14+ Cinder Block Fire Pit Ideas and Fire Pit Design Tips!

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We all know that summer evenings are the epitome of being alive! So now that summer is just around the corner here in Australia, we can’t resist the idea of friends, a couple of beers, and delicious steaks grilled over an open fire!

Building a DIY cinder block fire pit is a quick and easy project that you won’t regret taking on this summer.

Cinder blocks are inexpensive, easy-to-use building materials great for fire pits. Your initial decision is choosing between a temporary or permanent cinder blocks fire pit. After that, you can gather your supplies and start construction.

Here’s how to start!

First, remove 4 to 6 inches of soil. Then, adjust each with the holes facing skyward, ensuring that the corners of the blocks touch and seal with mortar.

We’ve also been exploring the Internet for some easy, low-costing, fire pit ideas and tutorials made from cinder blocks, so you don’t have to research by yourself. Let’s work together, shall we?

These simple DIY projects will make a great addition to your backyard!

Can You Use Cinder Blocks to Make a Fire Pit?

backyard fire pit with cinder blocks finishing touches
Cinder blocks make for the perfect foundation for any backyard fire pit. The best part is that cinder blocks are so versatile! In this guide – we’ll reveal over 14+ backyard fire pit ideas.


Cinder block is an inexpensive building material great for fire pits. You can quickly build permanent or temporary cinder block fire pits and in any style you prefer.

A cinder block fire pit will effortlessly transform your summer garden into a majestic hangout – or hideaway! A fireplace also creates a warm, welcoming, and relaxing atmosphere that will relieve your stress after a long day.

However, when choosing your perfect outdoor fireplace, the options are endless, and choosing your ideal style becomes an arduous task! Perhaps, this is why many homesteaders are turning to the most straightforward, budget-friendly, DIY cinder block pit ideas.

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So, you’ve decided on a spot. Start with ensuring that you purchase fireproof cinder blocks.

If you are using old cinder blocks at your disposal, make sure they are porous and lightweight. Porous cinder blocks allow steam to vent; if the cinder blocks aren’t porous, they could potentially explode.

Next is to choose whether you’d prefer a temporary or permanent fire pit design. (More on this idea in a moment!)

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Pros and Cons of Cinder Block Fire Pits

Like any other material, cinder blocks have pros and cons to consider when deciding whether you’re interested in a cinder block fire pit or not.



  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to work with
  • Widely available
  • Blocks are sizeable and, therefore, easy to assemble
  • Cinder blocks are not fire-rated (only fire-resistant).
  • Cinder blocks are not as aesthetical as other landscaping stones or bricks.
  • Building a neatly rounded fire pit can be somewhat challenging (although not impossible).
Building cinder block fire pits is also a ton of fun and a great way to express your creativity!

How to Make a Fire Pit From Cinder Blocks – Step by Step

Building your cinder block fire pit might lead to a quick trip to the store and some afternoon physical work. But, don’t fret! By the end of the week, you’ll be able to invite your friends over for a get-together around the new fireplace!

Purchase the following materials to make a cinder block fire pit:

  • Cinder blocks
  • Sand or gravel
  • Shovel
  • Rake

Step 1: Decide Where You Want To Build Your Cinder Block Fire Pit

cinder block fire pit front yard
Your front or backyard is the perfect place for your cinder block fire pit! But, make sure that you follow backyard fire tips from the EPA and ensure that it’s legal in your area.

The very first step is to learn if fire pits are legal in your community and if you need permits or inspections. If you’re not sure, take a trip down to your municipal office of local fire departments to find out these answers. Or, call them!

Then, before we can get started, decide where you’d like your fire pit and define its place. For example, some prefer a fire pit near the housegarden corners, or a focal point in the center of their patio area.

Consider the shape and size of the fire pit you’re envisioning and ensure the selected spot is at least 20 feet away from shrubs, trees, sheds, garages, or your home.

Also, look above the potential fireplace location and ensure that there aren’t any overhanging trees that can catch fire (sparks easily ignite dry foliage).

Step 2: Decide Whether You Want a Permanent or Temporary Cinder Block Fire Pit

cinder block pit fire cemented
If you decide upon a permanent fire pit location, it’s possible to seal parts of your fire pit using cement. However, I prefer to leave the cinder blocks uncemented to help increase circulation. It also lets me move the bricks if I decide to later!

temporary design is the simplest of the two. It will take approximately one hour to pack your cinder blocks in a ring (adjust each so that the corners of the blocks touch).

It’s best to remove around 4 to 6 inches of soil before arranging your cinder blocks. Ensure that the holes in the cinder blocks face skywards.

