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Best Cordless Drill Under 100 Review [Cheap Doesn’t Mean Crap!]

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The last time I used a power tool with extension cables, I nearly beheaded all my ducks. Since then, I’ve been on the look-out for the best cordless drill under 100 bucks. Join me as I find out what puts the best cordless drill a cut above the rest.  

Don’t want to read right through? Our best cordless drill under 100 is the DeWalt 20V Max Drill/Driver set. Awesome power, lightweight, compact, dual speed, and 3-years warranty. You can’t beat this one!

Best Cordless Drill Under 100 Review


1. DeWalt 20V MAX – Best Cordless Drill Overall

 The DeWalt 20V MAX cordless drill packs a lot of power into a lightweight drill that even people as small as me (5’3”) can carry around and use effectively. It can fit into tight spaces and has powerful batteries that provide a long runtime and lifespan. Charge it up in just 30 minutes and adjust the speed and vibration settings according to the job at hand. 

With two speed settings, DeWalt 20V MAX is as adept at drilling holes as it is at breaking up stone or even peeling potatoes

Its budget-friendly price makes it suitable for the homesteader and hobbyist alike while its lightweight construction allows you to complete overhead jobs without enduring too much muscle fatigue. 

An LED light illuminates your workspace whenever you press the trigger, while the Jacobs 1/2” chuck provides both tight gripping strength and greater accessory compatibility. Not only that, but the DeWalt 20V MAX cordless drill also comes with a “frustration-free” guarantee as well as a three-year warranty.

Buy on Amazon:

DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, Compact, 1/2-Inch (DCD771C2)
$179.00 $99.00
  • Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
  • High performance motor delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power ability completing a...
  • High speed transmission delivers two speeds (0-450 & 1,500 rpm) for a range of fastening...
  • 1/2" single sleeve ratcheting chuck provides tight bit gripping strength
  • Ergonomic handle delivers comfort and control
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/13/2024 06:12 am GMT

Or TractorSupply

2. Skil PWRCore 12V 1/2″ Brushless Cordless Drill With Battery – Best Value

If you’re looking for a balance between power and price, the Skil PWRCore cordless drill is the answer to your prayers. 

With just 12v, Skil packs more power than you’d expect, giving the best 18v cordless drills a run for their money. It’s even more compact than our top product, measuring just 7-1/4″ in length, and is light enough for your child or small dog to carry around.

The 1/2″ keyless chuck is tight and reliable while the additional 1/4″ hex recess makes it easier to swap bits and means they sit a little deeper in its jaws. There’s still a hint of wobble, however, which, when combined with the slight trigger lag, can be frustrating.

On the plus side, the patented PWRCore battery technology gives you maximum runtime. Charge the battery for just five minutes using the PWRJump charger and you’ll already have 25% battery power to work with. A full charge will take 45 minutes.

One of the best cordless drills for under $100, the Skil offers both versatility and value for money.

Buy on Amazon:

Amazon product

3. Teccpo 20V Cordless Drill With 2 Batteries and Accessories

Teccpo wasn’t thinking lightweight when it produced this hefty cordless drill. Weighing 7.8 pounds, it’s nearly three times as heavy as the Skil, making it less suitable for overhead jobs and smaller operators.

A range of torque settings means the Teccpo works as effectively as a screwdriver as it does drilling either wood or metal. 

Like the Skil, the Teccpo comes with a fast-charging device so you can charge for an hour and work virtually all day without interruption. An in-built LED light means you can work safely in dark corners while the keyless chuck means you swap bits one-handed.

If you believe that the only thing that separates humans from animals is our ability to accessorize, then the Teccpo 20V is the best cordless drill for you! It comes with no less than 33 different accessories, including:

  • 4 x square bits
  • 4 x slotted bits
  • 1 x 60mm extension rod
  • 8 x Phillips bits
  • 16 x Torx bits

The Teccpo’s mid-range price makes it one of the best cordless drills for under $100, but only for those with enough muscle to lug the thing around.

Buy on Amazon:

Amazon product

4. Kimo 20V Variable Speed Impact Drill Set With Battery

The Kimo 20V is another of the best cordless drills for under 100 that comes with more bells and whistles than a carnival procession.

This drill comes with 33 different screw driving bits and three brad point drill bits that will stop that wandering sensation. There are also three different cleaning brushes which convert the Kimo from woodworker to domestic helper.

More compact than many of the best cordless drills, Kimo gives you both ease of access and the power you need to complete the job once in situ.

With the 3/8” chuck, Kimo gives users greater accessory compatibility and more versatility. The automatic spindle lock makes for quick, one-handed changes so you can move between screwing metal to drilling wood almost seamlessly.

Weighing in at just over five pounds, Kimo is in the middle of the road in terms of weight, but its belt clips mean it’s easier to carry around and more convenient for ladder work.

A little more expensive than the Teccpo, Kimo is nonetheless a great product for the price, especially if you’re looking for a tool that can do more than just drill holes.

Buy on Amazon:

Amazon product

5. Black & Decker 20V MAX Cordless Drill With Accessories

No list of the best cordless drills would be complete without at least one entry from the long-standing US tool manufacturer, Black & Decker.

