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15 Festive Christmas Fairy Garden Ideas You Can DIY

A Christmas fairy garden unlocks the magic of the holidays and makes a fabulously festive decoration for any homestead! Creating a fairy garden is also a wonder to behold for your friends and family – especially during the holiday season!

We want to share the holiday joy with you! So – here are some of the very best (and most secret) Christmas fairy garden ideas to help inspire!

1. Christmas Fairy Garden in a Bucket

beautiful christmas fairy garden
Here’s one of our favorite Christmas fairy gardens! Notice the tiny mouse making a snowman. I think it might be a fairy mouse! Fairy garden design by Glue Sticks Blog.

We love this garden as it includes some great plants that double up as mini trees! The clever use of perennial herbs such as rosemary means that the Christmas fairies nestle into a wonderfully fragrant garden.

I also love the portability of the fairy garden! If you want more photos and instructions, check out the guide on the Glue Sticks Blog.

2. Tabletop Christmas Fairy Garden

The miniature evergreen tree, tiny candy canes, and thickly-settled plants create a festive paradise. I bet Christmas fairies love visiting! Epic design by Better Homes & Gardens.

If you’re looking for a fairy garden with all-natural components, then here’s one of my favorite options. This step-by-step guide also takes all the guesswork out of creating the perfect tabletop Christmas fairy garden! 

Check out the full guide including step-by-step instructions on the Better Home and Gardens blog.

3. Upcycled Christmas Fairy Garden

raised christmas fairy garden
This fairy garden by Life is a Party contains real trees! A frosty fern, a cypress tree, and a lemon cypress tree. Fairies despise fake trees! These tiny details bring the fairy garden added charm. Big time!

Creative imaginations have gone to work creating this Christmas fairy garden! Note the impressive results. The use of a birdbox to create a fairy house is inspiring!

If you love this Christmas fairy garden as much as we do – check out the full article and more details on Life is a Party.

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4. Christmas Tree Fairy Garden

colorful christmas fairy garden
Here’s a fairy garden from Premeditated Leftovers using a delightful miniature rosemary plant as a festive theme. I love the tiny details like the candy canes, Christmas gifts, and colorful button cookies! (Faeries love Christmas cookies!)

This fairy garden is themed around a Christmas tree, complete with tiny presents and the most adorable table and chair set ever! I also noticed the adorable train. I think the fairies are hauling Christmas gifts!

You can also check out the full list of materials for building the Christmas garden yourself over on the Premeditated Leftovers blog.

5. Wooden Trug Christmas Fairy Garden

Want a Christmas fairy garden with natural soil and vibrant colors? Then this fairy design from Away with the fairies is one of our favorites! It’s the perfect holiday hideaway for any fairy family – large or small.

This tutorial contains some great tips to help you create the perfect Christmas fairy garden. The festive fairy doors are adorable!

6. Rustic Christmas Fairy Cottage

This miniature fairy house from hearth and twig fairies bursts at the stitchings with pixie dust and fairy magic! I think the fairies also enjoy the cozy feel – I bet it keeps them warm during the cold winter nights!

The fairy house makes genius use of garden materials to add a rustic feel to the cottage. Why not send the kids for a scout around the yard to see what building materials they can come up with – perfect!

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7. Solar Light Christmas Fairy Garden

christmas fairy garden with walkway
A little-known fact about fairies is that they don’t like wasting energy! That’s why I’m proud to show off this legendary solar-powered fairy garden by Little Tudor on the Prairie. It looks beautiful! And, radiant!

These fairies are jolly and eco-friendly! It isn’t Christmas without fairy lights, and even a fairy garden deserves some twinkly sparkles! Solar LED wire lights are an easy way to bring some light into your Christmas fairy wonderland.

If you agree that solar lights rock – then check out more information and instructions on Little Tudor on the Prairie.