If you’d like, you can turn one cinder block every three feet to create a draw hole, allowing airflow.

If you prefer a permanent design, you’ll have to be slightly more patient and take on a couple of additional steps to ensure that the fire pit lasts long.

  • Dig out 4 to 6 inches of soil.
  • Fill the center of your new fire pit with sand or gravel (to prevent accidental fires).
  • Lay your first row of cinder blocks below the ground.
  • Add extra layers of cinder blocks until you reach your desired height.
  • Position your cinder blocks in a way that they straddle the seams between the cinder blocks in the row below.
  • Use mortar to seal the blocks together.
  • Allow the mortar to cure for about a week before using your fire pit.

If you’re still not sure about the best size for your cinder block fire pit, here’s my best tip!

three-foot-diameter circle comfortably accommodates three to four people. Add an extra foot for each additional person!

Step 3: Add Finishing Touches to Your Cinder Block Fire Pit

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That's one reason I'm a big fan of these fire pit heat shields. They're perfect for protecting surfaces and property against heat damage - especially if you love to keep your fire pit burning as much as I do - nearly nonstop!

They protect up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. The mat also absorbs up to 90% of the fire's heat and will remain close to body temperature. Perfect!

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Consider finishing your cinder block fire pit off with a coping of flat finish of concrete blocks or use bricks, tiles, and pretty stones to achieve an attractive finish.

Add a grill and bring those outdoor benches closer- you’re ready to enjoy your backyard fire pit!

Cheap and Easy Fire Pit Instruction

Cheap and Easy DIY Square Fire Pit - 11
Here’s a cheap and easy DIY cinder block fire pit tutorial so you can follow along and build one from scratch!

Cinder Block Fire Pit Ideas

There are endless designs and styles for DIY cinder block fire pits that are relatively easy to build. However, it’s essential to choose the right design for you – one that fits your style and space availability.

Here are some ideas on cinder block fire pits to consider choosing from:

Simplistic Circle Cinder Block Fire Pit

cinder block fire pit 01
I admire this simple yet elegant design from Home Talk. I noticed the stone gravel floor and spacious fire pit interior so you can chuck logs, sticks, and dried cordwood into the fire without the fuss. Nice!

You can create a temporary cinder block fire pit by purchasing a package containing instructions on building a cinder block fire pit. Circular cinder block fire pits are prevalent thanks to their simplicity and practicality.

Cinder Block Fire Pit With a Chimney

A cinder block fire pit with a chimney will resemble an indoor fireplace, allowing the smoke to flow through the chimney’s vent.

Incorporating the chimney may take some extra work, but the elegance of the fireplace and convenience of less smoke blowing around will most definitely be worth it!

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Backyard Cinder Block Fire Pit With Cinder Block Benches

cinder block fire pit and benches
I love this epic fire pit idea from Outdoor Ideas. One of the worst feelings is when you’re hosting several friends – and then you realize you have inadequate seating. As you can see, these thoughtful fire pit developers think ahead! 🙂

If looking to get even more creative, build a backyard fire pit from cinder blocks – and add complimenting cinder block benches! The cozy fire pit and comfy benches are sure to lighten your mood after a long week at the office.

A Rounded Cinder Block Fire Pit On A Gravel Pad

Round fire pits are elegant and trendy choices due to their natural comforting sense to gather people around. However, instead of building your fire pit on the soil, consider making it on a gravel pad, and provide some comfortable space for sitting down.

Placing a couple of cozy chairs and maybe even draping fairy lights will be a lovely addition to a magical summer’s evening.

Rustic Cinder Block Fire Pit

rustic cinder block fire pit
I can’t believe the splendid fire pit design from The Spoiled Home! This fire pit is, without question, one of my favorite cinder block fireplace designs. It feels so welcoming!

Rustic boho-vibe outdoor areas are rising in popularity. Add wooden chairs with bohemian-inspired pillows to your outdoor cinder block fire pit for a simplistic yet rusty look. Your friends will love popping in for a beer to lounge around your fireplace.

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Minimalistic Cinder Block Fire Pit

Look how they turn these simple cinder blocks into an ergonomic fire pit. I love the design, the simplicity, and the ease of installation!

One of the easiest and simplest cinder block fire pits to make is The Simplicity Sisters minimalistic fire pit video found on YouTube. Be sure to check it out!

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One of my favorite alternatives to cinder blocks is using a steel BBQ fire pit bowl. That way, I can enjoy a backyard fire while grilling a few dogs, burgers, steaks, or even some fresh garden veggies for the family. Can't beat the convenience!

