15 Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget [+ DIY Tips]

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Have you ever approached a house and been captivated by its porch, even if it is not lofty or massive?

An attractive front yard porch is the welcome mat of your home – and the gateway into your homestead.

Your beautiful front porch lifts your mood and makes you feel positive just by walking through it on your way to the house.

Rocking chair with a comfy blanket and pillows on the front porch.

These are our favorite small front porch design tips – even with a tiny budget:

  • Enhance your small front porch by enclosing it with various materials.
  • Painting the door and walls adding plants or a small water fountain enhance the front porch. 
  • Plush furnishings, wind chimes, a porch swing, or chairs can make your small front porch more attractive.

Every centerpiece adds personality and makes your homestead unique.

A porch is an expression of your home, not just a place to huddle away from the rain while you look for your front door keys.

Creating and decorating a porch does not need to be expensive.

But – where should you start for the highest impact – and the most meager of budgets?

Read on to find some ideas on making a beautiful, inviting porch that does not break your bank balance.

How to Build a Beautiful Small Porch Without a Big Budget

magical house exterior front porch
Adding outdoor lights along your front porch and walkway is an easy win. Now you can accentuate your porch’s features and also bring a wonderful nighttime ambiance.

Most houses have a roof over the front door area, but this may only consist of a roof supported by poles.

How do you enclose this and transform it into a beautiful porch?

These are our best tips – after scouring the most beautiful homesteads all over the world.

Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are cement blocks with holes in them in varying patterns – they’re cheaper than bricks and easy to use.

They do not need a concrete foundation; they can be laid directly onto the ground.

Cinder blocks can be stacked one on top of another without bonding cement.


enclose porch lumber
Beautiful seating area enclosed with lumber

You can use lumber to enclose the porch quite easily – use cut and flattened lumber if you can afford the expense.

I’ve also used long sections of tree branches, bamboo, or reeds as horizontal pieces to build the wall. 

You can also go natural – tree branches, reeds, and bamboo give a naturally rustic feel to the space.


eco brick wall
Eco brick wall

Use recycled two-liter cold drink bottles known as eco-bricks to build your porch.

The bricks can be filled with sand or stuffed with other non-degradable plastic waste.

There is a lot of information on building eco-bricks on the internet.

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How Do I Find Cheap Materials for My Porch?

Check the classifieds – you might find a massive amount of used building material from demolition yards at discounted rates. They are usually only a fraction of the cost of new materials. You can save yourself some cash and spruce your porch up at the same time.

You can’t lose.

How Do You Spruce Up a Small Front Porch?

country porch swing with friendly kitty
If you love the ambiance of nature and the outdoors – then add a wooden swing to your front porch! Also, consider adding a few comfy and soft pillows plus a warm blanket for the chilly afternoons. Or substitute by adding your favorite feline friend!

You can revive your front porch with a few simple tricks. Paint your front door to avoid a dull entrance! Or – choose an attractive color or combination of colors. 

You can get some ideas here

A knocker can also add interest to your front door.

Or – put up attractive or unique house numbers. 

Or, get creative and install a porch swing

porch swing
Gorgeous porch swing on small patio

(Now you can relax – and make your porch look great at the same time.)

How Can I Make a Small Front Porch Look Nicer?

You can easily make your small front porch into a feature by implementing many different ideas.

Here are some of my favorite porch decor ideas.

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Build a Living Wall on One Side of Your Porch

living wall
Living wall

Remember those cinder blocks we spoke about! Build them on their side so that the holes face horizontally.

You can plant foliage and flowering plants in the cinder block holes. They make the porch more attractive, vibrant, and colorful.

The wonderful thing about a living wall is that you can easily update it by adding new plants as the seasons change.

You do not need to buy the plants. Ask for cuttings from neighbors and friends.

Or – harvest some indigenous flowers from a nearby meadow.

(As long as you have permission!)

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Install a Small Water Feature 

water feature
Lovely small water feature

Water features rock for front porches!

They add oodles of ambiance and help you relax after a long day’s work of farming, mowing, or haying.

You can even elevate the water feature to help prevent it from taking up floor space.

A small pump to power the water feature is very inexpensive, and the sound of running water is a balm for a tired soul.

Include Plants on Your Porch! 

chrysanthemums plants on front porch brick steps
A colorful wall of flowers makes your front porch more welcoming – and vivid! These bright yellow chrysanthemums accent the brick stairs – but would look lovely on any front porch.

Plants are the surest (and most straightforward) way to add color, life, and beauty to your porch.

The best part is that there are flowers and plants for every style of homestead porch – rustic or contemporary.

