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Best Goat Milking Machine to Make Farm Life a Little Easier [Top 5]

Picking the best goat milking machine can turn out to be the hardest part of getting a milker. Which one is the best machine will depend a little on what you need in one. Each farm, whether small or big, is unique and has its own unique needs.

Our pick for the best goat milking machine overall is the CJWDZ. It’s super affordable, easy to clean, and easy to use – pretty much all you need in a milker. 

Our favorite lightweight milker is from Sheens – it’s the most basic goat milker in this review but it’s also simple to use and easy to carry around.

The one thing that lets it down is that it is more expensive than our top pick, which seems a bit crazy considering it’s smaller and made of plastic…


One milking machine that didn’t make it into this review because it’s a brand new release is the Ultimate EZ Milking Machine, sold by Lehman’s.

It’s about 3 times the price of the ones included in this review, but if you’re looking for a milking machine for a larger herd – I highly recommend you take a look at it!

Our Best Goat Milking Machine Top 3


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SEAAN Goat Milking Machine Goat Milker Electric Milking Machine with 2 Teat Cups Pulsation Vacuum Pump Stainless Steel Bucket 7L for Goat
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/01/2022 02:03 am GMT

Milking machines for goats usually cost somewhere around $150. Some of them are more expensive than this, but sometimes you can get them on sale for cheaper if they are used.

However, used milkers will not last you as long, though they can be a good option if you are not certain whether a milking machine is something you want.

Why Would You Get a Milking Machine

Female farmer milking one of her goats closeup

Milking a single goat can easily take 30 minutes, which definitely is long enough to make your hands ache.

However, the best goat milking machine can do this for you in the same amount of time or slightly less, without wearing out your hands.

During this time, you can get anywhere from one to three or even close to four liters of milk from each goat.

This depends on if your doe is specifically a dairy breed, if you are letting her kids nurse from her, if she is a pygmy or a full-sized goat, and a few other things.

Milking machines are especially useful if you have a doe who gets impatient with you if you take too long to milk her.

Some does will only stand still until they are done with their food, and then they want to get off of the milking stand!

In this case, a milking machine can help ensure that your girl gets milked as quickly as possible and without needing to have a bowl or bucket right underneath your doe where she can step in it if she is being unruly.

Most people do this either once or twice a day, and it is important to try to milk your girls at the same time every day either way.

This is usually done in your goat shelter, where you are your goats can be out of the weather. You should also use the time when they are on the milking stand to check their hooves.

#1. Best Overall: CJWDZ Milking Machine for Goats

This milker made by CJWDZ is easy to put together and is very simple in its design.

They also give you a couple of brushes to help you clean it thoroughly, even in the hose.

These hoses are marked so that you can tell them apart, though the paper stickers that they are marked with will wear off over time.

One nice thing about this milker is that the machine will switch itself off when it gets full. This is great if you have the milker going while doing other things around the barn or wherever you do your milking at.

Unfortunately, the container that holds the milk in it does have two handles on the sides. Though two handles are nice for larger amounts of milk, it also means that you must use two hands to carry it even when it only has a little milk in it.

This doesn’t leave you with a free hand to do anything else with.

However, since the lid of it does have a sealing ring, it is not likely to spill out, and the whole thing is very portable too.

The container fits into your average backpack so that you can talk the milking machine to different places with you.

The container, though made of stainless steel, is not pure stainless steel. So, don’t keep milk or any moisture in it for any longer than you have to, or it may start to rust.

When you buy this milking machine, you can choose either a 3L, 7L, or 14L steel bucket size.

The 3L size is perfect for milking one or two goats at a time, while the larger sizes might be enough to milk your whole small herd without having to empty it. Finally, this goat milker says that it works even for dwarf goats, which not many do.

Bazil Texas

Easy of Use


Easy to use, affordable goat milker suitable even for dwarf goats. Nice variety of sizes and comes with cleaning brushes.


What We Like

  • Easy to use, affordable goat milker suitable even for dwarf goats
  • Nice variety of sizes and comes with cleaning brushes

What We Don’t Like

  • The container is not pure stainless steel
  • Lid has no seal
  • Needs 2 hands to lift so you have no hands free

#2. S SMAUTOP 7L Electric Pulsation Milking Machine

This pulsing machine looks like a fancy one, and it has a nice, large 7L container to store the milk in.

The container is made of 304 stainless steel with a lid that latches down securely so that you don’t spill anything.

The tubing on this one is nice and thick, but you have to connect it together just right, or else the suction won’t work properly. So, you will need to follow the instructions carefully as to what goes where.

The fact that it has instructions for you to look at is great if you have never had a milking machine before and don’t know how to put one together.

The machine automatically stops itself when it gets full so that it doesn’t overflow, and it even says that it has venting holes to help start dissipating the heat off of your milk.

It has a single handle that folds down to be out of your way so that you can carry it easily when it has milk in it.

Bazil Texas

Easy of Use


Great value milking machine made of 304 stainless, but can be a little tricky to put together. The single handle is a plus if you like to have a hand free.


#3. SEAAN Goat Milker Electric Milking Machine

This milker also has a 7L milking bucket that is made of 304 stainless steel.

However, this one has two handles attached to the sides, which is nice if you don’t want to carry a large amount of milk with one hand but doesn’t leave you with a free hand.

Because it is made specifically for goats, it can work on even the smaller types like the Nigerian dwarfs.

