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17 Creative Lawn Mower Storage Ideas [to DIY or Buy]

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Are you tired of tripping over the lawn mower in your cluttered garage? Perhaps your riding mower spends its off-days outdoors? Then you need some creative lawn mower storage ideas that will free up floor space and protect your push or riding mower from the elements!

You can buy a prefabricated storage solution or create a bespoke DIY space for your lawn mower. Either way, we’ve compiled a selection of creative lawn mower storage ideas to suit any budget. Let’s shed some light!

17 Creative Lawn Mower Storage Ideas [to DIY or Buy]

A riding or push lawn mower can be safely stored using a creative DIY storage idea or a store-bought product. Lawnmowers vary in size, but all require protection from UV rays, rain, snow, and dust while in storage to ensure component longevity and engine health when mowing season returns.

The cool thing about lawnmowers is they’re rugged machines requiring only crude servicing and storage when not used.

And better yet, all materials get employed when creating the ideal storage solution for your lawn mower. No matter the space limitations of your garage or yard!

  • You can use wood and repurposed materials to make a lawn mower storage shed, DIY a clever garage space-saver, or fashion a suitably sized waterproof cover to pull over your grass cutter.
  • If a factory-produced mower storage solution is what you’re looking for, there are several products you can buy from a store that enables you to house your lawn mower in safety and style, indoors or outdoors.

But which lawnmower storage ideas are best for you? We have 17 bright lawn mower storage ideas for you to consider.

Here goes!

1. DIY a Rustic Wood Shed for Your Riding Lawn Mower

How To Build A Shed By Yourself All STEPS 10x16 diy
Check out one of our favorite lawn storage ideas. A 10-by-16 DIY shed! It’s the ultimate extra space option for lawn care equipment, electric mowers, and gardening supplies. We love the rustic design. It looks perfect! Paul from Smart Easy DIY shows all steps used to create the shed from scratch – and for all skill levels.

A riding lawn mower is an expensive machine. When not in use, shelter your mower from the elements. How about an easy-to-build board and batten-style large rustic shed

  • The DIY rustic wooden shed uses standard lengths of timber, including six-by-four and two-by-four boards and plywood.
  • The mower shed is insulated and finished with a dark wood stain. 

The 10’ x 16’ shed has an earthy vintage look for ruralizing the modern machines it will house. A steel roof, window, large double-door, wooden floor, and concrete footers (no foundation digging!) create an easy and cost-effective DIY project. 

  • A simple ramp will need to get made for getting the riding mower into the shed.

2. Lawn Mower Storage using a DIY Electric Garage Lift

DIY Electric Garage Storage Hoist | Snow Blower Lift | Garage Makeover Pt. 5
Here’s another borderline-genius lawn mower storage idea. A lawn mower storage hoist! Storage hoists are perfect for storing lawnmowers, outdoor equipment, and gardening tools. The video creator, That Tech Teacher, also used the storage hoist for their snow blower. It also looks better than strapping tools to your wall or ceiling with a bungee cord. We love the idea!

If garage floor space is too precious to spare, give your lawn mower a home near your garage’s ceiling using a DIY electric garage lift.

A wooden platform ascends and descends effortlessly using wall-mounted tracks and trolley wheels.

  • An electric hoist with a pulley and straps (or cables) powers the platform. 
  • The hoist can lift upwards of 880 pounds, making it ideal for spacious walk-behind lawnmowers.

Read More!

3. DIY Lean-To Carport for a Riding Mower

Building A Car Port For A Riding Lawn Mower
Here’s how you get maximum protection for outdoor power equipment – especially mowers, snowblowers, and tractors. It’s an outdoor carport! We envy this lawn mower storage idea for anyone with a spacious ride-along mower (or small tractor) who wants to keep it safe without building outdoor storage sheds.

Use an exterior garage wall to DIY a lean-to carport for your riding mower. Store-bought timber, roof sheeting, a tarp, and hardware are all you need for the basic two-wall timber-frame construction.

The frame uses three four-by-four beams for the uprights to simulate a simple erect fence post.

  • The post beams are anchored securely to the earth using no-dig steel post anchors designed to accommodate the four-by-four timber beams.  

The two-by-four roof trusses support a corrugated steel roof, while a funky tarp serves as the carport door. 

