for a flock of 13.

The piece de resistance is, without a doubt, the upcycled toilet seat that provides perfectly chicken-sized access to the nesting boxes throughout the day.

While I love our new chicken coop, our hens don’t seem quite as keen, spending much of the day hovering at the entrance rather than taking the plunge through the toilet seat!

Because of that and a couple of other design flaws that appear to be knocking egg production, I decided to look for ideas regarding how to upgrade my coop online.

I was astonished at the number and variety of chicken coop designs there are out there. From feather factories to chicken chapels, you can find a style to fit your homestead theme and your hen’s needs surprisingly easily.

After spending way too much time ogling these beautiful chicken house ideas, I finally managed to create a list of my top 44 all-time favorites. Many of these backyard chicken coops are – like ours, built from recycled materials and relatively easy to assemble.

I know that building even a simple chicken coop can seem overwhelming! But, with step-by-step plans and detailed materials lists available, constructing a simple chicken coop doesn’t have to be a daunting experience at all.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee or glass of wine, sit back, relax, and let me show you some of the most innovative chicken coop ideas for both urban and rural environments.

I’ll try to keep my descriptions brief. Otherwise, you’ll be on your fourth glass of wine by the time we’ve finished, which may give you the confidence to build a backyard coop, but not the wherewithal!

Sound good? Let’s begin!

What’s Inside:

DIY Chicken Coop Plans and Ideas

Scroll down for the full details and links for all our chicken coop plans and ideas!

1. Simple A-Frame Chicken Coop Plan by the How To Specialist

Here’s a stellar example of an A-frame chicken coop perfect for your backyard. How to Specialist also has excellent instructions on their blog – highly recommended for your flock!

An A-frame chicken coop is one of the easiest to build, and the most versatile. While this design lacks any real nesting boxes, the raised, covered platform provides a safe place for 2-3 chickens to shelter and lay.

This mobile coop comes with carrying handles so it’s easy to move around, making it ideal for a small garden or urban space. 

2. The Stationary Box Coop by Love To Know

I love the rustic style of this stationary box coop from the Love to Know blog. Epic work. It also looks easy enough to build without much material cost – nice!

When we moved onto our small-holding, various dilapidated wooden boxes were lying around the place and we built our first-ever chicken coop using one of them.

The finished product looked a lot like this one and provided a safe and sturdy shelter for our small flock of backyard chickens.  

3. The Hens In The Dog House Design by Mother Earth News

Upcycling old structures make constructing a chicken coop both easier and cheaper than starting from scratch. This design brings an old dog house back from the dead and converts it into a cozy hen house.  

4. Fairytale Chicken Coop Plan by Live Simply

Who else wants a beautiful, fully functional fairytale chicken coop for under $50 – without sacrificing comfort, luxury, or space? Check out this fun chicken coop tutorial on the Live Simply blog for more details.

This eye-catching chicken coop reminds me of the Gingerbread House in Grimm’s story of Hansel and Gretel. Fortunately, this coop isn’t edible, even though it looks good enough to eat, and costs less than $50 to complete.

5. The Pallet Palace by Jjamerb (With Tips From Backyard Chickens)

Want to spoil your flock with backyard luxury? Then behold! One of the niftiest (and chicest) pallet chicken coops on this list – brought to you by the fun and knowledgeable folks on the Backyard Chickens blog. 

This beautiful coop is based on an old woodshed design but can be built from scratch using wooden pallets and scrap lumber.

Designed to accommodate a large flock of 30 to 50 hens, this backyard chicken coop has an expansive outdoor run covered with deer wire to keep chickens safe from predators. 

6. Rustic Poultry House Blueprints! (10 x 12)

msstate free chicken coop plan diy

We found an epic poultry house design blueprint while browsing the Mississippi State University Extension’s blog.

You can find the original post here that points to the 10-foot by 12-foot poultry house blueprint PDF.

