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24 Creative Ways to Hide a Tree Stump In Your Garden

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I need to start with a disclaimer here – I love tree stumps! I’ve never seen the point of going to the trouble and expense of grinding them out when you have so many ways of turning them into a fabulous garden feature. So, if you’re looking for myriad creative ways to hide a tree stump in your garden, you’ve come to the right place!

Decorating some old tree stumps with immaculate and luminous candle lanterns.

What Do You Do With Old Tree Stumps?

If you need to remove a tree in your garden or homestead, you will get left with a stump in the ground. Garden maintenance companies can grind these out, but doing so often comes at a tremendous expense.

I believe it is far better to embrace the tree stump. (Not literally, although you can hug it if you want!) That solid lump of wood embedded in the ground took many decades or even centuries to grow and could continue to be part of your garden for many years.

colorfully painted table and stools from tree stump and logs
We love this creative tree stump decor strategy! Because gardening is a ton of work. Sometimes, you need a place to sit down and relax! Why not borrow this clever idea to turn your tree stump into a comfy place to sit? Or better yet – transform your tree stump into a table to hold drinks, garden salads, fresh outdoor pizzas, or laptops. It also makes the perfect gaming board for chess, checkers, cards, or anything you like.

Turn Tree Stumps Into Fun Family Activities

Bring barrels of fun into your garden with this super-simple Tic Tac Toe tree stump! I love the creative use of natural materials in this design. It’s a fun and low-cost way to bring family games into the garden.

If you’ve got a few tree stumps to get creative, you can turn your garden into a natural playground with other fun activities such as checkers, a drawing board, and stepping stones.

epic tic tac toe on tree stump
Here’s one of our favorite ways to hide a tree stump in your garden from the Sew Many Ways blog. They turned their tree stump into a tic tac toe board! It costs much less than hiring someone to remove the tree stump. And – it will give you a fun project you can enjoy with friends afterward. PS – we also found a tic tac toe strategy that shows how to never lose at tic tac toe. Always go prepared!

Create a Home for Nature With Old Tree Stumps

We’re all well aware that our wildlife is getting a rough deal right now, but it is surprisingly straightforward to create a haven for wildlife in our gardens!

Old tree stumps can get used as a simple bird bath, or you could take this to the next level by incorporating a hollowed-out bird feeder.

Tree stumps are also great hideaways for insects, and you can turn your stump into a bug hotel to give critters a safe place to hide!

As tree stumps start to rot and decay, they will become more appealing to a more expansive range of creatures. So, by doing absolutely nothing and leaving your stump to succumb to natural degeneration, you are making a space for nature to thrive!

bird bath tree stump
Gardening Charlotte developed a borderline-genius method to upgrade your unwanted tree stump. Turn it into an epic tree stump bird bath! The stump acts as a pedestal to help serve your backyard birds. We love the idea – since creating bird-friendly landscapes can provide a joyous activity for your entire family. Having birds frolic and sing in your yard makes gardening five times more relaxing. We promise!

How Can I Disguise a Tree Stump?

Tree stumps cut low to the ground can be a problem – not tall enough to turn into a feature, but insanely difficult to remove! Luckily, we have some inspired ideas about how to disguise a tree stump to help you out.

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Decorative Tree Stump

If your stump has a level surface, the easiest thing to do is place something on top of it, like this beautiful stone flower decoration.

Clever Tree Stump Cover Up

Looking at the finished project, you’d never know that there was a tree stump here! 


Tree Stump Disguised With Climbing Plants

Some plants love to climb! They will quickly obscure an unsightly tree stump in your garden. Good climbing plants to cover a tree stump include clematis, climbing hydrangea, and Virginia creeper.

If you want your tree stump disguise to be productive, opt for vining vegetable plants such as sweet potatoes, squash, or zucchini.

tree stump flower planter
Louise from Herbs Crafts Gifts deserves praise for developing this lovely tree stump planter! Notice the beautiful geraniums, mums, and decorative grass. Look closely to see a morning glory vine climbing along the side. We love the creativity – and the beautiful flowers!

Can You Landscape Around a Tree Stump?

The great thing about a tree stump is that it adds height and structure to your garden. Whether you turn it into a central feature or want it to blend into the background, a tree stump can form an integral part of your garden landscaping.

lovely pink flowers growing in tree stump
Even if you remove your tree stump, there are still creative ways to put it to use. Here’s a beautiful tree stump garden design we found with plenty of beautiful colorful flowers. You could easily do the same with native blossoms of your choice. Or seasonal herbs for plenty of yummy kitchen spice.

Wildflower Garden With Tree Stump

I am in love with this beautiful wildflower garden with its decaying tree trunk hidden within an abundance of bee-friendly flowers.

Formal Front Yard Tree Stump Planting Scheme

Here is an excellent example of how a tree stump adds instant height to a planting scheme. The stump has been hollowed out and filled with flowers to give a splash of eye-level color.

lovely red flowers growing in tree stump
Here’s another breathtaking sample of how to decorate a tree stump using native shrubs, flowers, plants, or herbs. It reminds us of an excellent stumpery guide we read from the PennState Extension blog. The idea is to use tree stumps as a centralized garden feature. They’re one of our favorite ways to turn a tree stump into an outdoor asset – and an attractive backyard centerpiece.

What Do You Do With a Dead Tree Trunk?

One of my favorite creative ways to hide a tree stump, or do with a dead tree trunk is to turn it into a bench – that’s if I can stop my husband from hauling it away or chipping it for firewood! I love to have lots of little seats dotted all around the homestead, so we can take a break and enjoy observing the results of our labors.

Smaller logs can be hollowed out and made into planters, adding a splash of colorful flowers around your homestead.

Large tree stumps can also turn into seats – either as complex as these spectacular designs or something more straightforward but equally effective.

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How Do You Make a Stump Look Pretty?

The simplest way to make a tree stump look pretty is to fill it with flowers! This great video by Makers Lane shows you exactly how to do that – with an enormous tree stump in their front yard.

I love this tropical tree stump planter – the plants thrive in the damp center of the rotting tree stump.

This tree stump planter is beautiful, and the blog includes excellent tips on creating it successfully.

beautiful wooden carving from old tree stump
We found this legendary tree stump carving from deep within the English countryside. It’s one of the most creative ways to hide a tree stump in your garden. Admittedly, we don’t have the carving craftsmanship required to duplicate this epic piece of tree stump artwork! However, we figured it’s a worthwhile and creative share nevertheless.

Fairy House Tree Stump

On the topic of pretty tree stumps, we stumbled across this lovely story about a fairy tree stump in Norfolk, UK. The fairy house is not only hugely impressive, but the story behind it will bring tears to your eyes!

Here is a much simpler version of a fairy house tree stump with a step-by-step guide on how to make it.

And another one right here by The Magic Onions!

fairy tree house made from tree stump
We saved the most adorable way to decorate a tree stump for last. The epic and dazzling fairy tree house! The creators, Poppy, Jan, and Neil, made the house to help honor their friend who passed away, Emily Rush. We think the design ended up beautiful, exquisite, and flawless! It’s one of our favorites – by far. Image copyright – Archant 2017.

How Do You Hide a Tree Stump With a Wine Barrel?

If you can’t reconcile yourself to looking at a tree stump in your garden, hide it with a planter such as a wine barrel instead!

This blog by Cookie Crumbs and Sawdust gives some great inspiration for how a wine barrel can get used for hiding an unsightly tree stump.


I hope you feel as inspired as I am by all these incredible and creative ways to hide a tree stump! Turning your tree stump into a garden feature can reap huge benefits to your garden – and save you the cost of having them removed.

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