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Thoughtful Gardening Gifts for Mom – Best Gifts for Gardeners

I’m a mom and for me, there’s no better gift than something to do with gardening. Plants are my favorite gift, they really are the gift that keeps on giving. A plant is something that will be in mom’s garden forever (well, for a long time anyway) and gives her roses, apples, lavender… Good stuff! Here are my favorite gardening gifts for mom.

1. Plants as gift for mom

Yep, I mentioned it already, you can’t go past plants for a gift! Many plant nurseries are online these days, so you don’t have to visit a plant nursery if you don’t want to. Have a look at these beautiful plants for inspiration. Mom can grow nearly any plant she likes with a peasant-style/grove garden, we’ve grown tropical bananas in frost!


Frost Proof Gardenia
Frost Proof Gardenia – $33.95
A Fragrant, Cold-Hardy Gardenia The Frost Proof Gardenia is a low maintenance, cold hardy gardenia. It would be beautiful as a hedge or potted for a stunning patio plant. Traditional Gardenias are finicky and hard to grow. The Frost Proof Gardenia is an e

Dwarf Gardenia

Gardenia’s come in a dwarf variety too and they look amazing planted en-masse or as a border along pathways. Gardenia’s smell amazing so plant them where you relax outdoors, or where you sit in your backyard.

Dwarf Gardenia Radicans
Dwarf Gardenia Radicans – $29.95
Dwarf Gardenia with Remarkable Flowers & Fragrance Dwarf Gardenia Radicans, Gardenia jasminoides ‘Radicans’, is an evergreen, flowering shrub. This small variety would make a great border along your sidewalk or perennial bed, or perhaps plant a few in con


Another fragrant plant gift is Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire, a small bush with summer flowers and fall color.

Little Henry® Virginia Sweetspire
Little Henry® Virginia Sweetspire – $29.95
Fragrant Flowers and Fall Interest Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire, Itea virginica ‘Sprich’, is a dwarf ornamental shrub with summer flowers and fall color. Plant several en masse for a naturalized look to brighten up a drab side yard, or use just one as


Maybe mom loves butterflies? This Buddleia has gorgeous purple flowers that attract lots of butterflies when in flower. Plant it where you’ll enjoy them to their full potential; they make a great hedge, covered in butterflies!

Nanho Purple Butterfly Bush
Nanho Purple Butterfly Bush – $29.95
Lilac Color June through Fall Nanho Purple Butterfly Bush, Buddleia davidii ‘Nanho Purple’, is a deciduous shrub with ornamental features. A few of these would make a spectacular hedge for your landscape. If you have a place where fall flowers are lacking


The last plant gift I want to show you is this Hydrangea, Little Lime. It just keeps on flowering and if you’ve grown Hydrangeas before, the flowers are huge and stunning. A real show stopper!

Little Lime® Hydrangea
Little Lime® Hydrangea – $29.95
Heat & Cold Tolerant with Months of BloomsHydrangea (Hardy Hydrangea) Little Limeâ„¢, Hydrangea paniculata ‘Jane’ PPAF, is a little dwarf-sized long flowering hydrangea that keeps on giving!For such a small plant it is packed with a vigorous growth hab

2. Garden Ornaments

We can’t list gardening gifts for mom without listing some cool garden ornaments! Ornaments have come a long way from the boring old gnomes, as you’ll see below.

Crackle Glass Outdoor Moon

This beautiful moon is solar-powdered. It charges during the day and gives you 6 hours of light during the night (when fully charged). It is weather resistant, as you’d expect from a garden ornament and made of stainless steel and glass.




Groovy Glove StakeGroovy Glove Stake - Pink

Here’s a groovy glove stake for the flower garden or veggie patch. She’s made from powder-coated metal and is weather resistant. This ornament is over 3 feet tall!

Certainly a talking-point for the garden, this pink glove has a date as well, Mr. Blue!



Sleeping Dragon Garden Ornament

This small, adorable dragon would look a treat in any garden, whether it’s a flower garden, fairy garden, or rockery. He’s made out of resin and not too heavy, so if mom wants to take him inside, she can!

As far as gardening gifts for mom go, this little dragon would be top of my list (after the plants, of course!). It’ll last for a very long time and looks gorgeous.



Hand-Blown Glass Bird

This beautiful teal glass bird adds lovely color to mom’s garden, yard, or patio. It is solar powered and sits atop a stake, so mom can position her anywhere in the garden. It is handcrafted with handblown glass, with bronze-finished metal stake.

Of course, it’s weather resistant and built to withstand all types of weather year-round. The bright LED solar lights are powdered by a solar panel that’s hidden inside. With plenty of sun during the day, it’ll give you hours of light at night.

Charming gardening gifts for mom, indeed!

Regal Peacock

This unique peacock stands 35″ tall,  sure to stand-out in any garden! This bird will love living outdoors or in. It features detailed carving and is made from durable and sturdy material. It’s hand-painted and simple to put together, no extra screw needed. 

This gift is waterproof too, and those colors!


3. Garden Structures

Cypress Potting Table Cypress Potting Table

If mom’s into gardening, she probably loves potting up too. This table, made out of Southern Cypress with stainless steel hardware, makes potting plants easy and stylish.

