Hisea Boots Review: Where Comfort Meets Rugged Reliability

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It can be really tricky to find boots that stand up to homesteading tasks – especially if you’re on a budget. From mucking out stalls to gardening to mowing and trekking through mud, we all need a pair of shoes we can rely on.

For the longest time, I’ve worn some steel-toe work boots for these tasks, and while they are comfy and protective, they simply aren’t waterproof. That has often meant I’ve gotten my fair share of damp snow, rain, and mud on my socks while working in the yard. Not great!

So, when Hisea reached out to us at Outdoor Happens about testing their waterproof barn boots, I knew I had to take the opportunity to see if they were worth the hype.

While Hisea did send me these boots free of charge, they didn’t ask me to review them unless I liked them. And golly, did I like them!

So, let’s talk about why these boots are a fantastic choice for us homesteaders and compare them to similar types of boots.

Hisea Boots: The Pros

hisea boots in box

Before we get into all the good stuff, let’s be clear: Today, I will be reviewing the Hisea Women’s Mid-Calf Barn Boots. These boots are one of Hisea’s best-selling models, and I was quick to jump onto that bandwagon, considering how cute they are!

The nice grippy soles, stretchy neoprene calf section, and waterproofness helped, but I really loved how these boots, in particular, looked.

But we’re not here just for the aesthetics, are we? Let’s talk about what’s great (and not so great) about these Hisea boots.

HISEA Mid Calf Rubber Rain Boots for Women - Neoprene Insulated
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Lifetime Warranty

Hisea boots come with a legitimate lifetime warranty, which is absolutely remarkable. Unlike Bogs and Muck boots, these babies should last you a lifetime. If they ever wear out, crack, or rip, you’ll get a fresh new pair.

Registering Hisea boots for their warranty is simple; all you need is your order number. The boots also come with a credit card-sized warranty certificate you can use to cash in on a new pair of boots anytime within the next 100 years.

The only catch to the warranty is that you only get one replacement pair of boots per purchase. So, once you use up the warranty, you can’t get another pair for free.

However, I’m not too worried about the limited number of replacements since, as we’ll discuss later, these boots are made to last.


The best thing about Hisea’s boots, aside from the lifetime warranty, is their affordable price.

For example, let’s compare the Hisea Mid-Calf Barn Boots I got with The Muck Brand’s Original Muckster II Mid-Calf Boots. Both boots have similar builds and treads, but the Muck brand’s boot is approximately two times the price of Hisea’s Barn Boots. Plus, Hisea’s boots come with handles on the sides to make putting them on even easier.

Muck Women's Muckster II Mid Boot, Dark Brown/Chicken Print, Size 8 M
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Bogs also offers a very similar boot: the Mesa. These boots, like the Hisea ones, have neoprene uppers, soft cushy interiors, mid-level treads, and handles on the top. However, Bog’s boots are also twice the price of Hisea’s.

Bogs Women's Mesa Rain Boot, Super Flowers Print-Black, 8
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We’ve been recommending these Bog boots for many years now. But now that we’ve tried out the Hisea boots, we have a new number one!

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hisea boots in front of chicken coop
These barn boots were made for farming and homesteading, and it shows! With a nice tread and waterproof sole for mucky situations, these boots held up well – even in the Tennessee mud!

When it comes to comfort, these boots are supreme.

While the soles are not rubbery and bouncy, the boots come with a removable insole that feels like a cloud to step on. It’s made of a memory foam-like material that cushes oh so nicely but still offers support when you need it. 

Additionally, these boots aren’t likely to cause anyone any blisters. They have a soft, suede-like lining that keeps your toes cozy and your ankles free from friction. Even without any socks on, these boots did not give me any blisters! That’s a lot more than I can say for any of my other boots. 

Waterproofness and Protection

I took my Hisea boots for a test drive in the stream out back and they held up surprisingly well, even with all the slick rocks and mud.

Hisea’s waterproof boots are, just as they say, waterproof. However, only the parts of the boot that are coated in rubber are waterproof. The neoprene calf portion is not. 

So, if you’re looking for waterproof Hisea boots, I recommend going for something additional protection, like the Women’s Rubber Mud Boots or the Men’s Working Rubber Rain Boots.

Still, even with the limited coverage, I managed to wade in the creek out back, splash in some mud puddles, and weather a stormy morning, all while keeping my feet dry.

So, if you want a good pair of water-resistant muck boots, Hisea is still a fantastic choice. 

Warmth and Heat Retention

I tested Hisea’s Mid-Calf Barn Boots in the summer, so my reading is a bit off when it comes to warmth and insulation. However, I will say that these boots kept my feet nice and toasty while still offering ventilation. 

Even though these boots are insulated with a 5mm foam liner for extra warmth, I still found that I turned to my Hisea rubber boots on the hottest summer days.

The airflow was fantastic, and I hardly sweated at all. However, for winter, I imagine that these boots will really keep my feet cozy as long as I wear thick socks and tuck my pant legs into them. 

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Hisea Boots: The Cons

These boots were perfect for my foraging hikes in the woods near where I live!

All in all, there weren’t many things I didn’t like about Hisea’s boots. However, if I had to find something wrong with them, here’s what I’d tell you:


While it’s not really a con per se, it’s worth mentioning that Hisea’s boots run a little large. Additionally, they do not come in half sizes, which I was a bit disappointed about. 

I usually wear a size 9.5 in women’s shoes, so I sized up to a ten and the boots fit a little loosely. I likely could have ordered a size nine and been happy with the fit, but the tens still fit well enough and don’t cause any blisters even without socks. 

So, I recommend sizing down if you generally wear a half-size. 

The Insoles May Come Out With Your Foot

This is more of a slight irritant than anything, but I’ve found that when I’m not wearing socks, the insoles stick to my feet and come out of my boots as I take them off.

I could fix them by adding a smidge of superglue under the sole, but I likely won’t because it’s not that big of an issue.


Still have questions about Hisea boots? Let’s go over some questions I first had when I got my pair:

Where Are Hisea Boots Made? 

Hisea boots are made in China. All parts of their boots are manufactured and assembled in China. However, Hisea still provides high-quality footwear at very competitive prices. 

Are Hisea Boots Made In The USA?

No, Hisea boots are not made in the USA. All of Hisea’s boots are made and manufactured in China, which is why they cost so little.

What is Hisea’s Warranty Policy?

Hisea’s warranty covers 100 years worth of wear and tear on Hisea shoes and boots. As long as the damage was done unintentionally, Hisea will replace your boots with a clean new pair.

Final Thoughts: I Love Hisea Boots!

I didn’t go into this review thinking I’d like Hisea’s boots. Initially, I was skeptical of a made-in-China product that seemed like a dupe for Bogs and Muck boots. However, I was very wrong! These boots can really stand their own against similar (and more expensive ) brands.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to try out a pair of Hisea boots?

If so, please feel free to use the coupon code “outdoorhappens” to get 15% off on your order! Considering how inexpensive these boots already are, that’s a great steal.

Additionally, if you have any questions about these boots, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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