13 Off Grid Bathroom Ideas – Outhouses, Hand-Washing, and More!

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Does the lack of a proper bathroom put you off the idea of off-grid life? Many aspects of off-grid living sound romantic and glamorous – sitting out on the deck/lakeshore/hilltop watching the sunset, waking to the sound of birdsong, and so on!

And then reality hits home – what about a bathroom?!

I don’t know anyone who enjoys the dash to the outhouse toilet in the middle of the night. And, believe me when I say that lukewarm outdoor showers soon lose their appeal, especially when you’re dodging mosquitoes!

Off-grid outdoor shower amid tropical trees and lush greenery.

Whatever your off grid setup, a complete bathroom is not beyond your reach!

Whether you’re living fully off the grid, looking for ideas for your weekend woodland retreat, or want to modify your existing bathroom, there is something out there for everyone.

Off Grid Bathroom Ideas for Everyone

We’ve put together the 13 best off grid bathroom ideas to inspire you. Some of them are so beautiful you’d never want to get out of the bath!

# 1 – Dry Cabin Bathroom by Alaska Abode

An ingenious solution for an off grid bathroom! This idea fixes the problem of frozen pipes, because water is heated on the stove and pumped to the shower by a camping shower pump! Photo by Alaska Abode

Living off the grid in a cold climate can be a tremendous challenge, as water and waste pipes frequently freeze.

To combat this problem – Alaska Abode developed ingenious solutions to create an off-grid bathroom in their dry cabin. Water for the shower is heated on the stove and pumped using a submersible camping shower pump to the showerhead.

And the toilet? Well, a composting toilet, of course!

We love the simplicity of this tiny bathroom, which is the icing on the cake for this excellent off-grid cabin!

Visit the Alaska Abode blog if you want to learn more about their clever dry cabin bathroom system and how it works.

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# 2 – Greenhouse Bathroom by Beloved Cabin

Living in a tiny house requires some imagination about the use of space, and as many things as possible must be multipurpose. This off-grid bathroom idea by Beloved Cabin is the definition of thinking outside the box – a greenhouse bathroom!

I love how the whole greenhouse was designed to become a bathroom, made with reclaimed windows, and filled with beautiful decorations. This idea is so good I’m tempted to borrow it for our bathroom design!

(I also love this greenhouse bathroom. Check it out for some useful off-grid bathroom ideas and tips from Apartment Therapy.)

# 3 – Showering Off-Grid by Jay and Jen – with Warm Water

Showering Off Grid | Simple DIY bathhouse | Bathroom and shower house made easy.

One of the most stressful ideas of going off-grid is living without a shower! Luckily, we found this epic off-grid shower idea by Jay and Jen.

If you’re like me and like plenty of hot water? Then no worries! This off-grid shower has plenty of warm water on-demand. No more starting your day with ice-cold showers. Living off-grid seems less stressful this way!

# 4 – Tiny House Bathroom by Living Tiny And Green

Look at this house from the outside, and you would not believe everything that fits inside – including a fully equipped bathroom! They even found space in the bathroom for the washing machine as well, incredible!

Living Tiny And Green have some great ideas for upcycling and self-build projects, and their tiny house is completely off-grid. The best thing is that they’ve described exactly how they built their off-grid bathroom, so check it out if you are looking for some inspiration!

Visit the Little Tiny and Green blog for more details about their tiny house bathroom and to learn how it works.

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# 5 – Glamping Site Off Grid Bathroom by Coast and Camplight

Nothing ruins an epic glamping staycation more than a modern-day toilet block – a sure-fire way to shatter the off-grid dream!

Coast and Camplight put an end to your worries. They put as much effort into their off-grid bathroom facilities as the rest of their glamping site. We love the imaginative upcycling and decorating ideas that bring a luxurious feel to the bathrooms.

On hot days the big door at the back of the shower opens onto the woods so you can feel like you’re showering outside. With a view from the shower like that, I don’t think I’d ever want to leave!

# 6 – Off Grid Bathtub Shower by Hoodoo Mountain Mama

OK, so it’s not a complete off-grid bathroom, but this setup is just so beautiful I couldn’t just scroll past it! This claw-foot bathtub serves as a solar-heated shower, or if you are feeling decadent, then heat a few extra kettles of water on the stove for a long, hot bubble bath.

# 7 – Off Grid Campervan Bathroom by Van Yacht

Living off-grid in a campervan can be challenging, and fitting everything into the available space sometimes seems impossible! (I speak from personal experience here!) Many van campervan nomads forgo the shower completely – and instead use public facilities where they can.

