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7 Inspirational Tiny House Furniture Ideas for Small Living Spaces

Tiny house living has become more and more popular in recent years, with people creating breathtaking and versatile living spaces. And as someone who has been living in a small campervan for the last six months, I fully appreciate the joys of living in a small home!

However, when it comes to planning your living space with tiny house furniture – it’s tricky knowing where to start!

Most furniture designed for modern-day houses would look ridiculous crammed into a small living space! The furniture items would take up all of the available space.

But don’t panic – there are some borderline-genius and inspiring ideas for tiny house furniture out there!

When it comes to tiny house furniture, the best place to start is to look for space-saving alternatives. And if your chosen piece of furniture can carry out more than one function, then even better!

Where Can I Buy Furniture for Small Spaces?

Keep your eye open for great secondhand bargains in your neighborhood, or upcycle some furniture found in thrift stores!

What do all off-gridders and homesteaders do best?

Upcycling, of course! So if you’re handy with a power tool, then keep an eye out for furniture thrown out or in thrift stores.

(Also – search Facebook for groups in your hometown. If you keep your eyes peeled – people are gifting furniture to neighbors or selling it for good deals all the time.)

There are also some s DIY blogs on how to create your furniture for small spaces, such as this great little fold-down table

Making your furniture sounds good in theory. But sometimes, you want a quick fix! So where do you go to buy the best tiny house furniture?

A great place to start is suppliers of furniture for caravans, campervans, and mobile homes. These are all specialists in making things fit into small spaces!

They will likely have just what you are looking for, especially when it comes to smaller household appliances such as washing machinesdishwashers, and refrigerators.

Don’t rule out mainstream furniture suppliers, though – you may be surprised by what you can find online!

As more and more people move to small apartment living, I’m sure manufacturers will notice the increased demand for small furniture such as this versatile folding desk – and others!

Our Pick
Small 31.5" Folding Computer Desk / Table
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11/30/2022 03:22 am GMT

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What Is the Best Furniture for a Small Living Room?

Choosing the most suitable desks, chairs, and furniture can help make your small living room and kitchen feel inviting, welcoming, and modern.

If you’re planning a tiny house, then it is likely that your living room will be a multifunctional space.

So, it won’t just be somewhere for you to sit and watch TV, but also potentially a cooking, dining, and sleeping area as well. In many tiny houses, the only room which separates from the living room is the bathroom!

To achieve the most use of your space – I recommend all the furniture in your living room will need to be multipurpose too.

Multipurpose furniture could be a sofa that turns into a bed, a shelving unit that folds down into a table, or a bench seat that pops out of the wall.

So, are you feeling inspired to kit out your tiny house with some clever space-saving furniture? Let’s take a look at the top 7 inspirational tiny living spaces and small house furniture ideas!

What Are the Best Sofas for Small Spaces?

Our Pick
Modern Fabric Loveseat Sofa With 2 USB Charging Ports
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The sofa is one of the heftiest pieces of furniture in a living room. So – if you are looking for a tiny house sofa, it could be a tight squeeze to fit a normal one in!

My best advice?

Find a sofa that fits your space, such as this elegant little two-seater sofa with integral USB charging ports.

(Perfect if you want to keep your laptop, tablet, or wireless keyboard charged.)

If you’re looking for a more multifunctional option, then a sofabed might work for you. Sofabeds rock for quick transitioning – you can quickly transform your living room into a bedroom, either for yourself or if guests come to stay.

What Is the Best Kitchen or Dinner Table for Small Spaces?

Our Pick
Wall-Mounted Folding Table [Solid Wood]
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If you’re tight for space, then a table might seem like an unnecessary luxury. However, within a week of living in a tiny house, you’ll be wishing you had a table!

Whether it is somewhere to eat your dinner, put your drink, or use as an extra work surface, a table is a pretty much essential part of your tiny house furniture.

Luckily, there are some very innovative tables out there that would fit into any tiny home! I love this wall-mounted fold-down table, which takes just seconds to drop into place when you need to use it.

If you’re looking for multifunctional, then this portable drop-leaf table unit fits the bill! It folds out to the perfect sized table that accommodates a dinner for two, complete with two stools that store under the table when not in use.

Our Pick
FCH Drop Leaf Table / Breakfast Bar With 2 Square Stools and 2 Drawers
$169.99 $129.99
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11/30/2022 02:51 am GMT

The table has two integral drawers, perfect for organizing your cutlery and other paraphernalia, and a hanging rail for kitchen towels.

