DIY Wood Log Benches: 10 Free Designs and Ideas to Build Your Own

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Building homemade log benches is an excellent use of any old logs you have lying around, and it’s a good DIY project to keep you busy for the summer.

A log bench is a versatile piece of furniture, and there are so many different style options that you can choose from to make the perfect log bench for you.

Here are some practical ideas and free plans for making your own log bench. 

Building DIY Log Benches

The difficulty level you will face when making a log bench will depend on the type you choose to make. Some log benches are more rustic while others offer a modern look that can be used indoors or outdoors.

While many log benches are easy to make, others may require you to have some woodworking experience.

I highly recommend the book “From Tree to Table – How to Make Your Own Rustic Furniture“. It not only provides you with step-by-step plans on various log furniture projects, but it also guides you on types of wood, tools, methods, and more.

In this article, I have put together a list of log bench DIY ideas that you can choose from. 

Are Log Benches Easy to Make?

homemade simple log bench
One of the easiest log benches you can make yourself!

Log benches are a lovely addition to any garden or even home as you can build an indoor log bench too. They also make for a great summer DIY project that you can get the family involved with, depending on the log bench you choose to make.

The difficulty level of the log bench will depend on which log bench you wish to make. Some log benches only require a small about of woodworking experience, while others need to be a master woodworker to complete correctly.

10 Free Plans and Ideas For Making Log Benches

Picnic Table and Benches
Logs don’t just make excellent benches – they’re perfect for tables, too.

Sometimes getting your creative juices flowing is just what you need on a summer day, and you decide to finally use those old logs that have been sitting in your garden for months and turn them into a functional bench.

But you may not know what possibilities are out there for log benches.

I have put together a little list of some great log benches that you could try your hand at making. Some are fancier than others, but they all have their own unique charm.

They also vary in experience levels, so there is something for the beginner woodworker and something for the master woodworker to build.

Let’s look at some great log benches that you could make.

1. Simple Log Bench

This log bench is simple and rustic and does not take much chainsaw skill to accomplish. This is a lovely bench for an outside area, and it only requires a small amount of wood, so it is also budget-friendly.

I really love the rustic feel of this bench; I think it would make an excellent DIY project that you can include your family members in for some quality time. And they cannot complain as it won’t take long to make.

You can even leave the bark of the log on to give it a unique look and make it stand out in your garden.

Here’s a great example of how to make one of these nail-less benches:

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2. Treated Log Bench With Steel Legs

I found this beautiful log bench, and if I had the skill to make it myself, my entire garden would be filled with benches like this. This bench uses the natural curves and beauty of raw wood.

There is no bark on this bench, which does make it seem fancier, especially with the lovely clear varnish coating that lets the natural wood shine through.

This one does have steel legs that hold the whole bench together, so you will require some experience with steelwork if you wish to make this one for your garden.

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3. Tree Branch Bench

This is a unique bench that utilizes the natural beauty of tree branches on the bench.

After all, tree branches are just small logs, so why not, right?

This is a very rustic-looking bench, so it is perfect for an outside area, but you will need to take off the bark and treat the wood to help it last longer in the elements. This bench is a bit more technical to make, so it will require some experience and a lot of time.

This is a great bench project to include your children with, as you can all go on a lovely hike together to find the perfect tree branches for your next DIY project.

4. Rustic Log Bench

Okay, so this one is relatively similar to the first on this list, but for those who have a keen eye, you will notice there is a slight variation to it.

With this log bench, you need to take the bark off of the log, and for the leg section, you need to cut a V shape into the leg logs for the bench to sit on top of.

If you would like to, you could also varnish the wood for this bench to help it survive the elements, but as you can see from the picture, it is not a requirement, especially if you prefer the weathered look.

5. Log Bench and Picnic Table Combination

This is a gorgeous DIY project to keep you busy over the summer, and when you are done, it gives you a functional piece of outdoor furniture that you can use at your next family BBQ.

And let’s face it, it will also give you some big bragging rights when they find out you made it yourself.

This combination can have a rustic feel to it, but if you want more of a modern look, you can take the bark off and varnish the wood, not only to protect it but also to let that natural wood beauty shine.

6. Modern but Rustic Log Bench

This is one of those log benches that looks more complicated to make than it is.

And don’t worry, you do not need to do the engraved fish on the backrest to bring this bench to life, although it is a nice touch.

This bench is easy to make as all you need to do is cut the logs into pieces, add a few slits, and knock the pieces into place.

If you do everything right when making this bench, you will not even need glue or nails to hold it together; the wood should just fit perfectly.

7. Front Porch Log Bench

DIY Garden Bench

This is a lovely little bench to make for your front porch, or you can make it as a perfect gift for a friend or family member.

This bench is beautiful, and you varnish it with a clear varnish, so you can play around with the type of wood you use to get a different look to every bench you make.

You will require some experience with power tools if you want to make this bench, but the results are excellent if you follow the instructions.

Watch the video above to see what you need and how you can make this log bench yourself.

8. Rustic Indoor Log Bench

simple rustic log bench by jenna sue
A gorgeous, simple indoor log bench DIY by Jenna Sue Design. Image by Jenna Sue Design.

