Best Fencing Pliers – The 6 Best Fence Pliers for the Job

There’s always fencing to be done on a homestead or farm, and the best fencing pliers make your life a lot easier. I have one set of pliers I always carry with me. They’re the pliers that can do anything – grab wire, twist it, cut it – I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes, they’re even used as a hammer (shock horror!).

Then, if I’m on a serious fencing mission or building a chicken run, I also carry a good pair of cutting pliers. I absolutely love my Knipex pliers, which is why they’re number one. These pliers make it ridiculously easy to cut through wire, something my general-purpose fencing pliers struggle with, even though they will do the job in a pinch.

Here we go for the best fencing pliers for your homestead or farm!

Best Fencing Pliers

  1. Best fencing pliers: Knipex CoBolt Compact fencing pliers
  2. Klein Tools High-Leverage Fencing Pliers
  3. Crescent 10-1/4″ fencing pliers
  4. Milwaukee Comfort Grip fencing pliers
  5. Irwin Vise-Grip fencing pliers
  6. Bates Fencing Pliers

1. Knipex CoBolt Compact Fencing Pliers/Cutters

KNIPEX - 71 01 200 Tools - CoBolt...
2,069 Reviews
KNIPEX - 71 01 200 Tools - CoBolt...
  • Precision Grade Performance Tools
  • The Number 1 Choice Of Tradesman Worldwide
  • Comfortable In Use And Quality Assured Design
  • Fit To Match The Needs In The Shop, At Home Or In The Service Field
  • Each Tool Is Proven And Tested For Durability And Function In Real World Use And...

These fencing pliers are the bomb. They’re not exactly fencing pliers, but if you have fencing to do, there will be cutting to do, and these pliers slice through wire like a knife through butter.

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These fencing pliers cut wire up to 1/4″ diameter. They’re true quality made in Germany. It has a lever-action design that applies much more force than standard pliers – up to 20 times more in fact.

These pliers will cut cotter pins, nails, fish hooks, and any type of fencing. They’re made of chrome vanadium electric steel and super lightweight. You can carry these in your pocket all day long and not notice them.

My dream team for fencing!

2. Klein Tools High Leverage Fencing Pliers

Klein Tools D213-9NE Pliers, 9-Inch Side...
2,463 Reviews
Klein Tools D213-9NE Pliers, 9-Inch Side...
  • High-leverage design. Rivet is closer to the cutting edge for 46% greater cutting and...
  • Hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble
  • Induction hardened cutting knives for long life
  • Streamlined design with sure-gripping, cross-hatched knurled jaws
  • Unique handle tempering helps absorb the ''snap'' when cutting wire

Klein Tools has been manufacturing high-quality hand tools for over 160 years, all made in the USA. These fencing pliers are no exception.

Klein’s side-cutting fencing pliers give you 46% more cutting and gripping power than standard pliers, due to high-leverage design. They’re induction-hardened so they’re exceptionally durable. These fencing pliers really grip onto wire with their sure-gripping, cross-hatched jaws.

They’re also super easy to handle with “handform” handles, hot-riveted joints, and unique handle tempering (no wire snap!). Definitely one of the best fencing pliers you can add your toolset.

3. Crescent 100010VN 10-1/4″ Button Fencing Pliers

Crescent 100010VN 10-1/4' Button Pliers...
76 Reviews
Crescent 100010VN 10-1/4" Button Pliers...
  • Button Pliers
  • Designed for construction and maintenance of wire fencing
  • Flat nose with 3 wire Cutters, pipe grips, teeth in extreme tip of nose

These are the fencing pliers I have now, combined with the Knipex pliers that are currently the best fencing pliers on this list. These are great pliers. They’re tough and durable, and they do all the fencing jobs you need them to do.

My main issue with them (which is why they’re not on number 2) is that they’re not particularly great at cutting. Maybe if you have big, strong hands this isn’t the case, but I much rather use my Knipex cutters for cutting. Then I’ll use these Crescent pliers to grab wire, twist it, rip it, whatever I need to do. And hammer…

A great all-round fencing plier that lasts for years and years.

4. Milwaukee Comfort Grip Fencing Pliers

Milwaukee 48-22-6410 Fencing Pliers
33 Reviews
Milwaukee 48-22-6410 Fencing Pliers
  • Fencing Pliers
  • The product is easy to use and easy to handle
  • The product is highly durable

Milwaukee is well-known for its quality tools, and it’s one of my husband’s favorites. He works on big machinery as a diesel mechanic and his tools have a tough life. Milwaukee tools have proven that they’re up to the job and they’ve lasted really well, even under harsh conditions.

