How to Attract Rabbits to Your Backyard


This article is part of a series about attracting wildlife. I did an interview with Women’s Health Magazine on tips to attract wildlife to your backyard, rabbits, squirrels, frogs, and bees in particular. The article will be published in the magazine in the future, but I wanted to share my tips with you here.

This was question 3:

How to Attract Rabbits to Your Backyard?

3. For folks who are fans of wild rabbits, what can we do to attract more to our yard–again, in a way that’s healthy for them and safe for us?

Create Habitat

The rabbits’ main problem is the loss of habitat. As we build more houses, we lose more nature. To attract rabbits, we need to provide them with a safe place. That means, again, no perfect gardens. Leave old logs. Have some prickly shrubs around.

Leave some overgrown areas for the rabbits to hide in. Don’t make those areas too small either, it needs to be at least 8-10ft wide. There is no point in having a clump of tall grass in the middle of a manicured lawn! Plant some plots of wheat, clover, corn, prickly berries, and cereal grains.

Safe From Predators


Make sure you keep them safe from predators, such as dogs and cats. My dogs are always loose, but they have a fenced-in area. There are absolutely no rabbits in this area; the dogs would chase them relentlessly. However, outside of the dogs’ area, rabbits will visit every night. They instinctively know where they are safe. It is easier to fence dogs in than it is to fence rabbits out!


All wildlife needs water, so you could think of providing them with a pond or another form of clean drinking water. You do want this to go stale, so running water is best or you need to clean it regularly. It needs to be safe as well.

We have a bathtub that is a drinking trough for horses and birds love to wash in it. However, one day, a baby bird followed its parents’ examples and couldn’t get out. We saved it, but also build a “ladder” so that if anyone falls in, they would have a chance to get out.

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Enough Food for You and Rabbits

Attracting rabbits to your garden is lots of fun, especially for kids. However, they can make a mess of your vegetable garden. Consider growing extra quantities of vegetables to make up for the loss, or grow a wild food forest. A food forest gives rabbits the protection and habitat they need, while also making it harder for them to find ALL your food. I’ve written a detailed article on food forests and self-sufficient gardens, I welcome you to check it out!

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