4. DIY Over-Car Trolley Table for a Push Lawn Mower

rolling storage table that fits over your car
We saw these rolling tables when searching Pinterest for unique lawn mower storage ideas. They’re clever storage tables that roll and fit over your car’s hood. These look perfect if you don’t have much spare space in your garage. You could use a table like this to store a light lawnmower, an extra spark plug, an air filter, or other garden goodies you plan to use for the day.

Here’s a sassy idea for a small garage and a lightweight lawn mower – a wooden table on castor wheels that acts as a storage table above the hood of your automobile!

You can construct this versatile piece of garage furniture. You only need DIY woodwork skills, four-by-four timber, plywood, and castor wheels with brakes. It can safely store your mower (you will have to lift the lawnmower onto the tabletop), plus other gardening and DIY equipment.

  • The easy-to-move table can also serve as a workbench or an outdoor catering table!

5. DIY a Manual Lift Platform for a Push Mower

diy storage shed elevator
Here’s one of the most unique lawn mower storage options from Instructables.com. It’s a 10-by-12 elevator! This storage idea is perfect for homesteaders of an advanced skill level. While it’s one of the trickiest lawn mower storage options on this list, it’s also one of the most practical. It makes the most of your storage space. For sure!

Getting your push mower off the garage floor using a manual pulley-operated lift platform will bring a touch of ingenuity to your garage ergonomics. And save your toes from those annoying mower stubs!

  • The lift design is ideal for a wee push lawn mower, using a simple timber platform and a traditional rope and pulley setup. 
  • trailer winch does the heavy lifting while heavy-duty hooks keep the lawn mower lift securely level and safely aloft. 

The design from instructibles.com is a perfect educationalDIY project for parents and kids

  • Get the hang of pulley lift platforms, and your storage space will soar!

6. DIY Pallet Goat Shed for a Riding Mower

Our Goat Shelter Using Free Pallets
We searched every farmstead and ranch to find the best lawn mower storage ideas. And sometimes, the answers come in the weirdest places! Take this goat shelter from The Tactical Homestead as an example. This shelter is perfect for goats. But we think it could also work for parking lawnmowers, snowblowers, and other lawn equipment. (Obviously, don’t park your lawnmowers where you keep your goats. But, if you don’t have goats, lawnmowers will fit in perfectly.)

Who eats more grass – your riding mower or your goats? No contest, right? Give your riding mower a shed akin to this cheap yet cheerful pallet wood goat shelter.

If an easy DIY build is what you’re after to protect your riding mower from rain, sleet, and snow, this goat shed idea can get completed in a day or two with a minimal dent in your homesteading upgrade budget.  All you need is the following.

  • Old wood pallets (aim for 12).
  •  Steel fence posts or T-bar, rebar, or angle iron.
  •  Lengths of two-by-four roofing timber.
  •  Corrugated roof sheets.
  •  Screws and nails and wire.
  •  Burlap, tarp, or PVC sheeting.

To construct the pallet shed:

  1. Measure your shed floor plan on a level patch of soil, hammer the steel fence posts into the ground, and slide the pallets over the shed posts. And secure them together with wire.
  2. Cut the wooden roof trusses to length and screw them to the tops of the pallets, then screw on the corrugated roof sheets.
  3. To prevent dust from entering the shed, you can staple burlap, tarp material, or PVC sheeting to the interior pallet walls.
  4. Stretch a tarp across the doorway.

Of course, a splash of gravel on the shed floor will keep the riding mower tires dry!

7. DIY Three-Wall Mower Shed on Trolley Wheels

diy motor bike or tool storage
We think we can transform this motorbike storage idea from Pinterest into a lawnmower storage idea. It’s perfect if you don’t want to spend too much cash on outdoor storage. Construction also looks super-easy. You could probably build something similar using excess wood pallets and a few two-by-twos. And instead of motorcycle storage, use it to protect your mower!

Here’s a clever, low-budget, easy-to-DIY storage solution that combines your existing bricks and mortar structures (walls and driveway). It’s a three-walled wooden shed on castor wheels with a roof, perfect for riding and pushing lawnmowers. The original design is to shelter a motorcycle, but the proportions can get tweaked to suit your lawn mower.