The chicken coop plan contains measurements, a list of materials, and blueprints. (Including blueprints for the feeder, watering jugs, roosting bars, doors, windows, and more.)

It’s not as fancy (or as colorful) as some of the other chicken coop plans. But – I love how precise and accurate the design blueprints are. I grade it with an A+ – it’s one of my favorites!

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7. The Ikea Home for Chicks by IKEA Hackers

Here’s a rustic DIY coop derived from an old Ikea bunk bed, storage unit, and bottle rack! The result is an easy-to-build chicken coop that keeps your hens safe and cozy.

This innovative design is made almost exclusively from upcycled furniture from Ikea.

Easier to construct than many of Ikea’s ready-to-assemble accessories, it uses a bunk bed for the frame, an old bottle rack for the steps up to the raised nesting boxes which are made from toy storage boxes.

8. The Backyard Chicken Coop by My Outdoor Plans

my outdoor plans chicken coop ideas
Chicken coops people have built using My Outdoor Plan’s plans.

With its window trim, hinged doors, and gable roof, this cute chicken coop is both functional and weather-resistant. The plans include 3D diagrams, detailed material lists, and extensive instructions.

9. The Shed Coop by Ana White

Check out this large and in charge chicken coop! Sky blue is one of my favorite colors, so this DIY coop design gets bonus points – along with a sturdy and secure-looking build. Excellent work! (Thanks to Whitney from Whitney’s Workshop and Ana White for documenting their work!)

The Ana White free chicken coop is based on a traditional design that includes an external nesting box and chicken-height doors for access. It has 34 square feet of floor space, making it suitable for a flock of eight standard-sized hens. 

10. Barn Style Chicken Coop Plans by Lady Goats

I think the Lady Goats create some of the niftiest furniture around – and this barn-style chicken coop is no exception! I love the agrarian design and also think this design makes an impressive impact in a small space.

This exquisite coop comes complete with a roof garden and integrated run. Based on the pricey Cedar Chicken Coop & Run with Planter from Williams Sonoma, it’s perfect for bantam breeds and backyard hens.

11. Palace Chicken Coop Plans by Steamy Kitchen

Steamy Kitchen provides ample breathing room for their flock with this vintage palace chicken coop idea! The coop also appears to offer loads of protection from predators – and comfort for the hens.

The unusual recipe from Steamy Kitchen involves combining DIY chicken coop plans with some barn wood and poop boards to create the perfect hen house. The full-size door and extra headspace make collecting eggs and treating sick chickens a breeze.

12. The Urban Coop by The Tangled Nest

I love the design, simplicity, and ingenuity of this laid-back yet stylishly urban chicken coop from The Tangled Nest. Heck – I even love the coop’s color scheme! It also looks spacious and comfy for the flock. Excellent job!

Although small, this coop is the perfect size for a small flock and includes ample outdoor space for chickens to scratch in. The materials cost around $300 and the design takes approximately two days to complete.

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13. A Simple Coop for 13 Hens by Home & Garden Plans

If you want detailed chicken coop blueprints, then look no further! These free chicken coop plans from the Home & Garden Plans blog have the exact specs you need so you can build a chicken coop with clarity and accuracy. Perfect if you’re a carpenter enthusiast – or pro.

This coop is designed to give a flock of three a spacious outdoor range as well as safe areas to nest and roost. The plans include detailed instructions on the entire building process, from the floor and walls to each nest box. Better still, you can get them for free! 

14. The Rustic Coop by Barn Geek

With its shingled roof and solid wood structure, this functional chicken coop is a virtual Fort Knox for your backyard hens. One side of the coop is dedicated to nesting boxes, while the other is designed to give the flock easy access to food and water.

15. The Choo Choo Coop by Steve (via Community Chickens)

All aboard! The choo choo coop! Next stop, the Community Chickens blog to learn more about this legendary chicken coop and how it came about to reality.

This beautiful design was created by a grandfather eager to impress his granddaughters.

