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Egg Collecting Aprons – 10 Free and Easy Patterns to DIY

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For a long time, needing an egg collecting apron was something of a pipe dream. My little flock of hens rarely produced more than one or two eggs a day, so a pair of hands did the job just fine.

Now we’ve expanded our poultry project and put our ladies on a new diet, however, I find myself collecting up to 12 eggs at a time. 

Using a plastic bucket to transport them from coop to kitchen is proving challenging and I rarely manage the trip without breaking at least one. 

I thought about getting an egg basket, but we all know the story about putting all your eggs in one basket so, I’m not convinced it would solve my problems. 

Instead, I thought I’d have a look around for some simple egg collecting apron patterns that I might be able to run up on the sewing machine that’s been gathering dust in the corner of my office since time immemorial!

I wasn’t sure I’d find anything that I’m talented enough to make and that I could trust myself to store fragile eggs in. 

It seems I’m not the only spatially challenged chicken enthusiast out there, however, and some people have come with some ingenious designs that will protect the eggs, as well as provide a hands-free harvesting experience.

Below are a few of my favorite designs and some egg collecting apron patterns for you to use to encourage other family members to get involved in the rewarding work of egg collecting.

The Best Free Patterns for Egg Collecting Aprons

# 1 – The Gatherer Apron Pattern By Swoon Sewing Patterns

The Gatherer Egg Apron by Swoon Patterns

This practical egg collecting apron pattern is free and easy to follow. It has a difficulty rating of one out of four so it is simple enough for novices like myself to put together.

The adult pattern comes in three different sizes, each designed to carry up to 10 eggs, and there’s also a pattern for a child’s egg collecting apron with eight egg pockets.

# 2 – The Egg-Cellent Crochet Apron Pattern by Heart Hook Home

This is a gorgeous egg collecting apron pattern by Heart Hook Home

I’ve been told that crocheting is easy, but I still haven’t mastered it. Having seen this cool apron pattern, however, I think I’ll have to try again.

With 19 egg pockets and a separate, larger one for your personal items, this crocheted apron is durable and offers your precious eggs a little extra woolly protection.

All it takes is time, patience, a 6mm crochet hook, and some 725 yards of yarn.

# 3 – The Ultimate Utility Apron Design by Mandy for Sugar Bee

This is a super practical apron tutorial by Sugar Bee Crafts

This practical yet fashionable design is suitable for any activity that requires an extra pocket or two.

Although the pockets aren’t designed for eggs specifically, if your flock lays less than six eggs per day, it will function perfectly as an egg collecting apron. 

You’ll need three different types of material to create this cute design – one for the main apron, another for the larger pockets, and a third for the smaller ones. 

# 4 – The Pillowcase Egg Harvesting Apron Pattern by Mama on the Homestead 

A beautiful egg collecting apron made from old pillowcases by Mama on the Homestead!

Make the perfect egg harvesting apron out of an old pillowcase and save yourself the expense of buying new fabric. 

This step-by-step tutorial is easy to follow and guides you through the process of transforming a pillowcase into a gathering apron. 

Other than a pillowcase, all you need to complete this pattern is some wide ribbon for the waistband and some thread. It only has four pockets, but they’re roomy enough to accommodate more than one egg each.

# 5 – The Foraging Apron Design by Cappers Farmer

This simple apron pattern is designed for foraging, harvesting, and gathering.

Its slightly less feminine design makes it suitable for egg collecting men, as well as women, especially if you use a durable, macho fabric like denim.

In addition to the large gathering pocket at the front, this egg harvesting apron pattern features a hip pocket and one on the chest for your notepad or to-do list.

# 6 – The Ultimate Gardener’s Apron Pattern by SewDaily

Gardener’s apron pattern in Stitch Magazine, shared with us by Sew Daily. Photo credit Stitch Magazine, photo by Jack Deutsch.

Similar to the foraging apron, this design is really for gardeners but, with a little imagination, can be tweaked into a functional egg harvesting apron.

Change the size and arrangement of the pockets, and you’ll have six safe compartments for your breakfast bounty.

# 7 – Simple Harvest Apron Design by Jessica Lane


If you’re one of those homesteaders who’s become accustomed to using your T-shirt to carefully gather and transport your eggs, this simple pattern is bound to appeal to you.

It acts as a wearable basket and, unlike a T-shirt, has handy buttonholes in each corner which can you can thread the waistband cord through so your hands are free for gathering up yet more eggs.

# 8 – The Stretchy Pocket Egg Collecting Apron Pattern by AuntHenri

A lovely egg collecting apron on Etsy with a stretchy pouch to keep your harvest safe!

This egg collecting apron pattern isn’t free, but it’s worth spending a few dollars on it, although it might be hard to resist some twirling or frolicking once you’re wearing it.

Fortunately, this apron has a stretchy pouch so it should keep your fragile harvest safe even if you do cavort a little. The design also makes it “easier to use and more practical than pleated pockets.”

# 9 – The Lil Chicken Egg Harvesting Apron Pattern by tldotcrochet

A lovely crochet egg collecting apron pattern on Etsy. Not the easiest pattern out there but it looks absolutely gorgeous!

This no-sew pattern calls for some rather more advanced crocheting skills than the one from Heart Hook Home but is so cute it’s worth the extra effort.

Ideal for your pint-sized poultry progeny, this apron can carry up to six eggs and features a delightful chicken design to boot.

# 10 – The Child’s Knit Egg Collecting Apron Pattern by Simply Maggie 

This knitted egg collecting apron pattern is specifically designed for children and holds 10 small chicken eggs. How cute is this!

This children’s egg collecting apron pattern keeps eggs safe and warm in individually knitted pockets.

Designed to hold up to 10 small chicken or bantam eggs, it’s both functional and fashionable. 


With so many inspiring egg collecting apron patterns available for free, there’s no reason to put all your eggs in one basket or any eggs into a plastic bucket. 

With their individual egg-sized pockets, stretchy pouches, and gathering compartments, these designs make the job of collecting and transporting your daily eggs easier and safer.

Not only that, but you’ll look the part while doing it!

Once I’ve completed one for myself, I’m going to set to work on my husband.

Do you think I’ll be able to convince him that one of these egg collecting apron patterns is the perfect complement to muddy jeans and gumboots?  

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