19 DIY Cheap Patio Paver Ideas for a Beautiful Walkway, Garden, or Yard!

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DIY cheap patio paver ideas! Cheap patio pavers are perfect for upgrading your backyard without spending too much cash. Because maybe you’re tired of gawking out your window at an empty backyard – or you wish you had a beautiful patio to enjoy. If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re about to showcase 19 DIY cheap patio paver ideas that will instantly enhance your patio, walkway, garden, or yard.

Lovely and neatly-installed decorative patio pavers along a driveway.

Whether you’re a total DIY beginner or a weekend warrior, these cheap DIY patio paver ideas will transform your backyard into a lovely patio paradise in no time. And without breaking the backyard budget.

Sound good?

Then let’s proceed!

Why Install Patio Pavers Yourself?

Have you been considering sprucing up your yard with a patio? If so, you must first decide if you should install patio pavers yourself – or hire someone to do it for you.

There are many reasons to consider DYI-ing this project – the most important one is to save money.

We all love saving money, and installing your patio pavers can help you do that. Sure, you may have to buy some tools you don’t already have, but in the end, those tools will be yours and can be used again and again on future projects. In addition, if done correctly, there should be no need to hire professional maintenance.

But that’s not the only reason to install DIY patio pavers without hiring a contractor.

Working with your hands is one of the most rewarding experiences for homesteaders. Not only will working on this project make your yard more beautiful and functional (which is an accomplishment in itself!), but you will also learn new skills that can help you with other homesteading projects in the future.

Plus, when people ask who did your paver patio installation, instead of replying I hired someone or My neighbor did it for me, you can proudly say that you handled the installation yourself!

What is the Cheapest Patio Paver?

Choosing the cheapest patio paver can be a daunting task. There are so many options. And all of them come with different price tags. Which one is right for you? Fear not!

Below are some patio paver materials for your outdoor living space. We ranked them from the lowest price to the highest. Bluestone and granite don’t come cheap! With this information in mind, you can move on to the DIY building projects described below with a better idea of the average costs for buying the cheapest pavers.

19 Patio Pavers for You to Try

We brainstormed for a week and penned the following list of the best patio pavers for DIY enthusiasts. We tried to include the cheapest and easiest options.

(We also snuck in a few premium methods. But they aren’t required – and we focused on easy DIY.)

We hope you enjoy them!

1. Pea Gravel

lovely rock and shrub garden with plants natural stone and tumbled pavers
We’re starting our list of DIY cheap patio paver ideas with one of our favorite Asian-themed landscaping materials. One that also doubles as a lovely garden cover. Pea gravel! We usually don’t like using rock mulch around plants (it seems painful for the tree roots – and we believe that rock mulch suffocates and hurts shrub growth) – yet we must admit that this patio paver garden looks elegant. And tidy! (We also concede that pea gravel, while perhaps not the most relaxed mulch style for your plants, possesses remarkable weed management benefits. Weeds cannot penetrate the pea gravel mulch. No doubt!)

Here’s the cheapest of the bunch. Pea gravel is an excellent option for a patio material if you’re looking for something affordable and easy to install. Pea gravel is small stones that are easy to spread and level, making it an ideal choice for DIYers.

Pea gravel comes in diverse colors, so you can easily find something that suits your taste. However, since it’s not very sturdy, pea gravel isn’t suitable for high-traffic areas or driveways.

2. Brick Pavers

lovely backyard fireplace with pavers and stones
Brick pavers are excellent cheap patio paver ideas that look chic and provide a hard backyard surface for chairs, tables, relaxing, and unwinding. You could also add various backyard accessories to upgrade your brick patio pavers – consider this epic backyard fire pit and retaining wall. Installing brick patio pavers is straightforward, but there are a few critical tips homesteaders must follow! Check out this 10-step patio paver installation guide from the Oregon State University Extension for a quick overview. They list vital tips for brick, stone, and concrete pavers. They also discuss paver edging, excavation, laying, sealing, and more. It’s an excellent cheat sheet for anyone considering a DIY patio paver installation.

Brick pavers are slightly more expensive than pea gravel but still a reasonably affordable DIY option. They have a classic, timeless look and come in several shapes and sizes. Bricks are also durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, making them our favorite choice for walkways or pathways around your home.

Plus, they’re easy to maintain since they don’t require much upkeep or sealants.

