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Ooni Pro vs Roccbox vs Ardore Pizza Oven Battle [4 BIG Differences]

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When it comes to cooking a delicious homemade artisan pizza at home, there are three pizza ovens that I recommend to all pizza fans, which is why I couldn’t wait to compare Ooni Pro vs Roccbox vs Ardore.

I’ve researched all three home pizza ovens and want to share my insights so you can cook the best homemade pizza possible. Which pizza oven is my favorite after baking countless fresh pizzas, calzones, and garlic bread loaves? Ready? Here you go:

  1. Ooni Pro pizza oven – Best overall
  2. Roccbox pizza oven – Runner-up, best gas pizza oven alternative
  3. Ardore pizza ovens – Loser, because it’s not available outside Europe!

Ooni Pro vs Roccbox vs Ardore Pizza Ovens


We’re about to closely examine the build quality, trustworthiness, reviews, shipping, warranty, and price points of three of my favorite pizza ovens so you get a better idea of which option has the best value. 

1. Ooni Pro Pizza Oven – Best Overall

Ooni Pro Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven Explained

Winner, winner – pizza for dinner!

After reviewing Ooni Pro vs Roccbox vs Ardore, I’ve come to the conclusion that all three of the homemade pizza ovens rock!


The Ooni Pro pizza oven is my overall favorite. It’s tough to beat the smokey flavor of your best chicken, bacon, and feta cheese pizza when cooked by old-fashioned coals or wood.

Wood-fired pizza rules!

Enter the Ooni Pro. An excellent choice for pizza lovers seeking a classic wood-fired pizza oven.

Easy Comparison
Find Your Perfect Ooni Pizza Oven!

Easily figure out which Ooni pizza oven is best for you, with comparisons of price, pizza size, fuel type, weight, fuel consumption, gas consumption, and much more.

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You can buy the Ooni Pro oven from Ooni direct or on Amazon

Even though the Roccbox and Ardore make beautifully-cooked, delicious, crispy, and gratifying pizzas, I think that the Ooni Pro oven has a few key charms that make it my favorite overall recommendation for most pizza lovers.

The pizza oven itself looks brilliant and has a classic appearance that sings vintage Neapolitan pizza with a passion. The way your perfectly-cooked pizza crust looks and tastes after freshly baked from the Ooni Pro is even more impressive – and appetizing.

I also love how the Ooni Pro cooks wood-fired pizza right out of the box without expansions or addons – wood and charcoal are the primary fuels.

If you want a pizza that’s deliciously wood-fired and crispy, and also a ton of fun to cook, then the Ooni Pro is my top recommendation.

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Pro 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

Why the Ooni Pro Oven Wins

  • You can cook your pizza with charcoal or wood right out of the box without additional addons or hassle
  • The Ooni Pro oven is a powerhouse and cooks with 20,472 BTUs
  • Heats up and ready to cook in 20 minutes
  • Cooks delicious, fluffy, yet crispy homemade pizza in 60 seconds
  • Reaches 932 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Built-in thermometer so you can cook your pizza without second-guessing
  • Handles 16-inch pizza without crimping your pizza dough
  • Only weighs about 48.5 pounds so you can easily transport or adjust the Ooni Pro to your liking
  • Cook more than just pizza – flame-cook steak, veggies, fresh bread, calzones, fish, chicken, et cetera
  • It’s actually available (even though you might need to pre-order), unlike Ardore pizza ovens, where the biggest question is: “Where can I buy Ardore pizza ovens?” The answer? Only in Europe. Sorry.

What’s Less Good

  • Addons are required if you want to cook your pizzas with fuels other than charcoal or wood
  • If you want to cook your pizzas with gas, then you need the Gas Burner extension
  • If you wish to cook your pizzas with pellets, then you need the Pellet Burner extension.

Ooni Pro Oven Shipping & Warranty

Ooni Pro oven, shipping is a piece of cake.

All Ooni pizza ovens come with a generous 3-year warranty. Make sure to activate your 3-year warranty by registering your pizza oven on the official Ooni website.

