Best BBQ Knife Set – Top 10 for 2024 Barbeque, Grilling, and Smoking!

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If you’re a barbecue enthusiast familiar with the dull knife problem, suffer no more! We’ve been hunting for the best BBQ knife sets to suit different tastes and budgets. 

There’s an endless gauntlet of lovely BBQ knife sets out there. But we have our favorite, the Hammer Stahl Barbecue Knife Set with a leather knife roll

The Hammer Stahl five-piece BBQ knife set is hand-made for discerning pit masters – a purposeful package with a stunning finish using premier steel, wood, and leather – surgical efficiency that will last for generations – credentials worthy of our #1 spot. 

Delicious ribs straight from the bbq grill with a knife.

With nine more BBQ knife sets to muse over, there’s good reading ahead – edge, elegance, efficiency, and excellent value. Enjoy!

Best BBQ Knife Set Top 10 for 2024 Preview:

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What Knives Are Best for a BBQ Knife Set?

delicious looking grilled meat with knife and fork
Many of our grilling friends argue over the best BBQ knife set. Some seek sharp knives for cutting raw meat. Others swear that only a stainless steel knife with a razor-sharp edge will suffice. We’re less fussy – and only wish to find high-quality knives at a price range that any of our homesteading friends can afford. We’re not fancy. Any grill fork or stainless steel blades tossed into the mix are only a bonus! But which is our preferred BBQ blade overall? Well – we’re about to share many of our top picks – including our overall favorite BBQ knife collection.

Here are the five essential BBQ knives. They are a chef’s knife, a scimitar, a fillet boning knife, a slicer carving knife, and a utility knife. Pitmasters use full tang knives made from forged premium steel, sharpened to surgically slice through meat, bone, fish, poultry, vegetables, and fruit.  

BBQ knife sets vary in style, knife selection, and cost. Typically, a BBQ knife set will include the five knives mentioned above, plus several additional knives like a bread knife, cleaver, santoku knife, and a pairing knife. The BBQ knife set may also have a grill fork, shears, and a honing rod.

Preparing, cooking, and carving BBQ dishes is labor-intensive. A sharp and ergonomic BBQ knife is vital, allowing the chef to focus on the food rather than a painful hand! The best BBQ knives have comfortable handles! The handles make wielding the knife comfy for slicing and using a natural pinch grip.

  • well-balanced barbecue knife is another vital success factor in the pit. Ideally, BBQ knives should have a 50/50 weight distribution between the handle and blade. 
  • The best BBQ knives have a solid feel – they’re weighty, and their inherent mass and sharpness are capable of slicing through a tomato with zero downward pressure from the chef.

Barbecuing is primarily an outdoor cooking experience involving a degree of logistics. As such, the best BBQ knife sets will include a durable and protective knife roll for easy and safe transportation of razor-sharp steel.

With our parameters set, let’s slice and dice our selection!

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10 Best BBQ Knife Sets for 2024

The following knife sets are our favorite for grilling, smoking, and barbequing homesteaders.


Let’s cook!

1. HAMMER STAHL | Best BBQ Knife Set | Best Overall

If you’re a less-is-more barbecue cook, this five-piece professional BBQ knife set will satisfy your Spartan philosophy. And your grilling standards, from preparation to plating up. 

The Hammer Stahl BBQ kit blades are made from high-carbon X50CrMoV15 German stainless steel, boasting a Rockwell hardness rating of 55-57 and a versatile cutting-edge bevel angle of 20 degrees.

The hardness of the steel and the edge bevel angle delivers a razor-sharp yet easy-to-sharpen blade, allowing for customized finishes to the edges of each knife in the set. 

The Hammer Stahl set includes:

  • An 8″ chef’s knife
  • A 10″ scimitar
  • A 10″ slicer
  • A 6″ boning knife
  • A 4.5″ utility knife
  • An engraved leather knife roll

The unique and comfortable quad-tang Pakkawood handles are resin-infused for superior longevity. 

  • The Hammer Stahl Barbecue Knife Roll Set is made in the USA and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Verdict: A bonafide classic German BBQ knife set with a genuine leather knife roll – an heirloom set of cutlery handcrafted to inspire the grilling purist.

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2. VICTORINOX | Best Competition BBQ Knife Set

The world’s most recognizable knife brand, the one with the Swiss flag, now makes a BBQ knife set configured for professional and competitive pitmasters. With its vintage pedigree and Swiss build quality, the barbecue knife roll from Victorinox is a barbecue pit’s equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife.