These comfort grip pliers are a multi-purpose design, which is what you want in the best fencing pliers. The best ones do all your fencing jobs so you only have to carry one tool!

These fencing pliers are a staple puller, staple pincher, hammer, fencing wire crimper, fencing wire puller, and fencing wire cutter all in one. How good is it that it includes the “hammer” feature, we don’t have to feel bad anymore for using them to whack stuff with!

They have a forged head so they last longer in tough conditions, rust protection, and curved handles for nice ergonomics.

5. Irwin Vise-Grip Fencing Pliers 10-1/4″

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Pliers, Fencing,...
1,140 Reviews
IRWIN VISE-GRIP Pliers, Fencing,...
  • Constructed from durable nickel chromium steel. Machined jaws for maximum gripping...
  • Anti-pinch, non-slip ProTouch Grips provide comfort, control, and less hand fatigue.
  • This is the only tool you need to work on metal and wood posts.

Another great set of all-in-one fencing pliers. They’re made from nickel-chromium steel with machined jaws for extra grip. These fencing pliers are a great price too.

They feature Irwin’s ProTouch Grips for extra comfort and control, and to reduce hand fatigue. You’ll really appreciate that if you’ve got a few miles of fencing to do!

Some things reviewers on Amazon mentioned:

It is particularly great for removing fence staples from old fencing (which can be such a hassle). I read on other people reviews complaints about the pliers being stiff and hard to open or use. This is not my experience at all.

These fencing pliers are very well made and not some skinny cast junk like I’ve seen before. I expect these will last a good long time and help to build and repair miles of fence (If I don’t drop them in the grass). The grip fits well in my hand with or without gloves which is a plus.

The angle of the crook is too steep to pound out an old staple from a post, the tolerances on the machined grooves are too large to genuinely grip a wire for tension, and the machined groves in the plier head are too large to genuinely grip two wires for a wrap.

6. Bates Best Fencing Pliers

Bates- Pliers, Fencing Pliers, Fence...
350 Reviews
Bates- Pliers, Fencing Pliers, Fence...
  • 10 inch heavy duty fencing pliers, 7/32 inch cutting capacity
  • Made From polished Steel alloy For Long Lasting Performance And Preventing Rust
  • Soft Plastic Coated Grip
  • Corrugated hammer head, two wire cutters, staple grips, and wire grip for stretching wire
  • Perfect For Carpenters, Construction, Handymen

Our cheapest best fencing pliers for today! Coming in at only $14.99, they’re quite a bargain. These have great reviews, around 64 of them with an average of around 4.4 out of 5. That’s pretty good for a $15 pair of fencing pliers.

They’re 10″ pliers with a 7/32″ cutting capacity. It’s a multi-purpose tool as well. You can use them as fencing pliers, staple puller, nail puller, cutter, and a hammer. They’re made from polished alloy for durability and to prevent it from rusting.

Corrugated head for extra grip too. These pliers aren’t the highest quality. With tools you generally do get what you pay for. They’re also best for large hands and they take a fair bit of hand strength to cut through wire. Still, if you’re after cheap fencing pliers, they’re worth a go.

Best Fencing Pliers Buyer’s Guide

What Are Fencing Pliers?

Fencing pliers are a multi-use tool that you carry with you when you’re out fencing. Fencing pliers often have the following features:

  • A hammer head. This is used for hammering stuff in, like knocking in staples (for example, to attach fencing wire to a wooden post).
  • Wire cutters. There are slots on the sides of the pliers (side-cutters) and often also on the inside of the jaws to cut wire. The quality of your fencing pliers will dictate how big a wire you can cut. If you need to cut a lot of wire, general-purpose fencing pliers might not be your best bet, and it’s easier to carry a pair of small bolt cutters with you. Like the Knipex fencing cutters, which are my favorite cutting tool.
  • A spike. The spike can be used to get old staples out.
  • Pincers. For grabbing wire, twisting it, anything you need to hold onto to. They’re often machined or corrugated for extra grip.
  • Grips. The grips are to hold onto, of course, but they can also be used to tension wire and to join wires together.

When you’re buying the best fencing pliers, look at the quality. This is the one tool you don’t want to do without on a farm, so if you’re carrying only one tool with you – make sure it’s a good one!

What are your favorite best fencing pliers?

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