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Broil King vs Weber Grills Review – Epic Grilling Showdown!

If you’re in the market for an awesome BBQ grill, then two big brands you’ve probably considered are Broil King vs Weber. But, how do these two epic grilling companies match up when going head to head? (Or, grill to grill?)

Can Broil King complete with the undisputed American grilling champ, Weber? We’re about to analyze every possible difference between these two grilling behemoths so you can choose the perfect BBQ grill for your situation. Let’s begin!


Broil King vs Weber – Build Quality

When reviewing Broil King vs Weber grills, the first variable to consider is the grill build quality. Name recognition doesn’t mean anything if the gas grills can’t produce delicious and savory barbequed goods!

How do these two BBQ grill brands stack up where it matters? We’ve analyzed countless Weber gas grills and Broil King gas grills to give you an excellent rundown. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Broil King Build Quality

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When you fire up your first steak, burger, or sausage using a Broil King, you’ll notice that the build is solid and sturdy.

That’s because all Broil King gas barbeque grills are manufactured in their North American locations by North American workers. Broil King has manufacturing locations in Dickson Tennessee, Huntington Indiana, and Waterloo Ontario.

Most of the components that make up a Broil King gas grill are fabricated by North American craftspeople using North American steel. Broil King proudly states that their grill cook box, shelves, and steel carts are 100% North American made.

Broil King gas grills aren’t made entirely in the US, though. If you read between the lines, it seems that some of Broil King’s grill components are sourced globally.

Weber Build Quality

The legendary grill master who founded Weber, George A. Stephen, always knew that the now-famous rounded cooking bowl shape was a genius design for barbequing steaks, burgers, and hotdogs. George crafted his first epic Weber grill way back in 1952.

But, how do the build quality and manufacturing processes hold up after all of these years?

Today, Weber grills are engineered by its US-based team in the official Chicago Illinois Weber headquarters. Their innovative grill designs then head to Huntley Illinois for American-based manufacturing

When you compare Broil King vs Weber, Weber grills are as solid and as well made as Broil King grills. After experimenting with many Weber grills, I can say that the construction is reliable, and their grills are built to last. However, like Broil King, Weber also admits that some of their BBQ grill components are sourced globally.

Weber vs Broil King – Which Has a Better Quality Build Overall?

I think both Broil King and Weber offer excellent build quality and value. While Weber and Broil King manufacture many of their grill components in North America, they also rely on globally sourced grill components to build and deploy their grill lines.

For these reasons, and after experimenting with grills from both brands, I believe that they are of comparable build quality. When you touch and feel grills from Broil King vs Weber, you can tell that the grills are built with love, and quality components.

However, when you dive deeper into the real customer reviews from Weber vs Broil King, you’ll discover that one of the two grilling brands comes out on top. Which grilling manufacturer wins? Broil King vs Weber? Continue reading to discover our findings!

Weber vs Broil King Build Quality Insights

  • Broil King and Weber use US-based manufacturing
  • Broil King and Weber use some globally-sourced components
  • Broil King and Weber offer excellent build quality
  • Broil King and Weber offer generous warranties
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Weber vs Broil King Trustworthiness and Reviews


One of the best ways to compare Broil King vs Weber is by reading real customer reviews. We can compare technical details and comparable build quality for eons.

But, what do real customers, grillmasters, and grill connoisseurs have to say? We’ve analyzed dozens (if not hundreds) of real customer reviews on several marketplaces and we’re ready to share our findings.

Weber vs Broil King – Which Has Better Reviews Overall?

I grade Broil King with an A- trustworthiness grade. I give Weber an A+ trustworthiness grade. I love both brands. But, I think Weber edges out Broil King.

I would say the defining component that makes Weber the better choice regarding trustworthiness is their superior number of 5-star reviews. When weighing Broil King vs. Weber, it seems evident that Broil King earns fewer 5-star reviews.

When you browse the top BBQ grill and ecommerce retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, you’ll notice that Weber reviews also outnumber Broil King reviews 100 to 1, or even 1,000 to 1. Even though Weber has more reviews than Broil King, it seems like Weber also has fewer negative reviews.

Therefore, I believe that while Broil King makes a fabulous BBQ grill, Weber has superior trustworthiness and better reviews overall.

Weber vs Broil King Trustworthiness Insights:

  • Broil King and Weber both have excellent reviews and many diehard grilling fans
  • Weber arguably has better reviews
  • Weber seems much more popular

Weber vs Broil King Shipping


Both Weber and Broil King gas grills are easy to snag on Amazon and BBQGalore which may offer free (or cheap) shipping. Let’s take a closer look at how the shipping deals compare for Broil King vs Weber.