If you fail to register your Ooni Pro pizza oven within 60 days of your receipt, then your warranty only lasts for 1-year. So, register!

Ooni Pro Pizza Oven Features

Pro 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

Let’s look at some of the best features and benefits of the Ooni Pro oven so you get a better idea of why I think it’s the best pizza oven overall for home use.

Easy Comparison
Find Your Perfect Ooni Pizza Oven!

Easily figure out which Ooni pizza oven is best for you, with comparisons of price, pizza size, fuel type, weight, fuel consumption, gas consumption, and much more.

PAID LINK - We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Brilliant Design

If you want a homemade pizza oven that will make your friends jealous, then the Ooni Pro pizza oven delivers. But good looks aren’t the only thing that the Ooni Pro oven has going for itself.

One thing that I adore is the location of the chimney vent. The chimney helps to circulate some of the heat and flame inside the oven, cooking your pizzas and calzones more evenly as a result. The Ooni Pro oven has two vents total, so you can adjust the temperature on the fly and gain more control over your flame.

The Ooni Pro oven also features birch wood handles, which add refined polish to its already dapper appearance.

Delicious, Wood-Fired Pizza Right Out of the Box

Unlike Roccbox, the Ooni Pro oven makes fire-cooked pizza without addons. Have you ever tasted a fresh wood-fired pizza topped with your favorite pizza sauce, mozzarella, Havarti cheese, and fresh garden veggies? The taste, texture, and aroma are amazing.

There’s something special about preparing a zesty and crispy wood-fired pizza in your backyard with your family and best friends that you can’t get when using gas. Your dinner guests will watch in amazement as you remove pizza after pizza from your Ooni Pro oven, each pizza taking only 60 seconds of focus. Prepare to shock your family.

You can buy the Ooni Pro oven from Ooni direct or on Amazon

Quality and Durable Build

The Ooni Pro oven looks brilliant and also feels thick and firm. It weighs roughly 48 pounds so you can move it around your backyard patio or deck as you wish without much energy. But the oven is also heavy and sturdy enough to maneuver pizzas elegantly without the pizza oven shifting or budging.

The Ooni Pro oven also has a brushed, stainless-steel body with a half-inch thick cordierite pizza stone. There’s a thick layer of ceramic fiber insulation, so your pizza cooks quick, and your oven stays extremely hot to make short work of even your deepest pizza doughs.

2. Roccbox Review – Best Ooni Pro Gas Alternative

Pheasant Breast with Oyster Mushrooms | Guest Chef: James Golding | Gozney

Let’s also look at the Roccbox pizza oven by Gozney. If you don’t want to use wood or charcoal as fuel to cook delicious homemade pizza, then the Roccbox pizza oven might be one of your best picks. The Roccbox uses gas as a primary fuel source and works carefully to cook your favorite homemade pizza in just 60 seconds.

The Roccbox has one of the most contemporary styles and designs for homemade pizza ovens so if you appreciate a modern look and feel then the Roccbox gets extra points. 

ROCCBOX by Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven - Gas Fired, Fire & Stone Outdoor Pizza Oven, Includes Professional Grade Pizza Peel
  • THE PIZZA OVEN THAT STARTED A REVOLUTION - Experience the game-changing Gozney Roccbox,...
  • COOKS PIZZA IN 60 SECONDS AT 950 DEGREES - Roccbox boasts unbeatable heat retention,...
  • COMPACT, LOW-PROFILE DESIGN - Designed for both home and outdoor use, Roccbox's compact...
  • DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONALS, BUILT FOR YOU - Gozney's Roccbox pizza oven is trusted by...
  • RATED NO. 1 OUTDOOR STAND-ALONE PIZZA OVEN by Serious Eats - highly regarded by Forbes, GQ...
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/14/2024 06:27 pm GMT

The burner system of the Roccbox is an excellent example of modern design. Want the convenience of gas? Or, would you prefer the extra seasoning of a wood-fired pizza? You can easily switch fuel sources by twisting your fuel-extensions off and replacing it with a different fuel-extension without hassle.  

