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Mantis XP Tiller Extra-Wide 4-Cycle vs 2-Cycle 7920: What’s Best for Your Garden?

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Spending too much time digging the ground with a shovel? One day, I realized that wasting time and effort with only a shovel and a trowel made no sense. When you’re expanding your garden, you can make your life easier with a great tiller. One of the best garden tiller brands is Mantis, so today, let’s compare Mantix XP Extra Wide vs Mantis 7920.  

Mantis XP Tiller Extra Wide 4-Cycle vs Mantis 2-Cycle 7920

Build Quality

Mantis Tillers Dig Better By Design

Mantis XP Build Quality

The Mantis XP Tiller has a powerful 4-cycle engine that is placed directly over the tines for ideal tilling and digging. What is cool about this design is that the gears are positioned to generate more power in an otherwise lightweight device.

It weighs 34 pounds – quite light by tiller standards. You don’t want to be carrying super heavy equipment across your yard. From my experience, it’s not good for the knees and back!

Because of its powerful Honda engine, the Mantis XP Tiller tackles projects that would be difficult to complete with minimal digging tools. The curvy tines of this device will till a good 10 inches into the ground. This tiller also doubles as a weed trimmer, precisely cutting around your precious plants and crops.

The bottom line is that this tiller can cut through the roughest and most compacted dirt imaginable.

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Mantis 7566-12-02 Deluxe XP 4-Cycle Tiller with Kickstand, 16-Inch
  • Powerful Honda 4-cycle (gas only, no fuel mix required) 35cc engine spins the tines twice as fast as other tillers
  • 5 Year consumer on the entire tiller (including engine), plus a lifetime on the tines against breakage
  • Weighs just 34 pounds
  • Fingertip-controlled throttle for infinite speed control and ease of operation
  • The unique, curvy tines can be used to till down 10 inches deep. Or, simply turn the tines around to shallow cultivate the top 2 to 3 inches of soil
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04/18/2024 06:11 am GMT

Mantis 2-Cycle 7920 Build Quality

Speaking of lightweight devices that are easy to carry, the Mantis 2-Cycle 7920 Tiller is another great option. It weighs 20 pounds – even lighter for a tiller.  This tiller will almost feel as light as a feather!

You can work practically in any size space because of this tiller’s compact size. This includes areas close to walls and fences.

Various handles make this tiller reliable for carrying. First, there is a built-in carry handle, and then there are folding handles that help you store and transport to your garden. The grips are soft and flared, giving you a comfortable feeling when you till.

Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator
  • Comes with a handy carrying handle
  • Entire unit weighs Only 20-pounds
  • Handle Bars fold down for easy storage
  • 2-year limited Warranty
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/17/2024 03:00 pm GMT

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Trustworthiness and Reviews


Here is an important question to ask of both these garden tillers. Can you trust these tillers to work? If tillers could talk, they would tell you yes. However, they are just appliances. The majority of reviews from those who have purchased these tillers have been glowing and positive.

Mantis XP Extra Wide Tiller Reviews

Some reviews say that the Mantis XP tiller works well in heavy clay soil, and that it is a good tool for small gardens.

One review called this tiller a workhorse, and that he will never be without it. The Mantis XP Tiller has been praised for its versatility, and reviews also state how easy it is to start the Honda 4-Cycle engine.

Mantis 2-Cycle 7920 Reviews

Meanwhile, many reviews claim that the Mantis 2-Cycle 7920 tiller far exceeded expectations. The 7920 is said to be very easy to assemble. You can set up this tiller within 10 minutes.

The general consensus of reviews is that this is a great small tiller that is easy to carry around. It serves as a legitimate alternative to bigger, heavier tillers.

One review stated that this tiller dug up areas filled with old dead grassroots in less than 4 hours. Another review called this tiller outstanding, noting that it digs into the ground deeper and faster than other tillers that were used.

Shipping and Warranty

The shipping of either tiller shouldn’t be an issue. Some of the best reviews state that the shipping schedules for these tillers are good. There is an option of same-day shipping for the 2-Cycle 7920 tiller.  Isn’t it convenient to get something you pay for lightning-fast?

Expect to get a large 41-pound square box if you get the Mantis XP Tiller. If you don’t mind additional items along with the XP tiller in the box, you should be excited!

Mantis has a solid warranty policy for their tillers, whether you accidentally break them or if they break on you. Both the XP tiller and the 2-Cycle 7920 tiller have guaranteed 2 to 5-year limited warranties attached to them.

Mantis extends these warranties from 2 years to 5 years depending on material defects and what purposes you use your tiller for, either residential or commercial. This means that you are given peace of mind when you use these tillers. One rule of thumb for gardening tools is that if any tools are made to be flimsy, they wouldn’t have 5-year warranties attached to them! 

Make sure you check Mantis’ warranty page for up-to-date information and to check all the information before you buy your new garden tiller.

Planting a Fall Garden with a Mantis Tiller

Tiller Prices

The Mantis XP Tiller typically costs around $700 on Amazon, whereas the 2-Cycle 7920 tiller costs around $300.  This is not a huge gap between prices. 

Both the Mantis XP tiller and the 2-Cycle 7920 tiller offer almost the same exact qualities and features. It can be as simple as the number of curvy tines on the bottoms of these tillers that can make the difference for you. Do you want to till a large patch of dirt for your garden? Or do you keep the tilled patch small? 