Broil King Shipping

It seems like Broil King doesn’t ship any of their BBQ grills to consumers. Instead, Broil King relies on third-party merchants to sell and ship their line of BBQ grills. You can find a local Broil King retailer on their website by using this Broil King online retailer tool.

You can find Broil King on Amazon and at for online purchases.

Weber Shipping

Weber wins by default in the shipping category. That’s because Weber has a “hidden offer” on its website that offers free shipping on orders over $50. I’m not sure how long the deal will last. However, it’s worth considering. Most Weber products ship for free from Amazon, and BBQGalore offers free shipping on 1000s of items. 

Weber vs Broil King Warranty Comparison

One of the most frustrating things is when you try to fire up your grill, and you hear an annoying clicking sound. The BBQ click of death. Oh no! Your grill’s burner is busted! 

Luckily, both Weber and Broil King offer outstanding warranties compared to other BBQ grill manufacturers. No more trying to tussle and fix your BBQ grill with a rusty ole Buck knife!

That’s because Weber offers a generous 10-year warranty on many of their grill components. However, some of their grill components only have a 5-year or 2-year warranty.

Broil King also offers generous 10-year warranties and limited-lifetime warranties on many of their grilling components. But, just like with Weber, some of the grill components (like side-burners, stainless-steel components, and paint) have a much shorter warranty span of only 2 to 5 years. 

Regardless of which grill you choose, always double-check your model at the time of purchase for full warranty information.

Weber vs Broil King Price Points

I’ve reviewed the pricing points for Broil King vs Weber closely. Many grilling gurus automatically assume that Weber is more expensive. However, the pricing is closer than most grillers think. I rank both Weber and Broil King as affordable and high value. Maybe Weber is a tad more expensive, but not by much. Summer Sale

Let’s quickly look at some of the affordable cooking and grilling options from Broil King vs Weber.

Broil King doesn’t have many grilling options in the $100 to $200 range. However, they have a nifty portable stove that I like. Take this Broil King Porta-Chef Portable Stove as an example. Here’s a low-cost portable stove from Broil King that will only run you a few hundred bucks – or less.

Weber has some fantastic affordable grills like their famous Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill or the Weber 741001 Original Kettle Charcoal Grill. Both options from Weber cost around $100 to $200. That’s BBQ grilling on a budget! The 3 products from Broil King vs Weber:

Amazon product

Broil King vs Weber Pricing Insights:

  • Weber seems to have more affordable grills in the $100 – $200 range
  • Weber grills seem to be slightly more expensive compared to Broil King at the high-end levels

Weber vs Broil King Grill Comparisons

Let’s also compare some of the entry-level Broil King vs Weber grills head to head! Then, we’ll compare two of the premium high-end grills from Broil King vs Weber.

Grill Showdown #1 – Broil King Signet 320 vs Weber Spirit E-310

How do two of the most popular entry-level gas grills from Broil King vs Weber stack up? Let’s find out!

Amazon product

Broil King Signet 320

The Broil King Signet 320 is one of my favorite gas grills from Broil King. Many of the reviewers swear that this is one of the best gas grills on the market – period.

With 3 stainless-steel gas burners and 40,000 BTUs of power, you have plenty of cooking juice and flexibility to fire up your steaks, burgers, and sausages with heat to spare. Whether you want to cook your food fast or chillax on your backyard hammock while you fire up some BBQ chicken slowly, the Broil King Signet 320 accommodates.

The Broil King Signet 320 has excellent heat distribution due to the smart Flav-R-Wave system. Flav-R-Wave also adds serious flavor to your meats by catching any drippings and then letting the savory flavors vaporize into whatever you’re grilling. No more dry steak, chicken, or sausage.

You also get 635 square-inches of cooking space so you can effortlessly spread out your favorite foods without fuss or cramming. You can choose from liquid propane or natural gas as a fuel, there are grill models that can handle either option.

Broil King Signet 320 Cast-Aluminum 3 Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill
  • 3 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners deliver up to 40,000 BTU output;
  • 635-sq in total cooking area; 400-sq in primary. Reversible, heavy-duty cast-iron cooking...
  • Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system delivers even heat distribution; Linear-Flow...
  • Stainless steel side shelves offer extra prep space and fold down easily for convenient...
  • Proudly Made in North America - Limited Lifetime Warranty
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/29/2022 06:41 pm GMT
Broil King Signet 320 Specs
    • 635 square-inches of cooking space
    • 40,000 BTUs
    • 134 pounds

Weber Spirit E-310

The Weber Spirit E-310 brings the premium bells and whistles you’d expect from an entry-level Weber gas grill. With 529 square inches of cooking real estate, you have ample room to fire up your favorite porterhouse steaks and chicken burgers without packing or cramming unnecessarily.

