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How to Attract Bees to Your Backyard – Attracting Wildlife

This article is part of a series about attracting wildlife. I did an interview with Women’s Health Magazine on tips to attract wildlife to your backyard, rabbits, squirrels, frogs, and bees in particular. The article will be published in the magazine in the future, but I wanted to share my tips with you here.

This was question 2:

How to Attract Bees to Your Backyard

2. For those who appreciate the value of bees, what can we do to attract more of them to our yard and nourish them to help them thrive?

The bee needs our help right now. Populations of many species of bees are in serious decline in the US and we cannot afford to lose this amazing pollinator!

How to Start Attracting Bees

The best start to a bee-friendly garden is to stop using pesticides, insecticides, and to start using organic fertilizers. The next step is to plant lots of flowers. Any flowers are great, but single flowers, wildflowers, and flowers native to the US in particular.

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Don’t Have a Perfect Garden

Third step, don’t have a perfect garden. This applies to all the wildlife in this article – perfect gardens are no habitat!

We need some rotting logs so bugs can settle in, which in turn provide food for the frog. We need mud, we need grasses, we need some overgrown areas for protective habitat. And the last thing you do? Consider becoming a backyard beekeeper

You’ll love having more bees in your garden. Not only are they mesmerizing to look at, they also increase pollination so you’ll harvest a bigger vegetable crop!

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