250+ Funny and Cute Sheep Names for Every Member of Your Flock!

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Do you keep sheep? We bet your wooly chums all have names, right? But you’re expecting more sheep, for sure. Well, you’ll need fabulous new sheep names for your fab new ewes, rams, and lambs!

Naming things may be a human thing. But science says sheep give a flying burrito if they have a name or not!

We know why we resort to nomenclature – we wouldn’t know what to do without it! And so would our sheep, which is why they love having a fabulous name, too! 

For sheep names witty, ironic, cute, and iconic – read on!

250+ Best Sheep Names 

When choosing sheep names, it’s easy to use regular people’s names. But why limit your fun? Give your sheep evocative names! Famous, mythological, and, most importantly, memorable sheep names that are easy to shout out loud! Characterful sheep names can come from Nature, arts, science, philosophy, and literature.

  • You don’t want a name with too many syllables when calling sheep. If the name is too hard to understand – the sheep probably won’t respond!
  • Steer clear of tongue-twister sheep names (they’ll annoy your peeps and prove counter-productive with your sheep).   
  • Don’t name a lamb the day it’s born – give it a week or two to express its character, then choose an appropriate name.

And – when the time comes – use the following sheep names to help!

Punning Musical Sheep Names

These musical sheep names are perfect for your most sophisticated – and artistic flockmate members.

  1. Bleathoven
  2. Baa-a-a-ach
  3. Mowzart
  4. Chompin
  5. Baa-a-a-a-artok
  6. The Bleatles (family name for the flock)
  7. Ewe2

Random Witty Sheep Names

Witty sheep names.

Some sheep have massive senses of humor! These funny and witty sheep names can help further emphasize their already festive moods.

  1. Ba-a-a-art (Simpson)
  2. Ma-a-a-arg (Simpson)
  3. Monica Woolinski
  4. Fleece Witherspoon 
  5. Ramsey (Gordon)
  6. Lambaster 
  7. Bleatnick (1950s hipsters)
  8. Lamakin (town in Russia)
  9. Wolfram (Tungsten) 

Pastoral Sheep Names

Pastoral sheep names 02.

Consider our favorite classic and pastoral sheep names perfect for the most adorable and well-behaved flock members.

  1. Meadow
  2. Heath
  3. Alfalfa
  4. Barley
  5. Prairie
  6. Savannah
  7. Moon
  8. Mountain
  9. River
  10. Clover
  11. Jasmine
  12. Petunia
  13. Rain

Sweet Sheep Names

These sweet sheep names accentuate your darling sheep’s already adorable qualities.

  1. Fruitloop 
  2. Twix 
  3. Jellybean 
  4. Skittles 
  5. Snickers 
  6. Twizzler  
  7. Crunchie 
  8. Kitkat 
  9. Whopper 
  10. MnM 
  11. Rolo 
  12. Pez 
  13. GooGoo 
  14. Lamington
  15. Mr Goodbar 
  16. StarBurst 
  17. SourPatch 
  18. Chunky 
  19. Sweetart 
  20. Tootsie 
  21. Raisins 
  22. Whoppers 
  23. Airhead 
  24. Goober 
  25. Lemonhead 
  26. SnoCap 
  27. JuJyFruit 
  28. Turtles  
  29. Lollipop
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Stellar Sheep Names

Not all sheep are regular farm animals. Some are out of this world! These spacey specimens deserve a suitable name to match their otherwordly characteristics.

  1. Venus
  2. Pluto
  3. Jupiter
  4. Neptune
  5. Aries
  6. Sirius 
  7. Luna
  8. Vega
  9. Betelgeuse
  10. Bellatrix
  11. Saturn
  12. Polaris

Mythical Sheep Names

We saved these mythical sheep names specifically for the most legendary members of your flock.

  1. Ulysses
  2. Circe 
  3. Zeus
  4. Atlas
  5. Apollo
  6. Aphrodite
  7. Hermes
  8. Artemis

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Poetic Sheep Names

Some sheep are more cerebral and thoughtful than others. For these unique specimens – we recommend a poetic sheep name to help emphasize their undeniable sophistication.

  1. Rumi Nate
  2. Shakespeare
  3. Dante
  4. Poe
  5. Homer
  6. Oscar
  7. Kerouac
  8. Hemingway 
  9. Bukowski
  10. Byron
  11. Shelley
  12. Rimbaud
  13. Whitman
  14. Frost
  15. Longfellow
  16. Homer
  17. Tagore

Quirky Sheep Names

Quirky sheep names.

We must confess that some sheep are oddballs! But – we love them all the same. And – we wish to honor them with an appropriately unusual name. 🙂

  1. CueBall
  2. Cottonmouth
  3. Dreads
  4. T-Bone
  5. Herringbone
  6. Dr. Filth
  7. SpongeBob
  8. MopTop
  9. Tickles
  10. Nibbler 
  11. Browza
  12. Pogo
  13. Jhumpa
  14. Jerry Springer
  15. Bouncer
  16. Loofa 
  17. Chamois

Rock ‘n Roll Sheep Names

Rock and roll sheep names.

These Rock and Roll sheep names are our top picks for those sheep that go far harder than others – and for those that are the life of the party.