Even though the fire-burning addon costs extra, the Roccbox boasts economy, versatility, style, and clever design.

What’s Good About the Roccbox

  • Heats up and ready to cook pizza in roughly 20 minutes on gas, or 40 minutes with wood
  • Reaches 950 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cooks delicious homemade pizza in just 60 seconds
  • Fashionable, modern design
  • Cooks bubbly, fluffy, and delicious pizza crust
  • Built-in thermometer makes cooking perfect pizza a breeze
  • Dense heat insulation means more heat retention so you can cook more food faster
  • Weighs roughly 44 pounds and is low-profile so it’s light and small enough to maneuver however you wish
  • The pizza stone fits snugly and securely inside of the Roccbox to help portability
  • Retractable legs fold away so you can easily stash your Roccbox for storage or transportation

What’s NOT So Good

  • If you wish to cook pizza with wood, then you must purchase the Roccbox wood burner accessory
  • Takes 40 minutes to heat your Roccbox with a wood-fire compared to Ooni Pro’s 20 minutes

Roccbox Shipping & Warranty

Roccbox is easy to ship and deliver to your home by ordering on Amazon or the official Roccbox homepage. Gozney offers free shipping on their ovens purchased via their website at the moment. When you order your Roccbox, Gozney also promises to dispatch your order within 5-10 business days.

Roccbox also offers a stellar warranty of 5-years. To qualify for the extended warranty, you must register your Roccbox oven on their website. If you fail to register your warranty, then you only get a 1-year warranty. So, don’t forget!

Roccbox Pizza Oven Features

Let’s preview the Roccbox features that make it one of the best pizza ovens for delicious, zesty, perfectly-cooked pizza in your backyard.

Contemporary Design

The Roccbox cooks delicious homemade pizza quickly, and it also looks the part. The oven sports a contemporary, rounded design that will impress even those with a keen eye for style. You’ll love to show this pizza oven off when guests arrive.

You get to choose between two color options – a green or dark gray. I think both versions look marvelous and would make for a beautiful complement to your garden, deck, patio, terrace, or backyard.

Roccbox also gets bonus points for safety as the oven boasts a thick touch-safe silicone jacket that helps to prevent burns and to avert accidents. If you have youngins (or excited relatives) running around your patio during pizza party time – then this can save you some stress.

How to make pizza from scratch with Adam Atkins | Gozney

Everything You Need in the Box

If you’re a pizza-cooking newcomer and aren’t sure what accessories you need to begin cooking pizzas at home, then you’ll appreciate how the Roccbox pizza bundle has everything you need. Inside the box, you get the Roccbox oven, a detachable gas burner, a bottle opener, plus the official manual.

You also get a professional pizza peel so you can insert, remove, and maneuver your homemade pizza like a pro. Roccbox also has other cool optional accessories like their nifty Roccbox cover and the Roccbox turning peel.

You can buy the Roccbox on Amazon

5-Year Warranty

I have to give Roccbox extra credit for their generous 5-year warranty. I think that the Roccbox ovens are professionally made, sturdy, and reliable like the other pizza ovens on this list. However, having an extra-long 5-year warranty provides a nice confidence boost to know that Gozney stands behind their pizza ovens.

ROCCBOX Portable Pizza Oven Cover
  • GOZNEY QUALITY - Our products are designed for professionals, built for you. Superb...
  • WATERPROOF PORTABLE COVER - The Roccbox cover is constructed from double-lined, 900D...
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE FOR EASY TRANSPORTING - Featuring front and rear drawstrings and...
  • EASY CLEANING - Easy to protect your outdoor pizza oven! Simply hose with water and the...
  • GREAT GIFT - Gozney ROCCBOX outdoor covers are made to protect your pizza oven all year...
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/15/2024 11:46 pm GMT

3. Ardore Pizza Oven – Excellent for European Pizza Lovers

ARDORE Pizza Oven - In Depth Review - From Neapolitan Pizza to Focaccia

Let’s also examine the Ardore pizza oven by Pizza Party. If you want one of the best homemade pizza ovens made in Italy, and if you want a classic pizza oven that looks as good as it cooks, then the Ardore is a smart and stylish pizza oven that will quickly build your reputation as a pizza-cooking legend.

