18 Best Sunflower Varieties For Colorful Blooms All Summer

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Sunflowers are one of the easiest ways to beautify your garden and feed your native pollinators without much effort or cash investment. But which sunflower cultivars are best to grow? We invite you to explore 18 delightful sunflower varieties that will delight you and native bees, from the delicate Coconut Ice Sunflowers to the cuddly Teddy Bear Sunflowers and the fiery Ring of Fire Sunflower. We’ll also review a handful of striking sunflower cultivars we bet you haven’t seen before!

Magnificent Candy Mountain Sunflower growing in the garden.

Sound good?

Then join us on this sun-kissed journey through the world of these cheerful yellow blooms! 🌻✨

18 Best Sunflowers For Floriferous Garden Blooms

We’re not picky about sunflowers. We love them all! However, of all sunflower cultivars, these 18 are our top picks.

1. Coconut Ice Sunflower

White Coconut Ice Sunflower growing in a summer flower garden.

This striking sunflower variety features creamy vanilla blossoms that transform to pure white as they bloom. The dark chocolate-colored center creates a striking contrast. It grows to a height of 48 to 60 inches and spreads its petals about four to eight inches across. Their unusual contrast makes them perfect for cut flowers or garden displays.

  • Color And Appearance: Creamy white petals with a hint of pale yellow at the center.
  • Flower Height: Typically grows to about three to four feet tall.
  • Uses: Ornamental, great for cut flower arrangements.
  • Days Until Flower: Approximately 60 to 70 days.

Imagine these faded sunflowers swaying in the breeze, their creamy white petals like coconut shavings sprinkled over a golden beach. 🌴

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2. Teddy Bear Sunflower

Bright and colorful Teddy Bear Sunflowers in the backyard garden.

The Teddy Bear Sunflower is one of the most adorable sunflowers. It gets its name from its resemblance to a soft, huggable stuffed bear. This attractive dwarf cultivar is two to three feet tall and features extra-large, double, golden blooms. Its fluffy appearance and compact size make it versatile for various garden settings.

  • Color And Appearance: Compact, fluffy golden-yellow blooms resembling teddy bear faces.
  • Flower Height: Short and bushy, around two to three feet tall.
  • Uses: Perfect for children’s gardens and small spaces.
  • Days Until Flower: Blooms within 50 to 60 days.

These sunflowers are teeny but also cuddly and warm. They’re like little teddy bears peeking out from the garden. 🐻

3. Mongolian Giant Sunflower

A gigantic and epic Mongolian Giant Sunflower with a native bee visitor.

Here’s a breathtaking sunflower that makes up for the Teddy Bear Sunflower’s diminutive size. It’s the Mongolian Giant! It can reach 14 feet tall and produces enormous yellow blooms. It’s a true showstopper. Many gardeners can’t believe how tall they grow. (They require staking!)

  • Color And Appearance: Classic yellow sunflower with a large, dark center.
  • Flower Height: Impressive height, growing up to ten feet or more.
  • Uses: Provides shade, attracts wildlife, and produces edible seeds.
  • Days Until Flower: Blooms in approximately 80 to 90 days.

These sunflowers are the guardians of the steppe. Their sturdy stems and massive blooms defy the harsh winds of the Mongolian plains. 🏞️

4. Ms. Mars Sunflower

Dark pink Ms Mars Sunflower with brilliant pink and yellow hues.

This vigorous, compact annual has dark reddish-purple flowers with cream to pale-yellow petal tips. It grows five to six feet tall and attracts bees, butterflies, and birds. It is excellent for back borders and cutting gardens and adds variety to any yard.

  • Color And Appearance: Vibrant orange petals with a dark center.
  • Flower Height: Medium height, around four to five feet.
  • Uses: Adds warmth and cheer to any garden. Great for cutting.
  • Days Until Flower: Blooms within 60 to 70 days.

These sunflowers are cosmic wanderers. Their red-and-yellow faces seem like they’ve traveled from the Red Planet itself. 🚀

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5. Chianti Sunflower

Two stunning red and burgundy Chianti Sunflowers thriving in the backyard garden.

