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300000 BTU Propane Burner – Biggest & Baddest High Pressure Burners

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It’s hard to find a high pressure propane burner with a decent BTU output, which is why I’ve found the best 300000 BTU propane burner. Well, the burners with the highest output, anyway. They’re not all 300000 BTU, but they are all high BTU. 

When summer rolls around, there’s really nothing better than cooking outdoors, and for me, nothing beats a propane burner. They’re simple to use, take no time to set up, and you won’t have to deal with all that mess created by a charcoal grill.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the biggest and baddest high pressure 300000 BTU propane burners.  

Best 300000 BTU Propane Burners: Top 7

Product Image Product Name / Primary Rating / Price Primary Button / Pros
Our Winner
    • Two individually adjustable cooking areas
    • Has a combined output of 380000 BTU
    • Has an adjustable air control panel
Our Winner
  • Very large cooking surface
  • Easy setup
  • Rapid boiling
  • Two individually adjustable cooking areas
  • Has a combined output of 380000 BTU
  • Has an adjustable air control panel
04/17/2024 12:00 am GMT

Aside from the winners, here’s a comprehensive list of burners we’ll be comparing and reviewing today, each of which has a different, but still high, BTU and unique features:

  1. Bayou Classic SP2 Double Jet Cooker with Hose Guard. Extremely powerful dual burner, boils a 100-quart pot of water in 5-10 minutes.
  2. GasOne Two Burner. Propane Double Burner. 380000 BTU, spread over two burners which create two separate cooking areas. 
  3. GasOne 200,000 BTU B-5450. The sturdy frame can support a huge amount of weight. Pre-installed adjustable regulator included.
  4. Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker. Full wrap-around wind protection screen and 210000 BTU output.
  5. Concord 16″ Banjo Single Burner Stove. Supports 400 lb with 200000 BTU output. Cheap, and perfect for those on a budget.
  6. GYMAX Outdoor Stove, 3-Burner, High Pressure Burner. Three individual burners with 225000 BTU output. Cook up a storm on the Gymax!
  7. ROVSUN Outdoor Propane Burner. 200000 BTU gas cooker with stand and adjustable regulator. Heavy duty cast iron design.

How to Choose a Propane Burner

propane burner with blue flame
Not all burners are built equally, even if they all claim to be 300000 BTU.

So, before we get onto the best 300000 BTU burners, let’s think about what makes a good burner first. Below, we’ll cover the most important things you need to know. 

What Does “BTU” Mean and How Important Is It? 

If you’re looking for a 300000 BTU propane burner, you’re probably under the impression that more BTUs are better, and you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong.

BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is a measurement used most commonly in the U.S. – ironic, right? It’s a standard unit of energy that represents the amount of thermal energy – or “heat energy” – needed to increase the temperature in a pound of water by one degree of temperature. 

So, your BTU represents the potential heat output from all burners on your grill per hour. But the companies manufacturing these burners won’t necessarily tell you that the figure advertised in big, bold text is probably not the full story. If your burner features two or even three cooking rings, then they’ve probably combined them together to give you that figure. 

In a nutshell, check the fine print. Once you dive into the product descriptions and technical breakdowns, that’s where you’ll find the asterisk that admits you’re looking at a cumulative number. 

Size of the High Pressure Burner

When I say size, I’m talking about the dimensions – the height and width of the burner. The biggest models with the most sturdy, lengthy legs are best for chefs cooking huge batches at once. You know, when you’re preparing to feed a small army at an outdoor gathering.

The smaller, more maneuverable cookers are just fine for camping or feeding a small family out in the yard. 

Number of Burners

Most propane cookers tend to have one or two burners, though as you’ll see when you read further, some have three (or even more!). The most common models are, by far, those that have a single burner, just like our top pick below. 

If you want to be cooking more than one dish at once, then you’re going to need a bigger unit. If you do choose a two or three burner stove, pay attention to the design and the feasibility of squeezing a single, large pot onto both burners at once. 

Heating Power

We already discussed BTUs above, but we didn’t ask the question of how many BTUs you need exactly. Well, as we mentioned above, BTU refers to the time taken to increase the temperature in a pound of water by a single degree.

If you’re cooking in huge pots, then the more BTUs you have, the faster your water will boil. For the most powerful burners on this list, that can be as little as a few minutes – the time it takes to go and grab your ingredients from the fridge

Best 300000 BTU Burners Reviewed

So, now that we’ve given the best burners a brief introduction, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details and talk about the pros and cons of each one.

Bayou Classic SP2 Double Jet Cooker with Hose Guard Review

If you’re looking for a true 300000 BTU propane burner, then this is one of the most powerful beasts around. You can have a 100 quart pot boiling in as little as five to ten minutes thanks to the extremely powerful dual burners mounted underneath.

And it won’t take much longer to put together, either. With the right tools, you can be cooking in just a few minutes. 

There’s a huge 18-inch diameter surface for your biggest pots, and that’s mounted on an 11.5-inch frame that’s made from stainless steel.

Now, I have two issues with the frame, though they’re not deal-breakers, nor do they offset my positive opinion of the Bayou Classic SP2.