It started life as an old wooden swing set but, with the addition of a few cattle panels and plywood boards, has been transformed into an inspirational chicken coop design. It even has an old stove pipe masquerading as the smoke stack!

16. The Birds With Badges Design by Benedetto Bufalino

I can’t believe this epic chicken coop design on the Design Boom blog. I love the custom wooden construction to help keep the door, hood, and hatch of the police car open. The chickens look comfy – and in command!

Not everyone has an old police car lying around but I know of quite a few homesteads with old vehicles on them, just waiting for a new lease of life.

At one point, we considered converting our old Land Rover into a chicken coop but then decided it would probably break down! It may not be mobile, but it is ideal for criminally heavy layers!

17. The Central Perch by Jennifer Schmus

Check out this fantastic perch chicken coop with a refreshing Spring-like color scheme! Creator Jennifer R. Schmus is a talented artist! Take a look at more of this coop’s design features on the Diply article because the font, colors, and artwork of this coop are worth seeing in closer detail!

This simple coop is the perfect space for a small flock of feathered friends to hang out and enjoy one another’s company.

Clearly designed by a fan of the TV show, Friends, this colorful coop is proof that you don’t need the most resources to create an epic home for your flock!

18. The Chicken Cube by Landscape + Urbanism

Here’s a chicken coop cube that came about after the blogger envisioned a backyard coop, grabbed their compound miter saw – and got to work! Read more on the Landscape & Urbanism blog.

The highlights of this modern coop design are its succulent eco-roof and simple design.

If you’re hoping to offset the cost of building it with the profit from your eggs, however, don’t hold your breath – “the payback time for this return-on-investment with current egg prices – 42 years.” 

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19. The Hen-Tertainment Centre by Ton Matton

Here’s an imaginative coop from the Country Living blog that made me look twice. I’m not sure what to think of this wild and abstract chicken coop idea! I think it could work if only the hens had a bit more room to flock and cluck, haha. But – for now, I’d give this idea a hard pass. Still, I’ve seen stranger things!

If you’re looking for a last-second indoor coop for your backyard chickens, converting an old entertainment center or kitchen cabinet could save you both time and money.

It sounds crazy, but in theory – it’s possible!

Designed for small flocks, this type of coop fits easily into an outdoor barn, though you might want to add a ramp or ladder so your hens have easier access.

20. The 3×7 Chicken Coop by Hen Class

free chicken coop plan by henclass
Image from Backyard Poultry

This coop’s odd design makes it versatile, predator-proof, and easy to clean while minimizing the amount of space required. The plans are easy to follow and simple enough for a beginner to execute.

21. The Custom Coop by HGTV

This custom DIY coop reminds me of a classic farm-style chicken coop that you’d find in the middle of the country! HGTV also gives detailed tutorials, instructions, blueprints, and diagrams so you can follow along and build it yourself. Excellent!

Despite looking like a commercially bought coop, this exquisite design is surprisingly simple to build. Step-by-step instructions are available for free, along with a complete cut list and a detailed materials list.

22. The Complete Coop by Modern Farmer

modern farmer how to build a chicken coop
Illustration by Susan Huyser, Image from Modern Farmer

The plans for this coop are so detailed they include in-depth explanations about how and where to hang your feeder and watering device and how to convert scrap lumber into a comfortable roosting bar.

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23. The Red Shed Chicken Barn by Unbound Roots

If you have a precious flock worthy of protecting – then you need a Minnesota-hardy chicken coop! That’s why this red shed chicken barn from Unbound Roots tops my list for my homesteading friends who want extra safety – or a solid place for their hens to feel safe and secure.

While a little complicated for someone who’s as DIY-challenged as me, this smart design is attractive, durable, and spacious, making it suitable for larger flocks and larger chickens!