  • Pallet wood and two-by-two lumber will make the frame and wall. 
  • The roof could get made from various materials. Consider weatherproofed wood pieces, tin, plastic, or polycarbonate sheets.

The castor wheels on the base of the shed allow you to move the shed away from the fourth wall (house or garage), making the mower parking procedure a breeze! 

8. Make a Tarp Cover for Your Lawn Mower

Make Grommets From Water Bottles- Emergency Shelter Must Have Prepping Skill- DIY Survival Gear
Here’s how to think outside the box for power tool storage. You can turn an old tarp and water bottles into a lawn mower storage idea. Sound far-fetched? Then check out this excellent tutorial from Alaskan Granny. She’ll show you how to start! (We love this idea because it’s one of the fastest and most affordable options. No advanced craftsmanship is required!)

If you’ve ever wondered how to repurpose an old tarp or canvas, check out this great tutorial on making grommets using old plastic bottle caps.

With a tarp sizable enough to fully cover your riding or push lawn mower, you can attach your DIY bottle top grommets wherever you need them on the tarp to ensure it protects the mower in the harshest conditions.  

9. Buy a Small Yard Tent for a Push Lawn Mower

A tent of any type is always a sensible accessory to outdoor life, and a small yard storage tent makes a perfect home for a push lawn mower.

The YardStash Bike Storage Tent will accommodate and protect a small push mower in most weather conditions, and it sets up in a matter of minutes with no tools.

  • The tent measures 74” long x 32” wide x 68” high with an industrial-grade vinyl roof, tough stitching, and rugged zipper creating a sturdy shelter for your mower and other garden tools.
  • An integrated groundsheet prevents condensation build-up inside the tent and helps keep insects out.

The hidden benefit of the YardStash tent is that you can take it camping!

It’s a storage tent, after all. And who doesn’t need extra storage space while camping?

And it can make your garage your mower’s temporary home while your car takes you on holiday!

10. Hang an Electric Lawn Mower on Hooks

Small electric lawnmowers are light enough to hang on a wall when you use heavy-duty garage storage hooks.

Your electric push mower handle will be used as the hanger once you’ve mounted two powder-coated steel hooks on your garage, barn, or shed’s wall. 

  • Release the mower handle from its operational position. Ensure it lies flat (180 degrees), in line with the mower wheels.
  • Lift the mower handle onto the hooks.

11. Buy a Lawn Mower Cover

The easiest way to protect your mower from water and dust is to buy a mower cover. 

12. Buy a Resin Shed for a Small Riding Mower

Plastic resin sheds are becoming increasingly popular in the homesteading world because of their durability and aesthetic appeal (they look like wood, almost).

Here’s a five-by-six resin garden storage shed with space for a hefty push lawn mower, a small riding mower, and other garden tools.

With lockable double doors and an easily customizable interior, the Rubbermaid shed is maintenance-free and will serve your mower well for decades to come!

13. Buy a Large Tarp Storage Box for a Push Mower

Are you looking for a lawn mower storage solution with a low profile? If so, the YardStash Outdoor Storage Box will provide a discreet resting place for your push mower.

The storage box measures 60” long x 25” wide x 28” high and gets made from heavy-duty vinyl for all-weather protection.

Lift the lid, pop the mower in, and rest easy!

14. Buy an Overhead Garage Mower Storage Rack

Here’s another versatile garage ceiling storage product – a flexible ceiling-mounted overhead steel storage racking solution from Fleximounts.

Suitable for lightweight push mowers, the ceiling rack systems provide secure and durable storage for many household and garden items that require seasonal storage.

15. Buy an Overhead Pulley Hoist

While we discuss ceiling storage, how about a pulley hoist that lifts 200 pounds, more than enough muscle to lift a push mower?

The Harken storage hoist is easy to install and offers single-person use. Plus, it’s self-leveling with an anti-drop system for extra safety.

Attach the lawn mower directly to the hoist cables. Or attach the hoist cables to a DIY wooden storage platform.

Check it out!

16. Buy a Large Tent Shed for a Riding Mower

Large riding mowers and lawn tractors will appreciate a portable lawn mower garage that offers protection from UV rays and inclement weather. The AutoShelter from ShelterLogic is a best-selling mobile garage for serious homesteaders.