Like the Kimo, the Black & Decker 20V comes with a variety of brad point drill bits as well as several screw-driving bits and nut drivers

It’s one of the cheapest cordless drills that can stand the test of time while also being one of the most compact and lightweight. This makes it ideal for a family of DIY enthusiasts as it’s easy enough for kids to handle safely (when supervised). 

Its lithium-ion batteries can hold a charge for up to 18 months while the 20V power means it’s as adept at heavy homesteading tasks as it is at smaller jobs around the house. It’s efficient in its power usage and comes with an LED light so you can work accurately even in poor light.

With a two-year warranty, this is one of the best cordless drills for under $100 although more suited to the infrequent DIY user than a dedicated homesteader as it lacks the durability of the higher-end cordless drills.

Buy on Amazon:

Amazon product

Honorable Mention: Makita XFD131 18V Brushless Cordless Drill

 A leading manufacturer of power tools, Makita rarely produces anything below par and the Makita XFD131 18V is no exception. It packs a serious punch despite having less voltage than the DeWalt but you’ll pay for that in muscle power, lugging around over seven pounds worth of drill will soon see your biceps bulging.

The Makita XFD131 nevertheless benefits from a compact design and is versatile enough that you can use it for woodwork, metalwork, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems, and electrical tasks.

It takes twice as long to charge as the DeWalt but its shock-absorbing features protect the driver battery, giving you an even greater lifespan. 

As with most Makita products, the price can be prohibitive and, for those looking for the best cordless drill for under $100, this isn’t even in the running. It comes with the same three-year warranty as the DeWalt but without the range of accessories, you’ll find with the Teccpo, for example.

Although a high-quality product, the Makita has an unnerving wobble that reduces accuracy and increases the risk of injury. It’s nevertheless powerful and up there with the best cordless drills.

Buy on Amazon:

Amazon product

Or TractorSupply

Best Cordless Drill Under 100 Buyer’s Guide



What Is the Best Cordless Drill?

If you’re looking for the best cordless drill for jobs around the homestead, you need something with a little more power and durability than the average DIY enthusiast, which is why we chose the resilient DeWalt cordless drill as our top choice.

While the Makita cordless drill packs a similar punch, it doesn’t fall into the category of the best cordless drills under 100, so you’ll have to fork out extra cash for this one. 

Speed and Speed Settings

Feel the need for speed? The best cordless drills have different speeds for different purposes so, with the DeWalt, you can select the lower speed and get higher torque which will make driving in screws a lot easier. For drilling, the higher speed is ideal.

The Skil is one of the few in this price range to offer variable speeds, which are trigger-controlled. While this may sound like music to your ears, the trigger is finicky, and trying to get a slower speed requires a lightness of touch few of us can master.


Opting for a lighter version of the best cordless drill doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on power, although the lightest cordless drill we’ve reviewed, the Skil, is also the least powerful.

The DeWalt, on the other hand, is a lightweight, compact tool with plenty of power and the adaptability you need to work with heavy-duty materials like masonry, metal, and hardwood.

Personally, the heavier options, like the Makita and the Teccpo are impractical unless you like lugging that sort of weight around. 

Work Light

You can’t always predict where or when you’ll next need your cordless drill and, if you have a drilling emergency in the dead of night or need to perform a quick repair job in the basement, some kind of illumination is essential.

Nearly all the best cordless drills come with LED lights of some description but the DeWalt takes it to another level with a three-mode LED that includes a spotlight mode and an automatic shutoff function.


Of our best cordless drill under 100, only the Black & Decker and the Kimo come with a 3/8-inch chuck. The others all sport the more durable 1/2” chuck because of its superior torque. While a 3/8” chuck makes the tool more versatile and compatible with more accessories, the 1/2” chuck is becoming standard.


With the latest innovations in battery technology, there’s little to choose between the best cordless power drills in terms of battery runtime or lifespan. While both the Skil and the Kimo have fast-charging capabilities, the DeWalt is superior to both, reaching full charge in just 30 minutes.


Much like fashion accessories, I tend to avoid tools with a host of added extras – it makes me suspicious that they’re trying to hide some fundamental failing.

Having said that, if you want your cordless drill to be a bit of an all-rounder, then something like the Black & Decker or the Kimo is right up your street. These guys come with pockets’ full of bits and brushes, turning your cordless drill into the equivalent of a hefty Swiss Army knife


A three-year warranty is pretty much standard among the best cordless drills, with both the DeWalt and Makita offering limiting warranties for that duration.

Teccpo and Black & Decker aren’t quite so generous, with one and two-year warranties respectively. Meanwhile, the Skil exceeds all expectations with its unprecedented five-year warranty.

What Your Best Cordless Drill Under 100? 

The DeWalt is our best cordless drill for under 100, balancing size and weight with power and durability.

For a more family-friendly alternative, we recommend the Black & Decker, while those with a host of heavy-duty jobs weighing them down, the Makita is a resilient and reliable option, providing you don’t mind stepping beyond your $100 threshold.

Personally, the DeWalt is the best cordless drill for any homesteader, being easy enough for a novice to use, light enough to transport across a field without any weight-lifting training, and versatile enough that it can be used as effectively in the home as on the perimeter of your property.

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