5 Awesome Chicken Coop Signs Ideas

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A roundup of awesome signs for your chicken coop! Your girls (and boys, possibly?) will live a life in style with one of these signs, no doubt about that.

  1. Rise & Shine Mother Cluckers

By CCR Custom Metals, Etsy

I love this chicken coop sign by CCR Custom Metals. Made from metal, it’ll last forever outside. These signs are all hand cut with a plasma machine. 

2. Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs

Wally’s Wood Crafts

Not that there is such a thing as a ‘Wicked Chicken’, but this sign is still pretty cool. I suppose they can be a little wicked and certainly not without attitude; mine have been known to steal the dogs’ bones!

3. Sometimes You Just Gotta Say Cluck It and Walk Away

Grateful Heart Design

Well, yes, indeed! Cluck it! Handmade from solid wood, and engraved rather stylishy – this sign will brighten up your chicken coop for sure.

4. She’s Beauty & Grace…. She Will Peck You in the Face

Warmth of Wood Tx

A chicken with attitude…. This one is perfect for my dog-bone-stealing chicken! This sign is hand-painted on pine wood, pellet-style. These guys have a lot of great chicken coop signs, including one I love a lot: “The pet that poops breakfast”. If that doesn’t make you want to have eggs for breakfast, I don’t know what will!

5. Laid in the U.S.A.

Twisselman Trading Co

For the patriotic chicken, this sign is the perfect match! You can select different finishes, and it’ll last well outdoors being made out of 14 gauge steel using a CNC plasma machine.

A short, but hopefully entertaining post. Maybe it’s inspired you to create your own awesome chicken coop sign, or do you already have one? Love to see your photo’s below.

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