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7 Best Electric Lawn Edgers for a Neat and Tidy Lawn

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Electric lawn edgers might seem like something you may not need on your homestead, but they can serve some hugely handy functions. I find it difficult sometimes to keep the grass off of my paths, for example. 

It might just be my imagination speaking, but it feels like those long grass seed heads love to layover on their sides just enough to avoid being picked up by my mower.

Of course, they always do this directly over my paths too!

This annoyance of landscaping is why electric lawn edgers can be so handy! I can also appreciate using one around my garden to help keep the grass out.

So, let’s see some of the best electric lawn edgers you might be interested in using.

Shall we?

Best Electric Lawn Edgers

We’ve obsessively analyzed and reviewed the best electric lawn edgers for your homestead.

These are our top 7 picks – perfect for all budgets and lawns.

Whether you want to manicure your front yard, neaten up your lawn, defend against invading grasses and weeds, or make sure the rest of your diverse hedge flourishes, these are our top recommendations!

  1. WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5" Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher
    $129.99 $123.99

    This lawn edger is one of the most popular ones out there, but for good reasons! Worx itself is a pretty reliable company regarding the electric yard tools that they make. This option is a corded edger. I'm not the biggest fan of cords on my mowers or edgers!

    But - you can always use an extension cord if needed.

    The edger works with a blade. And I liked that the blade is double-edged, making cutting easier, though this is common enough in edgers. Every minute the blade spins 4,700 revolutions - so it creates good-looking edges on your lawn. 

    The line indicator helps you stay straight, and the weight is nice and light. However, it doesn’t come with a proper cord without costing more, and the blade tends to detach itself if you put it on the slightest bit wrong. It also doesn’t work efficiently on garden edges with uneven ground.

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    05/08/2024 05:10 pm GMT
  2. Black & Decker Edger & Trencher, 2-in-1, 12-Amp
    $168.29 $99.00

    I loved the trencher on this edger! The edger's engineering helps make short work of garden bed edges, and you can assemble it without tools.

    It has a great motor and handy three height settings, and a slightly adjustable handle. You may find the handle shorter than other edgers. Even with the adjustable height settings - some have complained that it's too short.

    The price of this edger is reasonable, and it has a generous 2-year warranty. As with many other Black & Decker tools, some people experience mechanical trouble immediately after their 2-year warranty expires. Others have kept their edger going for years. Go figure! So - your results may vary.

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    05/09/2024 04:46 am GMT
  3. Ryobi P2300A Lithium-Ion Cordless Edger - Battery and Charger Not Included

    Here is a cordless edger if you are interested in edging those places further away from your house! It is battery-operated, so you will still need to charge the battery, which doesn't come with the edger.

    (Neither the battery, or charger comes with the edger – so it loses a few points.)

    Aside from that shortcoming, it is not much more expensive than corded options. This edger also has four different depth settings instead of the usual three. 

    It has two wheels instead of the usual three - making the design lighter. But - the edger probably loses that advantage with the added weight of the battery.

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    05/09/2024 08:47 am GMT
  4. Greenworks 12 Amp Electric Corded Edger
    $143.99 $99.47

    Though it is not from an as well-known company, this corded lawn edger is still a good choice. It is somewhat on the cheaper end of things without really compromising what you want your edger to have. 

    For example, it has a double-edged blade and an adjustable handle. The documentation needs work, though. One thing that isn't clear is the height it cuts. Some landscapers say that the spring-assist front wheel provides variable blade depth. But, not necessarily.

    What stands out about the Greenworks edger is that it has a 4-year warranty. The generous warranty is one of the longest I’ve seen. It's twice as long as the average limited warranty for edgers. Bonus points!

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    05/08/2024 08:59 pm GMT
  5. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Edger

    Scotts Outdoor Power Tools has a pretty good electric lawn edger. Their option is slightly more expensive, but it also has a durable-looking three-wheel design. Though it doesn’t say so, it also converts into a trencher. 

    It also has three depth settings and built-in cord retention to keep the cord out of the way. The 3-year warranty is also excellent. 

    Unfortunately, you may need this warranty, as the blade is not durable. This edger is also not as powerful as many other electric options.

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    05/09/2024 03:19 pm GMT
  6. CRAFTSMAN Edger, 12-Amp, 3-Blade Settings
    $129.00 $109.99

    This corded edger from Craftsman is also slightly more expensive, but it has a good warranty. One of my favorite things about this edger is the hook on the back of the handle. This hook can bear the edger’s whole weight and makes storing this edger a piece of cake. 

    On the downside, this edger doesn’t have as much strength in the motor, even with a good blade. The rest of this edger is average, with the three depths and the line cutting guide. 

    The adjustable handle does not extend the length. But it does change the handle angle, which is hugely helpful when mowing and landscaping around curbs, shrubs, stumps, slopes, and gardens.

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    05/09/2024 11:41 am GMT

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Best Electric Lawn Edger – FAQs

lawn edger trimmer manicuring around shrubs
Lawn edger and trimmer combos can help manicure your lawn for stellar curb appeal. Perfect for lawns that grow faster than we’d like! Lawn edgers also manage unwanted grasses and eliminate weeds near beneficial hedges, flowers, or crops.