The first is in the height of the legs. I’m a 6-foot-4-inch tall guy, so the pot ends up sitting quite low to the ground for me. 

Secondly, the first time you fire this up, you’ll notice the distortion and bubbling around the paintwork. Don’t worry, it’s normal, though I think they should’ve kept plain stainless steel to avoid the initial panic of, “Oh God, the entire thing is on fire!”

My only other minor niggle is that, as a double-jet model, this thing burns through propane very quickly. 

Pros of the Bayou Classic SP2

  • Very large cooking surface fits your biggest pots; 
  • Just a few minutes’ DIY with pliers and a wrench will see this high pressure burner built; 
  • Huge pots boil in a fraction of the time compared to smaller burners. 

Cons of the Bayou Classic SP2

  • The legs could be taller; 
  • Eats through propane rapidly; 
  • Paintwork suffers when being used. 

GasOne B-5452 Propane Double Burner Review

In researching the best 300000 BTU propane burner, I quickly realized something that I think is relevant to all product manufacturers. Companies will do pretty much anything to sell their stuff.

So, while this high pressure burner claims to be “the most powerful burner on the market,” GasOne is using a tried and tested trick. Sure, the propane burner can achieve 380000 BTU, which is the most powerful I’ve found, but it does so by combining the BTU of both burners

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t fit a huge pot or griddle across both burners simultaneously – you absolutely can. Just be careful you don’t end up with a huge pot of boiling water falling toward you and your guests. You’ll have to balance it across both burners pretty carefully.

Also, using those higher outputs for a long time can result in a frozen propane tank, and that’s one way to tank an outdoor BBQ or party pretty quickly. 

However, the beauty of this high pressure burner is in having two separate cooking areas. You can have crabs or langoustines boiling away in a pot while you fry burgers on a griddle using the other burner.

The 190,000 BTU rating of each individual ring makes them as powerful alone as many of the other competing burners on the market. 

Pros of the GasOne Double Propane Burner

  • Two individually adjustable cooking areas; 
  • Has a combined output of 380000 BTU; 
  • The adjustable air control panel lets you decide how much oxygen to feed the flames. 

Cons of the GasOne Double Propane Burner

  • Boiling a single, larger pot can be more difficult; 
  • Prolonged use on high outputs can freeze your propane tank. 

GasOne 200,000 BTU B-5450 Propane Burner Review

This propane burner from GasOne isn’t all that dissimilar to the double burner B-5452.

Visually, I’d say it looks like somebody got tired of having the double burner and snapped it in half. It has the same sturdy, stainless steel frame with the same braided steel hose. The main difference, of course, is that there’s a single 200000 BTU propane burner instead of two burners putting out 190000 BTU each. 

Now, when I say that the frame is sturdy, you can easily whack a huge 100 quart pot on there, and it won’t buckle.

The 200,000 BTU burner is connected to pre-installed steel braided hosing, with a regulator already attached and ready to receive your propane tank.

With that adjustable heat control, you’ll be able to use the burner for small tasks, like cooking meat for the family, or larger tasks that require more cooking power. 

You’ll likely want your pot to be at least 12-inches in diameter; anything less, and you’ll get much less efficiency out of your fuel and burner. Also, watch out for loose threading when attaching the hose to the burner. One customer found that it remains partially visible once completely screwed in.

The only other niggle to speak of is that pesky paint problem that affected one of my top models; no paint can withstand 200000 BTUs, so you’ll have to live with bubbling paint on your first use. 

Pros of the GasOne 200000 BTU Propane Burner

  • Sturdy frame can support a huge amount of weight; 
  • Pre-installed, adjustable regulator for safety; 
  • Durable steel braided hose included with burner. 

Cons of the GasOne 200000 BTU Propane Burner

  • Not efficient with smaller pots; 
  • Paintwork suffers and burns on first-time use; 
  • Construction quality is a little flaky compared to the double burner. 

Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker Review

In terms of doing what it does best – cooking – the Bayou Classic KAB4 doesn’t disappoint. I struggled to find any negative experiences relating to this burner, and it can crank out 210000 BTUs without breaking a sweat.

The single burner is large and sturdy enough for pots up to 100 quarts. However, like the burner we covered above, you’ll need a pot with a minimum diameter of around 14-inches to use it most effectively. 

One of my favorite things about the Bayou Classic is the 360-degree wind protection, a sheet of metal that wraps fully around the burner itself, protecting the flame from wind. Having a wind kill your flame is one of the most annoying things about cooking outdoors, so I’m surprised this feature isn’t present in more models. 

In terms of negatives, I noticed a lot of noise online about the craftsmanship of the product. This shows through in the first-time setup, which can be slightly fiddly and resistant.

Quite a few customers have also commented on design flaws; for example, originally, the burner ring placement was too far from the pot to adequately heat up pots of a certain size when running on a slow flame. 

But the company does seem open to feedback, and this is one of the issues they’ve already rectified by modifying the design. When a company is open to feedback, sufficiently so that they will modify their product entirely, that always scores some brownie points in my book. 