Even if you are not a good gardener, some plants are almost kill-proof. Psychological studies emphasize the need for people to be exposed to nature to calm the psyche.

(I’m tranquil imagining the beautiful flowers strewn about your small porch homestead. Plants help me chill out and feel calm. For sure!)

Add Murals or Mosaics

Murals or mosaics on a wall can lift an ordinary porch into an artwork.

If you are not artistic, ask your friends! You may discover some hidden talent. Alternatively, approach an art school and ask if any students are interested in completing the project.

Students are always short on cash. There are many ways to use murals.

These days – many artists feel underappreciated due to art exhibit closures.

If you inquire about their latest projects – you might make their day!

(And – you’ll get to support a local artist at the same time. You might even find unique and breathtaking artwork at a great deal – that none of your friends can see anywhere else. Everyone wins.)

Small Front Porch Décor FAQs

humming bird feeders on front porch
Hummingbirds are breathtaking American birds that can’t resist the color red – or the scent of sweet nectar! They’re beautiful to watch. Adding a few hummingbird feeders to your front porch may lure them in for a sweet snack!

We love to brainstorm small front porch décor ideas with our homesteading friends.

We also compiled a list of the most common front porch décor FAQs that our gardening and farming friends always ask.

We hope these small front porch décor ideas (and answers) serve you well!

How Do You Make a Small Front Porch Cozy?

Make your porch cozy by using soft furnishings. Cushions on chairs and curtains can soften the look of the front porch. Covering the ceiling in fabric, reeds, or adding interesting objects, such as gourds, will create an intimate atmosphere on the front porch. Gourds also have the bonus of lasting a long-time outdoors, and they can sustain the chilly temperatures – as long as it doesn’t freeze overnight!

How Can I Make My Small Porch Look Inviting?

A unique entry to the porch adds personality and invites people inside!

These are our favorite methods to add a unique entrance to your front porch:

  • Paint a pattern or small mural around your door.
  • Hang interesting wind chimes on the porch edge.
  • Install ornamental cast-iron trim (sometimes called patio lace) around the edges of the roof overhang. You can sometimes find patio lace at junkyards, or you can buy cheap plastic patio lace at building depots.
  • Install a humble water feature on the edge of the porch.
  • Place objects of interest to you on the porch to express who you are. If your hobby is geology, add interesting stones and crystal formations. Adding personality makes your front porch unique and is a great conversation starter.

You can also consider adding gargoyle statues or dragon sculptures if you want to showcase your untamed (and nerdy) side to your homesteading friends.

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How Do You Make a Small Front Porch Look Bigger?

We all like the feeling of space, but sometimes we are limited by the physical parameters available to us. To create a sense of openness, try implementing some of the following measures.

  • Use mirrors strategically placed to reflect light and images. You may need to experiment with this before positioning the mirrors permanently.
  • Use eco-bricks filled with water. Eco-bricks create the perfect semitransparent wall that allows light into the porch.
  • Build a half-height wall and use a light-colored canvas or shade net roll-up sheet to cover the rest of the wall. A short half-height wall with a roll-up sheet increases the light, and you can roll it up to make the porch look bigger.

I also advise my homesteading friends to remember to use hanging plants to their advantage! If your small front porch has barren walls – you’re not getting the most out of every inch of real estate.

Hang some beautiful plants to add another dimension to your front porch!

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How Can I Get the Most Out of My Small Porch?

Once you have made your small porch, how do you get the most out of it?

  • Install a chair or two on your porch – use hanging shelves adjacent to the chairs to hold glasses or cups to save space if there is not enough room for side tables.
  • If you live in a hot climate, install a small misting system to cool the porch. It will pay off during the scorching days!

Most of all – try to make your friends and guests always feel welcome!

Greet them with handfuls of snacks, cold refreshments, and plenty of good times, so they enjoy themselves regardless of the porch decor!


You can create an exciting and inviting porch cheaply – and without extravagance!

These days, every penny counts – especially for homesteaders on a budget.

We recommend using materials or recycling objects – let your creativity be your guide!

You can also enclose your porch to make it a beautiful house feature. 

Paint, plants, and soft furnishings can add interest, making the porch more appealing. 

Putting something of yourself or your hobbies into the décor of the front porch will make it unique.

Let your imagination loose! 

Do not think of it as just a porch; think of it as an introduction to the marvelous creation of who you are.

Thanks so much for reading!

And – if you have any cool ideas to help spruce up a porch, please share them!

We love to hear about your porch décor experiences. And experiments!

Have a great day!

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