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3. Porcelain Pavers

backyard garden furniture on the patio on a sunny day
Porcelain pavers help make your patio or deck feel more elegant and sophisticated than stones, bricks, or granite. Porcelain pavers are also perfect for our homesteading friends with mobility limitations who don’t want to fuss with tripping on loose garden stones, pebbles, roots, or rocks. Porcelain flooring can also provide a hard flat surface perfect for hosting guests offering comfy furniture, chairs, seating, and tables. (Ensure your porcelain pavers have a textured surface – otherwise, they might be more slippery than they appear.)

Porcelain pavers are one of the most popular patio paving materials because they offer style and durability without breaking the bank. Porcelain is strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic while still being visually appealing with its range of colors and patterns available on the market today.

On top of that, porcelain pavers require minimal maintenance – all you need is occasional sweeping and mopping to keep them looking their best.

4. Bluestone, Granite, and Flagstone – the Most Expensive Pavers

tables and chairs with flagstone pavers surrounded by lush verdure
Bluestone and granite patio pavers are the best if you want a sleek and modern design. Conversely, flagstone is probably our favorite DIY patio paver option if you seek undeniable rustic charm. Flagstone is perfect for a pastoral backyard adorned with a coffee table, potted plants, and comfy cushioned chairs. Flagstone also offers many benefits of brick or granite patio pavers while appearing more natural.

Bluestone, granite, and flagstone are among the most expensive patio pavers available due to their beauty and strength; however, if money isn’t an issue, these might be your best bet. They’ll last for years with minimal maintenance required aside from cleaning with soap and water.

Bluestone is especially popular as it has natural anti-slip properties making it perfect for wet areas like pool decks or outdoor showers. The unique color palette makes it easy to incorporate into any design scheme – from traditional to modern styles.

Granite adds timeless elegance while flagstone offers old-world charm – both materials are sure to last years even in harsh climates.

5. Plastic Molds to Make Your Pavers

pouring cement into patio paver molds
Can’t find the perfect patio paver? Then make your own! Here you see a homesteader pouring liquid cement into patio paver molds. Plastic or cement molds are fun DIY patio paver ideas if you like getting your hands dirty. (You can also experiment with various textures, colors, and designs.)

Plastic molds are the way to go if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your pavers. All you have to do is buy plastic molds for making your pavers. Then mix up some concrete and pour it into the molds.

Once it has set, pop out the pavers from their molds and lay them on your patio area. There’s no need to hire professionals or rent expensive equipment. Just mold and go. This is one of our favorite DIY cheap patio paver ideas!

6. Stepping Stones

backyard garden with stepping stones gravel and raised garden beds
Stepping stones are one of our favorite ways to upgrade backyard gardens, walkways, patios, and side yards. They’re probably the easiest patio pavers to install. And they look great in contemporary or vintage settings. Here’s one example of a lovely fenced-in UK garden with stepping stones atop some rock gravel. Also, notice the raised garden beds, shrubs, potted plants, and vegetables. And the wonderful climbing vines!

Another underrated option for creating a unique DIY patio is stepping stones. This project requires minimal effort and can get done in no time.

All you need is some stones or bricks that are large enough to walk on comfortably. And some gravel or sand for any gaps between them. Lay out the stepping stones in whatever pattern suits your fancy, fill in any gaps with gravel or sand, and voila! You now have a one-of-a-kind stepping-stone patio.

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7. Fire Pit Patios

backyard patio with stone fire pit and pavers
Check out this excellent backyard fire pit! It’s resting atop some hard patio paver. While the fire pit looks incomplete, we think it’s almost ready to use. It only needs a few more bricks! If you want something similar, read our building a smokeless fire pit guide. We share our best tips for constructing a smokeless fire pit from scratch – so you can enjoy a relaxing backyard fire without getting smoke in your eyes.

This fire pit patio project requires more planning than our other two options but can be just as rewarding if done correctly.

First things first! Make sure you pick out an area where there won’t be any risk of fire hazards, such as trees or buildings nearby. Next, build your patio by laying down pavers and filling the gaps with gravel or sand. (As we discussed earlier).

The next step is an additional safety feature. You can erect a wall around your fire pit using brick or stone blocks so the surrounding area won’t get too hot when lit up. Lastly, enjoy your cozy new fire pit with friends.

8. Aggregate Pavers

aggregate concrete patio tiles with various colored pebbles
Aggregate pavers come in various textures, styles, colors, and prices. The main benefit they feature is their slip resistance. Aggregate pavers are an excellent choice if you or your loved ones are elderly homesteaders at risk of slipping and falling. They’re also arguably one of the most versatile patio paver options, as many styles exist. Silver, gray, and slate are popular colors that match most outdoor elements and add a lovely (and modern) textural dimension.

