Best Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters – Don’t Let the Cold Stop You!

The arrival of cold weather doesn’t have to be the end of outdoor parties. The best wall mounted outdoor heaters will keep the party going long after the leaves have fallen. From your basic element heaters, to models that can be adjusted by remote control, they’re small and unobtrusive yet powerful enough to keep your entertainment area toasty and your guests happy. 

Best Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters Review 

  1. Aqziill Wall Mounted Outdoor Patio Heater
  2. Trustech Wall Mounted Outdoor Heater w/3s-Fast Heating & Remote Control
  3. Trustech 1500W Garage Infrared Heater w/Remote
  4. Thermoflow HS2400NA Electric Infrared Radiant Space Heater
  5. Muskoka Commercial SunWave 3000W with Remote Patio Heater


What Wall Mounted Outdoor Heater to Choose?

Outdoor wall mounted heater‘ is a pretty broad term for a whole bunch of different products. Some heaters give off a warming glow, while others don’t, some emit a great deal of warmth, while others are mild; some can chug away happily in the heaviest rainfall, while others need to be protected against the elements. 

You’ve also got the freestanding and ornamental heaters, but we’re not going to talk about those here. The great thing about wall mounted heaters is that you don’t even notice they’re there; they take up no space, leaving more room for guests or other decorative pieces.

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SUNHEAT Wall-mounted Electric Patio Heater- 3000W
SUNHEAT Wall-mounted Electric Patio Heater- 3000W – $289
SUNHEAT heaters use a patented quartz lamp surrounded by an emitter. The gold coated emitter is designed to deliver a hotter, more instant heat. Unlike other outdoor heaters, SUNHEAT wall mounted heaters give a very low glare, but you will feel warm and

Infrared or Convection Heater?

Our most-loved heaters are a combination of convection heaters and infrared heaters. Convection heaters deliver warmth through convection, heating the air and blasting it downwards, which rises above the cold air. 

Infrared heaters heat the air through radiation instead. Now, don’t freak out like I did when I saw the word ‘radiation’ on the box; this isn’t like having a nuclear reactor on your patio. All objects radiate heat when they’re surrounded by cool air. It’s a totally normal concept and is completely safe.

We all absorb heat radiated from the sun and we all radiate heat into the air when it’s cold outside. So, the infrared heat given off by infrared heaters is no different to any electric radiators, underfloor heating, or towel rails you have in your home. 

The type of heater you choose is completely up to you; there aren’t huge differences between the two. Because convection heaters heat the air directly, it can be irritating for some people who have sensitive skin, for example. But this aside, they’re very similar products. 

Until fairly recently, most heaters used convection because it was safer. After all, who wants a boiling hot piece of metal exposed inside the home? Sounds like an accident waiting to happen, especially around kids or pets.

However, modern designs superheat a filament that’s protected inside of metal casing, which makes it much safer than it used to be, so many people choose infrared instead. It’s all about personal preference. 

You could go for an outdoor fireplace too, look at this amazing one from Frontera:

Phoenix Fireplace
Phoenix Fireplace

from: Frontera Furniture Company

Picking the Best Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters 

Your typical wall mounted outdoor heater will use the filament — or ‘element’ — I mentioned above. They’ll usually heat it to anywhere between 300 and 2600 degrees celsius. Obviously, you don’t want this anywhere near you or your guests, so it’s normally protected by a metal grill. But for extra protection, it’s also good to mount them on the wall, which is why I much prefer these to freestanding heaters. 

When it comes to outdoor spaces, radiated heat is your friend. Convection heaters don’t really perform well in wide-open outdoor areas, as they diffuse hot air to the coldest spaces. If you’re not in an enclosed space, the hot air won’t stick around for long. But for enclosed spaces with protection against the wind, they can still be used, which is why I’ve not ruled them out. 

By the way, while you’re having your lovely, warm, outdoor party, do you know how to keep flies away from food at an outdoor party?

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Mounting your outdoor heater

As we’re only looking at the best wall mounted heaters and not the freestanding type, you’re going to have a small DIY job on your hands. The good news is that these heaters almost always come with brackets. The bad news is that these can sometimes be too flimsy to rely on. 

You should aim to install your heater a safe distance from the ground; I recommend testing on a safe, ground-level surface to work out the effective range and “safe” range — that is, the range at which you can bask in its heat without getting scalded. Once you’ve worked this out, mount it to brick or wood, depending on the instructions provided by the heater. 


Firefall Outdoor Heater for Patio

Our Top 5 Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters 

1. Aqziill Outdoor Heater Patio Heater

I really loved this heater, it makes a great change from the common silver designs that flood the market. In my opinion, the sleek black looks much better against brickwork or wood, and even with the protective grill and visible element, it still looks stylish. 

I tested this heater above my patio doors, with the cable fixed to the wall with cable grips and running down into an outdoor power socket alongside the door frame. At 67-inches, it didn’t feel like I was short on cabling, but you should check the distance between the space you want to heat and the nearest socket. 

You’ve got three different levels of heat, and it is infrared heat, not convection, so it won’t be lost to the wild if you mount it on a patio. You can stick it to a wall or a ceiling, increasing your options in a tight space too. Comparing the best wall mounted outdoor heaters, this heater’s main drawback is the size; it’s pretty wide compared to alternatives. 


  • 67-inch cord isn’t restrictive and easily reaches sockets; 
  • Offers three different variations of heat;
  • Can be mounted to a ceiling if space isn’t readily available; 
  • IP65 waterproof rating means you needn’t worry about the rain. 