24. The Feather Factory by LittleFeat

Here’s another feathery chicken coop gem from Backyard Chickens and Littlefeats. The coop’s creator considered aesthetics and security as two of their top chicken coop concerns. Congratulations – I think you’ve knocked both out of the park as this coop looks magnificent – and also seems tremendously secure.

This attractive coop wasn’t only designed to accommodate chickens, but also the opinions of the neighbors. It’s unobtrusive, well-ventilated, and spacious enough for five chickens, with extra space outside for foraging.

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25. The Southern Style Hen Haven by Fireguy56

Wait until you see this epic and legendary chicken haven complete with a water line and electricity. The Fireguy56 user on Backyard Chickens wins the chicken coop of the year award for 2021 – and then the next five years too. I hope the chickens are paying rent!

Suitable for a flock of 25 chickens, this rather palatial design uses a combination of plywood and fencing posts to create a spacious coop complete with nesting boxes and poop trays.

26 The Basic Box by The Garden Coop

Here’s a classic box chicken coop design from The Garden Coop. The best part is that you only need a few sheets of plywood, some roofing panels, some paint, and a few boards. No massive budget is required!

The Garden Coop specializes in designing accommodations for the urban chicken. This basic design is ideal for a small garden, requires just a few basic materials, and can be constructed by the chickens themselves.

Well, not quite, but it is easy!

The only downside is that the plans aren’t free but $20 seems a fair price for illustrated step-by-step instructions.

27. The West Wing Chicken Coop by Common Coops

Here’s an excellent sample of a wooden chicken coop from Common Coops. I also think that all chicken coops should come with guard dogs, as seen here!

If you’ve got a flock of boisterous, argumentative chickens, then you can’t go far wrong with this West Wing design. Although it looks elaborate and can accommodate a flock of 20 or more, it’s made primarily from pallet wood, making it surprisingly cost-effective.

28. The Zelda Chicken Coop Design by The Happy Chicken Coop

zelda large chicken coop plans
Zelda Plans by The Happy Chicken Coop

Another coop designed for larger flocks, this design requires a comprehensive knowledge of construction and intermediate woodworking skills.

Step-by-step instructions make the construction process easier than you might expect, however, so, if that glass of wine has you reaching for the skies, why not give it whirl?  

Recommended Book
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Your animals will be proud to call these home!

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29. The South City Coop by rpchris

I think that pastel greens are the most underrated shades for outdoor furniture, so I love this south city coop! This small coop also packs tons of style and utility for the flock – including an easy-access ramp.

A compact coop designed to run along the side of a building, this design is both functional and compact.

It’s not the cheapest design, however, with materials costing almost $500, but the finished product is cute enough to justify it, especially if you don’t have room for an off-the-shelf version.

30. The 8×8 Garden Shed Chicken Coop Design by Construct101

This spacious coop is designed for a larger flock and gives the chickens plenty of room, making it suitable for heavy breeds, like the Austrolope, as well as more popular backyard breeds like the Rhode Island.

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31. The Dailey’s Chicken Coop by Kassy68

Wow. Here’s a backyard or farm coop with loads of storage. Is this a chicken coop – or a palace fit for a king? I’m not sure – but I bet those chooks love their new chicken coop and don’t have any complaints!

This beautiful design looks good enough for human inhabitation with its full-size door and shingled roof.

It’s a comparatively complex design, however, so not one you’re likely to finish in a weekend. If you’ve got the time to invest, you’ll end up with a robust coop that will protect your flock against strong wind and other nasty weather conditions.

32. The Garden Ark by The Garden Coop

Feel stretched for real estate? Then here’s one of the most innovative chicken coop ideas on this entire list. This coop from The Garden Coop features tons of perks – but my favorite is the raised garden bed functionality. Turn your chicken coop into a multipurpose garden!

Another ingenious idea from the Garden Coop, this mobile chicken tractor can be moved around and has an open floor so your hens can fertilize and forage in different areas of your garden every day.

