10 Delicious Tips for Growing Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

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Cherry tomatoes are a delicious and versatile addition to any garden or kitchen. And they can be grown indoors or out. We’ll share our best tips for growing cherry tomatoes in pots!

So – if you are looking for a delicious and easy-to-grow garden crop, cherry tomatoes might be just the thing. We also have loads of experience growing cherry tomatoes on decks, windowsills, and within gardens.

Sound good?

Then let us begin!

How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

To grow cherry tomatoes in pots, start with a growing container at least 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Make sure it is one with adequate drainage holes and that you use soil rich in nutrients. You will need to place your container in full sun and water it several times a week for the best results and the most productive cherry tomato plants.

Here are a few more tips for growing cherry tomatoes in pots!

We’ve researched a ton about growing cherry tomatoes in pots. And containers! After studying several tomato growing guides – we’re confident that growing your cherry tomatoes in a large pot or container is your best bet. We’ve also grown several tomato cultivars in 20-gallon pots and grow bags with excellent results. We realize that a 20-gallon container might be a bit much – but our tomatoes don’t mind! We also find that 20-gallon grow bags hold plenty of water. So you needn’t stress about your pot drying up so quickly.

What Size Pot for Cherry Tomatoes

When choosing a pot for your cherry tomatoes, it is vital to consider both the size of the plant and the type of pot you will be using. 

A larger pot of ten to twelve inches (in diameter) will usually be necessary. We also recommend a container with drainage holes to prevent the roots from rotting.

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How Deep Do Pots Need to Be for Cherry Tomatoes?

The roots of these plants will spread out wide, so the pot needs to be deep enough to accommodate them. A 12-inch pot is a good option for cherry tomatoes.

Tomato plants are susceptible to root rot. It is critical to ensure the roots are not sitting in soggy soil. In general, deep pots are better than shallower ones for cherry tomatoes. 

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What Soil Should I Use for Cherry Tomatoes?

There are many types of soil that we have used for growing cherry tomatoes. And each variety has its benefits and drawbacks. For cherry tomatoes, seek garden soil rich in nutrients. Good drainage is vital for growing anything in pots – especially cherry tomatoes! A mixture of sand, peat moss, and compost is a good option. 

You also want to ensure the soil’s pH is between 6.0 and 7.0. Choosing a pH level in this range will help the plants to thrive. If you are unsure what brand of soil to use with your local cherry tomato cultivar, we advise asking at your favorite plant nursery or garden center.

cherry tomato plants growing in pots
We’ve read from several reliable sources that five-gallon pots are perfect for vegetables and cherry tomatoes. We also read that a five-gallon bucket works perfectly! However, we find that large growing containers (at least ten to fifteen gallons) work best for cherry tomatoes. Because if your bucket is too small – the cherry tomato root system won’t have enough space to develop and flourish. But, a five-gallon pot works if you cannot muster a more substantial growing container.

Can You Grow Cherry Tomatoes In Potting Soil?

Yes! And while you can grow cherry tomatoes in potting soil, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, potting soils are typically lighter and increasingly porous than garden soils. So they will dry out more quickly. The delicate nature of potting soils means you will need to water your plants more often. Additionally, you may need to add some fertilizer to the garden soil to ensure that your plants have enough nutrients.

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How Much Soil Does a Cherry Tomato Plant Need?

A cherry tomato plant needs at least twelve inches of soil to grow at a minimum. More (and deeper) garden soil is always better. The plant also needs to get watered regularly, especially during hot weather

delicious looking cherry tomatoes growing in pot with marker
A tomato-growing guide on the University of New Hampshire Extension raises an interesting point about growing in pots. Some gardeners are concerned with what’s in their soil! If you have undesirable chemicals – or are concerned that you may – growing tomatoes in pots is a genius move. That way, you can guarantee your fresh cherry tomatoes are 100% organic. And they can grow in a medium of your choice!

Do Cherry Tomatoes Need Full Sun?

One question that gardeners often have is whether cherry tomatoes need full sun. The answer to this question depends on the variety of cherry tomatoes you are growing. 