The set includes seven no-nonsense meat-processing knives made from European high-carbon stainless steel. Each specimen gets laser-tested for steady sharpness. 

The handles on all Victorinox BBQ knives are made from comfortable, non-slip Fibrox Pro (a rubber-like plastic), delivering pro-level ergonomics and durability, plus an NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) stamp of approval.

A nylon zip-up knife roll ensures safe storage and carriage of the following Victorinox BBQ knives:

  • A 10″ Granton-edge slicer
  • An 8″ breaking knife
  • An 8″ chef’s knife
  • A 6″ semi-stiff boning knife
  • A 3,25″ spear point paring knife  
  • A 9″ honing rod

The steel in the Victorinox BBQ knives has a Rockwell hardness rating of 56. And the blade edges have a 20-degree beveling. 

The cutting edges of the knives are precision-sharpened to prevent undesired ripping and shredding of meat during the preparation and carving processes, ensuring the natural juices and beef or meat moisture remain intact.

  • The Victorinox BBQ Knife Set comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Victorinox knives get made in Switzerland, the land of absolute precision.

Verdict: An iconic knife brand with a history of blade perfection (dating back to the mid-1800s) now manufactures a pro-level BBQ knife set at an affordable price – a no-brainer for the ambitious BBQ chef!

3. DALSTRONG | Best Damascus BBQ Knife Set

There’s a massive trend in domestic knife circles for exotic blade finishes, with Damascus-style blades topping the list, followed closely by the hand-hammered effect on the steel. The Dalstrong Shogun Series X has both. And more!

Dalstrong is a relatively new knife manufacturer that has rapidly proved its worth as a maker of high-quality blades with an original take on how best to fuse the finest knife-making techniques.

The Dalstrong Shogun Series X is an excellent example of a modern classic knife set ideal for chefs seeking versatile, visually striking knives that can handle BBQ flesh and regular kitchen fare without fuss. 

What’s interesting about the Dalstrong Shogun Series is its hybrid approach to knife design. The blades are made from Japanese high-carbon AUS-10 super steel and sharpened to a super-sharp 8-12 degrees, reflecting a lean towards Japanese cuisine.

  • Dalstrong Shogun knife blades are hardened to 62+ on the Rockwell scale, offering superb edge retention.
  • The full tang handles come from G-10 military-grade fiberglass – stylish, ergonomic, and robust.

The Dalstrong Shogun Series X sports an acacia knife block with four steak knives and five kitchen knives ideal for BBQ chefs, including:  

  • An 8″ chef’s knife 
  • A 7″ santoku knife
  • A 6″ utility knife
  • An 8″ bread knife 
  • A 3.75″ paring knife

Dalstrong achieves its proprietary Tsunami Rose Damascus effect using 67 layers of steel. The hand-hammered Tsuchime finish is pure traditional Japanese metallurgy, while the curved handles and sleek steel bolster are distinctly western in style.

Verdict: A stunning set of handcrafted knives sharpened to perfection on premium hard steel for a long-lasting edge. A near-perfect Amazon customer rating is rare – Dalstrong’s Shogun Series X cuts it!

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4. CANGSHAN | Best Value Asian-Style BBQ Knife Set

For the budget-conscious BBQ exponent, Cangshan’s award-winning S1 Series will give you premium-quality knives at half the cost of most competitor designs. The Cangshan S1 BBQ knife set adopts a minimalist knife design and quantity, focusing on essential BBQ tasks.

The S1 Series uses high-carbon German steel with a Rockwell rating of 58+/-2, beveled at a razor-edge 16 degrees, giving the knives their Asian-style super-thin slicing characteristics.

The patented bolster design tapers towards the full-tang blade for a relaxed pinch grip. And the synthetic handle offers smooth lines for comfortable handling. 

  • Each knife in a sturdy carry case is NSF certified and has a protective sheath.

The Cangshan S1 Series BBQ knife set includes the following.

  • A butcher’s knife
  • A boning knife
  • A Nakiri-style chef’s knife
  • A slicing knife
  • A paring knife
  • A carving fork

Cangshan has combined function and form to the best effect in the S1 Series BBQ knife set – understated elegance with a pro-quality edge, ergonomics, and durability.

  • The Cangshan S1 Series has a Lifetime Warranty.