The table features 2 removable inserts, one flat and one slotted, and a removable plastic bin for storing up to 14 gallons of potting mix.

It has shelves on top and below for storing fertilizers, pots, or other gardening tools, or plants.


Red Cedar Marquis Arbor Garden Swing Seat

There’s nothing better than a hard day gardening, then relaxing on a nice garden seat with a cold drink and a book. This Red Cedar Marquis Arbor is the perfect place to relax, and although it is one of the pricier gardening gifts for mom, it’ll give years and years of enjoyment.

Not only is it built to last, it features a special structure that allows mom to grow a beautiful plant over the top as well! Choose a fragrant climbing plant to complete this magical piece of furniture.

Monet's Red Cedar Bridge w/ Flat Wisteria Canopy Garden Bridge

This is one spectacular way to get from one side of a garden to another! The Monet’s Red Cedar Bridge with Wisteria Canopy is made from Western Red Cedar and built to last a lifetime.

To complete this stunning bridge, plant blue and white Wisteria next to it so it can cover the top and their colors can mix, just like in Monet’s painting.



Ceramic Butterfly Meadow Bird Bath Ceramic Butterfly Meadow Bird Bath

This gorgeous bird bath is made in the USA from quality stoneware ceramic. It stands 23″ high and features flower detail, growing up the base of the bird bath.

It has a lock-on top, so no more top falling off when the dogs decide to have a drink.

A spectacular gardening gift for mom!


4. Gardening Towers

Plant towers are an awesome gardening gift for mom, particularly if her garden is small and she needs to maximize space. The towers offered by the Garden Tower Project are some of my favorites, they’re award-winners! These towers allow mom to grow 50 plants and vegetables in only 4 square feet, super efficient gardening right there.

They’re a garden and composter in 1, so you’re garden is fed and you can put your garden scraps to good use. It rotates so you can get to all sides with easy, and there’s pretty much zero weeding involved! You can put these towers anywhere, so you can keep them away from pests, like rabbits, as well.

GARDEN TOWER 2 Vertical Container Garden ,Award Winning, System


Watch the video below to see how and why it works, and why it’s such an efficient way of gardening.



Holiday Starter BundleThe starter pack would be my pick for a gardening gift for mom, because it comes with everything she needs to get right into it.

It comes with the Garden Tower 2, Dr. Earth Plant Food, 50 plant labels, a greenhouse seed starting kit, seed starting soil, $20 Baker Creek seed gift certificate, and discounted shipping.

Mom could put this tower anywhere, even the smallest patio or next to a favorite outdoor chair. Or on the veranda next to the kitchen door with lots of different herbs in it, basil, mint, oregano, parsley – everything she needs for enjoying a great meal.



5. Gardening Tools

Giving gardening tools as a gift for mom might sound a bit boring, but to me, there’s nothing better than a high-quality tool. I might not spend the money myself, but if someone is willing to gift me a great tool, they make me very happy. For my last birthday, my husband bought me a great set of wire cutters. Not your average, work-hard-at-it wire cutters, but an $80 pair of german-made wire cutters. They’re amazing, cut through wire like a knife through butter! I love them, best gift ever and I would’ve never bought them for myself. So, tools can be a great gift!

We’ve done quite a few garden tool reviews too, be sure to check them out before buying any string trimmers, hedge trimmers, or self-propelled lawnmower!

Pruning Shears | Lifetime Guarantee Italian-Made Pruning Shears – Lifetime guarantee

These are the best pruning shears I’ve used, and although they may be pricier than other pruning shears (around $30), they come with a life-time guarantee! It’s a simple design, no ratchets or other fancy accessories, just a plain old-fashioned, high quality working tool.

The blades are super strong and sharp out of the box. Blades open wider than most other secateurs/pruners I’ve used too, which is great for bigger branches. It uses a simple lock-nut design for the two shear pieces, which is really easy to take apart for sharpening. It’s also done away with the clips and slides that lock shears, it just uses a simple leather strap – brilliant!

Loppers | Commercial Grade Pruning Tools | USA Made Commercial-Grade Loppers

There are always dead branches to be pruned, or fruit trees to maintain, and a good quality lopper is a must in the garden. Great for high branches that you can reach with standard pruning shears, or for bigger branches where you can use the extra leverage to cut through!

The loppers on the left are the best I’ve come across. They are made in the USA and are used in commercial plantations across the country. They come in 2 models, 32″ and 36″.

Blades are made from top-grade alloy steel and are strongly curved to slice through branches easily. They’re designed for daily use, and very light as well.

A good cut is important for your trees, so no disease or rot sets in. These loppers slice through, leaving a nice clean cut surface, keeping your trees healthy.


Garden Trowel |  Hand-forged and Hand-sharpenedHand Trowel

This pretty shovel is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty, how’s that for a garden shovel!

This trowel has a very deep blade for maximum digging power. They’re hand-forged and shaped by hand by a 4th generation blacksmith in Missouri to make sure each trowel is of the highest quality.

If mom likes to plant plants, this is a great gardening gift!

I might need to do a second part for this gardening gifts for mom series, I’ve come across so many great gifts and can’t cover them all here today. Other suggestions for gifts are below, without pictures, sorry, that’ll have to be in the next part.

Other Gardening Gifts for Mom

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