Chiantis are famous for their wine-red velvet petals flecked with gold. The multiple-branched, purple-stemmed plants produce striking flowers. They are pollenless and suitable for cutting.

  • Color And Appearance: Rich burgundy petals with a dark center.
  • Flower Height: Grows to about five to six feet.
  • Uses: Dramatic color contrast in garden beds.
  • Days Until Flower: Approximately 70 to 80 days.

Sip a glass of red wine and admire these sunflowers. Their deep burgundy hues evoke the romance of an Italian vineyard. 🍷

6. Mammoth Sunflower

Epic and elephantine Mammoth Sunflower growing in its full glory.

As the name suggests, these sunflowers are massive! They can reach heights of 12 feet or more and have striking gray-green leaves and large yellow faces. Plant them alongside Mongolian Giants to see which grows taller or next to some Teddy Bear Sunflowers for a striking contrast.

  • Color And Appearance: The Mammoth Sunflower boasts monstrous blooms measuring up to two feet in diameter. These sunflowers are typically yellow like their smaller counterparts but on a grand scale, making them a true showstopper in any garden.
  • Flower Height: Around 12 feet! Imagine a sunflower that stands as tall as a one-story building.
  • Uses: You can harvest delicious sunflower seeds from their large seed heads. Place a bucket under the head, rub the sunflower to release the seeds, rinse them with fresh water, and let them dry or roast. It’s a delightful way to enjoy both beauty and a tasty snack.
  • Days Until Flower: Around 90 to 110 days.

Giants among sunflowers, they reach for the sky. Their colossal heads follow the sun as if trying to touch the heavens. 🌞

7. Ring Of Fire Sunflower

Honeybee visiting a Ring Of Fire Sunflower and spreading some pollen.

The Ring of Fire Sunflower is perfect if you want more variety. It stands out with attractive bicolor blooms, golden petal edges, and a ring of mahogany-red surrounding the chocolate brown center. It grows four to five feet tall and is excellent for sunny borders and cut flower arrangements.

  • Color And Appearance: Fiery red and yellow petals arranged in a circular pattern.
  • Flower Height: Stands at about four to six feet tall.
  • Uses: Eye-catching focal point in garden beds or borders.
  • Days Until Flower: Blooms in approximately 60 to 70 days.

These sunflowers blaze with intensity, their fiery red centers surrounded by golden petals. They’re the passionate poets of the sunflower world. 🔥

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8. Red Sun Sunflower

Deep red and brilliant Red Sun Splash Sunflower growing and blooming in the summer garden.

The Red Sun Sunflower is a standout variety with vibrant, fiery-red petals surrounding a dark central disk. These sunflowers can reach up to eight feet tall and make a bold statement in gardens and floral arrangements. Their warm color adds a touch of drama and energy to any landscape.

  • Color And Appearance: Deep red petals with a dark brown center.
  • Flower Height: Tall, reaching six to eight feet.
  • Uses: Striking addition to cut flower arrangements.
  • Days Until Flower: Blooms in approximately 70 to 80 days.

Imagine a crimson sunset captured in a sunflower’s heart. These bold blooms are a love letter to summer evenings. 🌅

9. Lemon Queen Sunflower

Blooming Lemon Queen Sunflower with a monarch butterfly stopping by for a snack.

The petals of the Lemon Queen Sunflower are a soft and delicate lemon-yellow. This bright and cheerful hue creates a striking visual contrast against the flower head’s dark brown or black center (known as the disc florets).

  • Color And Appearance: Soft lemon-yellow petals with a dark center.
  • Flower Height: Grows to about five to six feet tall.
  • Uses: Attracts bees and butterflies, suitable for borders.
  • Days Until Flower: Approximately 70 to 80 days.

These sunflowers exude elegance. Their lemon-yellow petals are like delicate silk, catching the sunlight and casting a soft glow. 🌼

10. Suntastic Yellow Sunflower

Epic yellow Suntastic Sunflowers blooming under the warm summer sun.