These are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability and easy installation process.

Aggregate pavers are made of pea gravel and concrete, making them sturdy and durable while still operating lightweight. They also come in many colors, patterns, and sizes that can fit any budget or aesthetic. This option requires minimal maintenance and will last for years if properly cared for and upheld.

9. Cheap Red Bricks

sleek backyard fire pit with fancy floodlit patio paver
Red bricks are an instant classic for any backyard patio, fireplace, walkway, chill spot, or homestead. Red bricks also have other advantages other than being inexpensive. We read from the University of Missouri Extension website that brick and sand are among the easiest to handle paving materials. (One of our favorite tips from their guide is to use hard-burned brick. Not soft brick! Soft brick breaks way too readily when used for patios or walls.)

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option that doesn’t skimp on aesthetics, cheap red bricks might be one of the best DIY patio paver ideas.

The rustic look of a brick patio adds a unique charm to any outdoor space without dragging you into the poor house. They are simple to install but require more maintenance than other options since they may need occasional repairs or replacements.

10. Meshed Flagstone Paver Tile

elegant flagstone patio pavers with creeping blue star growing in between the stones
Here’s one of our favorite DIY patio paver materials for vintage, rustic, rural, and Earthy homesteads. Flagstone! Flagstone patio pavers look beautiful strewn about your backyard patio, walkway, or rock garden. They come in a variety of colors and help accent any homestead style. They also look true to life. And natural!

Flagstones are one of the best-looking patio paver ideas. However, we must admit that some flagstone pavers get tremendously expensive – well into the thousands of dollars for a decent-sized flagstone starter kit.

The good news is that flagstone pavers look great almost anywhere. And they’re also easy to install. However, if you’re trying to keep costs to a minimum, we advise against using flagstone pavers exclusively.

11. Try a Framed Design

modern backyard patio and rectangular concrete fire pit framed by slate pavers
Check out this chic backyard patio with a fire pit and modern-looking interlocking pavers. The wall would eloquently house several potted plants. But try not to use the fireplace too often. Otherwise, the plants might dry up! (You may need to water them more frequently!)

If you want a patio paver with more visual impact, try creating a framed patio design with interlocking stones or wooden planks. This type of patio requires precise measurement work upfront but pays off with its eye-catching geometric patterns. It’s also relatively easy to maintain once installed.

12. Try Stamped Concrete

stamp concrete textured walkway with reflection from sunlight on the pavers
Stamped concrete patio paver feels textured and looks modern and sleek. It’s also tremendously durable and highly weather resistant. Most stamped concrete we’ve seen has a dark-gray or dark-silver appearance. However, you can also get stamped concrete that resembles wood, brick, slate, and cobblestones. It’s a strong and versatile DIY patio paver choice. But it’s not the cheapest option on our list.

Stamped concrete is another one of our underrated DIY cheap patio paver ideas for those who want the look of stone without all the work.

This method involves pouring concrete onto your patio space and stamping it with a patterned roller while the concrete pavers are still wet. And when it dries, boom! You have a perfect patio that looks like a team of professionals installed it for you. Plus, it’s easy to repair if something goes wrong.

13. Add Rocks to Reduce Patio Stone Numbers

beautiful and neat garden with tumbled paver patio flagstones and cedar fence
Here’s a backyard garden patio worth visiting! It’s alongside a modern Japanese-inspired shrub garden with an excellent flagstone walkway. Notice the smaller rock pebbles (cobblestones or rock mulch) strewn between larger stepping stones. The colorful plants in the background add another dimension – and more appeal.

If you’re looking to reduce the number of patio stones needed for your DIY cheap patio paver ideas project but don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics, try adding rocks to your design. Patio rocks are great for filling in gaps between stones and can provide extra stability. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can get creative with your design without selling off half of your farm!

14. Give Oversized Pavers a Try

oversized stone pavers and tiles for building a patio hardscape and walkway
Here you see a handful of oversized pavers to help complete the overall patio and walkway design. Larger pavers cover much more surface area than tiny red bricks or cobblestones – and they’re arguably faster to install. The only trouble is that they’re heavy! Ten-by-ten or twelve-by-twelve patio pavers can weigh anywhere from 30 to 80 pounds. So, if you get tired after working all day, remember to ask for help! (Or, bring friends!)