Made from extra-tough polyethylene material over a powder-coated steel frame, the AutoShelter is big – 10’ x 20’, to be exact. And it has a ratchet tarp securing system, a door, and a patented stabilization system.

In a word, a solid mobile storage solution for a busy lawn tractor! 

17. DIY Pallet Barn for a Riding Mower

diy storage shed for tools or lawn mowers
Let’s finish our list of lawnmower storage ideas with one of our favorite thrifty options. Horse & Man published a genius guide about building a storage shed using old pallets. Since the cost of living seems to continue skyrocketing for homesteaders, we try to recycle as much as possible. The results are also spectacular – you would never guess the shed got made from old pallets!

A budget-friendly barn idea is a homesteader’s dream! Here’s one using pallets – a proper high-roof home for lawnmowers of all sizes. And then some!

This wood shed can get constructed for less than $500 using free pallets for the frame, plywood for the cladding, two-by-six boards for the double doors, and corrugated iron sheets for the roof. 

  • The shed is secured to the earth at each corner using concrete footers, with rebar and steel bands embedded in concreted holes tied to the corner posts of the 10’ x 10’ structure.

A lick of paint and a gravel floor round off a surprisingly aesthetic shed – perfect for horsepower! 

Creative Lawn Mower Storage Ideas – FAQs

Choosing the best place to store your lawn mower is more work than garden enthusiasts think!

We also know you may have further questions. So – we amassed a list of the most critical lawn mower storage FAQs. We hope they help!

Can You Hang a Gas Lawn Mower on a Wall?

Hanging a gas-powered lawn mower upright is not advisable. Fuel and oil could leak onto the storeroom floor or contaminate parts of the mower engine that should be free of gas and oil. 

Can You Store a Lawnmower Outdoors?

You can safely store a lawn mower outdoors by covering the machine with a tarp or structure to prevent water, dust, and insects from entering the engine and UV rays from perishing the bodywork.  

Is It Okay to Leave Gas In the Mower Over Winter?

Leaving gas in a lawn mower over winter will result in the gas gumming up, posing a risk to engine components when the mower restarts. Adding a fuel stabilizer to the gas in the lawn mower will prevent gumming. 

Should I Drain Oil From the Lawn Mower for Winter?

Do not drain the oil out of the lawn mower for winter. Components inside the engine require lubrication even when the mower is in storage. However, we advise changing the oil as old oil can corrode your lawn mower engine.

Can You Leave a Riding Lawn Mower Out In the Rain?

Do not leave a lawn mower out in the rain. Moisture entering the air and fuel system will compromise engine lubricity and combustion efficiency. Always cover the mower with waterproof material in wet weather. 

Is It Safe to Store a Lawn Mower In the Basement?

A lawn mower can safely store in a basement if the basement is well-ventilated and the mower fuel tank is empty.

Should You Run the Mower Out of Gas for Winter?

It is advisable to run the mower with a fuel stabilizer additive in the fuel tank to coat the engine components with a stabilized fuel coating before draining the remaining fuel from the gas tank. Component longevity will be optimized when the mower engine gets blanketed with stabilized fuel. 

Should You Take the Battery Out of Your Lawn Mower for the Winter?

A lawn mower battery should be removed from the lawn mower during winter and be connected to a trickle charger to ensure battery health. Sub-zero temperatures destroy lawn mower batteries if uncharged for six weeks or more.

Should You Winterize Your Lawn Mower?

Lawnmowers should get winterized to ensure ongoing engine reliability and component longevity. The key to winterization is keeping the engine components lubricated with oil and a coating of stabilized gas. Ensure the gas tank is empty and the oil tank gets filled to the specified level. Store the mower in a weatherproof but well-ventilated area.  

The Best Shed for Lawn Mower Storage!

You’ve now scoped our 17 creative lawn mower storage ideas. But now comes the tricky part! You must decide whether to DIY or buy! Building a mower shed yourself or with friends can save you some cash.

And it can make for a fun outdoor project. If you prefer shopping for a ready-made storage solution for your lawn mower, you’ll reap the benefits a well-made product gives you – peace of mind. And, more important, more time to make hay! (And play in the flower garden!)

Which lawn mower storage idea do you like most?

Or maybe you use a top-secret lawn mower storage method you can share with us?

We’d love to hear from you either way.

Thanks for reading.

And have a great day!


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