Suntastic Yellow with Black Center is an award-winning dwarf sunflower that brings sunshine to your garden or containers. These cheerful flowers feature bright golden petals surrounding a striking chocolate brown center.

Suntastic blooms in three successive periods during the summer, producing up to 20 flowers per plant, ensuring a long-lasting and vibrant display.

  • Color And Appearance: Bright yellow petals with a dark brown center (resembling a sunburst).
  • Flower Height: Compact, reaching around two to three feet in height.
  • Uses: Ideal for borders, containers, and small garden spaces.
  • Days Until Flower: Blooms within 50 to 60 days.

These sunflowers are the sunshine incarnate! Their vibrant yellow faces follow the sun throughout the day as if dancing to their cheerful tune. ☀️

11. Autumn Beauty Sunflower

Dazzling Autumn Beauty Sunflower showcasing their magnificent orange pink and yellow color sets.

This gorgeous branching cultivar can reach up to seven feet tall and offers a rich assortment of fall-hued blooms, including oranges, reds, and yellows. It’s perfect for impatient gardeners, as flowering starts a few months after sowing.

  • Color And Appearance: A mix of warm autumn colors, shades of red, orange, and yellow.
  • Flower Height: Varies but typically grows five to seven feet tall.
  • Uses: Excellent for attracting pollinators and adding color to fall gardens.
  • Days Until Flower: Approximately 70 to 80 days.

Picture a sunflower bouquet in rich fall hues from burnt oranges, fiery reds, and golden yellows. Autumn Beauty is like a canvas painted by Mother Nature herself. 🍂

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12. Strawberry Blonde Sunflower

Strawberry Blonde Sunflower with a few native bees visitors.

Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers are fast-growing annuals with oblong leaves that produce large blossoms (12 to 15 cm across) in a mix of lemon, rose, and pink. The petals start pink near the center and fade to bright yellow at the tips. They attract bees, butterflies, and birds.

  • Color And Appearance: Unique peach, pink, and bronze blend.
  • Flower Height: Medium height, around four to five feet.
  • Uses: Adds warmth and interest to floral arrangements or sunny borders.
  • Days Until Flower: Blooms within 60 to 70 days.

These sunflowers are the fashionistas of the garden. With their blush-pink and golden streaks, they’re ready for a chic summer soirée. 👗

13. Velvet Queen

Epic velvet queen sunflower in the summer garden.

With its deep burgundy petals, Velvet Queen Sunflowers add undeniable sophistication, charm, and prestige to your garden. It is medium-tall and great for cutting flowers.

  • Color And Appearance: Deep burgundy petals with a velvety texture.
  • Flower Height: Grows to about five to six feet tall.
  • Uses: Bold statement in garden borders.
  • Days Until Flower: Approximately 70 to 80 days.

Please close your eyes and touch these sunflowers. Their petals feel like velvet. Their regal burgundy color adds elegance to any floral arrangement. 👑

14. Sunrich Sunflower

Sunrich Orange Sunflower growing on a beautiful sunny day.

These single-stem sunflowers come in various colors, including gold, peach, and white. They are ideal for cutting and exquisite bouquets. They’re also easy to grow and a perfect flower for beginners.

  • Color And Appearance: Bright yellow petals with a dark center.
  • Flower Height: Medium height, reaching five to seven feet.
  • Uses: Great for cutting flowers and attracting birds.
  • Days Until Flower: Approximately 70 to 80 days.

These sunflowers are the cheerleaders of the garden, standing tall and proud. Their sunny dispositions brighten even the cloudiest days. 📣

15. Claret Sunflower

Beautiful and elegant Claret Sunflower growing in the field.

The Claret Sunflower boasts deep burgundy or wine-colored petals that exude elegance and refinement. These sunflowers are perfect for adding a touch of richness to your garden or floral displays. They typically reach a height of four to five feet.

