Yellow Flowering Herbs – 13 Most Beautiful Herbs With Yellow Flowers

Yellow, the color of the sun. There’s something about yellow flowering herbs. Somehow they make you feel warm and sunny, and they radiate goodness. It goes without saying that you can’t just go around eating every herb with yellow flowers, you need to make sure you know, without a doubt, which plant it is. Foraging is wonderful and one of the most rewarding things you can do, but proper plant identification is paramount.

Yellow Flowering Herbs – 13 Beautiful Herbs With Yellow Flowers

You can, however, grow your own yellow garden, a garden full of yellow flowering plants. Amongst greenery, your yellow flowers will look amazing. Starting with this article today, we’ll look at the best yellow flowering herbs you should grow. Most of the photos are from either True Leaf Market or Eden Brothers Seeds. Both of these companies have a great range of seeds and awesome customer reviews!

  1. Evening Primrose
  2. Sunflower
  3. Calendula
  4. California Poppy
  5. Nasturtium
  6. Dandelion
  7. Tarragon
  8. Jerusalem Artichoke
  9. Goldenrod
  10. Paracress/Toothache Plant
  11. Greater Celandine
  12. Tansy
  13. Sweet Fruit/Yacon

Yellow Flowering Herb #1: Evening Primrose (Oenothera sp.)

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Evening primrose is a bushy yellow flowering herb that blooms into fragrant, yellow flowers. Not only are the flowers pretty, but the seeds can be used to make evening primrose oil , which is both soothing to the skin and high in essential fatty acids.

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This herb will branch outwards into whatever area that you plant it in but can be grown in a pot with good results as well. These yellow flowers prefer full sun and are hardy to zones 4 – 8.

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Yellow Flowering Herbs #2: Sunflower (Helianthus sp.)

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Sunflowers are surprisingly easy to grow, and can truly be a flower that keeps on giving. There are a few different varieties that you can grow based on what you’d like. There are dwarf sunflowers, and then there are “wild” sunflowers that may grow as tall as corn!

One thing is for sure though – these yellow flowering herbs will grow almost as well as a weed. The large variety can even be grown in a certain area to create a garden “wall”, and you’ll often see birds munching on the seeds. And when they poop out the seeds into the soil – up comes another sunflower.

You and your family can also harvest the seeds that this wonderful yellow flowering herb produces and use them as snacks, or use them to plant more sunflowers! They are hardy from zones 4-9.

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Yellow Flowering Herbs #3: Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

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Calendula, also known as pot marigold, is a wonderful yellow flowering herb that is not only a beautiful addition to every garden, but it is also very useful. The flowers are usually pruned and dried, and can then be used to make teas or topical balms. Traditionally, this herb has been used for mild pain, burns, and scars.

It is also useful in your garden because, while it attracts pest bugs like aphids, it will also attract ladybugs (who feed on aphids), butterflies, and bees. It is also considered a “trap plant” because pests will preferentially eat this plant versus your actual crop.

With that being said, calendula is definitely one of the yellow flowering herbs you’d want in your garden! It is hardy to zones 2-11, but does best in warmer climates.

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Yellow Flowering Herbs #4: California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

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California poppies are my favorite yellow flowering herb to see every year. Their yellow-orange flowers welcome us into spring and remind us to be happy! They are a wildflower, and because of this are very easy to grow.

Seeds can merely be sewn into the soil and they will naturally germinate when the weather warms up. The leaves from this flower can also be used as an herb for relaxation, digestion, mild pain, and even allergies. These herbs with yellow flowers are hardy from zones 5-10, but prefer zone 8.

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Yellow Flowering Herb #5: Nasturtium (Tropaeolum sp.)

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Nasturtiums are beautiful, low spreading, yellow flowering herbs that do best next to your cucumbers and pumpkins. Like calendula, they can also act like a trap crop, drawing pests like aphids to it rather than your crop.

These yellow herbs can grow in some of the poorest soil conditions, and only need to be watered when they dry out. The leaves are also full of vitamin C, and may contain some antibiotic properties as well. These herbs do best in full sun, and are hardy from zones 9-11.

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Yellow Flowering Herbs #6: Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

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Dandelion has been called a pest and a weed for a long time, but it actually one of the top yellow flowering herbs you should have in your garden. Not only are the “puffs” that they produce before flowering a fun way to make a wish, but the yellow flowers are some of the most beautiful.