Ardore pizza ovens come in a variety of styles, and my favorite version rocks an elegant antique copper color that reminds me of a classic pizza oven that you might see in a Neapolitan pizza parlor.

Ardore pizza ovens are also small and compact. They weigh roughly 44 pounds (with the pizza stone and legs) so moving and adjusting your pizza oven to your fancy is hassle-free.

But the best part about the Ardore pizza oven is how they cook your pizza with perfection. I’m getting hungry as I imagine how the Ardore transforms your favorite pizza dough into delicious, zesty, and bubbly (yet crispy) pizzas that your family will thank you for sharing.

What’s Good About Ardore Pizza Ovens

  • Ardore pizza ovens are hand-crafted, with love, from Italy
  • Excellent reputation for producing beautiful pizza crust, calzones, and bread
  • Massive 15.75-inch x 15.75-inch cooking area
  • Thick 1.2-inch cooking floor
  • Reaches high temperature of 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cooks pizzas to perfection in roughly 60 seconds
  • Optional Biscotto Saputo pizza oven bricks which have a reputation for being among the best options for a wonderfully-cooked pizza crust
  • Easily handles more than just pizzas, including roasts, chicken, steaks, vegetables, calzones, homemade bread, et cetera

What’s NOT Good

  • The biggest con is that the Ardore ovens seem impossible to buy outside of Europe
  • No shipment or support outside of Europe
  • No warranty to USA customers
  • Not for wood-fire or charcoal use

Ardore Shipping & Warranty

Genotema SRL (the parent company of Ardore) offers a 24-month warranty on their Ardore line of pizza ovens. The warranty starts on the date of shipment. However, the warranty doesn’t include the Biscotto Saputo pizza stone. Also, the Ardore warranty does not include the thermal glass portion of the door.

Ardore oven shipping costs vary depending upon where you are shipping your Ardore pizza oven.

It’s essential to note once again that Ardore does not ship outside of Europe. Their support staff, while very friendly and fast to respond, also mentioned that Ardore does not offer warranties to US citizens, nor do they offer support to new customers who are US citizens. However, they do support US customers who purchased Ardore ovens in the past.

Ardore Features and Benefits

Let’s discuss some of Ardore’s standout features and why I think they’re one of the best homemade pizza oven options in Italy and all of Europe!

Beautiful Simplicity

When you first glance at an Ardore pizza oven, you’ll notice how the ovens have a classic charm. The design is simple yet elegant enough to resemble something out of a painting depicting an old-fashioned Neapolitan pizzeria.

If you want to focus on cooking savory and delicious pizzas without many moving parts, then prepare to enter your perfect culinary zone and pizza cooking bliss – without any distractions.

Ardore pizza ovens are also super compact (only about 16.7-inches tall with the legs), so you can easily tuck them on your patio, deck, terrace, backyard, or alongside your garden.

Versatility and High Heat

If you have an appetite for steaks, roasts, poultry, veggies, and calzones, then you’ll admire the versatility and power of the Ardore pizza oven.

With 6kw – or roughly 20,472 BTUs, the Ardore pizza ovens heat up fast and make short work of your thickest and heaviest pizzas, roasts, chickens, vegetable dishes, or fresh rosemary focaccia bread. Ardore ovens reach 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit (or 550 Celsius) and cook your pizzas perfectly in just over a minute.

Delicious Cooking and Bragging Rights

Ardore pizza ovens have a reputation for cooking amazingly well-done and balanced pizzas – even the bottom of the crusts, which is a real test for any pizza oven. Your pizzas will taste and look delicious! 

