7 DIY Strawberry Planter Ideas and Plans for the Best Strawberries!

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Who doesn’t love to snack on a sweet, juicy strawberry – the best flavor of summer! And if your strawberries come straight from your garden, then they taste even better.

One of the best things about growing strawberries is that, once you’ve got your first few plants, they will multiply every year, giving you an endless supply of strawberry plants!

But this means you’ll need something to grow them in, which is where our DIY strawberry planter ideas come in.

We’ve all seen those beautiful purpose-made terracotta strawberry planters, and for years I thought it was the only way to grow strawberries.

But then my plants started to multiply out of control, and as any gardener will know, it is soul-destroying to throw away a healthy plant! So, I had to find homes for all my strawberry babies and tried many DIY strawberry planters along the way.

You will see that many of these DIY strawberry planters have something in common – the strawberries are grown through holes in the side of a container, raised off the ground.

There are several good reasons why this growing method is so successful:

  • Raising the plants off the ground helps to protect them from pests such as slugs and snails.
  • Vertical, tiered, or tower containers will fit many more strawberry plants in a small space.
  • Portable strawberry planters can move into sunny spots in the summer and inside to protect from frosts in the winter.
  • Many strawberry planters have an integrated watering system, saving time and precious water supplies.
  • Strawberries hanging down from a planter are easy to spot and pick, meaning you’ll never miss a delicious juicy strawberry ever again!

So, after some genuine and backbreaking market research, here are the DIY strawberry planter ideas that work.

# 1 – Best DIY Tiered Strawberry Planter by Hydrangea Treehouse

diy strawberry planter by hydrangeatreehouse2
I love this DIY vertical planter from Hydrangea Treehouse. Perfect for nesting a fresh backyard strawberry patch. Bonus points for a neat and sturdy design!

Do you know how some DIY projects can look a bit, um, homemade?!

The problem with upcycling and reusing stuff is that sometimes our gardens and homesteads can start to look a bit like a reclamation yard!

But this won’t be the case if you make this beautiful, tiered wooden strawberry planter by Hydrangea Treehouse.

Here is one of those DIY projects which will be the envy of all your friends! Doubly so when you serve delicious summer strawberry desserts picked straight from your patio planter.

This strawberry planter may look impossible to make by yourself. But, the lovely people at Hydrangea Treehouse provided full instructions on how to make it. Including a free downloadable cutting guide.

This DIY strawberry planter holds around 30 strawberry plants, enough to keep a medium-sized family well supplied with strawberries throughout the summer.

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# 2 – Best DIY Hanging Strawberry Planter by Huw Richards

How to make Hanging Planters from Tin Cans
I love the flexibility of these hanging strawberry planters. Instead of tin cans, you can also use any light, durable growing cup. I think it would still work. Food for thought! Thanks to Huw Richards for the motivation.

This video tutorial is a simple but effective way of recycling your used tin cans to make fun – and colorful strawberry planters.

You could use any can for this project! The best examples I’ve seen derive from those giant bean tins from the bulk-buy store. Use thick jute string for an authentic rustic countryside effect.

Each planter will take just a few minutes to make, and within an hour, you could have a long row of strawberry planters hung in your yard.

But, if you have the time, have some fun decorating them first. Here’s a great tutorial from Crafty Chica to show you how to decorate your planter with paint.

If you’re looking to bring some color and brightness into your yard, then these tin-can hanging strawberry planters are a great start. The only downside to them is that each one would need watering individually.

This watering process could be very time-consuming if you live in a hot, dry climate and need to water them daily!

TIP: Get your kids to paint and plant their strawberry cans and hang them low enough for little people to reach. This way, they can water and care for their plants – and enjoy the rewards!

# 3 – Best DIY Tower Strawberry Planter by A Piece of Rainbow

diy strawberry planter by apieceofrainbow
I love how easy this DIY strawberry planter looks to make! It also seems sturdy – and offers plenty of growing space for your strawberries. Way to go, A Piece of Rainbow. Your strawberry planter rules!

This DIY strawberry tower holds nearly 50 plants in less than 2 square feet of space – impressive stuff! This planter would keep you well supplied with fresh strawberries all summer long, with spares to store or share with friends and neighbors.

I love this tower stacking system, as it makes use of something we all have an excess of – plant pots!

As any homesteader will tell you, it is nearly impossible to come back from the store or market without some new plants, leading to an ever-growing hoard of plant pots.

