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Hey! You love chickens too? Awesome! You’ll love this page with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about chickens, whether you’re a beginner or a 20-year chicken-raising veteran.

Scroll down for articles on chicken health, chicken coops, eggs, chicken feed… even the best chicken names! If you’re passionate about a particular breed or chickens with specific features (like feathered feet!), scroll down to the bottom or click here to swoosh straight to it.

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    Elle is the founder and visionary of Outdoor Happens. She adores wild gardens. Makes sense, considering she's never been very good at fitting into boxes, sticking to neat rows, or following the rules. Elle is a qualified permaculture teacher with a diploma in horticulture and naturopathy. She lives on a farm with cows, sheep, horses, chickens, and a bunch of horses. Passions include herbalism, fermentation, cooking, nature, animals, and reading.