If you want to surprise your friends with a tasty treat and develop a reputation as a pizza king (or queen), then the Ardore pizza ovens rock and will give you serious street credit as a skillful pizza chef. Ardore ovens make cooking delicious pizzas easy – and your dinner guests will think that you’re a culinary genius.

Ooni Pro vs Roccbox vs Ardore – Biggest Differences

I think that any of the three pizza ovens on this list is fantastic and worthy of any family who wants fresh homemade pizza. The choice comes down to preference!

However, there are four big differences you should know so you can get the pizza oven that matches your lifestyle, cooking preferences, and even geographic location.

Difference 1: Price

All three of the pizza ovens on this list are comparatively priced and affordable.

I would say that the Roccbox has the lowest price tag overall, followed by the Ooni Pro oven.

Ooni Pro.

Difference 2: Fuel Type

  • The Ooni Pro pizza oven uses wood or charcoal as the primary fuel with the option of adding a gas add on.
  • Roccbox uses gas as a default fuel with the ability to add a detachable wood burner.
  • Ardore uses gas to cook.

So, what’s the difference in how these fuels make the pizza taste? I prefer wood-fired pizza. I think that wood and charcoal-fired pizzas have a more aromatic flavor.

However, gas offers much more convenience and requires less maintenance while cooking.

Difference 3: Size, Style, and Build

All three of the ovens are comparatively sized and weigh roughly the same within only a few pounds – so you can easily adjust the ovens or move them to suit your needs.

Stylistically, I think that the Ardore and Roccbox have the most in common. They both share a rounded, dome-shaped frame. The appearance of both ovens is fashionable, but I would say that the Roccbox is more contemporary.

The Ooni Pro oven stands out from the Ardore and Roccbox by having a slightly more classic and “old school” appearance. The Ooni Pro also stands out with a prominent chimney that helps to circulate heat and smoke.

Difference 4: Availability

I was shocked to learn the Ardore pizza ovens are not sold or supported to customers outside of Europe. I think that the exclusivity of Ardore pizza ovens adds a flare of rarity and intrigue to their brand. They’re super limited! However, if you’re a US citizen, then you’re probably out of luck.

But don’t worry!

Americans (and non-European citizens) need not despair. Both Ooni Pro ovens and Roccbox ovens have excellent availability, and you can find them on their websites or Amazon without stress. Ooni and Roccbox (Gozney) also offer superb support, and, most critically, they produce magnificent homemade pizzas that your family and friends will savor.

Gas-Cooked or Wood-Fired Pizza for You?

Let me know your favorite!

I think that a wood-fired pizza gives homemade pizza crust added character and also crispiness that enhances the flavor – big time!

What about you? Which pizza-cooking style do you like the most? Do you prefer the classic wood-fired pizza of the Ooni Pro? Or, would you choose to use gas as your primary fuel like the Ardore and Roccbox? Or maybe you like to mix it up and alternate? I’d love to know your preference!

Who Wants More Oven-Fired Pizza?

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  1. Although wood fire might taste better (subjective), gas is much less of a hassle. No problems with cleaning, storing wood and temp control is as easy as turning a knob. Both Ooni and Roccbox are great pizza ovens, but personally I give the nod to Ooni at this time because you can make a 16″ pie versus a 12″ one. Gozney is due to come out with a new pizza oven supposedly around March I believe called the Dome which looks fantastic by the way. It’s priced at around $1,200.00 for the wood burner and a gas version will be introduced later on at a higher price. I’m in the market for a pizza oven and am waiting for the Dome to come out. Right now Ooni Pro is my choice with the gas option.

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment! You’re right – taste is definitely subjective. I much prefer the taste of gas-cooked food and love my gas stove. My husband LOVES wood fired anything, and anything with a smokey flavor. I think that’s the awesome thing about the Ooni Pro, you can use wood or gas, whatever you feel like that day. I saw the new Dome, definitely hope to do a review on that one too. It’s pretty expensive compared to Ooni’s ovens though, so it’d be interesting to see what justifies the price! Enjoy your pizzas 😀

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