However, this is not the case for Van Yacht! This lovely self-built campervan has a cubicle with a portable toilet and shower. To use the shower, lift the toilet out – space-saving genius!

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# 8 – Genius Handwashing System by The Cabin Dwellers Textbook

This is a very creative off grid handwashing solution by The Cabin Dwellers Textbook. It consists of 2 large stainless steel containers; one full of water with a tap for washing your hands, and one to catch the water. Yes, you’ll have to refill the top container occasionally, but you also get to repurpose the wastewater!

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of off-grid bathroom solutions overlook something that most of us consider essential – handwashing facilities!

The Cabin Dwellers Textbook has developed a simple, stylish, and effective solution to this problem. A large stainless steel container with a tap provides ‘running’ water – yes, you have to refill it occasionally! A second container catches wastewater, but it would be equally as easy to install a simple sink and drain.

Read more about their ingenious handwashing system on the Cabin Dwellers Textbook blog.

# 9 – Rustic Farmhouse Off Grid Bathroom by Living The True North

A stunning rustic off grid bathroom complete with a wood shavings toilet! This bathroom includes a 6ft galvanized water trough that functions as a bathtub and shower. Photo by Living The True North

Here’s a beautiful off-grid bathroom with some fabulous features which work perfectly in this rustic farmhouse setting. Living The True North has adapted a 6 foot galvanized water trough to make a full-size bathtub and shower.

This super-sized tub is offset perfectly by the attention to detail with the fixtures and fittings, making this a bathroom that would complement any off-grid home.

Their off grid wood-shavings toilet! You simply add wood shavings to cover your business and when it’s full, you add it to your humanure pile. This is a perfect toilet for living off the grid because it requires no water for flushing, no electricity, and you get compost for the garden. Photo by Living The True North

# 10 – Outhouse Bathroom by The Off Grid Dream

Off Grid Bathroom

This little outhouse bathroom is perfect for off-grid weekend getaways or campsites. The tiny shed packs it all in – a toilet and shower, a small solar panel, lights, water pump, water collection system, and a propane water heater.

Simple but very effective!

The Off-Grid Dream also has a helpful article about their outhouse bathroom, including plenty of photos.

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# 11 – DIY Wood Fired Bath by One Cat Farm

One of the trickiest things about off-grid life can be heating water – using propane can be costly and doesn’t feel very ‘off griddy’! If you’ve got an abundant source of firewood, then a wood-fired bathtub can be a great option.

Your wood-fired bath could be indoors, but we think this is one of those luxurious treats that are best enjoyed outside. Laying back in hot water, watching the sunset with a glass of something chilled – pure heaven!

For more inspiration – One Cat Farm has a beautifully designed blog that I recommend all homesteaders visit if you want to learn more about their latest projects.

# 12 – Luxury Mountain Homestead Bathroom by Highcraft Builders

This bathroom by Highcraft Builders is absolutely stunning. In fact, their whole off grid mountain homestead is amazing! It shows you that off grid living doesn’t have to mean “roughing it”!

Just to prove that off-grid living isn’t all about weeing in buckets and carrying water, here is a luxury off-grid bathroom that would look incredible in any home!

This house built by Highcraft Builders is completely off the grid, but still boasts all the luxurious conveniences of a modern-day house.

An off-grid bathroom like this is very low-maintenance, with water supplied from a deep well and waste disposal via a septic tank system. It might be pricey but if you don’t fancy emptying toilet buckets then this off-grid bathroom is perfect!

# 13 – Portable Bathroom and Kitchen Wagon by Handmade Matt

Kitchen and Bathroom Wagon - Yurt Ensuit. Tiny Home

How cool is this little wagon! Perfect for a weekend retreat, this self-built unit includes a shower and compost toilet. It also has a fully equipped kitchen, so all you need to find is somewhere to lay your head at night!

Handmade Matt created this wagon to make life in a yurt more comfortable, and it looks like it would do the job!

Make sure to check out Handmade Matt’s blog for a ton of off-grid portable home tutorials, articles, and resources for homesteaders!

Are We Missing Epic Off-Grid Bathroom Ideas? Let Us Know!

We tried our best to find all of the best off-grid toilet ideas to help our fellow homesteaders.

But – let us know if you have any additional ideas or if you’ve seen off-grid toiletry styles that we’ve neglected.

Thanks so much for reading – and please have a great day!

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