  • Longer design takes up additional space; 
  • Heavier than you’d expect for an aluminium design; 
  • No rotation or movement for heating wider areas

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2. Trustech Outdoor Heater w/3s-Fast Heating & Remote Control

This wall mounted outdoor heater is practically the same size as my top pick for best wall mounted outdoor heater, though it isn’t quite as stylish so it lost out on first place. However, it does share a couple of awesome features, like the remote control to stop you overreaching for the controls, plus a generous length of power cord for easy installation. 

The built-in LCD is good for seeing when you’ve reached the desired temperature, though for wide open spaces, you’ll probably want to keep it chugging away. But if you don’t, there’s a timer you can use to automatically shut it all down — I found this great for when I’ve got guests and a million other things to think about. 

My main gripes are that you can’t leave this exposed to the elements, as it isn’t waterproof, plus it sucks a lot of power. If you have a limited outdoor power supply or generator, the highest setting may dim your lights. And while the timer is great, I just wish that it could remember your settings between uses. 


  • Cover a large area; 
  • Timer can be used for auto shut-off;
  • Built-in LCD screen clearly displays the temperature inside the room;  
  • Comes with a remote control; 
  • The power cord is long enough to not cause headaches. 


  • Not suitable for all-weather use;
  • Looks cheaper than my favorite heater, above; 
  • Sucks a lot of power on the highest heat settings;
  • Timer doesn’t “remember” your preferences from one day to the next.

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3. Trustech 1500W Garage Infrared Heater with Remote

This is probably the smallest heater of the three we’ve looked at so far. I do feel like you sacrifice some power for the trade-off though. Unless you’re using the highest heat output — 1500W — then it may not be enough for exposed or very large areas. 

And to be honest, that might be your preference anyway, as I’ve found that this heater hums audibly on the lower setting. Speaking of drawbacks, you can only switch the heater on with the remote, so if you were to lose it, you’d be a little stuck.

Also, the mounting brackets are pretty flimsy, though you can at least remedy this by just buying some separately — don’t let it put you off. 

What I did like was how compact and light this thing is, which makes it really easy to install. And it has two great features that more than make up for the negatives. You’ve got an automatic shutdown for when the heater senses that it’s overheating, as well as a timer you can set so it’ll turn off by itself if you forget to do it when the night ends. 


  • Really lightweight and doesn’t take up much space;
  • Three settings — low, medium, and high heat output for varied weather;
  • Automatic shutdown when desired temperature is achieved; 
  • A 24-hour timer lets you rest easy if you forget to switch off when you turn in for the night.


  • Can only be switched on with the remote;
  • The mounting brackets are fairly flimsy;
  • Less powerful than my top two heaters; 
  • At lower heat output settings, this heater tends to hum.

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4. Thermoflow HS2400NA Electric Infrared Radiant Space Outdoor Wall Heater

Though this came fourth on my list of best wall mounted outdoor heaters, I’ll admit that it’s the most attractive-looking of the lot. The black, anodized aluminum looks great, plus the anti-glow on the element does away with that orange glow that people don’t always like. 

It’s a little larger and heavier than some of the others, so you’ll need to make sure you make good use of the mounting brackets and attach it firmly. But you won’t need to worry about mounting it within arm’s reach as there are no manual controls. Just don’t misplace the remote, or you’ll be stuck with an attractive ornament that you can’t use. 

There’s a timer built-in with 1, 2 and 4-hour limits, or you can just have it run indefinitely until you choose to switch it off. There’s also a safety feature that will kill the power if the element hits 248 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping you safe from fire hazards. 

The main reason I marked this one down is due to the heat output. There are only two different settings and while the highest — 2400W — is more powerful than the 1500W offered by some of the above, more impressive heaters, it just never seems to get as warm as those. 


  • The most stylish of the heaters I looked at; 
  • Timer comes with multiple settings to choose from; 
  • Overheat protection set at 248 degrees Fahrenheit protects against accidents; 
  • Black anodized aluminum is IPX4 water-resistant and anti-glow to preserve style. 


  • Only has two heat settings — 1200 and 2400W; 
  • Again, this is also lacking any manual controls on the unit itself; 
  • Slightly heavier and thus harder to install than the other contenders.

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5. Muskoka Commercial SunWave 3000W with Remote Patio Heater

This is by far the most powerful outdoor heater I’ve ranked here. And while that’s great for some situations, it wasn’t so useful for me. Installed at a height of around 6-foot in a limited space, the heat was really intense — too much, in fact. I think you’ll need at least 8 feet to be safe from this miniature sun. 

But don’t worry, because the power cable is plenty long enough to reach an extension socket — within reason of course. One thing I really liked about this unit is that you can install multiples of these heaters yet still only use a single remote control for all of them by pointing it directly at the one you want to control. 

Onto the drawbacks, the main niggle for me was that the heater doesn’t have a standard USA plug; it’s a three-pronged plug, meaning you’ll need an adapter. I also found the instructions to be of little use during installation. And, of course, don’t mount it too close unless you want a sun tan. 


  • Decent length of cord for reaching the outlets;
  • Up to 3000W output, the highest I’ve reviewed; 
  • Remote is compatible with more than one heater installed simultaneously; 
  • In addition to a remote control, there are manual controls built into the device itself;


  • Mounting instructions can be a little difficult to follow; 
  • Up close, this heater can almost be too much;
  • Doesn’t have a standard USA plug, so you’ll need an adapter. 

Check Price on Amazon

What Is the Best Wall Mounted Outdoor Heater?

So, to wrap things up, my clear favorite here was the Aqziill Outdoor Heater Patio Heater. It’s an infrared heater, meaning that it won’t dry out the air, nor will it blast all the heat away into the atmosphere leaving you with no benefit. It also had the best waterproofing of any heater, and the levels of heat available through the various settings catered for weather both mild and cold — it didn’t leave me shivering or sweltering under the heat. 

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