If this is your first time glancing at edgers and trying to pick the best electric lawn edger, you may have some questions.

So, let me help you by answering a few common ones!

Are Electric Lawn Edgers Any Good?

Yes, electric lawn edgers can be extremely useful for managing lawns – especially around shrubs, gardens, and hedges. If you pick an edger with a trencher function, it can be even more helpful. Even the edging part can make a tremendous difference in your lawn by cutting crisp edges into your grass that look great.

What is a Good Electric Edger?

The best electric edger should be powerful enough to cut your yard’s turf and have enough fuel to manage your average mowing time. Any of these electric lawn edgers that I mentioned qualify as good ones. The best lawn edger for you is one that handles your lawn without fuss. If you cut grass far away from your home – avoid corded edgers.

So, instead of looking for an electric edger, think about what features you need. That is more important.

Which is Better Gas or Electric Lawn Edger?

Gas vs. electric is always a huge debate, no matter what type of yard tool it is. Gas lawn edgers tend to be more powerful, but they are also noisier, and they need expensive gas. However, you can use them anywhere, even without electricity. Electric edgers bind you to a designated area with the cord or limit your battery time.

However, electric edgers get the job done, are more popular, and tend to be cheaper.

I prefer electric edgers, as there is no need to worry about filters or carburetors or any of that. Pull cords can be tricky when I am already tired and have had a long day, making another point in favor of electric trimmers too. 

How Can I Edge My Yard Without an Edger?

It is possible to edge your yard without an edger; it is simply a lot more time-consuming and difficult. You can use a shovel, preferably one with a flat blade, but I find that a hoe works better. You have to whack your edging instrument into the ground as close as you can. Manual edging takes elbow grease. No doubt!

And you have to get the blade on just the right spot every time, or you will still end up with a choppy-looking edge instead of a straight and crisp one.

Edging your lawn with a shovel or hoe is hard on your arms and shoulders after a while. Electric edgers are easier!

Still, edging this way can be done. 

How Do You Use an Electric Lawn Edger?

Most electric lawn edgers are easy to use. When you first get your edger, you may need to assemble certain parts, but this should be either detailed in a pamphlet or easy enough to understand without that or both. There will probably be another pamphlet telling you how to assemble and start your edger.

For electric lawn edgers, this usually means taking it outside, plugging it in, and then pulling or pushing something to get it started after putting it on the height settings and everything else you want.

Only start in when you are where you want to start your edging, though!

What Is the Difference Between a Trimmer and an Edger? 

There are many differences between a trimmer and an edger. Too many to talk about here! Essentially, trimmers tend to trim the tops of things, which is why most weed eaters fall under trimmers. However, edgers have engineering for lawn edges and take care of cutting the sides. Even simpler, lawn trimmers – to differentiate between hedge trimmers – cut horizontally, while edgers cut vertically. 

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Best Electric Edger – Buyer’s Guide 

removing lawn clippings from lawn edger maintenance
Even the most durable trimming and lawn edging equipment need regular maintenance. Thicker and longer grass clog your lawn edger faster. When clearing your edger blades – don’t forget to turn the edger’s engine off! Lawn edger accidents are common, and we advise caution at all times.

Though all of these electric lawn edgers are good options, you may not like any of them for whatever reason.

If you prefer picking your own best electric lawn edger, there are a few things that you want to keep in mind. 


There are a couple of things that fall under the adjustability of an edger.

First, there are the edging heights. Most edgers tend to have three different height settings.

The height settings let you match the cut of the rest of your lawn. It would potentially look weird if your edges were a different height than the rest of the grass. 

Then, there is the handle height. You want the handle to be at a comfortable height for you, or you will give yourself back or shoulder pain.

The more adjustability the edger’s handle has, the more likely you can maneuver around garden obstacles!


Some things fall under the lawn edger’s easiness. First, an edger should be straightforward to assemble.

Then it should be equally effortless to use with no complicated dials you don’t know how to use.

On the topic of dials, you want embossed or etched in markings that won’t wear away.

After taking the winter off, and after dusting off your edger? You won’t remember what is where otherwise!

An edger with a decent motor should also cut through the grass on the first try! 

It is not easy to do the same stretch of sidewalk more than once to get the grass cut you are looking to achieve.

Finally, the number of wheels can affect the ease as well. Two wheels are more maneuverable, but you hold it straight yourself, making it harder on your arms.

Three wheels mean that the edger stays straight with less effort! But it also makes corners and things like that a little more tricky. 

Additional Features 

Some edgers have some additional features to them that are nice to have. Blade guards to help protect both the blade and you from flying debris is a word to the wise.

Some cord holder or corded retention is also really nice to keep the cord out of the way.

A trigger lock is something that prevents your edger from starting up accidentally, as electric edgers often have the starter as part of the handle.


Which electric lawn edger is your favorite?

We know that choosing the best lawn equipment is a ton of work – especially with spring right around the corner!

We hope that this guide helps you choose your favorite pick.

Let us know if you have questions – or tips for helping edge the perfect lawn and landscape!

Thanks again for reading!

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