Verdict: If you want a timelessly elegant BBQ knife set that’s super-sharp, made from high-quality German steel, and costs under $150, the Cangshan S1 Series will do you proud!

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5. BOLEXINO | Best Japanese-Style BBQ Knife Set

Does a nine-piece BBQ knife set made from Japanese stainless steel at under $100 strike your fancy? If yes, the Bolexino Professional BBQ Knife Set with a knife roll is the ticket to cost-effective grilling and smoking.

You won’t be short on steel with eight dedicated meat knives, sharpened to slice through raw and grilled/smoked meat with ergonomic plastic handles, including:

  • A 9” chef’s knife
  • A 6” boning knife
  • An 8” breaking knife 
  • A 4” paring knife
  • An 11” scimitar knife
  • A 12” slicer
  • A 6” chef meat carving fork 
  • A 12” oval honing rod 

The Bolexino Professional BBQ Set offers tremendous value and quality, making it an ideal choice for beginners at the BBQ game.

  • The Bolexino Professional comes with a 12-month warranty.

Verdict: A comprehensive set of Japanese steel BBQ blades at a bargain price. A great starter set or backup kit for major BBQ events.

6. FULLHI | Best Serbian BBQ Knife Set

If you’re looking for showpiece knives for your BBQ experience, consider getting your hands on a Fullhi Serbian BBQ knife Set, guaranteed to get tongues wagging and eyeballs dazzling.   

With their distinct Eurasian look, the Fullhi Serbian BBQ knives will bring an intriguing aspect to your blade arsenal – exotica and prowess with mythological undertones.

Alluring and menacing, the Fullhi BBQ Knife Set has full tang blades made using high-quality 7Cr15MOV German steel with a 52+ Rockwell rating, delivering rustproof durability and exceptional edge retention.

The dappled blade and wooden handle with a unique steel bolster create a fascinating study of traditional Eurasian knife architecture.

The set includes:

  • An 8″ chef’s knife
  • A 6,5″ slicing knife
  • A 7″ cleaver
  • A 5″ utility knife
  • A 6.5″ butcher’s knife
  • A 7″ Kiritsuke knife
  • A 5″ paring knife
  • A 13″ honing rod


  • A rugged knife roll
  • A dual-stage pull-through knife sharpener
  • Cut-resistant BBQ gloves
  • Two Fingertip protectors
  • A bottle opener

A set of Serbian BBQ knives will bring a unique ambiance to your barbecuing experience and add new skills to your knife work repertoire. 

Verdict: An exciting great-value alternative to conventional BBQ knife sets. If you want to impress your guests with fine slicing and fantastical blades, the Fullhi BBQ knife set will come to the party.

7. MERCER CULINARY | Best Student BBQ Knife Set

Students of the art of cooking will get confronted with barbecuing challenges, and a proper set of BBQ knives will become essential if they’re to graduate. The Mercer Culinary BPX is the ideal BBQ knife set for budding pitmasters. 

Mercer Culinary has a well-earned reputation in the food service industry for its range of high-quality, no-frills industrial-strength meat processing knives. 

Boasting full tang German forged and tempered steel blades with a 15-degree beveling, and ergonomic, safe, and hygienic non-slip nylon handles, the Mercer Culinary BPX BBQ Competition Set II has all the crucial BBQ blades necessary for a BBQ protégé, including:

  • A 5.9″ boning knife
  • 11″ carving knife
  • 8″ chef’s knife
  • 3″ paring knife
  • 8″ butcher knife
  • 10″ honing rod
  • A pull-through knife sharpener
  • A 7-pocket knife roll

A learner BBQ chef needs the confidence a reliable knife affords. Namely, a sharp edge that lasts. The BPX Competition BBQ knife kit has all the best pro credentials.

  • The Mercer Culinary BPX BBQ knife set is NSF-certified.

Verdict: Investing in a career as a chef or pitmaster includes purchasing quality tools. The Mercer Culinary BPX BBQ knife kit will perform professionally through daily use and will last for years. It also offers a proven performance BBQ knife set at a reasonable price.

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8. MASTER MAISON | Best Budget BBQ Knife Set

If you’re looking for a BBQ knife set for a gift, the Master Maison 15-piece BBQ Knife Set has the multi-functionality to produce worldwide barbecue favorites – professionally.

Full tang German steel blades with a 52+ Rockwell rating are riveted to anti-fatigue ergonomic ceramic handles to create BBQ knives that are easy to sharpen with excellent edge retention.  