This is a beautiful indoor log bench by Jenna Sue Design that is great to have in entryways in homes. I find this log bench rustic but modern, and it is a great way to bring some natural colors into your home.

This bench is easy to make yourself and does not require a large amount of wood to complete.

This bench is guaranteed to give your home a unique look that your friends and family will be jealous of. If I could have one of these bad boys in my home, I would not think twice.

9. Log Bench Porch Swing

diy log bench swing diy network
A detailed porch swing project, made with logs by DIY Network. Photo by DIY Network.

I love this log bench idea by DIY Network and I believe that it is a must-have for your home.

Come on, who does not like to sit on a good porch swing on a hot summer’s afternoon with a nice cold glass of lemonade, it is magical.

This log bench is only for the experienced woodworker, though, as it does take some technical know-how and a skilled hand to build.

But if you know an experienced woodworker, I am sure they can assist you in bringing this lovely DIY project to life. You can always bribe them with a cold refreshing lemonade after. 

10. Lake Side Log Bench

diy making log benches lakeside
Beautiful little log bench by Cabin Life. Photo by Cabin Life.

This is a great log bench idea by Cabin Life for if you have any logs leftover from some other project you have finished over the summer.

This is called a lake-side log bench as it is rustic but pretty enough to keep next to a lake or even next to a small pond that you may have at home.

This bench is simple enough to make and does not require a lot of experience to complete. You can either varnish the wood or let the elements weather them to give it a more rustic and unique look.

There are some stunning log bench options for you to build, and they require as much effort to make as you are willing to put in.

Even the most rustic and straightforward log benches have a certain charm to them and can be used in many situations, like camping or even a family BBQ.

Building a log bench is a great DIY project that can also use up any excess logs you have around your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Log Benches

Even though I have given some great bench ideas in the article above, I still get some questions about things revolving around log benches.

So, in this section, I will answer a few of the most frequently asked questions that I receive. I hope these can help you achieve your long bench dreams.

How Do You Seal a Log Bench?

To seal a log bench, you need to use an outdoor grade wood sealer as this will help protect the wood from the elements and help stop water from soaking into it.

The wood sealant needs to be applied liberally but be sure not to waste it as it can be pretty expensive. You should pay close attention to the ends of the logs as they will absorb a lot of the wood sealant.

How Do You Make a Rustic Bench?

Making a rustic bench is an easy task that can take the average DIYer less than two hours if you want to go rustic. You can either just use an entire log and cut the ends off to be the legs, then cut the longest log piece half lengthwise.

Then cut out some small notches in the pol bench leg pieces and place the seat on top of the legs. This is a very rustic log bench; if you want other ideas, you can read further up in this post for some more.

How Do You Make a Bench Out of a Tree Trunk?

This will depend on if the tree trunk is still in the ground or not. If the tree trunk is in the ground, you need to cut another piece of log that is the same height as the tree trunk and place it a fair distance away from the trunk, in a straight line.

Then you can cut a different log in half and nail it to the top of both the leg logs. I the tree trunk is out of the ground, you can use a chainsaw to cut it into a lovely rustic bench; you can even add in some armrests depending on how good you are with a chainsaw.

How Do You Make a Garden Bench Out of Logs?

Creating a garden bench out of logs can be a difficult build if you want a fancy bench. If you do not want a fancy bench, then you could use a chainsaw to carve out one long and large log into a bench, and it will be like a one-piece bench. This is a rustic bench idea, but it can look very nice if you do it correctly.

Can You Cut a Log Lengthwise With a Chainsaw?

Yes, you can cut a log lengthwise with a chainsaw; you just need to ensure that you follow safety guidelines and that you are extremely careful, as this will take a lot of strength to accomplish. You need to ensure that you are using the right chainsaw, too, as some chainsaws do not have the power or may not be sharp enough to cut through a log lengthwise. 

Ensure you are working on a stable surface and that you are clear from any potential obstacles. Place the log on some support to give you space and not cut into the ground. Mark your log down the middle to ensure you cut straight, then carefully start cutting with your chainsaw.


We hope you enjoyed these log bench design ideas as much as we loved them!

Which log bench design idea is your favorite?

Please let us know in the comments!

Also – do you have tips for designing log benches? Or do you want to show off your creation? Then don’t be shy. We’d love to see your work!

Thanks again for reading.

Have a great day!

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  1. It says ideas and PLANs. Where are the plans? I want to make #1 but you don’t provide the plans/instructions.

    1. Hi Felix! Thank you for stopping by, and sorry about that! Especially when it comes to the raw log benches, the plan will vary a lot depending on how big your logs are. However, I’ve found a video of someone making a similar bench and added it to help you out. With that bench in specific, you can either cut the shorter “legs” of the bench in an L-shape at the top and do the same with the “seat” part to make them fit together or use a dovetail joint. A dovetail joint will be much sturdier, but it takes a bit more precision to cut one. Here’s a video example of how to cut a dovetail joint to make a similar bench.

      I hope that helps you! Thank you so much for your feedback, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. All are unique and beautiful. My favorite was number 9… log swing. It combines the best of both worlds… porch swing and logs!

  3. Great log things. I would like to show the log bench I have made.
    I fracked burned, sanded,covered with a coat of polyurethane and glitter..sitting by the firplace

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