What’s even better is that you can dry the dandelion leaves and roots to make dandelion tea  which is high in potassium and works as a mild diuretic. The leaves are also used in salads because of their rich taste. These are self-seeding herbs, so they will spread if planted in the ground and are hardy from zones 3-10. 

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Yellow Flowering Herbs #7: Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus)

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Tarragon, whose flowers resemble miniature California poppies, is a yellow flowering herb that many of us know well. Tarragon itself is used as a culinary herb and for its sweet fragrance across the world, and is also high in many vitamins and minerals.

It is similar to cloves in that it can be used to numb gum and tooth pain. It is a weedy herb, so many choose to cultivate this herb in a pot to prevent it from running into other plants. This plant is hardy from zones 5 and up.

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Yellow Flowering Herbs #8: Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus)

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Jerusalem artichokes are actually related to sunflowers and produce miniature versions of those flowers. This plant is a tuber, meaning the “fruit” that it produces is a root much like a potato, except the Jerusalem artichoke is higher in fiber!

This plant can grow to be between 4-8 feet tall, and if you don’t trim the shoots back, they will send up beautiful flowers in late spring. The tubers are usually harvested in fall. Jerusalem artichokes are also somewhat cold tolerant and are hardy in  zones 3-8.

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Yellow Flowering Herbs #9: Goldenrod (Solidago sp.)

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Goldenrod flowers, also known as solidago, are both full of benefits and are a lovely addition to your garden. This yellow flowering herb blooms through the summer and into fall time, going dormant in the winter. It is a great pollinator, so it will easily attract butterflies and bees into your garden.

The leaves can be used to make goldenrod tea  as a mild diuretic and to relieve inflammation. This plant can spread like a weed, so using pots may be a good idea. Goldenrod is hardy from zones 4-9. 

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Yellow Flowering Herb #10: Toothache Plant/Paracress (Acmella oleracea)

Paracress at True Leaf Market

If you’ve ever chewed some sichuan peppers before, you may know what this yellow flowering herb tastes like. The leaves and flowers of this plant can be chewed to create tingling and pain relief in the mouth and throat, and can even be drunk as a tea. This herb is low-growing and loves full sun. It can be grown in hardiness zones 9-11.   

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Yellow Flowering Herbs #11: Greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus)

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Greater Celandine, also known as Eye Herb, Wart Weed, and Tetter Wort, is another yellow flowering herb that some may already be familiar with. It is a perennial herb with a thick, fleshy taproot. Flowers are only small but gorgeously bright yellow. Greater Celandine needs a well-draining position.

It is hardy in a wide range of climates, from extreme cold and snow to tropical and sub-tropical climates. In hot weather, it’ll prefer having cover from the hottest midday sun.

A distinctive feature of this yellow flowering herb is its bright orange latex sap. When you pick the flowers or leaves, or the herb gets damaged, it will ooze this sap out which has an unusual smell and tastes rather bad. 

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Yellow Flowering Herbs #12: Tansy (Tanecetum vulgare)

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Tansy is a spectacular yellow flowering herb that everyone would be happy to see in their garden every year. The oil from this plant has been used to create topical solutions  by skin care specialists in recent years, and traditionally it is used for ringworm, lice, and as a sedative. You can also buy Tansy essential oil .

These herbs with yellow flowers are great for those who live in dry environments because Tansy is drought tolerant and will tolerate partial to full sun. People also grow Tansy around entrances to their house or garden because it is said to repel mosquitoes, mice, and cockroaches. It is hardy from zones 3-9.  

Yellow Flowering Herbs #13: Yacon (Sweet Fruit) (Polymnia sonchifolia)

Yacon is another member of the sunflower family and is a yellow flowering herb that  produces fiber-rich tubers that have the same consistency as apples. These tubers can aid in digestion and are also used commercially to make syrups and other low-glycemic sweeteners.

It has gained popularity recently because it is an acceptable sweetener for the Keto diet due to its high-fiber, low sugar, but sweet-tasting content. It produces large leaves with little, yellow flowers. It is hardy from zones 5-8, and does best with little  to no frost.

Herbs With Yellow Flowers – Honorable Mentions

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If you love useful herbs and pretty, yellow flowers, hopefully, this article about the best yellow flowering herbs gives you a place to start. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with beautifying your garden just for the heck of it either!

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