Pros of the Bayou KAB4 High Pressure Burner

  • Features full wrap-around wind protection; 
  • The company seems dedicated to listening to customer feedback; 
  • Supports pots of up to 100-quart capacity, with a minimum 14-inch diameter.  

Cons of the Bayou KAB4 High Pressure Burner

  • Loose shutoff valve can be a nuisance; 
  • Some difficulty with first-time setup; 
  • Craftsmanship appears to be an issue for many reviewers.

Concord 16″ Banjo Single Propane Burner Review

If you’re looking for “cheap and powerful,” then this high BTU propane burner could be perfect for you.

I’ve checked out several retailers, and it seems this model can be reliably purchased for below $100 – perfect for those on a budget who want to try big cookouts in the yard.

It even includes all the tools you’ll need to get it set up out of the box. 

That said, I’ll be honest. It is bulky, even for a single burner. It doesn’t break down or fold over for easy storage, so make sure you have a nice, dry spot reserved in your garage.

The other major complaint I noticed from buyers who have invested in this propane burner is that the instructions for assembly are unclear. They’re just a picture! One buyer had trouble working out in which directions the screws should be fitted, so just prepare yourself for a little head-scratching when you’re unpacking this propane burner. 

While I’m beginning to feel like a broken record here, it has to be said: the paint will peel away the first time you fire this up.

At this point, I’m inclined to say you should run any burner for half an hour before you intend on using it. This should give it time to burn away any excess paint that will peel without you having to unleash noxious fumes on your guests. 

Pros of the Concord Banjo Propane Burner

  • Generally runs below the $100 mark; 
  • It comes with all the hardware and tools you need for assembly. 

Cons of the Concord Banjo Propane Burner

  • It doesn’t break down for storage; 
  • Instructions can be a tad unclear; 
  • Paintwork peels away on first-time use. 

Honorable Mentions: Best 300000 BTU Propane Burners

So, I’ve been dabbling in the outdoor DIY scene for quite some time, yet I’ve never had so much trouble collating the best products for a particular niche.

When it came to propane burners, I’ve searched far and wide and have come to one conclusion: 300000 BTU burners are just a rarity! While the high BTU burners I’ve listed above are 5 of the best burners I could find, here are a couple more that just fell short of the list. 

ROVSUN Outdoor Propane Burner Review

The ROVSUN 200000 BTU propane burner is very similar in design to the GasOne 200,000 BTU B-5450. It features the same heavy-duty, stainless steel frame with a single burner.

However, it can be a little more difficult to source. I tried several retailers, though it was often out of stock or unavailable. But if you can get your hands on one of these rather than the GasOne B-5450, you might save a few bucks for a model that is essentially the same. 

GYMAX 3-Burner Outdoor Stove Review

This 225000 BTU burner from GYMAX is pretty different from the others I’ve listed here.

Three individual burners mean that you can prepare an entire BBQ for your party without having to swap dishes in and out.

However, GYMAX is most certainly making use of that sneaky trick that I discussed above. The 225000 BTU rating is achieved by combining the burners together. In reality, you’ll have to divide that figure by 3 to see the true BTU achieved by each individual burner. 

Finding the Best High Pressure Burner

I’m constantly adding new tools to my outdoor gear arsenal, so the last thing I want to do is buy a dud. That’s why I always take the same approach to determine the best products for a particular category. An approach that cuts out any of those fake, annoying lists that try to sway you into buying something that turns out to be no good. 

I start by scouring the internet for any existing reviews on the kind of product I’m looking for – in this case, the best 300000 BTU propane burner. Then, I throw all the results published by those reviews into a huge spreadsheet.

In this case, the spreadsheet isn’t so “huge” because 300000 BTU propane burners are essentially the pot of gold you find at the end of a rainbow

Once I have all this data, I work out which products have been consistently voted at the top, as well as the overall “score” they’ve achieved (based on the number they were given out of 5 or 10 in their ranking). By combining all this data together, you can pretty quickly figure out which products are at the top of their game and which ones are being pushed purely to make a few bucks in advertising revenue. 

The process was a little different this time, as I’ve already mentioned how rare these powerful, high BTU burners are. I spent more time scouring for the most beastly burners, which is why I found a bunch of models that weren’t named on “Best Of’” lists but still performed well against customer reviews and under my own experimentation with them. 

The Winner – Best 300000 BTU Propane Burner

For me, the clear winner here is the Bayou Classic SP2 Double Jet Cooker with Hose Guard.

It doesn’t resort to clever wordplay to hit those huge numbers; a single burner packs more power than every other burner I’ve seen. Sure, the temperature can be hard to control at the highest output settings, but you’ll never struggle to boil your biggest pot again. 

Our winner:

Bayou Classic SP2 Double Jet Cooker with Hose Guard

Double jet cooker with hose guard

18-Inch diameter cooking surface

High pressure regulator with brass control valve

210k BTU

PAID LINK - We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/17/2024 12:00 am GMT

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  1. Great review. Was a little surprised the GasOne B-5350 270,000 btu burner did not make the list as it is a little stronger burner than the B-5450 burner which was reviewed. Thanks

  2. If your looking for BTU a vapor burner will not get it,you need a liquid propane burner and a dip tube to pull liquid propane from the tank

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