9 Best Tomato Plants for Hanging Baskets [Super Prolific Varieties!]

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Growing a tomato hanging basket is a great way to make the best use of a cramped garden or homestead. Hanging baskets can be put outside a window or balcony, enabling everyone to cultivate homegrown tomatoes, even if you don’t have a sumptuous garden.

Imagine opening your kitchen window to pick a handful of sweet cherry tomatoes to enjoy for lunch – delicious!

Our 9 Favorite Tomato Varieties for a Hanging Basket

Growing tomatoes in a hanging planter can be an excellent way to load your front porch with yummy and delicious garden crops! So – the following nine tomato cultivars are our favorite for hanging baskets. And hanging pots!

1. Tiny Tim Tomatoes

tiny tim tomatoes on vine ready for harvesting
Tiny Tim tomatoes are a determinate cherry tomato cultivar that loves warm weather. The plants are adorably-tiny and only reach about 12 inches. They’re the perfect tomato for growing in hanging baskets. Or pots!

Tiny Tim tumbling tomatoes (now that’s a tongue-twister!) produce an abundance of small red tomatoes on a small, bushy plant. They are happiest when allowed to dangle downwards, making them the perfect hanging basket tomato plant.

2. Hundreds and Thousands Tomatoes

hundreds and thousands hanging in greenhouse - perfect for a tomato hanging basket
Hundreds and Thousands are one of our favorite tomatoes for growing in hanging baskets. They’re prolific. And delicious! The only problem is that these seeds are tremendously rare. If you can find some for your garden or your front porch, be sure to snag some!

Hundreds and Thousands cherry tomatoes are the best. It is the ultimate hanging basket tomato! It has a compact, bushy growing style that will produce many branches laden with fresh, juicy tomatoes. The long cropping season means you can enjoy sweet homegrown tomatoes grown in hanging baskets all summer.

3. Baxter’s Early Bush Cherry Tomatoes

cherry tomatoes growing in hanging basket
Baxter Early Bush cherry tomato plants produce delicious fruit in only 70 to 72 days. Expect yummy cherry tomatoes weighing around two ounces.

Here is an excellent choice for those who live in a challenging climate! Early tomatoes mature quickly, making them ideal for anyone with a short growing season.

4. Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomatoes

Behold! One of the few yellow tomato varieties intended to grow in hanging baskets and containers. It loves to dangle downwards and will produce a cascade of golden fruits to brighten up your patio area.

Tumbling Toms are a lovely yellow cherry tomato cultivar that dangles around 12 to 24 inches over their growing baskets. Expect delicious yellow tomatoes of one to two inches.

5. Red Robin Tomatoes

red robin dwarf tomato plant growing in a pot
Red Robin tomatoes love growing in tiny hanging baskets, pots, and containers. They also adore warm soil for germination – about 70 degrees Fahrenheit should suffice.

Red Robin is one of the tiniest hanging basket tomatoes – these compact plants reach just 12 inches tall! They will start to produce fruit in just 55 days.

6. Tumbling Tiger Tomatoes

colorful heirloom tiger cherry tomatoes
Tumbling tiger cherry tomatoes are one of the rarest tomato cultivars on this list! The plants produce lovely dark green foliage. You’ll also notice the egg-shaped tomatoes – plus the red and green stripes.

The Tumbling Tiger is quite unusual, as it produces plum tomatoes with a distinctive green and red striped appearance. The red and green stripes differ from the round, red cherry tomatoes usually growing in hanging baskets.

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7. Trutti-Fruiit Tomatoes (Paprika F1)

unripe and ripe tomatoes growing using hydroponics
These elongated tomatoes are some of our favorites for growing in hanging baskets. We’re talking about Trutti-Fruiit! (Not a typo!) They’re perfect for growing in full sun. And they’re famously excellent for slicing.

Trutti-Fruiit Paprika F1 tomatoes are more substantial than most container-grown tomatoes and will need support placed inside the hanging basket. The plant’s support structure can be as simple as a wigwam of short canes to help the heavily-fruiting branches.

8. Cherry Maskotka Tomatoes

young maskotka cherry tomato plants
Cherry Maskotka is another rare cherry tomato plant perfect for growing in hanging baskets, small planters, and tiny pots. They also grow superbly indoors – or in greenhouses.

This tomato variety is relatively new on the market but is rapidly increasing in popularity. It likes to tumble downwards and will produce long vines of fruits without any additional support.