For those who want something unique, oversized pavers are the way to go. These larger-than-life stones make any outdoor space look elegant and are surprisingly easy to install. Starting is easy. Get some gravel and sand for leveling purposes. Then you can start building your dream patio today.

15. Try Resin Pavers

black and white resin gravel paved walkway jogging track or small road
We admit that resin pavers aren’t the most organic patio paver materials. However, resin pavers look tidy and can offer your backyard or homestead some refined backyard and patio space perfect for get-togethers and lounging. Patio pavers also give plenty of clutter-free leeway for configuring backyard tables, chairs, or furniture.

These sturdy plastic pavers are excellent for creating an elegant look without spending too much money or time on installation. They’re also lightweight and easy to clean – perfect for busy homeowners who don’t have time to fuss over their patios incessantly.

16. Build a Patio With a Retaining Wall

paver deck and block retaining wall with lovely waterfall and pond
Check out this beautiful retaining wall alongside a topiary garden, birdbath, waterfall, and several shrubs. Retaining walls are one of the most advanced projects on our list. But the results looked so good that we wanted to share them with you! And if you’re worried that you can’t reproduce a grandiloquent retaining wall – no worries! We found a helpful retaining wall guide with tips for on-site placement, materials, drainage, and more from PlantTalk Colorado. (The retaining wall guide won’t turn you into a master mason or wall builder overnight. But it has many helpful tips to make your task slightly less arduous!)

If you’re looking for something rewarding and aesthetically pleasing, look no further than building a patio with a retaining wall. Retaining walls will create an elevated area that requires minimal upkeep and is perfect for entertaining guests.

Plus, the walls will protect your patio from the elements and provide extra seating. To make it even easier, you can purchase pre-made blocks or slabs of concrete that you can lay down in any configuration.

17. Use Circular Pavers

ornamental brick pavers and colorful flowers in flowerpots after a rainy day
Want something less daunting than building a retaining wall from scratch? Consider circular patio pavers. Circular and round pavers look dapper and come in various styles, colors, and sizes. Most local hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot sell several round paver styles perfect for walkways, patios, backyards, terraces, and even sidewalks. (Some round patio pavers are relatively small – around eight inches by eight inches. Others are much larger.)

Another great way to keep things simple is to use circular pavers. This option allows you to create breathtaking patterns without having to do too much digging or laying of foundation materials. Best of all, circular pavers come in infinite styles, sizes, and colors, so you can customize them to fit whatever design suits your taste.

18. Try Decorative Stones

beautiful firepit and pavers and small landscaping stones at dusk
We saved one of the best-looking patio paver designs for the end of our list. These decorative stones interlock and provide elegant floor space for all visitors. A side panel of rock mulch and a to-die-for smokeless fire pit complete the DIY patio. Add a few rocking chairs and a cooler. And then we’ll call it a night!

Decorative stones are another great option when you want something quick and easy. You can buy them in bulk at most home improvement stores, then lay them out however you’d like around your outdoor space.

The stones come in different shapes and sizes. You can mix and match them for maximum effect. Plus, they tend to last longer than other patios since they don’t require any maintenance beyond occasional sweeping or hosing off.

19. Use Irregular Concrete Step Stones (As a Kit)

gorgeous backyard garden oasis with walking path and stepping stones
Here you see some oddly-shaped sandstone pavers or stepping stones leading to a small garden patio oasis. It shows that you don’t need fancy symmetrical patio pavers for a breathtaking backyard escape. Mother nature knows best – as natural-looking stones never fail to delight. And sometimes, the most uncomplicated patio paver ideas look the best!

Finally, there’s always the option of using irregular concrete step stones as part of a kit. These kits usually come with everything you need to assemble an entire patio quickly and easily – including the stones themselves, mortar, sandpaper, grout, sealant, and tools – so all you have to do is follow the instructions included with the kit.

Kits like this make it incredibly easy to build a beautiful patio yourself. Without having to hire anyone else or have any special skills!

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of DIY patio project you decide on – whether it be building a retaining wall patio, using circular pavers, decorative stones, or irregular concrete step stones – it’s important to remember that these projects aren’t only about aesthetics. They’re also about creating an inviting outdoor space for yourself and others.

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry – there are lots of patio paver options that will help you create a gorgeous outdoor oasis in a budget-friendly way.

Spruce up the entire space with these fun and cheap paver patio ideas – and be sure to pick up some new outdoor furniture while you’re at it!

And in the meantime, let us know if you have questions about cheap patio paver ideas.

We love hearing your feedback.

And we’re here to help!

Thanks again for reading.

Have a great day!

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