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Top 10 Most Beautiful Easy to Grow Vegetables

We don’t have to grow red tomatoes anymore, or yellow corn. Vegetables now come in the most beautiful colors, from deep chocolate to pink to zebra-striped. Here are my top 10 easy to grow, most beautiful vegetables to grow in your garden this year. Scroll down for more info on each variety!

Radish Crayon Colors



Radish Crayon Colors by True Leaf Market

Kids love growing radishes and what better radish than Crayon Colors! They’re a super-fast harvest, being ready in only 30 days. No need for patience with these guys. Raddish Crayon Colors produces lovely fruit in yellow, purple, red, and pink.

Tomato Green Zebra



Tomato Green Zebra by Eden Brothers Seeds

Green Zebra tomatoes look amazing! Not only do they have lime green to yellow zebra stripes, but the flesh inside is also lime green, even when they’re ripe. Although they’re green inside, the taste is beautiful, rich, and sweet.

Another benefit of non-red tomatoes is that bugs can’t find them as easily. A great addition to your vegetable or self-sufficiency garden.

Rainbow Swiss Chard



Rainbow Swiss Chard by True Leaf Market

This leafy vegetable is similar in taste to spinach. It’s amazingly colorful, with steams in red, yellow, pink, white, and orange. The leaves are dark green, really setting off the pop of color. When you’re harvesting this vegetable, cut it close to the ground so the stems’ color shines.

Ready in only 50 days, it’s slow to bolt and easy to grow. Grow Rainbow Swiss Chard in zones 6 and up.

Tomato – Pineapple



Pineapple tomato by Eden Brothers Seeds

These tomatoes really grow that big; 2 pounds each! They don’t have many seeds inside and the flavor is beautiful, lovely and mild. The flesh inside is streaked with red, it looks amazing fresh on a platter! The skin is yellow, streaked with some red as well. Vigorous grower, a great addition to your veggie garden.

Acorn Squash – Winter Queen



Acorn Squash Winter Queen by True Leaf Market

Winter Queen has small, gorgeously colored, 1 1/2 pound fruits. Fruits are deep-green, almost blue, with yellow patches. This squash takes 80 days from seed to maturity and is easy to grow. They’d look great in a fruit bowl or centerpiece!

Pumpkin – Fairytale



Pumpkin Fairytale by Eden Brothers Seeds

This is not just an ornamental pumpkin, it’s great for pumpkin pie and other baking too. It has exceptionally deep lobes and beautiful, reddish-pink skin.  It’s an heirloom variety with 15-pound fruits and takes 125 days from seed to harvest.

Corn – Glass Gem Popcorn



Corn Glass Gem by True Leaf Market

Incredible colors, this corn is nearly too beautiful to eat. Every ear is totally unique. You’ll find kernels in every color of the rainbow on this corn and they’re translucent, making them look like gems!

Corn Glass Gem takes only 80 days from seed to harvest and prefers full sun.

Sweet Pepper – Chocolate Beauty



Sweet Pepper Chocolate Beauty by Eden Brothers Seeds

Gorgeous, deep chocolate brown peppers that taste crips, sweet, and juicy. What more could we want from a vegetable? This beautiful vegetable will take only 70 days from seeds to harvest.

Now you can have red, green, yellow, and chocolate peppers. Use it just like your other sweet peppers, in salads, sauces, cooking – anything, really.

Kohlrabi Purple Vienna


Kohlrabi Purple Vienna by True Leaf Market

Kohlrabi is similar to cabbage, but sweeter and creamier. It has large leaves which you can eat, they’re similar to spinach. Kohlrabi grows best in the cooler climate but give it a go in other zones too. Just find it a nice cool spot in the garden, away from hot walls and paths and amongst other vegetables or plants.

In hot climates, plant it in the fall for a spring harvest. Add it peeled and grated to salads or bake them, yum!

Lettuce – Marvel of Four Seasons



Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons by Eden Brothers Seeds

Our list wouldn’t be complete without lettuce and this one’s a beauty. Good sized heads with red, gold, green and bronze colors. The name “four seasons” comes from the fact that it grows in nearly every climate. It’s vigorous, easy grow, and is lovely and crispy.

I hope you loved these easy to grow most beautiful vegetables! Which ones are you planting this year?


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