  • Color And Appearance: Claret Sunflowers are noted for their reliable performance and have large, rich wine-red flowers with deep red-brown petals surrounding a nearly black central disk.
  • Flower Height: Typically grows to a height of five to six feet. The blooms can reach up to six inches across.
  • Uses: Claret Sunflowers are excellent for cut flower arrangements due to their striking color. They also attract bees, butterflies, and birds. The seeds harvested from mature plants are super tasty and can work in snacks or baking.
  • Days Until Flower: Blooms within approximately 70 to 80 days.

Imagine a glass of fine red wine transformed into a flower. These sunflowers are the toast of the summer party. 🥂

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16. Black Oil Sunflower

Massive field of Black Oil Sunflowers growing in the summer.

Black Oil Sunflowers are the classic sunflowers that birds love to eat! They produce tiny black seeds and have a single large flower head. Often grown for birdseed or oil extraction, black oil sunflowers are easy to cultivate and attract birds and pollinators.

  • Color And Appearance: These sunflowers produce bright yellow flowers four to eight inches in diameter. The black seeds have a higher oil content than striped sunflower seeds.
  • Flower Height: Grows to a height of five to seven feet.
  • Uses: Black Oil Sunflowers are primarily grown for sunflower oil production and as bird feed. Their smaller seeds and thin shells make them more accessible for smaller birds to consume.
  • Days Until Flower: Blossoms in around 75 to 80 days.

These sunflowers are the workhorses, providing nourishment for birds and humans alike. Their seeds are like tiny bursts of energy. 🌻

17. Candy Mountain Sunflower

Fancy Candy Mountain Sunflower with an impressive color palette.

Candy Mountain Sunflowers rise like peaks, their petals ablaze with sunset hues, yellow merging into fiery red. Their brown center discs resemble ancient stones, weathered by time and sun.

  • Color And Appearance: Candy Mountain Sunflowers boast flame-like yellow-red petals. Their brown center discs add depth and intrigue.
  • Flower Height: These sunflowers reach an impressive height of eight to ten feet, standing tall like peaks in a candy-colored range.
  • Uses: Candy Mountain is perfect for creating eye-catching backdrops, adding theater to garden borders, or simply stealing the show in floral arrangements.
  • Days Until Flower: From sowing to full bloom, expect approximately 70 to 90 days of anticipation before these fiery blooms grace your garden.

Candy Mountain is not an ordinary flower. It’s a geological wonder, a place where dreams ascend. Plant them along a fence or against a clear sky, and watch as your garden transforms into a mythical realm.

18. Giant Sungold Sunflower

Fuzzy yellow Sungold Sunflowers thriving and blossoming on a beautiful summer day.

Giant Sungold stands tall with its golden petals fluffed like celestial pom-poms. Each bloom is a burst of joy, a miniature sun captured in floral form. These manageable giants, at five to six feet in height, sway gracefully in the breeze, their faces perpetually turned toward the sun. Their double blooms invite bees and butterflies, creating a lively dance of pollinators.

  • Color And Appearance: Giant Sungold Sunflowers exhibit vibrant golden hues. Their double blooms are like bursts of joy.
  • Flower Height: These manageable giants, standing five to six feet, are ideal for garden beds and cut flower arrangements.
  • Uses: Creating cheerful bouquets or enhancing your landscape.
  • Days Until Flower: Patience pays off! Expect approximately 60 to 75 days from planting to the grand reveal of these sunny blooms.

Giant Sungold Sunflowers carry a piece of the sun. And when they bloom, they share their warmth with the world.

18 best sunflower varieties for colorful blooms all summer.

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Thanks for reading about our favorite sunflower cultivars!

We grow new seeds every few weeks, starting in spring and continuing until mid-summer. That way, we have continuous blooms all summer long. (Our native bees love the idea!)

What about you?

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  • Have you grown any of the sunflowers on our list?
  • Which sunflower cultivar is your favorite? Did we miss any good ones?
  • Would you ever grow ordinary black oil sunflowers? Or are they too dull?
  • Do the bees in your yard love sunflowers as much as ours?

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