The set comes with a tough canvas knife roll and includes the following.

  • A 6″ cleaver knife
  • A 12″ Granton-edge slicing knife 
  • A 9″ scimitar knife
  • An 8″ chef’s knife
  • A 6″ fillet knife
  • A 3.5″ paring knife
  • A honing rod
  • A knife sharpener

The Master Maison BBQ knife set equips a pitmaster with all the necessary tools to produce top-quality cuts from the convenience of a handsome canvas knife roll.

  • The Master Maison BBQ knife set has a 12-month Unlimited Warranty.

Verdict: A remarkable value proposition. A solid set of BBQ blades and accessories that will inspire confidence in any hobbyist griller or BBQ chef.

9. MARKHOR | Best Camping BBQ Knife Set

Carrying BBQ knives into the wild for camp cookouts implies lightweight blades in a rugged knife roll. Look no further than the Markhor BBQ Knife Set. It’s a set of four Damascus-style knives designed for camp cooking.

The distinctive Damascus blades are of high-carbon German steel with pakkawood handles for easy cleaning and durability.

The rugged leather knife roll completes an evocatively adventurous BBQ knife set with four knives that can serve as the following.

  • A chef’s knife
  • A paring knife
  • A utility knife
  • A boning knife
  • A carving knife
  • A slicing knife
  • A butcher knife
  • A bread knife

The set includes a honing rod.

Verdict: A delightfully rustic-looking Damascus BBQ knife set with multifunctional blades at an affordable price.

10. WÜSTHOF | Best BBQ Prep Knife Set

A Best Of knife review wouldn’t be complete without Gordon Ramsay’s favorite knife brand – the WÜSTHOF Classic BBQ Prep Knife Set. The set of two premium knives has established the benchmark for preparing meat for the grill and smoker.

The two knives in the set are the following.

  • An 8″ butcher knife 
  • A 5″ boning knife

Wüsthof knives have a 200-year history and come with a Limited Lifetime /warranty.

Verdict: Tools for the serious BBQ chef who wants the best prep knives.

summer bbq preparation with charcoal grill and grilling tools on backyard lawn
Ready for a delicious BBQ? Then grab your grill tongs and favorite chef knife. And let’s get cooking! But first – we need to clarify three essential knife terms that all BBQ pit masters and homestead cooks need to know. And not just professional chefs! We’re talking about the words chopped vs. diced vs. minced. Do you know how they differ? Chopped ingredients get cut into bite-sized yet somewhat unevenly-sized pieces. Chopped ingredients might get chucked into homemade tomato sauce, fruit salads, or beef stew. Dicing is slightly different and more precise. A grandiloquent chef may use a professional knife set of varying blade lengths to fancily dice onions, meat, peppers, or d’Oeuvres for their entree meal. Then there’s mincing. Mincing is finely slicing herbs or veggies for soups, humus, spices, or extra flavoring. (For example – one could mince spices for an epic homemade BBQ sauce!)

What’s the Best Way to Sharpen a BBQ Knife Set?

The best way to sharpen a BBQ knife is to use a set of whetstones with grit ratings suitable for the particular type of blade steel. Whetstone sharpening preserves the blade better than a draw-through knife sharpener. A honing rod is perfect for maintaining sharpness rather than creating an edge.

  • Knife sharpening is a fascinating craft with benefits beyond merely creating a sharp edge. 

Enjoy a knife sharpening master class in this video, and consider ordering a whetstone sharpening kit.

fancy chef knives and barbecue knives on wooden cutting board
We’ve said before that we’re not fancy. We’re BBQ grilling minimalists! We love BBQ as much as anyone. However, a regular knife is often all you need to host and prepare an epic BBQ befitting a king – or queen. You don’t always need the fanciest BBQ knife cutlery. But sometimes, if you’re grilling an entire rib roast or succulent porterhouse steaks, you may benefit from an elegant meat cleaver with non-slip handles. (Because sometimes, we want more than cheap knives. Or worse – a knife with a flimsy knife handle!) These knife-selection tips remind us of a nifty knife skills guide on the ECPI University blog. They do an excellent job of explaining the various knife types and kitchen tools. And when to use them!

In Closing

Whatever your BBQ preferences and knife skills, our selection of the Best BBQ knife Sets gives you a springboard to finding your ideal slicing tools. 

Thanks for reading – and let us know how your next barbeque goes!

Happy barbecuing!

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