9. Principe Borghese Tomatoes

isolated datterino cherry tomatoes
Do you love cooking bowls of tasty homemade spaghetti, eggplant lasagna, or chicken parm sandwiches? Then Principe Borghese tomatoes are an excellent choice! These meaty little tomatoes provide loads of flavor. And they’re the best for homemade tomato sauce.

The sun-loving Principe Borghese tomato will need a little support when grown in a hanging basket, as it can grow quite large. It produces sweet, meaty tomatoes that are great for roasting, sun-drying, and sauces. 

Tomatoes for Hanging Baskets Growing Tips

While all these tomatoes will grow in a hanging basket, it is vital to check that they will be happy in your climate and growing conditions. 

If your summer is short, opt for an early tomato for a better crop. 

Also – smaller plants such as tumbling tomatoes fare better in a little hanging basket than ones preferring to grow upwards!

Tiny Tim Tomato Seeds for Planting | Survival Garden Seeds -

These non-GMO Tiny Tim tomato seeds are perfect for growing in baskets, containers, or hanging pots. Grow them on your porch, in your garden, or your greenhouse. Expect a tiny dwarf tomato plant that grows approximately 12-inches. The tomatoes grow to around one inch or slightly smaller. Even though these tomatoes are small - the flavor is excellent. The reviews are also stellar.

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Tomatoes for Hanging Baskets FAQs

We have loads of experience growing ripe, delicious, and yummy tomatoes in hanging baskets! The following answers will help you grow the best tomatoes – and if you have questions, let us know in the comments below!

We’re always happy to share our best tomato-growing insights with you.

What Tomatoes Can You Grow In a Hanging Basket?

The best types of tomato to grow in a hanging basket are those that don’t mind dangling downwards. Most tomatoes need a trellis or a tomato cage to support the weight of the fruits as the plant grows upwards. In a hanging basket, we want the opposite to happen – the plants should be bushy and hang down around the sides of the basket.

To grow tomatoes in a hanging basket, you should look for several tumbling tomatoes. These (usually) produce an abundance of small cherry tomatoes on bushy, compact plants.

How Often Do You Water Tumbling Tom Tomatoes?

Because Tom Tomatoes grow in containers or hanging baskets, they need regular watering. In hot weather – you may need to water them twice daily to prevent the soil from drying out. Adding water-retaining granules to the compost can reduce the need for frequent watering.

How Many Tomato Plants Can You Put In a Hanging Planter?

Usually – we recommend one tomato plant per planter. But, you could fit up to three small red cherry tomato plants around the edge of a large hanging planter. They will need regular feeding or slow-release fertilizer to ensure they produce the maximum amount of fruit.

How Many Tumbling Tomatoes Are In a Hanging Basket?

You could fit two or three tumbling tomato plants in a hanging basket if you plan your spacing carefully. Plant them close to the edge, where they can dangle downwards away from each other.

How Much Sun Do Tomatoes Need?

Most tomatoes prefer full sun and will give a higher yield in a sunny spot. However, extreme temperatures can scorch the leaves and fruit of tomato plants, and they will require regular watering.

Do Hanging Tomato Plants Work Well?

Yes! As with any plant, hanging tomato plants will work if you put the right plant in the right place. Most tomatoes like full sun, a steady water supply, and plenty of nutrients. If you can provide all this in a hanging basket, you are (nearly) guaranteed a good crop of tomatoes!

How Do You Plant a Hanging Tomato Plant?

You may find various hanging tomatoes planted upside-down. But – for best results, they should grow the same way as any other plant, with the plant growing upwards. Plant them towards the edge of the basket or container. They will naturally grow downwards when they run out of space.


Choose the right plant and give it water, sunlight, warmth, and nutrients, and you’ll get rewarded with an abundance of sweet, juicy tomatoes. Right on your porch, doorstep, or garden!

If you have experience growing tomatoes from hanging baskets – let us know your thoughts!

Do you have any tips you can share?

Thanks again for reading.

And – have a great day!

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    1. Hi Vickie!
      I usually don’t! Tomatoes are surprisingly ‘bendy’ and will support themselves quite well, even hanging down. Most of the best hanging tomato varieties produce small-sized tomatoes so they don’t put too much weight on the stems. Some people like using a nifty little tool called a tomato hook or support hook – this is something you can look into if you’re losing fruit.
      For melons and other heavy fruits, you can use what I call a ‘fruit hammock‘ – a simple net bag to support the fruit. You can make these yourself from any net material!
      Hopefully this helps and you’ll grow some delicious tomatoes!

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