33. Upcycled Chicken Coop Plans by Rootsy

Depending on the availability of affordable building materials in your area, you could construct a spacious coop like this one for less than $100. That sum includes the hardware cloth that surrounds the chicken run and the framework of fencing poles. 

34. Trictle’s Chicken Cottage by Trictle

I can’t help but admire the relaxing pastel yellow of this dreamlike chicken cottage design by Trictle that I found on the Backyard Chickens blog. The main features I love (other than the brilliant color scheme) are the clean and simple design – and the coop also seems tremendously sturdy!

A compact yet cozy cottage for chickens, this design is too intricate to complete in a weekend but is worth the extra effort if you want to provide a warm environment for a flock of four without the need for supplemental heating during the winter.

35. Thunder Farm Hen House by Downeast Thunder Farm

Here’s another excellent farm chicken coop idea if you want detailed blueprints and specifications. This coop feels like the carpenter’s and woodworker’s dream – especially if you love spoiling your flock! Thanks to Downeast Thunder Farm for making these blueprints!

Built like Fort Knox with plenty of space to roam and scratch, this innovative design is big enough to keep a flock of eight chickens happy with its 32 square feet of indoor space and exterior nesting box. 

36. Rustic Log Cabin Design by Romadfox

Wow – this is easily one of the most classic and rustic chicken coop designs I’ve ever seen. I’m jealous! I love the log-cabin design – and I bet the chickens feel snug and secure when nestled within – excellent! Kudos to Romadfox and Backyard Chickens!

To complete this rustic design, you’ll need a budget of around $400 and a shopping list that includes plywood, roofing panels, a screen door kit, and chicken wire.

Simple to construct, this robust design makes the perfect coop for any thickly wooded homestead.

Read More – What’s the Best Height of a Chicken Fence?

37. The Crib Chicken Coop by Weed ‘Em and Reap

This economical crib chicken coop from Weed ‘Em & Reap offers plenty of inspiration if you need a budget chicken coop on the fly! You can snag more detailed photos, specs, and insights on their blog – highly recommended! 

This affordable design costs less than $50 to build and using an old baby’s crib. Although it won’t house a large flock, it’s a functional design for those with a smaller flock and who live in warm enough conditions for fresh-air poultry houses.

38. $50 Chicken Coop by Off Grid With Doug and Stacy

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39. My6Chicks’ Chicken Coop Design

Check out this breathtaking coop from Southern Maine! My6Chicks’ chicken coop looks spectacular and features removable roosts, electricity, and excellent ventilation. Check out the Backyard Chickens blog to read more details!

It’s the attention to detail that takes this simple box design to the next level.

It has electricity so your chickens can enjoy the luxury of a heated water feeder, and artificial lights during winter. You can also keep an eye on your flock via an infra-red motion detection camera.

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40. The Geodesic Dome Chicken House by Anthony Liekens

Here’s an example of a dome chicken coop that you don’t see every day! I think maybe you’d only encounter a chicken coop this unique in a dream – or another dimension. Either way, I think the chicken coop rocks – and I tip my hat to Anthony Liekens for a different coop idea!

If your chickens are a little bit out of this world, this sci-fi-inspired design is a perfect fit.

Unlike most geodesic dome designs, this clever design isn’t portable but will provide three to four chickens with the maximum amount of space while keeping them warm at night.

41. Quick and Easy Chicken Coop Plans by Grit

The big idea with this DIY hen house from Grit (Rural American Know-How) is sustainability. Use whatever resources you have wisely – and it’s sometimes possible to launch a chicken coop on the cheap!

This simple DIY chicken coop requires little more than some old pallets and a couple of durable storage boxes.

You don’t need detailed building plans to construct this design and even someone with limited DIY skills should be able to complete it in just a few hours.

42. The Kerr Center Chicken Tractor

Get ready for the perfect sample of a classic chicken tractor complete with nesting boxes, enclosed shelter, sunshade cloth, a ramp – plus a fully-fledged runner. Much respect to the Kerr Center for publishing a quality (and detailed) coop plan!