And best of all it is portable!

Wheel the table to wherever you want it – no sweat or stress, and no big muscles are required.

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What Are the Best Coffee Tables for Small Spaces?

Our Pick
Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table With Hidden Compartment & Shelf
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Yes, I’m going to use that word again – multifunctional!

While in a large house, you could use a coffee table for a coffee and magazine holder. But in a tiny home? You don’t have that luxury. So, it makes perfect sense to use your coffee table as additional storage, and the possibilities are endless!

One of the best solutions is to use a small ottoman as a coffee table. That way, you can use the surface for your hot drinks and reading material, with all your belongings nestled safely inside. Ideal for storing the bedding for that sofa bed we just mentioned!

The only problem with box storage is you would need to clear the top to lift the lid off. Another option is a coffee table with integral shelf storage, giving you easy access to your belongings.

I think this coffee table by Yaheetech is perfect, with not only a shelf but also a hidden storage box under the lift-up lid!

Our Pick
Linen Storage Ottoman with Tray [30"x15.74"x15"]
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11/30/2022 04:00 am GMT

What Are the Best Desks for Small Spaces?

Our Pick
31.5” Folding Computer Desk Metal Frame With Carbon Fiber Tabletop
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A desk is one of those things which is handy to have, but you don’t want it in the way when you are not using it. The best desk solution is one that folds, such as this neat little desk which easily stores away after use.

Another option is a desk permanently attached to a wall, which folds away after use. This wall-mounted desk has a fold-away shelf, which hides some handy little storage shelves too.

Our Pick
Tangkula Pneumatic Floating Wall Mounted Desk With Magnetic Foldable Tabletop
$79.99 $69.99
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11/29/2022 05:51 pm GMT

What Are the Best Shelves for Small Spaces?

Our Pick
Solid Oak Floating Corner Shelf
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Fitting shelves in a tiny home is tricky, as you may not have a lot of wall space to play with – double trouble if you’re not good with tools. However, there are some very clever solutions to this problem!

Firstly, look for all the nooks and crannies which are not in use. Can you fit a little shelf into one of these? Corner shelves are perfect for creating some vital extra storage space. Or – just somewhere to sit a beautiful ornament or vase of flowers.

If you are thinking of installing a fold-up desk or table, why not double this up with a set of shelves? Shelves can be a fun DIY project, or you can buy one ready-made like this versatile unit from Utopia Alley.

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What Are the Best Beds for Small Spaces?

Top Recommendation
Murphy Next Bed - Wall or Floor Mounted Flip-Up Bed [DIY Frame (Full)]

Available in single/twin, double/full, and queen. This bed can be installed as a stand-alone or in a cabinet or closet. Can be mounted on the wall (wall-mounting brackets are included) or on the floor. Super easy to raise and lower with sping counter balance system.

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OK, so, we’ve already mentioned sofa beds! So, we won’t go into them again here. But what if you don’t fancy a sofa bed – what other tiny house beds are available?

Some of the most ingenious bed solutions I’ve ever seen have been in tiny homes, and quite frankly, I wish we’d used some of them when we refitted our campervan!

If you want the luxury of a regular bed, then a Murphy bed (above) that folds back into the wall is the one for you.

A wall-mounted bed is ready for use in seconds, taking the hassle out of building your bed every night.

You could also consider a bed that pulls out from under a platform, known as a trundle bed.

Trundle beds can be perfect if you need an occasional bed, as you can store one bed underneath your permanent bed. It also gives you the option of building a raised area for seating, with a pull-out bed underneath.

What Are the Best Seats for Small Spaces?

Our Pick
Wall Mounted Wooden Folding Hallway Chair

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When it comes to tiny house seating, you really can let your imagination run wild! Pretty much anything turns into a seat – even the box which houses your DIY compost toilet!

If you need extra seating to accommodate guests, the easiest way to achieve this is by adding space-saving wall-mounted seats!

Or, try benches that fold up or down. Alternatively, a more portable version would be some folding chairs which can be stashed away in an outhouse when not in use.

Our Pick
Winsome Robin Folding White Chair [4 Piece Set]
$207.00 $105.00
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11/29/2022 09:16 pm GMT

So, do any of these tiny house furniture ideas take your fancy? Or maybe you’ve got an ingenious tiny house furniture solution you’d like to share with us? Please add your comments below!

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