Mantis Tillers Buyer’s Guide

How to Use a Mantis Tiller

I could give you my interpretation of a Mantis tiller owner’s manual, but that would be boring. How to use a Mantis tiller is the same as using a tiller made by other brands.

Mantis® Deluxe 2-Cycle Tiller -  Fueling and Starting

For starters, while you press on the throttle triggers to till the ground, keep a firm grip on the handles. After the throttle trigger is released, the tines may coast. It also takes firm footing and balance. Operate your tiller in an area clear of obstacles that may hinder you. I wouldn’t want to trip over toys belonging to my barn cats while I till!

While this may sound silly at first, it actually makes sense. You have to treat your Mantis tiller like a vacuum cleaner, using an easy rocking motion over the lawn. When tilling the ground, always pull your tiller backward first, and then go forward.

If you want dig deep into your yard, move your Mantis tiller slowly back and forth over the same area multiple times. If you only want shallow tilling, switch the tines to the cultivating position and rock back and forth quickly.

If you bump into weeds and roots that are hard to eliminate, don’t worry! Be patient! Rock your tiller over those areas enough so that the tines can chop up the weeds and roots.

How To Start a Mantis Tiller

Starting the Mantis® Deluxe 4-Stroke Tiller

It is very easy to cold-start a Mantis tiller for the first time. It’s almost like riding a bike!

Located on one of the throttle handles is the start-stop switch. Press on the “I” symbol of this switch, which indicates the tiller is in the start position. The choke of the engine is closed by pulling the choke button out. The primer bulb is pressed 6 times until this bulb is filled with gas. Once it is completely filled, the bulb is pressed 2 more times. 

Grab the pull start and pull the cord out. The starter spring of a Mantis tiller engine is where energy is stored. It only takes a simple pull of the pull start to store this energy.

Once the engine is running, the choke is opened by pushing the choke button back in. If your Mantis tiller is brand new, give it 1 minute to warm up before you go to work. If your tiller’s engine is already warm, follow the same starting procedure. The choke will stay closed, and the primer bulb doesn’t need to be pressed in this case.

Always start the engine carefully and be cautious when reversing or pulling the tiller towards you. Tilling is a gentle process. You don’t want to force anything unusual to happen when making a basic garden patch.

Mantis Tiller Comparison Reviews

Review: Mantis XP Tiller

You won’t be struggling to set up the Mantis XP tiller for work. One reason for this is because it only needs gas for its engine. That means no fuel mix is required. Have any of you really enjoyed experimenting with numerous fuel mixtures? I may hear crickets chirping on that one. 

Established sod and compacted dirt are easily cut into by this tiller’s curvy tines. The Mantis XP extra wide tiller performs as well as it does because of its worm gear transmission set. Turning the tines up to 240 RPM, this set allows the tiller to perform with power and efficiency. The worm gear is a simple mechanism to figure out if you’re the type who can fix damaged parts.

A unique staple of most Mantis tillers, the folding handles of the XP tiller give you many options for storing and transporting this handy tool. The handle grips are shaped to comfort your wrists so that you won’t be shaken when cutting into hard surfaces.

Review: Mantis 2-Cycle 7920 Tiller

The Mantis 2-Cycle 7920 is built to perform no matter what condition your yard is in. Digging, tilling, cultivating, and weed trimming are all covered by this tiller.

Weighing only 20 pounds, this is the lighter option for your tilling needs. If you have any physical limitations or you struggle to carry heavier equipment around, this tiller gives you even less of a hassle than the XP tiller.

When it comes to gardening tools, we all know that bigger isn’t always better. Small, compact, and lightweight, this tiller does the job you want it to do. Hard soil and clay don’t stand a chance once this tiller digs in! We can call this tool “The Little Tiller That Could”, and that nickname would stick.

The 2-Cycle engine is positioned directly over the tiller’s tines for the best tilling performance possible, and the soft, comfortable feel of the handles gives you much-needed relief.

Which Garden Tiller Is Better?

At the end of the day, there is no wrong answer to the question of which of these tillers is better. Each tiller fulfills different sets of needs for many different people. It depends on how large or small your tilling project is for your garden.

From my tilling experience, I would want something that cuts into both soft and hard surfaces without any issues. If I can create a garden patch that is at least 4 feet long and wide, I’m good to go. 

The tiller to get first here is the Mantis XP tiller. It is 14 pounds heavier than the 2-Cycle 7920 tiller, but that extra weight won’t break your back.

The extra wide 4-cycle setup of the tines makes a difference in creating a garden patch fast. You can dig as deep as 10 inches into the ground. The Mantis XP tiller gives you the freedom to work in just about any kind of space, whether it’s filled with vines and bushes, or the ground is hard and dry.

Which Tiller Will You Choose?

Both the Mantis XP extra wide tiller and the 2-Cycle 7920 tiller have their benefits. If you want to till multiple rows for your garden patch, you easily go with the Mantis XP tiller. If you aim to just have single strips of dirt cut for a few plants, the 2-Cycle 7920 tiller would better suit you. It all boils down to what kinds of jobs you want done in your yard.

What has your tilling experience been like? Do you have your own tips on how to handle a Mantis tiller? Let us know by sharing your tips in the comments below. 

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