14 Pretty Whiskey Barrel Planter Ideas [+ How to Plant!]

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Check out these whiskey barrel planter ideas! Whiskey barrel planters are a fun and easy way to create a splash of color and greenery around your yard. And homestead! 

Whether you’re looking for a quick solution to create instant planters or have a load of old barrels around ready to repurpose, we’ve got some breathtaking whiskey barrel planter ideas that you won’t believe.

Before we share the best whiskey barrel planters we found, let’s talk about how to stuff your whiskey barrel planter with beautiful herbs, flowers, and veggies. And – which options we like best.

Sound good?

diy wooden whiskey barrel planter with conifer tree
Lush evergreen conifer nestled inside a whiskey barrel planter. You can also see ageratum flowers growing alongside the whiskey barrel garden.

What to Plant In Whiskey Barrel Planters?

Regarding what to plant in a whiskey barrel planter? You can get spoilt for choice! You can go for a vivid splash of summer color or opt for a lovely array of plants with a native theme.

Ideas for Your Whiskey Barrel Planter

  • Colorful flowers
  • Native plants
  • Herbs
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers

Consider whether you want year-round growth and flowers. Or if your planter will become a seasonal display. Deciding the ideal use of your whiskey barrel planter will also tie into your local climate. If you choose perennial plants, you will need to ensure they can survive cold winter weather and hot, dry summers.

diy wine barrel planter on side
We love this sideways wine barrel idea! It’s a unique twist on a wine barrel planter. We think growing your flowers in such a fashion would offer benefits over a vertical whiskey planter idea. First – it has tons of real estate. You can cultivate lots of plants this way! We also think wine barrel planters are perfect for growing savory herbs. We read one article where the author has excellent luck growing thyme in whiskey barrels. We think whiskey barrels could also host a stunning variety of other herbs. Yummy garden treats for everybody!

Or perhaps you want your whiskey barrel planter to be productive? As well as beautiful? There is no reason why you can’t fill it full of herbs, fruiting bushes, or even vegetables. 

Adding flowers (or herbs and veggies) to your whiskey barrel planters can be a great way to bring color and interest into your yard. And it can serve ready-to-harvest ingredients right by your kitchen door.

Whiskey Barrel Planter Flower Ideas

Flowers are a beautiful way to bring color into your life! And they attract beneficial insects to pollinate your beloved vegetables. If you’re a homesteader, it is easy to get hung up on the productive things in life, but there is always time to plant a few flowers too!

So – we searched to find the best whiskey barrel planter ideas. With loads of flowers!

We found some perfect for all climates. And all styles.

Here are our favorites.

Rustic Barrel With Marigold and Companions

This beautiful rustic barrel resides at the Old Train Depot in Livingston, Montana. What a delightful welcome! Create a similar statement with your own explosion of color – and don’t forget the marigolds!

Fall Color Container Planting Scheme by North Coast Gardening

vibrant whiskey barrel planter with spiny grass
The colors burst out of this whiskey barrel planter like a flower-laden meadow! We love the spiny grass accented with lovely pastel-orange impatiens. Credit goes to North Coast Gardening for a splendid whiskey barrel planter idea.

A gorgeous combination of red, orange, and purple offers a vivid and eye-catching display!

Multicolor Summer Floral Display by Gilded Bloom

colorful wine barrel flower planter
Here’s a breathtaking wine barrel planter idea from the Gilded Bloom blog. We love the wide variety of colors packed into such a tiny package. Check out their blog for more flower planter ideas!

This wine barrel planter wins bonus points for the most different colors. And we love all the textures squeezed into the wine barrel!

Daffodil Explosion

daffodils in whiskey barrel planter

Create an explosion of color in your barrel planter with annual bulbs like these stunning daffodils!

Spilled Flower Barrel by Southern Patio

beautiful whiskey barrel planter spilled design
Here’s one of our favorite whiskey barrel gardens we had to share! It’s a spill-over design with plenty of mulch. And colorful flowers! Check out Southern Patio’s blog for an excellent spilled whiskey barrel planter tutorial. They have plenty of photos. And instructions!

