71+ Funny Farm Names That’ll Give You a Belly Acres [They’re Legen Dairy!]

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If you’re going to a farm to look at chickens or to pick up a llama, arriving at a muddy field with a sagging gate and a flimsy sign with a faded number on it can be soul-destroying. You don’t know if you’re at the right place or even if anyone is still alive in there! That’s why farm names are important – and some funny, catchy, and cute farm names might just be the thing that your homestead needs! 

Of course, you could opt for something grown-up and sensible like Whispering Pines or Cedar Tree Hollow, or you could choose something profoundly silly instead. I mean, we remember what makes us laugh, right?

After much searching, we came up with these catchy and fun farm names that captured our imaginations and our hearts and gave us a good giggle while they were at it. What do you think of these?

Hey, if your farm is called one of these names, let me know, and I’ll link to it!

Funny Farm Names That Aren’t Whispering Pines

Farting Filly Farm? Bahahaha!

Need a farm name that’s not copy-pasted and boring? Even the experts agree that having a unique farm name is critical, so we’ve been racking our brains for funny farm names to help you keep your land’s title truly original – and catchy!

Here are some funny (and punn-y!) farm names that are sure to give you a chuckle:

Top 27 Best Funny Farm Names! Ready for Fifty Shades of Hay?
  1. Almosta Farm 
  2. Back Acres Farm – it’s back-aching work
  3. Bankruptcy Acres
  4. Barley There Farms
  5. Belly Acre Farms
  6. Big Miss-Steak Farm
  7. The Quack Shack
  8. Blazing Pitchforks Farm
  9. Bog View Ranch
  10. Cheesy Choice Farms
  11. Cow Pat Pastures
  12. Crummieholm Farm
  13. Dairy Air Farm 
  14. Derry Heir Farm
  15. The Dirty Hoe Farm
  16. Done Roamin’
  17. Dun Broke Us Ranch
  18. Dunwaukin Ranch
  19. Dysfunction Junction Farm
  20. Egg-cellent Acres
  21. El Ranch Costa Plente
  22. Hay There, Neighbor!
  23. El Rancho Gobroko
  24. Empty Pockets Farm
  25. Ersandmyne Acres
  26. Fifty Shades of Hay
  27. Freckled Fanny Farm
  28. Good Neighbors Stables
  29. Gotno Farm
  30. Greenish Acres
  31. Half A$$ Farms
  32. Hogwash Farm
  33. Wacky Wheatfields
  34. Hardwood Homestead
  35. Legen Dairy Farm
  36. Looney Moon Farm
  37. Lotsarocks Farm
  38. Mentally Un- Stables
  39. Morning Wood Stables
  40. Mud n’ More Farm
  41. My Quiet Alibi
  42. NeHi HeHaw Farm (for miniature donkeys of course)
  43. Neverdone Farm
  44. Night Mares Stables
  45. No Idletime Farm
  46. Notalotagrass Ranch
  47. Notalotta Acres
  48. Notsogreen Acres
  49. Oh Crop Farms
  50. One or the Udder Farm
  51. Pasture Bedtime Farms
  52. Phunny Pharm
  53. Pushin’ Up Daisies
  54. Rancho Costa Plenty
  55. Rusty Fence Ranch
  56. Soddem Hill
  57. Soil-Mates Farms
  58. The Funny Farm
  59. The Jolly Rancher Farms
  60. The Rooster’s Egg
  61. The Stoned Goat Farm
  62. The Strange Grange
  63. Tiny Hiney Farm
  64. Udder Nonsense Stables
  65. Virtual Acres Farm
  66. Windbreak Farm
  67. Windy Bottom Farm
  68. Wits End Farm
  69. Workhard Orchard

I truly love some of these catchy & funny farm names. Rusty Fence Farm, for instance, would be perfect for our little piece of Africa while, in the past, Wits End Farm may have been more appropriate. I’m not going to rename my farm just yet. For now, it will remain, rather wittily, I think, Peas on Earth.

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More Funny Farm Names

funny cow with underbite

I did try and come up with a few ideas of my own, and it proved more challenging than expected. Here are a few of the better farm names:

  • Out of Farm’s Way
  • Futility Farm (stolen from the brilliant book of the same name by Elizabeth Jonsson)
  • Moo and Pooh Ranch
  • Lame n Lazy Lands
  • Dusty Bottoms Farm
  • Peck and Pat Farm
  • Lame Duck Barn
  • Farting Filly Farm

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Did You Find Funny Farm Names?

Hopefully, you’re now either rolling on the floor crying with tears of laughter or inspired to the point that you’re already designing your new signboard. Either way, please share your farm names with us below – especially if they’re going to make us giggle! 

P.s. for another giggle, check out the funny names for chickens list and the chicken coop names list, too. We’ve had lots of help with these lists from you fellow comedi-hens, and your ideas are hilarious – we’d love you to chime in!

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