Elegear Sleeping Pad Review: A Game-Changer in Comfort

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From aching backs to drowsy hikes, camping with a sub-par sleeping pad offers nothing but misery. And finding a sleeping pad that works as well as it promises to is very hard. But we’ve found an exception to the rule – the Elegear Sleeping Pad.

The Elegear Sleeping Pad is an excellent, budget-friendly sleeping pad for road-trippers and car campers. With its 4″ thickness, this soft yet sturdy pad offers ultimate comfort and is easy to pack, too!

In this review, we’ll talk about why the Elegear Sleeping Pad is so fantastic and go over the disadvantages of this inflatable mattress.

Ready to see if this sleeping pad is right for you? Then, let’s get to the review!

Our Roadtrip With the Self-Inflating Elegear Sleeping Pad

Elegear 4″ Double Sleeping Pad Review

Elegear 4″ Thick Double Sleeping Pad [Self Inflating With Pillow and Built-In Foot Pump]
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The Elegear Sleeping pad promises to be an ultralight sleeping pad perfect for backpackers. However, with its 4-inch thickness and easy, quick air-pumping action, this pad also pledges to be a comfortable air mattress for any occasion.

So, does this sleeping pad live up to its product description? Let’s find out.


One of the biggest benefits of the Elegear Sleeping Pad is that it’s so budget-friendly.

And despite the low price of this air mattress, it is very durable and has accumulated quite a few 5-star reviews.

Additionally, if you use our Amazon $10 discount code XQCV38Q7, you can get the double sleeping pad for even less money! That’s quite a steal for as nice of a sleeping pad as the Elegear.


inflating the elegear sleeping pad

The Elegear Sleeping Pad has a built-in inflation device. This pump is a foam block you step on to pump air into the mattress.

Elegear also advertises that you can pump up this double-sized sleeping pad in as little as three minutes.

While we didn’t manage to pump our sleeping pad up in three minutes, it only took about seven minutes of pedaling for us to pump it up all the way. That’s likely because we couldn’t figure out how the pump worked at first.

On that note, the pump isn’t too intuitive to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very simple. All you have to do is close the valve on the spongy part, then stomp your heart out for a few minutes.

So, overall, this sleeping pad is truly easy and quick to inflate. 10/10!


The biggest benefit of the Elegear Sleeping Pad is how comfortable it is.

This sleeping pad is, as advertised, 4 inches thick. That extra thickness is truly noticeable, as you can’t feel a single bump from the ground when you are lying on this thing.

Also, you can’t feel any of the bumps from the sleeping pad’s internal “support belts” (the tubes inside the mattress).

I’d say that this sleeping pad exceeds expectations in the comfort department.


three people on the elegear sleeping pad

Although the Elegear Sleeping Pad comes in two sizes, we tested the 79″L x 55″W ( 6.5 ft by 4.5 ft) version, which is made to fit two people. It was surprisingly large, and it practically fit the whole family of my two daughters and one adult at a time.

This sleeping pad even fit my very tall husband comfortably from head to foot.


The Elegear Sleeping Pad claims to be ultra-light, but we disagree on that point.

The Elegear two-person sleeping pad is just about 5 lbs, which makes it less-than-perfect for backpacking. Additionally, if you do take it backpacking, you’ll have to pack a tent that will fit it, which will likely bog you down.

However, this sleeping pad is ideal for car camping, road trips, and campsite camping.

It’s also worth mentioning that the single-person version of this sleeping pad is only 2.6 lbs, which is much better for backpacking.

Elegear Self Inflating Sleeping Pad for Camping, 4" Ultra-Thick Camping Mattress (Single Person)
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Ease of Packing

When it came to packing up the Elegear Sleeping Pad, things were a breeze!

All you have to do to release the air from the mattress is unplug the valve on the pump and then roll up the pad.

With all the air released from the pad, it fits loosely back into its bag, which was really nice.

We’ve all been in situations where a sleeping pad or sleeping bag just doesn’t fit in its bag. It’s the worst! We were happy to avoid that with the Elegear Sleeping Pad.


The Elegear Sleeping Pad performed well in durability for this review, but we’re not too sure that it will withstand heavy-duty use.

While the sleeping pad feels durable and comes with a patch kit, we’ve heard it often begins leaking and could become unusable after eight months and one year of frequent use.

While we haven’t had our sleeping pad for that long, we don’t doubt that, after a lot of wear and tear, this sleeping pad can start to leak. It is an air mattress, after all.

So, this sleeping pad is probably better for people who plan on using it every once in a while or people who don’t plan on placing it on rough, rocky surfaces.


While Elegear doesn’t specify the r-value for this sleeping pad, it feels cool and airy. For that reason, we don’t recommend it for winter camping.

Still, this breezy, breathable sleeping pad is perfect for summer, spring, and fall camping.

The Elegear Double Sleeping Pad: Our Review Summed Up

The Elegear Sleeping Pad is the perfect camping mattress for car camping or road-tripping in warmer weather. It’s a great deal for a high-quality, reasonably durable, and supremely comfortable sleeping pad.

If you want to check out or purchase the Elegear Sleeping Pad on Amazon, don’t forget to use our $10 discount code XQCV38Q7 at checkout! It’ll make this budget-friendly camping mattress even more of a steal.

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