I love this quirky take on the whiskey barrel planter idea, which has the bonus of being easier to maintain too.

Pink and Purple Tulips In a Barrel

I love this whiskey barrel planter with pink and purple tulips and white daffodils!

Gorgeous Impatiens Flowers

aging wine barrel planter with crimson impatiens
Whiskey planter ideas aren’t your only option. Authentic oak wine barrels also make excellent barrel planters! If your backyard has bad soil – no worries. You can augment your whiskey barrel planter with plenty of fresh garden compost. This wine planter got stuffed with beautiful red impatiens flowers. Impatiens are perfect for adding a vibrant array of colors to your backyard. They’re not only red! Impatiens flowers are multicolored! You can find them in lavender blue, violet, orange, white, and pink.

Ultra Color

An incredibly colorful whiskey barrel planter idea! I particularly love the idea of planting some cascading plants along the borders so they spill over the sides.

Whiskey Barrel Planter Ideas for Full Sun

In the full sun – you’ll need to use plants that cope with lower water amounts. And extreme heat! Here are some of my favorite choices. They’re perfect if your whiskey barrel sits in a spot smothered with warm sunlight.

Succulent Filled Planter by Succaholic Mum

You don’t get much more low maintenance than succulents, which can survive hot summers with minimal water. I love the contrasting colors and textures achieved with different succulent plants.

Strawberry Barrel Planter by Laura’s Garden

Many people struggle to grow strawberries. But putting them in a barrel in full sun is a surefire way to get an abundant crop.

Whiskey Barrel Planter Ideas for Shady Gardens

Shady garden spots can be tricky, but using a planter gives you many more options on how best to brighten up a dark corner.

Barrel Wildlife Pond by Gardening for Wildlife

How to Make a Wildlife Barrel Pond

Take advantage of a shady spot in your garden by transforming your barrel into this adorable pond. Your local wildlife will thank you for it!

Whiskey Barrel Planter with Fairy Lights by HaxMan

Hanging String Lights Around My Fire Pit! I Used Whiskey Barrel Planters

I love this creative way to bring light into your garden! A shady spot can transform into a sparkling grove with the clever use of barrel planters and fairy lights.

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Whiskey Barrel Vegetable Planter Ideas

I love the idea that a whiskey barrel planter can be productive. And beautiful! Many fast-growing crops will grow well in containers with perennial plants and herbs.

Vegetable Garden Planter by Sagebrook Farms

This jam-packed barrel is an excellent example of how a diverse range of vegetables can grow happily together.

Barrel Planter Herb Garden by Cedar Grove Lodge

It is so handy to have your kitchen herbs as close as possible to your house, and a barrel herb planter by your door makes a really pretty feature too.

Whiskey Barrel Planter Growing Guide

Now we’ve filled your head with inspiration with some fantastic whiskey barrel planter ideas, let’s take a look at the practicalities of creating a fabulous floral display!

whiskey barrel planter with dahlia and petunia flowers
We love these whiskey barrel ideas for ample soil space. And epic backyard beauty! Here you see a lovely whiskey barrel planter idea with dahlias and petunias. The billowing blooms and colorful flowers love the direct sunlight. They add instant curb appeal to any outdoor space. Whiskey and authentic oak wine barrels also add a rustic charm that plastic or clay pots can’t match.
whiskey barrel planter stuffed with colorful heucheras
Here’s a gorgeous wine barrel bed with lovely heucheras. They add beautiful fall colors. Notice how the top of the wine barrel doesn’t look watertight. But – the bottom of the barrel seems snugger. We’ve seen plenty of wine barrels expand when exposed to water over time. We always advise creating small drain holes in your authentic whiskey barrel planter! Otherwise – your plants may get waterlogged – even if your whiskey barrel is many feet deep!
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Whiskey barrel planters are one of the best ways to dress up your backyard.

And – you can fill them with an endless array of flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

It’s tricky to know where to start! Why not have a few whiskey barrel planters?

That way – you can grow plenty of flowers, herbs, and snacks for yourself and your friends. And then choosing what to plant inside isn’t so difficult!

What about you?

Which whiskey barrel planters sound (and look) the best?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading.

And – have a great day!

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