There’s also a hefty 32,000 BTU output over 3 burners for plenty of heat.

The combination of the stainless-steel burners and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates provides an evenly distributed grilling experience.

If you’re frustrated because your grill feels like a cheap toy instead of an efficient grilling tool, then the Weber Spirit E-310 might be your perfect grilling option.

The grill’s cook box and lid assembly come with a generous 10-year warranty that protects from rust-through and burn-through. So you can experiment with your best homestead cooking and grilling techniques while worrying less about the wear and tear of your grill.

Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, 46510001 model - Black
  • Perfect size for hosting a BBQ or everyday family grilling
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates retain even heat for the best tasting food
  • Built to last with heavy duty, porcelain-enameled lid and cookbox that won’t rust or...
  • Six tool hooks for easy accessibility of grilling tools. Low maintenance and easy-to-clean...
  • Heavy duty caster wheels for easily moving your grill on grass or a patio
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/30/2022 02:33 am GMT
Weber Spirit E-310 Specs
    • 529 square-inches of cooking space
    • 32,000 BTUs
    • 130 pounds

Broil King vs Weber – Which Has the Better Entry-Level Gas Grill?

I fancy both gas grills from Broil King vs Weber! There are two main differences.

First, the Weber Spirit E-310 comes in a slightly smaller, tighter package. The Weber Spirit E-310 has 529 square-inches of cooking space vs. 635 square-inches for the Broil King Signet 320.

The Broil King Signet 320 also packs more of a punch with 40,000 BTUs vs. the Weber Spirit E-310’s 32,000 BTUs.

Both grills are comparatively priced. Though, you might be able to find the Broil King Signet 320 grill for a couple of bucks cheaper on Amazon. Prices always change, and your mileage may vary!

Grill Showdown #2 – Broil King Baron 440 vs Weber Genesis II S-435

Let’s also look at two of the premium gas grills from Broil King vs. Weber. Shall we?

Amazon product

Broil King Baron 440

Do you want Broil King’s Rolls Royce grilling option? Then look no further than the Baron 440. This beefy, burly grill sports a generous 40,000 BTUs and 644 square-inches of cooking space. Perfect for your next birthday party, holiday weekend, or get together.

I also love the design of the tube burners on this grill. The burners light up your grill quickly and evenly. With 2-flames per burner, your grill heats up almost immediately. You also get a sturdy 10,000 BTU side burner so you can sizzle your favorite veggie stir fry while you grill your main entree.

Whether you want a powerhouse grill or a lighter option, the Broil King can help. That’s because you can choose from a 3-burner model, a 4-burner model, or a 5-burner model.

The Baron 440 is the 4-burner model so you can go bigger or go smaller. I don’t recommend the 5-burner model unless you grill for your entire family! If you’re a solo-griller, then you can likely get by with less grilling power. 

Another thing I adore about the Baron 440 grill is the style. You get to choose between stainless steel or a sleek black design. If you love grilling as much as I do, then presentation counts.

Broil King 922564 Baron S440 Liquid Propane Gas Grill
  • 4 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners deliver up to 40,000 BTUs heating the grill quickly...
  • 644-sq in total cooking area, including 444 sq. in of primary cooking space,
  • Reversible heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grids / Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system...
  • Durable stainless steel side shelves fold-down / Level Q casters stabilize the grill on...
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/30/2022 03:28 am GMT
Broil King Baron 440 Specs
    • 644 square-inches of cooking space
    • 40,000 BTUs
    • 154 pounds

Weber Genesis II S-435

If you wish to satiate the savage-like hunger of your ravenous dinner guests in record time, then the Weber Genesis II S-435 delivers – quickly!

That’s because the Weber Genesis II S-435 sports a massive 69,000 BTUs and 4 heavy stainless- steel burners. You also get a searing station that can make short work of your burgers, hotdogs, sausages, shish kebabs, corn on the cob, or honey-glazed chicken. All at once!

The solid steel rod cooking grates provide immaculate heat distribution that are ideal for the perfectionist griller. The Genesis II S-435 also has a fuel gauge, which is a cool feature! The fuel gauge only works if you use liquid propane.

