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The Original SleekEZ Review – Tried and Tested on Horses and Dogs [With Video!]

It’s that time of year again when horses, dogs, and other furry critters start shedding their winter coats. That means it’s time for you to do your best Chewbacca impression as the hair sticks to you instead…

But, you could take a more Luke Skywalker approach by using the SleekEZ for dog coats, cats, horse blankets, carpeting, even your furniture and saddle pads.

The Original SleekEZ

  • Dogs, Cats, Horses and Other Pets

    We tested the SleekEZ on 5 horses and 5 dogs. They all loved this brush and it works remarkably well.

  • For Long and Short Hair

    The SleekEZ works well on long and short hair. Definitely easier work on shorter hair, but great on long-hair Shetlands with some elbow grease.

  • Great Price

    Excellent value for a grooming tool of this quality!

Note: I bought this brush myself, it is not sponsored by SleekEz and they didn’t send me a free one – dang! We’ve never used this brush before so today we gave it a good go, on 4 horses and 3 dogs. Without fail, they all loved it.

What Is SleekEZ?

Our SleekEZ brush!

Designed by Jennifer Tipton, an equine dentist, the original SleekEZ was initially created for horses but has since been adapted to work for dog grooming, on cats, rabbits, and other hairy critters.

The original brush is designed to replicate the experience felt by a horse engaged in a mutual grooming session with a herd buddy. It has an oval handle that fits neatly into the palm of your hand, allowing you to roll the grooming tool over the animal’s body in a soothing manner.

This is the one we bought:

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool for...
17,201 Reviews
SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool for...
  • [WORLD’S #1 DESHEDDING TOOL] - The ORIGINAL by SleekEZ (5...
  • [PAINLESS & ENJOYABLE FOR YOUR PET] - Take the headache and...
  • [EASY TO CLEAN & ERGONOMIC HANDLE] - Hair collects along the...
  • [WIDE APPLICATION & USA MADE] - Not only does SleekEZ work...

You can also get all 3 sizes in a combo pack:

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool (Combo)
62 Reviews
SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool (Combo)
  • [PAINLESS & ENJOYABLE FOR YOUR PET] - Take the headache and...
  • [EASY TO CLEAN & ERGONOMIC HANDLE] - Hair collects along the...
  • [WIDE APPLICATION & USA MADE] - Not only does SleekEZ work...

As many SleekEZ reviews will tell you, there are no sharp teeth or tingly tines so you won’t irritate your animal’s skin. Instead, the brush has a unique tooth pattern that provides a “pleasing scratch” and a “patented wave-form blade” that easily removes stubborn knots and tangles from short, long, and shedding coats alike.


On the downside, the “patented wave-form blade” looks a lot like a hacksaw blade which may be off-putting for some and may inspire others to, inadvisably, attempt to create their own SleekEZ grooming brushes!

While effective on horses, this grooming tool really comes into its own when used on domestic animals. The dog brush, for instance, “eliminates up to 95% of pet hair shedding in your house”. That means no more clogged vacuum cleaners or blocked air filters!

Whether you opt for the horse brush, the full combo, or the latest PRO brush, you’ll be getting more than just a grooming tool. The design of the brush means it’s just as good at removing hair from upholstery and carpets as it is at removing dirt and dander.

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool for...
147 Reviews
SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool for...
  • [PAINLESS & ENJOYABLE FOR YOUR PET] - Take the headache and...
  • [EASY TO CLEAN & ERGONOMIC HANDLE] - Hair collects along the...
  • [WIDE APPLICATION & USA MADE] - Not only does SleekEZ work...

What’s more, it is ergonomically designed so it fits into the palm of your hand or, if you opt for the larger SleekEZ grooming brushes, they are comfortable enough to use with two.

The only area where the SleekEZ falls short is if your shedding horse or dog is covered in a thick layer of mud, dirt and dander – something the owner of any grey horse will all too familiar with.

Many SleekEZ reviews note that, although this grooming tool “works OK on a muddy horse”, it only works “about as well as a metal or rubber curry comb”. Still, you could get yourself a decent dandy brush with big enough bristles to remove the heavy mud, and then finish the job with your SleekEZ.

Using the SleekEZ for Dogs

The mere thought of brushing my dog brings me out in a cold sweat and him out in a furry fury of gnashing teeth. Those nightmares are a thing of the past, however, since I started using the SleekEZ.

I have 5 dogs. They all, without fail, loved being brushed with this brush! In fact, they loved it so much they actually tried to shove each other out of the way to get more brushing, and they’d ask for more every time I stopped. Look at my big fella:

The design of this dog grooming brush means there’s no more tugging at knots and matted clumps of hair. . As a result, my dog is far more co-operative about the grooming process which thankfully means I walk away with all my fingers still intact!

None of my dogs are particularly “hairy”, but it gets the dirt and loose hairs off nonetheless. I struggled a bit with my boy’s “lumps” (not lady lumps, he’s a boy), like around his neck and his shoulders, but along his back and butt, it works beautifully.  Here he is:

While it works effectively on most pets and breeds of dog, those of you with a particularly hairy Husky may need more than one grooming tool for the job.

Unlike other grooming tools, like the FURminator for instance, the SleekEZ dog brush doesn’t penetrate very far into the coat so, for those longer, shaggier coats, you might need a different approach or a different tool.

I found the same for the long-haired ponies. It definitely gets a LOT of hair off, but they definitely don’t end up “sleek in minutes”. It would take many, many hours with this brush to get them sleek and ready for summer.

On my big stock horse and Arab x pony though, it works a treat. The hair just glides off!