Pick the toughest and sturdiest pots for this project, and it will work best if you have strawberry pots of similar sizes. I used pots left over after a tree-planting project, which were very tough and should last for ages.

You can make your DIY strawberry tower as tall or short as you like, and you can adjust it whenever you want.

The clever reservoir system designed by A Piece of Rainbow means that you can water all the strawberry plants effectively through a bottle placed at the top of the tower.

Minimal watering time, maximum space-saving, and huge strawberry yields – what’s not to like!

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# 4 – Best DIY Wooden Strawberry Planter by Garden Rudiments

How to build a Strawberry Pyramid
Here’s one of the most significant DIY strawberry planters on this entire list. If you want loads of strawberries, then look no further! Full credit to Garden Rudiments for the hard work and creativity.

If you’re looking to practice your woodworking skills, why not give this wooden pyramid strawberry planter a try? This strawberry pyramid is the perfect project if you’ve got offcuts of wood lying about – or want to reuse some reclaimed wood.

Although the design on this video takes up a relatively large surface area, the pyramid design gives you much more planting space. It also allows you to separate different varieties in each section.

And if it looks too big for your yard, then leave out the bottom section – no problem!

# 5 – Best DIY Laundry Basket Strawberry Planter by Fab Art DIY

Laundry Basket Turned Strawberry Planter
I think this is the best way to turn your laundry basket into a basket full of fresh backyard strawberries. For sure! Thanks to Garden Answer and Fab Art DIY for the inspiration.

This idea is absolute genius! Using a laundry basket is one of the most straightforward ideas for a DIY strawberry planter out there, and no power tools or specialist equipment are required.

The best thing about using a laundry basket is that it already has the perfect holes for planting, so no cutting is required.

However, there is one issue – you will need to line the basket to prevent soil from falling out and keep moisture in. A material such as hessian is perfect for this.

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# 6 – Best DIY Pallet Strawberry Planter by Sunday Gardener

diy strawberry planter by sundaygardener
Here’s one of the most refreshing ways to use a pallet that I’ve ever seen. Recycle some of your old gear and reward yourself with delicious, fresh strawberries. Credit to Sunday Gardener for the backyard strawberry planter design!

Behold – just when you thought the craze for upcycling things from pallets was over, along comes the strawberry pallet planter! 

The best thing about this tutorial is that it’s well thought out – you don’t need to worry about potential pitfalls and problems. So, you’ll get a pallet strawberry planter that is functional, unlike many of the other ideas for upcycling pallets out there!

You will need a lining inside the pallet to prevent the soil from falling out – something like garden fabric should do the job perfectly.

# 7 – Best DIY Strawberry Wall Planter by Hungry Healthy Happy

diy strawberry planter by hungryhealthyhappy
I couldn’t believe how thick and robust the strawberry plant looked nestled inside of this DIY strawberry planter. Make sure to visit the Hungry Healthy Happy blog and see for yourself. Impressive work!

There are some clever designs for strawberry wall planters out there, and this version made from guttering is one of my favorites. It is quick and effortless to put together and will look amazing on your garden fence or wall.

I love this strawberry wall planter as it is achievable for even the most novice DIY enthusiast – all you need to be able to do is screw brackets into a piece of wood!

I reckon even I could put this one together, although I’m not promising it would be straight!

If you don’t have time to make a DIY strawberry planter, then there are some great alternatives available to buy instead. We love this clever stackable planter, which would look wondrous filled with bushy strawberry plants bursting with fruit!

So, which of these DIY strawberry planter ideas takes your fancy? Or maybe you’ve got a tried and tested DIY strawberry planter you’d like to share with us? Please add your comments below!

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Strawberry Growing Frequently Asked Questions

legendary strawberry planter growing tower
Who says you only need one strawberry planter!? We found this legendary (and epic) strawberry planter growing tower and had to share it with you.

After scouring our gardening archives for DIY strawberry planter ideas, we also encountered a handful of strawberry gardening questions that new homesteaders may experience.

We brainstormed the top answers to your questions so you can kickstart your strawberry patch in style and confidence. We hope you enjoy reading our responses!

What’s Your Favorite DIY Strawberry Planter Idea?

Strawberries are one of the best fruits to grow in your backyard if you appreciate sweet, fresh, healthy, and homegrown snacks.

We also value the creativity of the homesteading community.

So, we ask for your help.

Let us know if you have any fun strawberry planter ideas?

Or – which one is your favorite?

Thank you for reading!

And happy planting!

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