Some varieties do well in partial sun, while others require full sun to produce a good crop. In general, most cherry tomatoes will do best if they receive at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. 

It is vital to ensure your plants get enough sun. But too much heat can cause the fruit to split or crack. If you are unsure how much sun your native cultivar of cherry tomatoes needs, consult a local nursery for advice. 

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How Often Should You Water Cherry Tomatoes?

Because cherry tomatoes are so small, they have a higher surface-area-to-volume ratio than larger varieties of tomatoes. Their surface-area-to-volume ratio means that they lose water more quickly. And they need to be watered more frequently! 

In general, cherry tomatoes should get watered once a week. Or whenever the top inch of soil feels dry. However, during hot weather or when the plants are bearing fruit? It may be better to water them twice per week.

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Do Cherry Tomato Plants Need Support? 

The answer to this question depends on the variety of cherry tomato plants you are growing. Some cultivars are determinate, which means they will stop growing once they reach a predetermined size. These varieties do not require support. Other cultivars are indeterminate. Indeterminate cultivars will continue to grow and produce tomatoes throughout the growing season. 

These varieties will benefit from support, such as a cage or trellis. By supporting your cherry tomato plants, you can help them to grow healthy and produce a bountiful harvest.

woman holding organic cherry tomatoes growing in pot
The PennState Extension blog raises another genius insight for growing cherry tomatoes (and regular tomatoes) in containers. They cite that you should look for cultivars marked for containers – or compact growing conditions. That way – your cherry tomatoes are less likely to get root-bound in a five, ten, or twenty-gallon growing container. The PennState article, like most reliable gardening sources we’ve read, agrees that the larger your growing pot – the better.

Should You Prune Cherry Tomato Plants? 

Some gardeners may be hesitant to prune their cherry tomato plants, fearing it will damage the plant or reduce its yield. But with the correct technique, pruning is beneficial for cherry tomato plants. 

By removing dead or dying leaves and stems, pruning helps to encourage new growth and improve the plant’s overall health. Additionally, pruning can increase air circulation and sunlight exposure. More air and sunlight may lead to bigger and tastier fruit. So if you are thinking about growing cherry tomatoes this year, do not be afraid to give them a little bit of extra TLC – your taste buds will thank you!

Fertilizing Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

Like most plants, cherry tomatoes need to get fertilized regularly to remain healthy and produce an abundant crop. There are a few things to remember when fertilizing cherry tomatoes in pots. 

First, it is vital to use a high-quality fertilizer specifically designed for tomatoes. Second, the fertilizer should be applied at the base of the plant, taking care to avoid the leaves and stems. Third, the fertilizer should get applied every two weeks during the growing season. (Or – follow the instructions of the fertilizer you use.)

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Do Cherry Tomatoes Do Well In Pots?

Surprisingly well indeed! One of the most popular fruits to grow in pots are cherry tomatoes. They are an easy fruit to take care of, produce a large yield, and can get used in many different dishes. 

However, growing cherry tomatoes in pots may introduce a few potential problems. One issue is that the plants can become overwhelmed by the heat. Cherry tomatoes need full sun to thrive, but their leaves can burn if exposed to too much direct sunlight. (Luckily – growing cherry tomatoes in pots allows you to move them to a suitable position.)

Finally, pests and diseases can also be a problem. Aphids, whiteflies, and tomato hornworms are common pests that attack cherry tomato plants, while blights and fusarium wilt are two diseases that can affect these plants.

By being aware of these issues, gardeners can take steps to prevent them from happening.


So, if you are looking for a productive and tasty way to garden this year, why not try cherry tomatoes in pots? With care, your plants will thrive and reward you with sweet, delicious fruit all summer!

What about you? Have you ever grown cherry tomatoes in pots? Or maybe you have questions about growing them?

If so – feel free to ask! Or share your experience!

We have grown many cherry tomato cultivars with great success. And – we are happy to share our two cents with you!

Thanks again for reading.

And – have a great day!

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