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“Keep It Simple” $60 Cinder Block Fire Pit

Here’s another budget-friendly cinder block fire pit to consider adding to your backyard. Keep It Simple Crafts showcases a wonderfully rounded fire pit tutorial that you’ll love!

In-Ground or Low-Profile Cinder Block Fire Pits

low profile cinder block pit fire
I love this simple cinder block pit fire! Perfect if you want a straightforward, low-profile backyard fire pit. You could get the same low-profile effect by burying larger cinder blocks halfway in the soil.

Building an in-ground cinder block fire pit may need more effort regarding digging into the soil to reach an appropriate depth. However, in-ground fire pits are great because the wind won’t easily sway the flames.

If you want to go the other way, consider a low-profile fire pit. Add one small (circular) layer of cinder blocks for a quick and effortless fire.

Multi-colored Cinder Block Fire Pit

Fire pit - Cinder Block, Slate, Stone Top - DIY
I love the switch in color from this clever yet highly functional cinder block fire pit. The clashing color scheme reminds me of varying shades of marble or slate. I consider the design perfect – it looks sleek, and I bet it burns beautifully!

To further spruce up your cinder block fire pit, consider building your fireplace with multi-colored cinder blocks. Add a flat-topped edge to provide a slight barrier between your kids and the open flames.

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A Portable Outdoor Cooking Station With Cinder Blocks

portable outdoor cooking station cinder block fire pit
I think Mother Earth News wins the category of most efficient cinder block fire pit! I love how this pit crams as much functionality into a small package as possible. Perfect if you want an outdoor stove without spending too much cash – or taking up too much space.

Using a portable outdoor cinder block fire station will keep your party moving, and it’ll be an excellent alternative to a conventional grill to prepare your meat entrees.

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Stone-Topped Cinder Block Fire Pit

stone topped cinder block fire pit
I can’t forget to give major compliments to Carole Knits for an effective fire pit design! I love the stone-topped design and refined finish. Very stylish!

A stone-topped DIY fire pit can be ready to use within eight hours and cost as little as $150! If you’re up for the challenge, I suggest looking at the tutorial from Carole Knits to show how to make a squared fire pit with a beautiful stoned top.

Simplistic Square-shaped Cinder Block Fire Pit

cinder block fire pit 02
Here’s one of my favorite cinder block fire pits from Wednesday Morning Whispers. I love how the design looks tremendously snug, firm, and stable. A+ design!

A small and straightforward square-shaped cinder block fire pit is easy to make and belongs in your backyard! But, first, you’ll need a few cinder blocks to layer in two to three rows.

This fire pit may look small and simplistic, but it won’t fall shy of providing a warm, cozy area to gather around.

DIY Rotisserie BBQ Cinder Block Fire Pit

This DIY Rotisserie BBQ Pit Will Have Your Mouth Waterin
Check out this borderline-genius cinder block fire pit that doubles as a massive chicken Rotisserie. Notice the tremendously open and airy design. Seventh heaven for BBQ and fans of barbeque chicken!

Building a cinder block fire pit to host BBQ parties will automatically provide more functions to your fire pit.

For a fantastic DIY rotisserie BBQ pit, have a look at Did You Know? On YouTube.

Cinder Block Meat Smoking Fire Pit

cinder block fire pit for grilling and bbq
Who else is starving?! I love this DIY cinder block fire pit smoker from the Agriculture & Life Sciences Department of Texas A&M University. Check out their article to see the massive interior. Impressive!

If you’re considering a sizeable cinder block fire pit, consider designing the pit around the idea of smoking a large, delicious piece of meat for your friends and family.

Texas Barbeque has a fantastic tutorial on making a cinder block meat-smoking pit with a sheet metal top.

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Cinder Block Fire Pit FAQs

campfire in grass with rocks in switzerland
I’m sharing this lovely photo of a DIY campfire in a grassy meadow as proof that sometimes, you don’t need a fancy cinder block fire pit. It’s possible to launch a makeshift fireplace using stones to help secure your boundary and keep the logs in place. The simple things work the best!

We’ve been building cinder block fire pits for years!

We’re happy to answer some of the most common cinder block fire pit questions you are likely to have.

Find our answers below.

Why We Love Cinder Block Fire Pits!

Fire pits aren’t essential for back yards, but they are lovely to have during summer evenings and help light up your night so you can feel the evening.

Cinder block fire pits are also affordable – even when the price of everything else is skyrocketing. They’re also low-maintenance, and easy enough for any new DIY enthusiast to take on!

We hope you find inspiration and funky new ideas for your next DIY fire pit project.

Good luck!

And – if you have any cinder block fire pit building questions, fire away below.

Thanks for reading!

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