As robust as it is, this portable chicken coop can be moved around your small-holding, giving your chickens protection wherever they’re foraging.

Cheaper than many commercial coops that use a similar design, this coop is strong enough to withstand strong winds while giving your chickens adequate protection against predators.

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43. Lightweight Chicken Tractor Plans by The Adventure Bite

lightweight chicken tractor plans
By The Adventure Bite via Fresh Eggs Daily

Unlike the previous design, this mobile coop can be moved by a single person. Its curved roof is made out of a PVC frame with welded wire over the top.

A medium-weight tarpaulin provides shelter while the additional chicken mesh prevents the hens from popping their heads through the wire and presenting opportunistic predators with an all too easy snack.

44. The Wee Kirk Chicken Coop by Pastor Todd Leach

Here’s a classic coop from Backyard Chickens with oodles of running room for your flock. I love the churchlike design and how the chickens have plenty of room to stretch, scratch, run, and peck!

This elaborate chicken coop measures 10 square feet on the inside with a 35 square foot run. With six windows, it’s well-ventilated during the summer and has plexiglass sheets that can be slid across the windows to make it cozier during the winter months. 

45. The Chez Poulet

If you’re on a tight budget, this expensive coop design isn’t for you, but if you’re looking to create the dream coop for your flock, it’s worth the investment.

The plan itself will cost you just under $40 and the materials another $1,600 or so, but if that means happy chickens and easy access to eggs, it’s arguably worth it.

DIY Chicken Coop Building FAQs

Building a DIY chicken coop is overwhelming without guidance. But no worries! We have tons of chicken coop experience – and we’re eager to share our best insights.

We hope these DIY chicken coop FAQs help.

Can I Build My Own Chicken Coop?

Absolutely! You don’t need to be a master builder to build your own chicken coop. You can use materials you already have available, such as a garden shed, a cupboard, or even an old car! With our free chicken coop plans, it’s easy to build the perfect chicken coop.

How Do You Make a Simple Chicken Pen?

The simplest chicken pen to build is a wire hoop frame. We also have many other simple chicken pen plans and ideas available, including pallet chicken coops and chicken tractors. Another simple idea is to upcycle – use an old cupboard, car, boat, or anything else you have available!

How Many Chickens Will a 4×8 Coop Hold?

A 4×8 chicken coop will hold a maximum of 8 chickens. The required size of your coop depends on whether your chickens are confined to the coop at all times, or whether they are given time to free-range as well.

Can Chickens Stay In the Coop All Day?

Yes, chickens can stay in the coop all day. Although they prefer adequate free-ranging time every day, if you provide clean water, food, and a clean coop, you can leave them confined.

How Many Chickens Can I Put In a 4×4 Coop?

A 4×4 coop is quite small, so you can’t put too many chickens in there. We recommend a maximum of 4-6 chickens for a 4×4 coop.

Which DIY Chicken Coop Plans Are Your Favorite?

Although commercial chicken coops are often affordable, few are as robust or versatile as the DIY designs listed here.

Whether you need to provide accommodation for a large flock of heavy layers or a snug place for 2-3 chickens, one of the designs listed here should meet your needs.

While some of these coop designs include detailed plans and material lists, others are more open to interpretation so you can use your imagination and innovation to create a unique home for your backyard hens.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a degree in construction, or can barely maintain the hand-eye coordination required to hammer in a nail – you can still create a palatial home for your chickens.

Failing that, you can at least manage to construct a functional coop that will keep your egg production steady and any pesky predators at bay.

It’s probably best to wait until the effects of that glass of wine to wear off before you pick up any power tools, though!

We tried to assemble a massive list of DIY chicken coop plans, so you had endless options.

Let us know which DIY hen house plan you like the best?

Or maybe you have some funny chicken coop stories to share? We love to hear them!

Thank you so much for reading!

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