5 DIY Duck Pen Ideas [+ Helpful Tips on How to Build the Best Pen]

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Duck pen ideas! Many people put off keeping ducks after seeing duck pens that are muddy and filthy! But although ducks love to play in the water, the correct duck accommodation doesn’t have to be somewhere you’d only venture into with waterproof boots.

Let’s look at some clever and innovative duck pen ideas, as well as some top tips on how to build the ultimate duck pen!

Our Favorite DIY Duck Pen Ideas!

We’ve searched all our favorite duck farms to find the best duck pen ideas.

After searching every feathery fold – we discovered the following.

  1. Super Simple Duck Coop House (by House Billings)
  2. Scrap Wood Duck House (by Cape Coop Farm)
  3. Detailed Duck Coop and Pen (by Joy R)
  4. Turning an Old Bed into a Duck Pen and Coop (by Mother the Mountain Farm)
  5. Deluxe Duck Palace (by The Good Life Here)

Let’s also examine these DIY duck pen plans and ideas in detail.

Sound fun?

Let’s begin!

1. Super Simple Duck Coop by House Billings

$50 DIY Duck House / Coop (Easy Build)
Check out this adorable duck pen enclosure by House Billings. The duck pen is cheap to build. Expect an upfront cost of around $50 – $150, depending on where you get your lumber. They also show how they constructed their DIY duck pen housing. The ducks like it too – they seem so happy!

If you’ve got your outdoor run all figured out for your ducks but are a bit stuck on the overnight accommodation, this is a low-budget and simple coop that would work in several situations. Even the most novice DIY enthusiast would be able to manage this creation, which is snug and perfect for a few backyard ducks.

Make sure you watch this video to the end, as the bottom-waggling ducks are super cute when they move into their new coop!

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2. Scrap Wood Duck House by The Cape Coop Farm

beautiful scrap wood duck house and duck pen
The Cape Coop Farm created a beautiful duck house and pen perfect for backyard poultry enthusiasts! Their article mentions how they used scrap wood around their homestead to save cash. Smart move! They share excellent DIY duck pen instructions on their blog. We recommend reading it!

Not only is this a very low-cost duck house, but the makers have many good ideas for making an excellent duck pen. I love how they use adhesive vinyl tiles for a waterproof and easy-clean floor. This blog highlights the different needs of ducks compared to chickens, which is helpful for a new duck keeper.

PS: Don’t forget to read the article on Cape Coop Farm showing how they built their duck pen from scrap lumber! Check out the DIY duck pen guide here.

3. Duck Coop and Pen by Joy R

Duck coop and pen design
We love this duck coop from Joy R. It’s like Fort Knox for ducks! The washers and screws hold the duck coop fencing snug – so hungry foxes and weasels can’t sneak inside. Each door gets two locks to prevent curious animals from accessing the ducks. Or their eggs!

Want fine detail about building a duck pen? Then you will find everything you need to know about creating a home for ducks here! Every step of the design gets carefully considered. Right down to the size of the entrance. And the best duck nesting box doors!

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4. Turning an Old Bed into a Duck Pen and Coop by Mother the Mountain Farm

Building A Chicken Coop / Duck Pen From An Old Bed!
Here’s our favorite thrifty duck pen! If you watch this DIY duck pen tutorial, you’ll notice that the duck pen also has a few hidden features. It has top-notch security. If unwanted predators try to sneak their way inside the duck pen, they’re in for a little shock. See for yourself!

Many homesteaders are trying to save money on farm equipment, so this duck pen idea is one of our favorites! I love the idea of reusing old furniture and repurposing it as a duck (and chicken) pen.

I know this sounds hard to believe – but they’ve somehow managed to design an excellent and fully-functional duck pen by using an old bed! Extra points for sustainability.

5. Deluxe Duck Palace by The Good Life Here

We can’t get enough of this duck palace! Carmen and Lee created this DIY duck pen for their adorable rescue ducks. Now the ducks have a luxurious and elegant duck pen to help them relax, unwind, and stay safe. The duck pen has many hidden details – including roomy nesting boxes and sleek duck housing. Check it out!

This wonderful duck palace might not be within everyone’s budget, but I think we can all take some great ideas from this project! The deluxe duck palace features everything required to keep your ducks happy and healthy, from an auto-fill watering system to a rodent-proof feeding station.

Duck pen ideas are easy! That’s because your ducks aren’t as fussy as your chickens, quails, and turkeys. They can safely spend much of the day outside. Ducks tolerate the weather and don’t require fancy duck housing like other poultry. We love leisurely duck pen ideas and duck housing anyway. Ducks deserve a relaxed life!

Helpful Tips on How to Build the Best Duck Pen

Ready to make a start on your first duck pen project? Here are our tip tips and suggestions on how to build the perfect duck pen!

Check out this breathtaking duck and chicken farm from Gloucestershire, England. You’ll notice they have the best duck pen idea. It’s open-themed! The only potential issue we see here is duck and poultry predators. Hopefully, your duck pen can help keep neighborhood dogs, foxes, raccoons, and other nasty pests away from your ducks. And other poultry! (In a perfect world – your fields and paddocks have a fence to help keep these predators away. A guard dog or three won’t hurt either!)

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Look at this wondrous array of ducks! We’re surprised more of our homesteading friends don’t raise ducks and goslings. They’re inexpensive, provide delicious duck eggs, and their meat is the best on any farm. We also read an excellent guide with more duck structure ideas. The article recommends something as simple as a shed, cheap fencing, or a feed hopper.


As you can see, ducks do not have complex housing requirements. But it is vital to keep them safe and secure. You will need housing where they can safely nest at night and an outdoor area with a pool where they can paddle and play in the daytime. You must also provide fresh drinking water and clean feeding areas for your feather colleagues.

Are you feeling inspired to start creating your first duck pen? I hope you like some of the fun and creative solutions listed here! If you’ve questions about how to keep ducks or want to share your duck pen ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for reading.

Have a ducky day!

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