Once you’re finished with your grooming session, however, you should have saved enough time that you can start doing something creative with all that fur –  like one of the Amazon reviews shows you!

Using the SleekEZ on a Cat


When your cat starts shedding its winter coat, it can seem as though your feline friends are on an interior design mission, redoing all your upholstery and creating a camouflaged environment for itself.

The SleekEZ cat brush will not only save your furniture from turning to fur but will also make your cat more comfortable. As we all know, cats were once worshipped as gods and still wonder why they’re not anymore so a certain level of caution and cooperation are required for any grooming session.

This brush gives your pet a full-body rub while removing “shedding hair dirt and dander”. It not only removes loose hair but also extracts the shedding undercoat.

There’s no pulling or tugging – just a gentle massage that will see handfuls of hair (and hair dirt) falling to the group in neat little piles. Do you know what else this “bionic cat tongue” can do? Eliminate hairballs!

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool for...
17,179 Reviews
SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool for...
  • [PAINLESS & ENJOYABLE FOR YOUR PET] - Take the headache and...
  • [EASY TO CLEAN & ERGONOMIC HANDLE] - Hair collects along the...
  • [WIDE APPLICATION & USA MADE] - Not only does SleekEZ work...

SleekEZ vs FURminator

The original SleekEZ may not have cornered the market of great names for grooming tools, but that doesn’t change how effective it is. It doesn’t have a FURejector button either, but it does have a few other advantages.

That’s not to say the FURminator isn’t a great product – it is – but it’s not been created with your animal’s comfort in mind to the degree the SleekEZ has.

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Large...
20,074 Reviews
Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Large...
  • For Large dogs with long hair: designed especially for dogs...
  • Removes loose hair: reaches through the topcoat to remove...
  • FURejector button: just push the button to release hair with...
  • Ergonomic handle: for comfortable, easy grooming.
  • Guaranteed: guaranteed to work or your money back – see...

The FURminator retains a traditional style and shape which means more brushing and less massage therapy. If used incorrectly, the FURminator can cause your animal discomfort, especially if they have sensitive skin because, instead of the waveform blade of the SleekEZ brush, the FURminator has rake-like teeth.

While this means you can get “deep down trapped undercoat hair”, it’s not suitable for dogs with sensitive skin or that don’t shed a lot.

The FURminator does have a Mission Impossible-sounding FURejector button which the SleekEZ lacks. The FURejector is designed to release collected hair so you can groom seamlessly without having to clean your brush manually.

It doesn’t always work that effectively, however. As one reviewer said, “On our Australian Shepherd the FURminator fills with hair almost immediately. We spend all our time stopping the brushing, removing the hair, and starting again. It’s a very frustrating process for us and our Aussie”.

While manually removing hair from a brush is even more time-consuming, the design of the SleekEZ means it doesn’t collect loose hair like other brushes – it simply discards it in a neat pile.

Neat (ish) piles of hair!

If you’ve got a very hairy Pyrenees Mountain Dog or a super furry Old English Sheepdog, the FURminator may be your best option. If, on the other hand, you’ve got a ragbag collection of hairy hounds and short-haired pooches, the SleekEZ dog brush is more versatile and effective on a wider range of coats.

Groom Ninja vs SleekEZ

The Groom Ninja has a similar design to the SleekEZ, with a wooden block for a handle and a toothed blade that looks like it would be more at home on a hacksaw.

The blades come in three different sizes but horse owners, in particular, are encouraged to buy three so they can use the small three-inch blades in tricky areas like the pasterns and poll, and the larger one on the main body.

Groom Ninja Small 3' - Cats & Small Dogs
1,369 Reviews
Groom Ninja Small 3" - Cats & Small Dogs

The SleekEZ is rather more versatile so you can do the jobs of all three Groom Ninjas with the one tool, saving yourself over $30. Although some SleekEZ reviews say that it lacks the “contoured design” of the Groom Ninja, I found that it sits very comfortably in your hand.

My two girls love using the SleekEZ too, and they can hold it comfortably. I only bought the 5″ brush, and I’m glad I did. Although the bigger brush would do the job faster on our horses, I found this little one easy to hold and it’s a great size for kids. Ideally, I’d have both the 5″ and the 10″ – dreams for the future.

If you’ve got particularly large hands, you’ll probably struggle with the smaller Groom Ninja as you would the small SleekEZ grooming tool which is all the more reason to get some smaller-handed minion to do the grooming for you!

The Groom Ninja vs SleekEZ is a tight contest but if saving a few dollars is the order of the day, SleekEZ offers the best value for money and is more widely available. You can find the SleekEZ on both Amazon and TractorSupply, neither of which stock the Groom Ninja.



We love our furry friends but we tend to love them a little less when spring does its thing and they begin to distribute vast quantities of hair, giving carpets, humans, armchairs, and beds a liberal new coat.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though, thanks to this grooming tool, which will strip away matted fur as easily as it does loose hairs and hair dirt, turning your hairy hound into a chic, sleek, and truly unique canine catwalk contender.

Working as effectively on hamsters as it does horses, a SleekEZ will transform your animal’s grooming experience into a comfortable one not dissimilar to a full-body massage (but without the oil and incense).

The SleekEZ works faster than the FURminator, because it doesn’t clog up with fur or require a FURejection button, and is cheaper than the Groom Ninja, making it one of the most cost-effective, as well as effective, grooming tools on the market.

All in all, I highly recommend SleekEz. It works much better than other de-shedding tools we’ve tried, and even the kids can use it!

Do you have one? Are you going to try it? Let us know in the comments below!

Last update on 2021-01-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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