It even has a few other perks, such as the fact that it comes with a spare milk tube as well as a milk pipe brush and a milk jar brush to make cleaning it easy for you.

The numbers that let you know which tube goes where do wear off after a while, but by then you should know what goes where without them.

Finally, as with most milking machines, this one has a valve that automatically stops the milker when it is full.

Bazil Texas

Easy of Use


Nice goat milking machine made from 304 stainless but unlike the Smautop milker, this one has 2 handles. Works on dwarf goats. Comes with some spare parts which you’ll need – this milker is not the most durable milker in this review.

SEAAN Goat Milking Machine Goat Milker Electric Milking Machine with 2 Teat Cups Pulsation Vacuum Pump Stainless Steel Bucket 7L for Goat
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/01/2022 02:03 am GMT

#4. Hantop Cow Goat Milking Machine

This milking machine has the usual pulsation of 40 to 46 times per minute, as well as a check valve that prevents the machine from overflowing.

The hose is made out of silicone, and it has a brush designed to clean it.

Though made mostly of stainless steel, it is not pure stainless steel. So, you need to dry it out thoroughly to prevent it from rusting.

This bucket comes with two side handles, and it also comes in two sizes: a 7L size and a 14L size that is big enough to do several does.

Hantop also recommends that you keep their milker away from wet or dusty areas, though that part is hard to do in a barn in your milking area where there is always dust from hay.

Though it says it is for cows and goats, if you get the right one – they do have more than one option – it is small enough to work for Nigerian dwarves.

Bazil Texas

Ease of Use


One of the pricier options for a goat milking machine and “keeping it away from wet or dusty areas” isn’t particularly easy on a farm! There are better, more affordable options above.


#5. Sheens Electric Milking Machine Kit

This electric milking machine kit is very portable and simple, both excellent qualities.

The 3L bottle that stored the milk is made out of a durable type of plastic. While plastic may not be ideal, it does make this milking machine lightweight as a whole.

It has one handle made of a type of chain, which is attached around the neck of the bottle securely. This allows you to carry it around while still having one hand free to close the barn door after yourself.

Both the bottle and everything else are made from premium food-grade materials so that it is non-toxic. It won’t degrade the quality of your milk or make it unsafe to drink.

Also, the suction on this one is gentle, being somewhat closer to a steady pull even though it works as a pulsing milker.

Bazil Texas

Easy of Use


Smaller, lightweight milker made from plastic instead of the “regular” stainless (or semi-stainless). Super gentle and easy to use, but the higher price lets it down.


What to Look For in the Best Goat Milking Machine


Knowing what you are looking for in the best goat milking machine is at least half of the struggle of picking one out.

The whole point of having a milking machine is to make things easier for you. Unfortunately, getting the wrong milker will quite possibly only make things harder.

Pulsation System

Milking machines work in one of two ways. They either have a steady pull to them, or they pulse.

Pulsing is better for many reasons.

It is more like a kid drinks from the udder or how you might milk from hand. Since that is how the udders are designed to work, it is far better for your goats.

Different pulsation systems will have different tempos, also known as pulsating cycles. Some milking machines have pulsating cycles of between 40-46 times per minute.

Every type of animal’s sucking pace is different, and your girls are going to be the most comfortable with a pace that most closely resembles the pace that their young suck from them.

Slower speeds take longer, and the doe can get impatient, and faster speeds might get the job done faster but are also likely to give your doe sore teats.

Made for Goats

A goat farm. A young girl leaning on the barrier of the goat shed, with two animals peering out.

Most milking machines are made for cows.

Though you can use some of these for milking your dairy goats, it is much better for your girls to be milked with something that is made for them. Part of this has to do with the fit.

A milker that was designed for cows isn’t going to fit the teats of your goats as well. This can lead to the milker leaving light bruising on your girl on her teats, which is one of the causes of mastitis.

Easy to Clean

There are different things that can make a milker either easier or harder to clean.

Simple designs, for example, are a great place to start. The fewer pieces that go into putting together the milker, the fewer pieces there will be for you to clean.

Then, what the milker is made of also affects how easy it is to clean.

Plastic may be lightweight but over time, it might keep some of the “milky” smell no matter how deeply you clean it.

Stainless steel is the best option for the container.

However, impure stainless steel can rust over time, which is obviously not something you want to put your milk in, on top of the fact that it is not easy to clean anymore.

Other Odds and Ends

Other things that you can look at when choosing a milker are how quiet it is, how the handle or handles are set, and an automatic stop feature.

This last one is something that most milking machines are equipped with, but not all machines have it.

If the milking machine were to keep going even after it is full, it can damage the machine itself, causing strain on the milking machine itself and potentially squeezing milk into places it shouldn’t be.

This is why you must keep an eye out for this or watch your milker carefully if it doesn’t have this feature.

As for how quiet the machine is, some does are easily startled by noises. Though they can be taught to get used to the noise of a milking machine, skittish does will do better with quieter milkers.

The handles are a matter of preference.

Two handles will help you to keep a better grip on the container of milk, helping keep the milk inside from sloshing out.

However, two handles also mean that you won’t have a free hand.

One handle on top will enable you to carry the milk inside with one hand free to open doors, but the milk will slosh from side to side, spilling out if the seal is not perfect.

Also, carrying that amount of weight on one side can be awkward.

How Will You Milk Your Goats?

Have you decided a goat milking machine is the way to go, or will you stick with hand milking? Let us know in the comments below!


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