  1. Ozzy
  2. Ziggy
  3. Iggy
  4. Twiggy
  5. Marley
  6. Pantera
  7. Tosh
  8. Jimmy
  9. Tupac
  10. Biggy
  11. Beyoncé
  12. King Tubby
  13. Lady Gaga
  14. Gloria
  15. Bono
  16. Gaynor
  17. Travolta
  18. Biff
  19. Buffy
  20. Duff
  21. Axle
  22. Kid Rock
  23. Keef
  24. Jagger
  25. Elvis
  26. Buster

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Mobster Sheep Names

Some sheep are loyalists who will never go against the family. Honor their commitment with a suitably adorable title. 🙂

  1. Lips
  2. Bugsy
  3. Scarface
  4. Needles
  5. Corleone
  6. Knuckles
  7. Gambol Gambino (apologies to the Gambino family)
  8. Tony

Revolutionary Sheep Names

Not all sheep are passive. Some are unusually adept leaders – and revolutionaries! Rather than hide their bravery, we say honor it with a suitable title.

  1. Zapata
  2. Trotsky
  3. Mandela
  4. Ho Chi
  5. Lemumba 
  6. Ché
  7. Washington
  8. Lincoln
  9. Rasputin
  10. Robespierre 
  11. Lafayette
  12. Napoleon
  13. Braveheart

Philosophical Sheep Names

These are the best sheep monickers for sophisticated and wise sheep on your farm. They also make excellent nicknames for your older sheep.

  1. Huang Po
  2. Confucius
  3. Socrates
  4. Plato
  5. Zeno
  6. Marcus
  7. Aurelius
  8. Seneca
  9. Moses
  10. Osho
  11. Spinoza 

Cute Lamb Names

Cute lamb names.

Few things on this Earth are more adorable than baby spring lambs! We tried our best to brainstorm some darling names to match.

  1. Knitpicker
  2. Fluffy
  3. Cherub
  4. Softy 
  5. Scallywag
  6. Tigger
  7. Bonnie
  8. Toby
  9. Lulu
  10. Petula 

Famous Artist Sheep Names

We penned a short list of fanciful and artistic sheep names. Reserve these for your most fashionable and dapper sheep.

  1. Picasso
  2. Dali
  3. Salvador
  4. Pablo
  5. Van Gogh
  6. Monet
  7. Rockwell

Black Sheep Names

Black sheep names.

Who says black sheep never fit in? Not us! We love black sheep – and have some names to help welcome them into any flock.

  1. Jet
  2. Cobalt
  3. Midnight
  4. Guinness
  5. Espresso
  6. Velvet
  7. Obsidian
  8. Ebony
  9. Onyx

White Sheep Names

White sheep names.

The following white sheep names work magnificently for nearly any sheep.

  1. Cloud
  2. Nimbus
  3. Stratus
  4. Flair
  5. Icicle
  6. Snowflake
  7. Snowy
  8. Cream
  9. Vanilla

Culinary Sheep Names

Do you have a sheep who can never stop grazing and foraging? Well – these are the best sheep names for the hungriest members of your flock.

  1. Herby Vore 
  2. Vegemite
  3. Crackers
  4. Pickles
  5. Camembert
  6. Emmental 
  7. Mozzarella 
  8. Korma
  9. Tika
  10. Shawarma
  11. VinDaloo 
  12. Shanks
  13. Ribsy
  14. Rackstar
  15. Meatballs
  16. Fingers 
  17. Falafel 
  18. Choppie
  19. Ramekin
  20. Kebab 

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Star Wars Sheep Names

Some sheep have unusual personalities. It’s almost as if they come from somewhere else – from a faraway galaxy. Can you relate? Then consider these epic Star Wars sheep names. 🙂

  1. R2-D2
  2. CP3-O
  3. Chewbacca
  4. Darth Vader
  5. Skywalker
  6. Obi-Wan
  7. Trooper
  8. Phasma

Tree Sheep Names

Tree sheep names.

These are our favorite sheep names for those old-soul sheep who prefer idling their days relaxing in a field – or nestled under a tree’s shade.

  1. Ewecalyptus
  2. Aspen
  3. Juniper
  4. Willow
  5. Ginkgo
  6. Mimosa 
  7. Jacaranda 
  8. Wild Oak

Jazzy Sheep Names

These jazzy sheep names pay homage to your flockmates who love jamming well into the night.

  1. Thelonious
  2. Dizzie
  3. Duke
  4. Herby 
  5. Miles
  6. Bird 
  7. Sax
  8. Paradiddle
  9. Brushes
  10. Arpeggio
  11. Riff

Sheep Couple Names

Sheep couple names.

The following sheep names are perfect for your inseparable pair.

  1. Bonnie and Clyde
  2. Anthony and Cleopatra
  3. Fred and Ginger
  4. Brad and Angelina
  5. Shaggy & Scooby
  6. Johnny and June (Cash/Carter)
  7. Romeo and Juliet
  8. Tweety and Sylvester
  9. Bart & Lisa
250 funny and cute sheep names for every member of your flock.

Calling In the Flock

There you have it! 251+ (plus a dozen or so extra) captivating sheep names without using a boring online name generator! We hope your new arrivals approve of our choice of sheep monikers and that you find the perfect match

Enjoy the wool, the words, and the wonder!

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