A Tiny House Dishwasher – Are These Mini Dishwashers Worth It?

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If you live in a tiny house, you’ll likely have to forgo a lot of modern-day conveniences. But what if you’re not quite ready to live without a dishwasher? How does a dishwasher work inside of a tiny house?

Can You Have a Dishwasher In a Tiny House?

While not exactly an essential item – you can have a dishwasher in a tiny house.

For sure!

After all, living in a tiny house does not mean you have to give up all modern comforts. Smaller versions of many kitchen appliances are available, including dishwashers.

In this article – we’re going to dive much deeper into the world of mini dishwashers.

We’ll answer critical mini house dishwasher questions like whether or not you need indoor plumbing – if mini dishwashers are worth the fuss – and more!

Continue reading for answers!

Are Mini Dishwashers Worth It?

Yes. Definitely!

There are two tremendous advantages to having a mini dishwasher in a tiny home.

Firstly, portable dishwashers are somewhere to store dirty dishes until you have time to wash them. 

Out of sight – out of mind!

No one likes to see a sink full of dirty dishes, and they can attract flies and other annoying bugs

No thanks!

In a tiny home, the kitchen may well be the same room as the dining and living area, and sometimes where we need to sleep as well! 

A pile of dirty dishes in the sink is smelly, unpleasant, and unsightly! Dirty dishes can also prevent access to the sink when needed for other tasks.

But, what’s the solution?

We don’t want to wash up after every meal, particularly when we need to save water. That’s why a countertop or mini dishwasher is also a great place to stash your dirty crockery!

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It’s possible to build the highly functional kitchen of your dreams – even if you have a tiny home and a tinier kitchen! One of the best-kept secrets to doing so – is making the best use of every inch of kitchen real estate. That’s why I love mini dishwashers for tiny house kitchens. Mini dishwashers and drawer dishwashers are the perfect way to make after-dinner cleanup around the homestead easier. They also make little house living much more pleasant without sacrificing counter space!

Regarding water – a mini dishwasher uses a surprisingly small amount. Many countertops even use less than washing up in a sink! 

So, if you’re on a restricted water supply, then a mini dishwasher can dramatically cut down your water usage.

However, these tiny appliances do have their downsides

You may need a piped water supply and wastewater plumbing, which many tiny homes do not have. 

(If you don’t have a piped water supply – there are a few dishwashing options that you can try. More on those later!)

Mini dishwashers can also be ridiculously demanding when it comes to electricity! So, they may quickly drain the batteries on an off-grid system.

How Does a Mini Dishwasher Work? 

I’m thankful that mini dishwasher technology has come such a far way over the last few years. Even the tiniest of kitchens easily fit convenient countertop dishwashers, portable dishwashers, or mini dishwashers. Most portable dishwashers aren’t the largest – but can easily accommodate dirty dishes, plates, bowls, spatulas – and some may even handle small cookware. But, all mini dishwashers are different, so pay attention to the size specifications and features!

Mini dishwashers work in just the same way as a conventional dishwasher. But, they take up less space! 

Mini dishwashers also have a smaller capacity, so they may not be large enough for cleaning after a large family dinner or barbeque but can be perfect for everyday use.

Most mini dishwashers will require a piped water supply and somewhere to empty the wastewater. 

Other models have a water tank that you fill with a jug. Every type of mini dishwasher will need a power supply, but the amount of power required varies according to the model and size of the mini dishwasher.

You will need somewhere to keep your mini dishwasher, although many of them are portable! So, you can pop the dishwasher into a cupboard or on a top shelf until you need to use them.

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What Are the Smallest Dishwashers?

There are a few different types of small dishwashers!

In-Sink Washing Units

If you are short of space, then dishwashers don’t come much smaller than this! 

In-sink dishwashers are not separate appliances! They are for use inside your kitchen sink – they take up very little space.

This in-sink washing unit attaches to the sink with suction cups. When underwater, the dishwasher gadget agitates the water with ultrasonic vibrations. When the sink fills with water, plug the device into a USB socket, and off it goes!

This unit is for washing clothes. However, the manufacturers state that it can wash dishes as well as fruit and vegetables. 


Portable Or Countertop Dishwashers

I love portable and countertop dishwashers if you need to stretch the most use out of every inch of countertop space in your kitchen.

You can move and stash your countertop dishwashers when you’re not using them. They’re perfect for storing away in a cupboard.

Many portable mini dishwashers also have a manual fill option and can be filled with a jug or by attaching the faucet. 

You can then aim the waste pipe down the sink or drain, removing the need for any extra plumbing.

Drawer Dishwashers

Your mini dishwasher isn’t as spacious as regular dishwashers. So if you want to get the most bang for your buck when using your drawer dishwasher – stack your cookware as efficiently as possible! Notice how the plates, utensils, and cups stack neatly and orderly. That way – you can hopefully clean your dirty dishes for the day in a single load. If you haphazardly jam your cookware inside your mini dishwasher, you may need to rinse your dishes again – thereby wasting energy, water, and detergent!

A drawer dishwasher works in just the same way as a conventional dishwasher. They need a power supply and plumbing! 

However, they are about half the size of a regular dishwasher – as they fit inside a kitchen drawer unit!

Drawer dishwashers are a great solution if you want a dishwasher that is always ready to use, without having to move it and plumb it in every time.

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Do Tabletop Dishwashers Have to Be Plumbed In?

Contrary to popular belief – not all tabletop (and countertop) dishwashers need plumbing!

Many of the countertop and tabletop dishwashers these days have internal water tanks. You don’t necessarily need plumbing in your RV, truck, kitchen – or anywhere you need clean dishes.

I was looking at this complete portable dishwasher from Farberware – no plumbing hookup required. However, the dishwasher boasts a faucet hose port, so you can supply more water – if you wish.

If you want to feed the dishwasher with a faucet- you need to get the adapter, which comes separately. 

I also found another excellent countertop dishwasher from Novete with a built-in water tank – and pleasant-looking blue LED lights – perfect for any dorm room, RV, or countertop.

Many of the tabletop dishwashers I’ve found contain a kitchen sink hookup and a water tank option. Read the specifications carefully, so you choose the best for your situation!

Alternatives to Tiny House Dishwashers

If we haven’t managed to convince you to get a dishwasher, then here are some other great kitchen solutions for you.

Sink Cover

If you want to hide the dirty dishes in the sink or extend your work surface area, a sink cover is a great way to operate! 

You can even personalize your sink cover with your name or a favorite quote.

Use Fewer Dishes!

Whether or not you use a mini dishwasher – using fewer dishes is likely a wise idea from a sustainability perspective!

Now, we’re not suggesting you go out and buy a load of disposable plates. After all, we are trying to save the planet here!

But – there are other ways to produce (and waste) less when washing up, such as batch cooking, one-pot dinners, and grilling on the barbeque.

We realize that choosing a mini house dishwasher is not an easy decision! But, we hope this guide makes it easier for you.

Also – please let us know which tiny house dishwashers you like the most?

Or, if you have countertop dishwasher questions, stories, or feedback, let us know in the comments below.

We love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for reading!

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