27 Simple Halloween BBQ Ideas [Plus Tips for Decorations and Spooky Games]

Between back to school and harvesting the garden bounty before the first frost, fall is one of the busiest times of the year!

However, it’s also one of the most festive seasons, and I always want to embrace the season without creating a lot of extra work on my to-do list. 

If you’re a busy DIYer who wants to have a festive Halloween BBQ on a budget, this article is for you.

Here are some of the best easy-to-make Halloween foods, budget-friendly decorations, and simple games for your Halloween BBQ. So, even if fall does feel impossibly busy, you can bring a couple of these simple ideas to your next Halloween BBQ.

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Let’s take a look!

Festive Foods for Your Halloween BBQ

This assortment of mains, sides, snacks, and treats is sure to delight at your next BBQ. Some are savory, and some are sweet.

Savory Halloween Recipes

spooky mummy sausage halloween treat
Everyone loves pigs in a blanket. But what about spooky mummies in a blanket? These are equally delicious – and will make your Halloween BBQ more interesting – and frightful. No doubt!

Savory Halloween Recipes:

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Sweet Halloween Recipes

halloween brownies sweet snacks
If you decide to make and bake Halloween cupcakes for your BBQ, don’t forget funfetti! Funfetti is the easiest way to make spooky cupcakes – and I bet your family won’t mind devouring them readily!

Sweet Halloween Recipes:

When hosting a party, I try providing options for gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian friends! It can be surprisingly easy to do! Just about everyone enjoys veggie platters.

Charcuterie boards are also fantastic because people can easily pick and choose the foods they want.

If possible, you’ll also want to make some of the food the night before!

Some foods are best fresh that you should prepare the day of, but it’s surprising how much you can do in advance.

You can chop veggies the night before. Whipping up dips is easy. You can also bake your cakes the day before. Anything you manage to do the day before – is one less thing to do the day of the BBQ!

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Best DIY Decorations for a Halloween BBQ

I love a good DIY project, and Halloween decorations are certainly no exception. It also means another opportunity to break out the hot glue gun and acrylic paint, and who doesn’t love that?

Here are the best craft ideas that require minimal supplies and time.

I’d recommend making your decorations early in the fall so you can enjoy them around the house throughout the season. Crafting can be a fun way to spend an evening with friends or family too.

Mason Jar Centerpieces, Decorations, and Containers

halloween mason jar decor
Your homestead can never have too many mason jars! When you don’t need them to store your preserved fruits and veggies – they’re also perfect for Halloween decor. Add a dash of cotton, artificial lighting, and spiders for an epic Halloween centerpiece!

Mason jars are plentiful in my house, but if they are not so common in your home, you can snag a batch of 6 canning jars from most grocery stores for around $10.

I love that mason jars are not only cute but can be tremendously functional at a BBQ. Use them to hold cutlery, straws, napkins, or sweets on your buffet table. 

Mason Jars on Amazon.com

Amazon has an amazing array of mason jars on offer, in all forms, shapes, and sizes!

Buy just one for a special project or save money and buy a bulk pack.

See them all!
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Here are some adorable and inventive Halloween crafts that use mason jars:

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Spooky Signage 

If you’re like me, the garage is where old fence boards and off-cuts from other woodworking projects accumulate!

Make use of some of that scrap and create some spooky signs to decorate your yard and home. Most of the Halloween signs in this article work with a smidgen of paint and a bit of patience.

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Salem Sanctuary for Wayward Cats - Halloween Tin Sign

Attention all wayward witch kitties, warlocks, and familiars! This sign is easily one of the niftiest ways to decorate your homestead for your upcoming Halloween BBQ party.

If your Halloween party hosts a coven of witchy cats, and if you consider your homestead a safe harbor for all felines - wayward and otherwise - you'll love the way this sign looks!

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Best Outdoor Games for Halloween

If you have kids, you might want to include a couple of structured activities in your Halloween BBQ. These activities are low-cost and outdoor-friendly.

Witch Hat Ring Toss

witches hat in the creepy forest
Here’s how a scary witch’s hat looks! I borrowed this one from a local coven of witches who stopped by for last year’s Halloween BBQ. If you look around – they’re easy enough to find!

A familiar game with a spooky twist!  

You can use any sturdy witch hats you may have accumulated over the years from costumes, or you can use a poster board to make some witch hats. This video on how to make witch hats from paper will help.

If you’re making hats, challenge your players by making some hats larger or smaller. 

You can form rings from pieces of twine, or you can cut the center out of paper plates to make rings that you can toss over top of the hats. 

Ring toss is a great game for all ages because it’s so easy to adjust the difficulty. Little kids can get closer to the target – while you instruct older kids and adults to get farther away. 

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Bowling for Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Mini Golf 

If you grow winter squash, fall is the season where pumpkins, butternut squash are plentiful. So, why not put them to use at your next BBQ

Butternut squash can work as pins in a goofy backyard bowling game, and a mostly-round pumpkin can be a comical substitute for a bowling ball. 

If golf is your game, consider carving your pumpkins into mini-golf holes. 

This blog provides excellent instructions showing how to play some backyard games using squash.

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Eyeball Scavenger Hunt 

I love this idea for an eyeball scavenger hunt. The premise is simple enough!

Hide a bunch of eyeball ping pong balls and see how many the kids can find. In my experience, kids of all ages love a good scavenger hunt – if you have a big backyard with many obstacles, all the better! 

Pumpkin Popping 

This one can get a little loud, but if you’re feeling rowdy, the kids will love a chance to stomp, squish, and pop orange “pumpkin” balloons to see what treats are inside. 

Here are the instructions

Whether you love the costumes, the decorations, the sweets, or simply gathering together for a spooky evening with friends, a Halloween BBQ is a great way to enjoy the holiday.

What’s your favorite part about Halloween? Let us know in the comments.

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Halloween BBQ Ideas – Share Your Own!

Do you have any epic plans for Halloween this year?

We know the world has been crazy as of late – but we hope you can at least have fun with friends and family this year.

Hopefully, these Halloween BBQ tips come in handy.

Reply in the comments and let us know your favorite Halloween treats – savory or sweet?

Thanks so much for reading!

And – happy Halloween!

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thick cut steak creepy face
If the keto meat-lovers at your Halloween party can handle the heat – then add a spooky smiley face over their freshly seared steaks using hot sauce or ketchup. Here’s to a haunting feast they won’t soon forget!
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