You also have the option of using natural gas fuel, should you wish. Make sure to choose the correct grill model depending upon which fuel option you want to use.

I forgot to mention that the Genesis II S-435 also has a ludicrously-massive 844 square-inches of total cooking space. No more scrimping when you’re grilling your jumbo shrimp, hotdogs, sausages, or veggie burgers.

Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Stainless Steel
  • GS4 high performance grilling system featuring infinity ignition, high-performance...
  • 4 stainless steel high-performance burners, 1 side burner and 1 sear station burner...
  • 7mm diameter solid stainless steel rod cooking grates provide superior heat retention
  • Ample Cooking Surface. Up to 844 sq in, including the tuck-away warming rack.
  • Compatible with iGrill 3. The iGrill 3 monitors food from beginning to end, and notifies...
  • 10 year warranty, 100% Weber guarantee
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Weber Genesis II S-435 Specs
    • 844 square-inches of cooking space
    • 69,000 BTUs
    • 176 pounds

Weber vs Broil King – Which Has the Better Premium High-End Gas Grill?

Both grills are excellent, and I grade either option with an A, or better. If you want a smaller, lighter grill, go with the Broil King Baron 440. If you want the larger grilling option, snag the Weber Genesis II S-435. Neither option will disappoint you.

I love the heat box of the Broil King. The heat box retains heat magnificently, so you can cook with more accuracy and speed. The grill also heats up fast. No more waiting for your succulently grilled steaks, burgers, and sausages.

I also love the size, power, and grace of the Weber Genesis II S-435. With 69,000 BTUs and 844 square-inches of cooking real estate, this grill is a tank and a half that’s fit for feeding a legion.

I also think that Weber wins on the warranty front for their Genesis II series line of grills. The thing I appreciate about Weber is their warranty transparency.

Weber offers a 10-year warranty on all parts for their Genesis II line of grills without arguing or quibbling. They’re upfront about their warranty – and they proudly promote their warranty right on the grill’s product page.

Weber vs Broil King – Which One Should You Buy for Your Next BBQ?

I think that both Broil King vs Weber make excellent choices for grilling enthusiasts regardless of the BBQ skill level or the griller’s style. Whether you want a small gas grill for your next barbeque, or if you’re an industrial chef looking for a massive grilling machine, either brand can meet your grilling needs.

The main differences, I think, are the reviews and popularity. If real customer reviews are crucial to you, then Weber is the safer bet. But, don’t take my word as gospel. I invite you to read the reviews. Look closely at the 5-star reviews for each manufacturer. Weber has a ton more reviews!

Even though I cherish the Broil King brand, my final choice is with Weber. If you demand the best American made grills on the planet, with the stellar build quality and reviews, then you can’t go wrong with Weber.

If you don’t quite have the biggest budget for your next BBQ grill? Then you can’t go wrong with Broil King’s brand either. Both brands get my stamp of approval.

Do You Agree?

Thank you for reading this Broil King vs Weber comparison. Please let me know what you think in the comments! Do you agree that Weber is slightly better than Broil King? Are they both equal? Or, maybe I’m wrong?! I’d love to have your thoughts. Please let me know by commenting below!


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You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this article. I didn't even make it past the assembly portion. The majority of Weber grills are made in CHINA. Broil king grills with the exception of their pellet and keg are actually made in the US and Canada with the cast iron grates and less then a handful of parts sources from China. Broil King is still built to the standard Weber used to be.


Wednesday 7th of April 2021

Hey Cdubs! Yep, like I mentioned, Broil King grills are made in the US, with manufacturing locations in Dickson Tennessee, Huntington Indiana, and Waterloo Ontario. Most of the components are too, like their grill cook box, shelves, and steel carts.

Broil King themselves mention: "Our barbecue grill components are sourced with preference given to domestic suppliers whenever possible but do include some globally sourced components." So, we're pretty much made in the US, but not all of it...

Weber states: "Today, we stay true to our Midwestern roots by continuing to manufacture grills in Huntley, Illinois, using only the best U.S. and globally sourced components. All of our grills are designed and engineered by a team at our Chicago headquarters, and every day our wide assortment of grills roll off the manufacturing lines at our plant in Huntley, Illinois. This ensures our grills are built with the durability, workmanship and quality that matter to grillers. More importantly, it allows us to support our local community by keeping jobs here in Illinois — where it all started at Weber."

To me, this sounds like Broil Kind and Weber are very similar in their "we're made in the US but not all of it" statement?

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