8. Winter Village Christmas Fairy Garden

These Christmas town elves are also fairies! It’s easy to feel the joy of the holidays when laying eyes upon this magical fairy garden by Plants n’ Rockies! Also, notice the Christmas town festivities, snowman, and jolly Santa!

If the festive tunes on this great tutorial don’t get you in the Christmas spirit, then nothing will! This impressive fairy garden is easy to make, using figurines and accessories to create a Christmas village.

Mini Christmas Trees
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9. Festive Wreath Fairy Garden

I had to look twice when I first saw this festive holiday wreath that resembles a majestic fairy garden! I adore the tiny red mushrooms and tiny fairy trees. It looks cheerful! Credit to The Country Chic Cottage.

Here’s one of my favorites! This design is for a spring wreath, but a few festive tweaks instantly turn it into a Christmas version! Add some fake snow, glitter, candy canes, and tiny presents, and voila – a festive fairy wreath!

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10. Miniature Terrarium Christmas Fairy Garden

christmas fairy garden terrarium
Wow. This fairy garden rules! Unless you look closely – it’s easy to miss the magical details that go into this terrarium fairy garden! Full credit to Be a Fun Mom and Renee from About the Garden for their epic creation.

Maybe you’ve had enough of fake snow and glitter everywhere already? Keep your Christmas fairy garden safely contained in a beautiful terrarium! And, when the festive season is over, you can change your theme throughout the seasons.

I also think the miniature terrarium is perfect if you’re bored and want a fun art project for your kids. Check out more details on the Be a Fun Mom blog.

11. Christmas Fairy Tree House

So cool! A secret Christmas garden nestled within a fairie oak! After spending time around this majestic Fairie hideaway – it’s easy to see why gumdrop-loving and star-dust-laden pixies call this Christmas garden home!

Why not create a magical woodland trail with hidden doors for your festive fairies to hide behind!

12. Teacup Christmas Fairy Garden

One word of warning about faires! If you leave your teacup unattended – fairies might turn your cup into a festive fairy garden! Luckily, the folks over on Fireflies and Mud Pies are teacup garden experts!

Running short of space? We all know how cramped it can feel during the holidays, with toys, presents, food, and the tree taking over our houses! This delightful teacup Christmas fairy garden is tiny enough to sit on a shelf or as a cute table decoration. 

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13. Winter Wonderland Fairy Garden

If you want a Christmas faerie village that’s as delicious as it is expressive – then feast your eyes on this hidden gem from Instructables! I think all sugar-loving faeries retreat to these secretive secluded cabins to avoid the winter spells and snowy blizzards!

This Christmas-themed fairy garden is jaw-droppingly incredible! The time and effort put into this garden creation have paid off!

14. Christmas Grotto Fairy Garden

Often, I’ve wondered how fairies avoid getting lost at night – especially during a thick winter snowstorm. But after witnessing this eloquently well-lit fairie garden from haymeg, it’s easy to see how they find their way!

How adorable is this little Christmas fairy grotto! I love the simple but effective ideas used in this display, such as the picket fence made with twigs and garden wire.

15. Snow Globe Christmas Fairy Garden

christmas fairy garden mason jar
Sometimes, the best fairy gardens come in the tiniest packages – and mason jars. Consider this wondrous fairy garden from Garden Therapy as proof. Every nook contains a festive accessory. The two cardinals and watering can also add to the holiday color scheme!

Making a snow globe might sound complicated, but all you need is a mason jar and some glitter! The fairy garden sits on the lid, just waiting for the snow to fall when you give it a shake. Very cute!

If you have a few leftover mason jars and want to make your holidays more festive, then check out more details on the Garden Therapy blog!

Which Christmas Fairy Garden is Your Favorite?

There are so many fun ways to help summon and invite fairies into your yard during the holidays.

Hopefully, these Christmas fairy garden ideas gave you a good place to start!

Let us know which is your favorite?

Thanks so much for reading.

And happy holidays!

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