9 Homemade Treats for Chickens [Super Easy DIY Recipes!]

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There’s nothing more appreciative than a chicken at dinner time! One of our favorite games is calling the hens over for treats – the way they sprint to us across the meadow like wild beasts of the Serengeti is adorable!

But as much as they enjoy our leftover scraps and treats from the vegetable garden, sometimes we like to make them something a little bit different.

If we’re short of time, we buy healthy chicken treats from the store. But, it is much more fun to make something yourself.

Making homemade treats for chickens doesn’t have to be expensive either. Many chicken treat recipes only need regular store cupboard ingredients.

Plus, if you’re making them yourself, you know what is going into them – no nasty additives here!

Let’s take a look at the top 9 homemade treats for chickens!

1. Suet Cakes By Community Chickens

suet cakes by community chickens
I love these homemade suet cakes by Community Chickens for a savory chicken treat! The suet cakes contain beef fat, cracked corn, sunflower seeds, and a few other goodies to keep your chooks happily clucking and coming back for more!

Worried about how well your ladies are coping during the cold winter weather? This suet cake recipe by Shannon Cole at Community Chickens is the perfect treat for when your hens need a calorie boost!

You can fill this suet cake with whatever seeds you have in the cupboard and add in other delicacies so your hens can feast and munch.

I think this would be a great way to use peas and beans – especially if they’ve gone past their best in the vegetable garden.

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2. Stuffed Apple Treats By Fresh Eggs Daily

stuffed apple treats by fresh eggs daily
These stuffed apple treats from Fresh Eggs Daily are some of the quickest and easiest DIY chicken treats on this list. They’re also sweet, savory, and delicious. Your entire flock will thank you for sharing!

If you’ve got a glut of windfall apples, don’t let them go to waste! These stuffed apple treats by Lisa Steele at Fresh Eggs Daily are quick and easy to make, using just three ingredients – applepeanut butter, and sunflower seeds.

We find that our hens prefer softer apples, so this recipe is perfect for the windfalls, which are slightly past their best.

Just remember that hens are not the best at sharing, so make sure you have enough stuffed apple treats to go around!

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3. Poultry Protein Platter By Raising Happy Chickens

poultry protein platter by raising happy chickens
If you want to serve a hardy treat for your hard-working chickens, then this poultry protein platter by Raising Happy Chickens is best in class. Spoil your chickens with hardboiled eggs, fish, sunflower seeds, peas, and more!

Are your hens starting to look a bit bedraggled and tired? Perhaps they are still laying eggs in the winter, or they are molting?

At times like these – give your lovely ladies an extra protein boost! Now, the Poultry Protein Platter isn’t a treat you would feed every day – it is a delicacy for special occasions only!

A batch of this delicious feast by Cath Andrews at Raising Happy Chickens will store in the freezer for up to 2 months, so you can have some on hand for whenever you need it.

Plus, this recipe is the perfect way of making use of your eggshells too!

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4. Chicken Birthday Cake By Ellie and Her Chickens

chicken birthday cake by ellie and her chickens
We love these DIY chicken birthday cakes from Ellie and Her Chickens! The cakes contain natural and delicious ingredients like creamy peanut butter, chopped strawberries, and raisins – I think your entire coop is in for an epic birthday surprise!

Yes, chickens can have birthdays too!

Why not celebrate the day they hatched each year with a batch of these cute little Chicken Birthday Cakes by Ellie And Her Chickens?

This cake would be a great recipe to whip up with the kids – perfect for introducing them to the delights of home baking without having to worry too much about the results.

After all, if your chickens are anything like ours, they will eat pretty much everything you throw down for them!

Packed with tasty ingredients, we’re sure that your hens would enjoy these sweet cakes as a hatching-day treat.

Don’t forget to sing happy birthday first, and you might need to help them blow the candles out too!

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5. Frozen Chicken Treat By Murano Chicken Farm

frozen chicken treat by murano chicken farm
Here’s one of my favorite summertime chicken treats from Murano Chicken Farm. They wanted to help their flock cool down and hydrate while serving them plenty of delicious watermelon and blueberries. On ice!

This summer was our first keeping hens in a hot climate, and it certainly was a steep learning curve! We soon realized that chickens struggle in the heat, big time! And, we were busy finding ways to keep them cool.

In hot weather, the freezer becomes an actual lifesaver for your hens!

Our ladies were kept cool and refreshed on even the hottest days with these Frozen Chicken Treats by Murano Chicken Farm.

Packed full of their favorite fruits, vegetables, seeds, and our leftovers, they would devour one of these in minutes, straight from the freezer!

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6. Oatmeal Cookies By Just a Girl and Her Chickens

These oatmeal cookies are super simple to make with traditional store cupboard ingredients, and your hens will love them!

Mary, our Brahma cockerel, loves them so much that he will eat them out of my hand. These cookies are one of the very few treats that he doesn’t share with his ladies!

If you’re a fan of making treats for your chickens, Erica from Just A Girl And Her Chickens always publishes a new #chickensinourkitchens recipe on Instagram each week. Check it out!

7. Molt Meatloaf By Grit Magazine

While we love to give our hens fresh fruit, vegetables, and bread, it is easy to forget that they need to eat meat as well! Our hens forage all day for insects! But, during the colder months, these can be in short supply.

As we enter fall, the flock will start their molt. The molting process is where they lose their old feathers and grow new ones, to keep them warm for winter.

Growing healthy feathers requires a lot of protein, and this scrummy Molt Meatloaf will help them do precisely that!

Read more from Grit Magazine – they publish good stuff!

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8. DIY Chicken Treat Ball By Natural Chicken Keeping

diy chicken treat ball by natural chicken keeping
This adorable DIY chicken treat ball by Natural Chicken Keeping is a stroke of genius! Imagine the hilarity as your flock chases their DIY seed-dropping toy. Fun for the entire family – and your feathery flockmates!

Hens are notoriously greedy! And, they’ll wolf down any treats in seconds!

If you worry that your hens are getting bored, then this treat dispenser by Leigh at Natural Chicken Keeping will keep them entertained for hours.

These treats are an effective chicken treat! And, they’re great for providing your hens with some environmental enrichment. Just fill the ball with your chicken’s favorite seeds and watch them roll it around to get them out.

I love the versatility of this idea, and I’ll be trying it out with our hens this winter!

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9. Holiday Treat Garland By Backyard Poultry

holiday treat garland by backyard poultry delicious
These DIY holiday chicken treats by Backyard Poultry look delicious! The treats contain hardboiled eggs, radishes, Brussels sprouts, and more. I also love the red and green festivity for the holiday season. I feel jealous!

Why not bring some festive cheer to your chicken run this holiday season with this colorful Holiday Treat Garland by Backyard Poultry?

It’s a great way to keep your hens entertained during the colder winter months, when they may not be able to roam and forage as freely.

Thread your hen’s favorite treats onto some thick twine using a strong embroidery needle.

Keep it colorful and fun – alternating red baby beets, green Brussels sprouts, and white popcorn can give you a fabulous festive garland!

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Which Are Your Favorite Homemade Treats for Chickens?

Have you got any great recipes for homemade treats for chickens?

We want to know all about your ideas and suggestions! What treats do your hens go crazy for, and what do they love the most?

Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks again for reading – and we wish your chickens the best!

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